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Crader Family Cemetery
Bollinger Co Missouri
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Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes
  • Directions: Located on county road #458 in
    Bollinger County Missouri, east of Marble Hill
    about seven miles.

  • The Names and dates I have entered here are from
    headstones and also from obits in the Gone but
    not forgotten book in the Bollinger Co. Archives.....
    I have included information that I am aware of and also
    that I have found concerning kinship.

Above Submitted by William Dean Crader Poster-#-86-


Located on County road #458 in Bollinger County, Missouri about seven miles east of Marble Hill.

(Note: I have included information that I am aware of through researching and family kinship.....

Crader Cemetery as PDF file

CRADER, Mary C. d. 26 Feb 1913...Wife of Samuel H. Crader.. (No Stone)


CALDWELL, John W. d. 22 Feb 1874 ( I year 6 Mos 22 Days) Son of Joseph Fred Caldwell and Martha J. (Crader) Caldwell... (Martha was the daughter of James Henry Crader and Florence Kegley, Joseph Fred Caldwell died 27 Jan 1887 in Bollinger Co. Mo,, as a widower, Martha was a sister to my Great Grandmother (Sarah Eliz Ellen (Kegley) Crader)


CRADER, Romer Lynn, d. 25 July 1913, Son of O. Webster and Nancy (Nations) Crader.


CRADER, Oliver Webster, b. 1 Dec 1883 d. 17 Sept. 1968,, Son of Jackson Marion Crader and Clarissa (Crader) Crader. Husband to Nancy (Nations) Crader.


CRADER, Nancy Elizabeth (Nations) b. 8 August 1887 d. 5 October 1978,,Daughter of Charles Nations and Mandy C. Fox (Sister to Aliee Nanny)


FOX, Raymond Estel,,, b. 10 December 1919, d. 2 Jan 1989.. Brother to Henry Fox, Married to Elizabeth McDonald.... WW11 Vet (U.S. Navy)


HELDERMAN (Infant) b. 21 March 1907 d. 16 August 1907 Child of Talitha Crader and Aaron S. Helderman (No Stone)


MOTTERN, Conley R. b. 30 September 1911 d. 2 Feb 1994


MOTTERN, Judie A. b. 26 November 1947 d. (?)


FOX, James Henry b. 6 April 1836 d. 30 Jan 1908


FOX, Rebeckah b. 26 March 1885 d. 21 April 1937


FOX, Marion Washington b. 27 Aug 1880 d. 29 Nov 1966.. Son of Wm. Isaac Fox and Mary W. Collier.


FOX, William Isaac (no dates) Civil War Vet.. Pvt. CSA 1st Battery 2nd Missouri Light Art. William Was Married twice.... 1. (?) 2. Mary Warren Collier


FOX, William Newton (known as Nute) b. 10 Dec 186 d. 3 Jan 1935...Son of Wm. Isaac and Mary W. Fox


FOX, Cynthia Elizabeth (Crader) b. 10 Feb. 1870 d. 13 April 1948 Wife of William Newton Fox.


FOX, James B., b. July 1890 d. 9 Sept 1891, Son of William Newton and Cynthia (Crader) Fox.


FOX, Elizabeth L b. 6 July 1921 d. (?)


FOX, Lillian M (Welker) b. 24 May 1916 d. 10 May 1983,, Wife of Lester Ray Fox.


FOX, Marylin Sue (Taylor) b. 23 Jan 1940 d. 12 Sept 1987,, (Mother of William)


FOX, Lester Ray, b. 1 March 1915 d. 21 Oct 1956 Son of William Thomas Fox and Mary Dell Crites

Lester was married to Lillian Welker,,, WW11 Vet, T/5 Co. C 113 Eng. C-BN


FOX, Mary D. (Crites) b. 9 Nov 1896 d. 18 April 1959


FOX, William Thomas b. 7 June 1894 d. 2 Aug 1984 Son of Wm. Newton Fox

And Cynthia Eliz. Crader. Cynthia was the daughter of Daniel B. Crader and Suzannah Jane Bess.


FOX, Lillie Mae b. Jan 1918 d. 11 Oct 1918,, daughter of Wm. J. Fox and Mary D. (Crites) Fox.


FOX, Flora Louise b. Mar 1924 d. April 1924 daughter of Wm. J. Fox and Mary D. (Crites) Fox


FOX, David Lee b. 21 Mar 1941 d. 24 Aug 1941


FOX, Wanda June b. 30 Oct 1938 d. 29 Oct 1942


FOX, Jack (Jackie) Rowland b. 15 Sept 1942 d. 14 Aug 2004 Son of Henry W. Fox and Beula May Jacobs,, Husb to Loretta Marie (Byers) Fox..


