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Cato Cemetery
Bollinger Co Missouri
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Cato [Cemetery] By Laura Vonk
Cato Cemetery

Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

NOTE: Cato cemetery
Off of Highway 25 take C west toward Arab Missouri
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BESS, Lala b. 1919 d. d. 1919
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

DAVIS, Francis (Costner) b-no/date d-no/date
DAVIS, Bill b-11-13-1921 d-3-10-1935
DAVIS, Clarence F. b-11-18-1888 d-5-28-1958
DAVIS, Eli b-8-11-1856 d-no/date
Submitted by Barbara Taylor-Henderson Poster #-52-

GRINDSTAFF, Ethyl b. 7-29-1922 d. 7-7-1923
GRINDSTAFF, Hassel b. 12-17-1920 d. 5-5-1967
GRINDSTAFF, John b. 8-29-1891 d. 10-30-1965
GRINDSTAFF, Lou b. 1-5-1892 d. 5-6-1968
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

HARRIS, Evert b. 6-19-1902 d. 6-12-1931
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

LINCOLN, Sophia b. 1821 d. 1906
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

PHELPS, Raymond
~~b: Jan. 15 1923 ~~d: July 22, 1996.
husband's half brother
Submitted byJudith H. Phelps Poster #-131-

ROBISON, John b. 12-14-1866 d. 1-15-1941
ROBISON, Sarah b. 1-26-1871 d. 8-26-1924
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

SNYDER, Dora b. 3-17-1894 d. 11-15-1949
SNYDER, Roena b. 9-17-1919 d. 11-22-1922
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

STEPP, Harrison M b-3-27-1888 d-1-27-1976
STEPP, Arleva Jane b-4-6-1891 d-3-18-1974
STEPP, Hm Stepp Jr. b-3-27-1923 d-1-15-2000
Hm3 US Navey
STEPP, Kathleen R. b-2-20-1917 d-5-30-1940
STEPP, Ronald S. b-5-19-1939 d-4-1996
STEPP, Malla R. b-8-12-1914 d-7-1-1993
STEPP, Movina b-1-18-1928 d-7-18-1989
STEPP, Buella b-5-27-1910 d-no/date
Submitted by Barbara Taylor-Henderson Poster #-52-

WATKINS, Elella b-1-12-1909 d-1-17-1996
WATKINS, Omar W. b-2-19-1905 d-3-15-1953
WATKINS, Virgina b-1842-d-1929
WATKINS, J.W. b-1878- d-1968
WATKINS, Martha Jan b-1876- d-1951
WATKINS, A.F. b-1860 d-Dec 4, 1941
He was born December 1860 in Bedford Tennessee,
and died December 7 1941 Wayne Towndship, Greenbrier,
and buried at Cato.
Submitted by Barbara Taylor-Henderson Poster #-52-

WINCHESTER, Leoria b. 1893 d. 1898
WINCHESTER, Liza b. 1892 d. 1898
WINCHESTER, Mary 5-9-1851 d. 5-5-1928
Submitted byLynette Davey Poster #-63-

WRIGHT, Beatrice R. b-4-22-1912 d-12-21-1985
Submitted by Barbara Taylor-Henderson Poster #-52-

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