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Abernathy Chapel Cemetery
Bollinger Co Missouri
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Abernathy Chapel Cemetery is located next to the defunct
Abernathy Chapel Church. It was auctioned off about 3 years
ago. I went to the auction and the auctioneer said that the
cemetery went with the property.

Contributed by Kay McGregor
The person bought the property and proceeded to pile junk
cars on the graves.
I was notified by Mr Hanners who has
several family members buried there for some help. After
writing several letters, newspaper interviews, he still
wouldn't budge.

Then I contacted the person in Jefferson City who is the head
of the Cemetery registration board.
He drove down one Sunday afternoon.
We went to the cemetery, walked around it and agreed that
something had to be done right then.
We went to the front door, no one answered, even though we
could hear the t.v. inside.
We stood and knocked several minutes.
After realizing we wqeren't giving up, a woman opened the door.
We asked for the owne, she said he wasn't home.
Bill Maupin told her that the cars would have to be moved, the
graves cleaned up, etc.
She said something kind of smart-then Bill handed her his card,
which was very official.
She turned white as a ghost.
All she could say at that point was we don't want any trouble.
So I got that one cleaned up.

Contributed by Kay McGregor
Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes
West of Arab
Hwy P to County Road 720 - .6 mile - at church

BAKER, Flossie J. 13 May 1901 - 6 Aug 1905
Dau of RT and D
BERGMANN, W.A. No Dates Co.
M 3 US Cav
CLUBB, Erinie L. 22 Mar 1878 - 6 Nov 1899
Dau of W.D. and A.A.
FIELD, Cora Ellen 17 Jan 1876 - 8 Feb 1920
Wife of Edgar
GOBBLE, Anderson 24 Nov 1835 - 19 Feb 1902
Co. M2 TN Vol. Civil War
GOBBLE, Gency 18 Jan 1840 - 12 Jul 1905
Wife of A.
GOBBLE, Infant Twins No Dates
HANNER, Delsie & Elsie 1906 - 1906
HANNER, Irene 1912 - 1913
SHELL, Bertha A. 8 Feb 1883 - 26 Feb 1910
Wife of Noah W.
STILTS, Ader Ann 15 May 1855 - 25 Jul 1924
Wife of Peter
STILTS, Peter 83 y. - 1 Mar 1925
WHITNER, O.L. No Dates
WILLS, Infant No Dates
Dau of Earl & Frances
Source Gone but not forgotten by LaDonna James

Contributed by Laura Vonk Poster # 13

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