FOX, Loretta marie (Byers) b. 10 July 1941 d. 29 Dec 2003,, Married to Jack Rowland Fox on 23 July 1965


FOX, Fern Elizabeth b. 16 Dec 1935 d. (?)


FOX, Sentha Elizabeth b. 6 Nov 1844 d. 23 June 1930 d/o Danel B. Crader and Susanna J. Bess…..Wife of Henry Fox


FOX, (unnamed female) b. 5 Feb 1924 d. 20 March 1924 d/o William J. Fox and Mary D. Crites.


NATIONS, Manday C. (Fox), b. 6 June 1867 d. 15 Nov 1941 /real name is Mandora, wife of Charles Nations. Daughter of James and Cynthia Fox and sister to Nancy E. (Webster Crader.


HURST, Hellen Violet (Crader), B. 16 March 1919 d. 14 April 1988 daughter of Burrette Crader and Barbara Bollinger wife of Hubert Clinton Hurst


HURST, Hubert Clinton b. 23 Oct 1909 d. 17 April 1986


HURST, Clinton b. 26 May 1938 d. 2 June 1938 son of Hubert and Hellen (CRADER) Hurst


INFANT, Daughter of Hubert and Hellen HURST b. &d. 2 Feb 1951


CREATH, Robert b. 30 Nov 1908 d. (?) Son of Ruddle Creath and Nora Isabelle Crader


CREATH, Ruddle Sylvester b. 24 Jan 1886 d. 19 March 1924 Ruddle S. married Nora Isabelle Crader on 7 April 1906. Ruddle was the son of Franklin Creath and Alice Roena McGuire, Ruddle was also 1st cousin to Minnie F. (Crafton) Crader.


KAISER, Charles J. b. 17 Feb 1880 d. 3 March 1958 (Brother to Andrew (Kaiser) Crader , also was married to Nora Isabell (Crader) Creath, Walsh, married in 1952, also brother to Ed Kaiser and Louis Kaiser (at this point I don’t know who he was married to first) Son of Frederick Kaiser and Permelia


KAISER,, Nora Isabelle (Crader)(Creath)(Walsh)(Moellering) b. 4 June 1890 d. 27 Sept 1971 Daughter of Daniel F. Crader and Sarah E. E. Crader , Grandmother to Daniel Conboy, Mother to Robert, Gertrude Nora, Ruby Cecil, Maude A. , Roy and Irene, wife to 1. Ruddle Creath, 2. Wm. Walsh, 3. Harold Moellering, 4, Charles Kaiser, was step-mother to Alvia Kaiser and Sylvester Kaiser, Viola Kaulz.


McCORMICK, Walter b. 6 Sept 1884 d. 3 Oct 1955 Walter lived most of his life near the Crader Cemetery and just wanted to be buried there,,,His daughter Violet Nanny (McCormick) informed me of that. Violet married Cecil Nanny, Walter the son of Lig S. McCormick and Ana Webur.


VESTERBY, Ralph Doyle b. 24 Feb d. 6 Jan 2004 Son of Doyle Vesterby and Minnie Ramsey… A veteran of the U.S. Marines. Ralph was a great man and loved by all that knew him. His Grandmother was Hettie Mae (Crader) Ramsey and Grandfather Charlie Ramsey


SHANKS, Vergie Lela Maude b. 4 Jan 1904 d. 8 Aug 1904 Daughter of William Franklin Shanks and Sarah Catherine Crader… (No headstone at this time)


SHANKS, Minnie May b. 25 May 1906 d. 24 June 1907 (No Headstone). Daughter of William Franklin Shanks and Sarah Catherine Crader.


NANCE, John C. (Andy) b. 8 May 1866 d. 18 July 1946 Son of Isaac and Sarah Nance, Married Cordelia C. Crader on 4 July 1889


NANCE, Cordelia Clementine (Crader), b. 1865 d. 22 Feb. 1940. Daughter of Jackson M. Crader and Clarissa Crader


GLENZY, Kenneth b. 24 Feb 1945 d. 16 April 1972


DARBY, Mandford G. b. 16 July 1937 d. 26 Jan 1998 Husband to Agnes L. and son of Lon O. and Ruby Lee Fox


DARBY, RUBY Lee (Fox), b. 19 Aug 1919 d. 21 Feb 2006 Daughter of William T. Fox and Mary Dell (Crites) Darby. Married to Lon Otto Darby 14 April 1935.


DARBY, Agnes L. b. 9 May 1936 d. (Still Living)


LIKES, Brenda Lee b. 15 Aug 1951 d. 13 Aug 1981 Daughter of Edward B. Gribler and Sally Freburger


GRIBLER, Edward Ben Sr., b. 1 Jun 1928 d. 23 Oct 2004 Son of Ben and Grace (Slinkard) Gribler. Husband to Sally Freburger ,, married 28 Jun 1949,, WWII Veteran USMC


GRIBLER, Sally (Freburger) b. 14 Aug 1931 d. 24 Dec 2002 daughter of Conrad and Garnett (Street) Freburger,,,


CALL, Roy Milford b. 1927 d. 1941 Son of Cora Belle (Roberts) (Crader) and George W. Call


CALL, Cora Belle (Roberts (Crader)….b. 29 June 1894 d. 13 Feb 1943 Daugher of Ruben Roberts and Nancy Fox… Married: 1. Joseph Marshall Crader 2. George W. Call.


WEST,, William Ernest b. 29 Jun 1890 d. 24 Feb 1965 Son of Richard Thompson West and Martha Brewington,,, Married to Martha (Mattie) A. Huskey on 16 Oct 1912 in Poplar Bluff, Mo. (He always told me he was born near Williamsburg, Mo)


WEST, Martha (Mattie) A. (Nee Huskey) b. 28 April 1897 d. 13 June 1969 Daughter of Frank Huskey and Rose Ann Hall


WALLS, William (Andy) b. 29 Jan 1913 d. 7 July 1983…Married Eveline Lanore West. (Andy was born and raised in California)


WALLS, Eveline Lanore (West), b. 22 Feb 1922 d. 10 Aug 1981 daughter of Ernest and Mattie West and twin sister to Pauline Crader…(No Children)


ANDERSON, Carl Frank b. 17 April 1933 d. 16 May 2005 Son of Frank and Cassie (Long) Anderson, Married to Zee West on 10 July 1961,


DAVENPORT, Dotty M.(Stroder) b. 30 April 1919 d. 21 Aug 1990 daughter of Sterling Stroder and Emma E. Crader… Married to 1. Lloyd B.. Davenport


DAVENPORT, Lloyd B. b. 4 Nov 1926 d. 25 Sept 2000 Son of John Davenport and Eula Proffer Married to Dotty M. Stroder. WWII Veteran U.S. Army, Korean Veteran.


DAVENPORT, Lawrence E., b. 12 Sept 1914 d. 20 Jan 1986 Married to Mable Stroder


DAVENPORT, Mable M. (Stroder) b. 1 March 1918 d. 24 Sept 2004 daughter of Sterling Stroder and Emma E. Crader


STRODER, Sterling Price b. 1883 d. 1946 Husband to Emma Elizabeth Crader and son of William J. and Matilda Elizabeth Stroder


STRODER, Emma Elizabeth (Crader) b. 23 Jun 1887 d. 6 Nov 1965 Daughter of John Crader and Susan K. Allen


WELKER, Linus C. b. 1909 d. 1960 Married to Ruby Mae Crader


WELKER, Ruby Mae (Crader) b. 1912 d. 1971 Daughter of Daniel Francis and Sarah E. Crader Married 1. Boyd Slinkard 2. Linus C. Welker


WELKER, David Jr.,,, B&D…3 Aug 1949 Son of Linus C and Ruby M. Welker


DAMES, Frank A. b. 1902 d. 1966


DAMES, Lucille E. b. 1914 d. 1996 Wife of Frank Dames


NANNY, Iris Geraldine b. 27 Dec 1919 d. 22 Sept 196


NANNY, Elsie Mae b. 22 Dec 1927 d. 22 June 1975


NANNY, (Three unnamed infants) No headstones.


CHANDLER, Shirley Joann (West) b. 8 Sept 1935 D. 19 March 1985 Daughter of Ernest West and Mattie Huskey Married to Don Chandler


CRITES, Ernest D. b. 5 March 1904 d. 23 Oct 1986 Married Sadie R. Crader


CRITES, Sadie Rachel (Crader) b. 22 Dec 1905 d. 21 April 1983 Daughter of John Marshall (Marsh) Crader and Minnie F. Crafton ( Sadie was married three times, Ernest was the third,,, no children)


SLOVER, Sarah Ann (Hensley) b. 25 July 1876 d. 18 May 1943 Daughter of Joseph Hensley… Married Frank Slover…( This Lady was the Mother of John Marshall (Marsh) Craders’ second wife Fannie)


BROWN, Thomas b. 22 Sept 1857 d. 1 Sept 1930 Husband to Margaret Jane (Crader) Brown… Son of Wm. Brown and Martha Allen


BROWN, Margaret Jane (Crader) b. 16 June 1856 d. 23 Sept 1927…(Known to all as Peg) Married to Thomas Brown 1 April 1876…Daughter of Susan J. (Bess) and Daniel B. Crader, Sister to My Great Grandfather Daniel Francis Crader


BROWN, Laura b. 30 Jan 1877 d. 14 Feb 1913 Daughter of Thomas and Margaret J. Brown,,,,married once to Lawton Mitchell on 9 June 1910 (No Children)


RAMSEY, Hettie Mae (Crader) b. 1 Sept 1895 d. 27 April 1986 Daughter of John Franklin (Dick) Crader and Anne Stephens…Married to Charles Ramsey


CRADER, Hobart Cleveland b. 18 Sept 1907 d. 24 July 1988 Son of John Marshall (Marsh) Crader and Minnie F. Crafton… Married to Aleen Stroder WWII Army Veteran


CRADER, Aleen A. b. 17 July 1911 d. 17 Dec 1980 Daughter of Sterling Stroder and Emma Elizabeth CraderMarried 1. Erbin Ross 2. Hobart C. Crader


CRADER (Infant) daughter of Hobart and Aleen Crader) No dates.


CRADER, Alfreda (James) b. 17 Jan 1928 d. 5 Nov 2006 daughter of Charlie P. Janes and Pearl M. Cobb,,,,2nd wife of Woodrow S. Crader married 5 June 1946


CRADER, Woodrow Simon b. 9 Jan 1924 d. 22 Oct 1984 Son of John Marshall (Marsh) Crader and Minnie F. Crafton…. Married 1. Eula Pauline Shrum 2. Alfreda James WWII Navy Veteran


CRADER, Eula Pauline (Shrum) b. 26 Dec 1917 d. 26 Jan 1945 Daughter of Odas Shrum and Eula Presnell (School Teacher and housewife) Married to Woodrow S. Crader


CRADER, Linus (about five years) Son of John Wesly Crader and Frances E Mc Kinsey


CRADER. Burt 20 Years old….Son of John W. Crader and Frances McKinsey


CRADER, John W. b. 5 Feb 1845 d. 8 July 1900 Son of John and Nancy Crader

Husband to Francis E. McKinsey


CRADER,, Francis E. (McKinsey) b. 9 Feb 1847 d. Not too sure, about 1887



Willard d. 1904

Buster b. 1905 d. 6 June 1907

Ransom b. 11 June 1889 d. 5 May 1895

Cora J….b. 25 Feb 1888 d. d. 17 March 1888

Nora,,, b. & d. 4 June 1890


CRADER, Daniel Francis b. 27 March 1861 d. 10 May 1936 Son of Daniel B. and Susannah Jane (Bess) Crader…Husband to Sarah Eliz. Ellen Crader..Married 31 Dec 1882


CRADER, Sarah Eliz. Ellen b. 23 April 1865 d. 1 March 1950 Daughter of James H. Crader and Evelyn Kegley (Sarah was raised by Daniel B. Crader and Susannah Jane (Bess) Crader,,,because they already had a daughter named Sarah Ellen they added the Elizabeth to Sarahs name from Elizabeth Moyers her Grandmother (See below)..


CRADER, Daniel Benjamin b. 1820 d. 1860 Father to Daniel Francis and son of Samuel Crader and Eliz. Moyers….Married to Susannah Jane (Bess). Married 1843. Daniel B and Eliz had many children, one being Sarah Ellender Crader who never married,,,,and he raised Sarah Elizabeth Ellen who later married his son Faniel Francis


CRADER,, Susannah Jane (Bess) b. 1820 d. 1900 wife of Daniel B. Crader.

Daughter of Michale Bess and Elizabeth Eaker


CRADER, Isabelle d. 25 March 1884 24 Yrs. Daughter of John and Nancy Crader ,,,Sister to Clarissa C James W., Marcha A. Emily, John W., Sarah C., Samuel G. Mary E., (Isabelle is not to be confused with the Isabelle buried in the Hahns Chapel Cemetery)


CRADER, John Marshall b. 1853 d. Jan 1932 Son of Daniel B. Crader and Susannah J. Bess…. Brother to Daniel Francis Crader. Married to Susan Kathryn Allen


CRADER, John d. 22 Jan 1932 age 73 yrs,, this stone sits next to the John Crader above,, I do not know the connection.

Rock Marker,, no names or dates,, sits next to the John Crader above..


CRADER,, Susan Kathryn (Allen) b. 1856 d. 1950 Wife to John Marshall Crader,, Married 14 June 1872 Daughter of Claibourne Allen


CRADER,, Marvy C. b. 24 Oct 1868 d. 29 Oct 1873 Son of Samuel G. and Mary M. Crader.


CRADER, Mary M. (Garret) b. 23 Aug 1844 d. 16 March 1872 Married to Samuel Gloshen Crader His first wife.


CRADER,, Mary Elizabeth b. 2 March 1885 d. 1 Aug 1903 (Typhoid Fever) Daughter of Jackson M. and Clarissa Crader (No headstone)


CRADER, Mary E. (Known as Mollie) d. 11 Aug 1903 daughter of Joseph Marshall Crader and Cora Belle (Roberts) Crader Typhoid Fever,, never married.


CRADER, Clarissa C.(Crader),,, b. 22 Sept 1847 d. 26 Jan 1918 Wife of Jackson M. Crader..( Clarissa and Jackson M. Crader were also 1st Cousins.)


CRADER, Jackson Marion b. 17 Feb 1843 d. 6 April 1919 (Civil War Veteran) Mo. Mil. 49th Mo. Calv. Son of Daniel B. Crader Married Clarissa C. Crader on 12 Feb 1864


CRADER, Milton Page Phd. b. 19 Jan 1934 d. 1 Jan 1975 Son of Homer and Maudie Crader….Married to Willie Caroline Kympton.


CRADER, Marrell Estes b. 28 June 1938 d. 22 Oct 1939 Son of Homer G and Maudie Crader


CRADER, Homer G. b. 21 Nov 1911 d. 10 May 1966… Son of O. Webster Crader and Nancy Nations Husband to Maudie.


CRADER,, Lee S. b. 29 July 1880 d. 11 Feb 1964 Son of Jackson M. Crader


CRADER, Anna E. (Kiel) b. 8 July 1888 d. 7 Nov 1980 Wife of Lee Crader


CRADER, Virgie Lee b. 20 Jun 1928 d. 24 Jan 1929 Daughter of Lee and Anna Crader.


CRADER, Buford Earl. b. 12 Jan 1924 d. 8 March 1950 Son of Lee and Anna Crader

Buford died in a house fire trying to save his children, Below:

Russell Dwayne b. 10 March 1943 d. 8 March 1950

Donald Ray b. 31 Dec 1945 d. 8 March 1950

Billy Lee b. 8 Nov 1947 d. 8 March 1950

All died in a house fire in Oran, Missouri, Burford saved his wife Violet (Stanley) Crader and a infant son but went back to save the others and the house fell in on him….


CRADER, Roy Norman b. 12 Nov 1893 d. 14 Jan 1937 Son of Daniel F. & Sarah E. E. Crader… Twin bro. to Ray T. Crader… WWI Veteran, U.S. Army, Mo. Corp 356 Inf. 89th Div. Co. H., 1st Batt. Wounded in Arragone Forest France, Discharged from Army on 15 April 1919.. Married to Inez Ward 1 Oct 1933.


CRADER, Ray Tillman b. 12 Nov 1893 d. 11 Nov 1918 In the last day of WWI in the Arragone Forest, Son of Daniel F. & Sarah E. E. Crader, served in the same division and company as his twin brother Roy Norman. Ray is buried in the Muese National Cemetery in France but has a headstone in the Crader Cemetery. Never Married but had one son,, Guy T. Crader by Amy Leadbetter


CRADER, Danny Ray b. 23 Dec 1934 d. 16 Nov 1953 Son of Roy N. Crader and Inez (Ward) Crader…Killed in auto accident in Alexandria, La. (He was driving) while serving on actived duty in the U.S. Air Force, A2/c 366 Maint. Div.


CRADER, Guy Tillman b. 15 June 1918 d. 14 Aug 1993, Son of Ray Tillman Crader and Amy Leadbetter….Married to Pauline L. West… adopted by his grandparents Daniel F. & Sarah E.E. Crader as a child. WW2 Veteran USMC, Guy fought all through the Guadalcanal, B.S.I., Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, Siapan, Marianas Islands and all through the Pacific Islands too many to list here,, Silver Star and two Purple Hearts and many other medals.


CRADER, Sarah Ellender b. 1854 d. 1 Jan 1920 Daughter of Daniel B. Crader and Susannah Jane (Bess) Crader…Never Married, Sister to Daniel F. Jackson M., John M., Margaret J., Catherine and Elizabeth C. Crader.


CRADER, Inez (Ward)(Jones) Phelps.,, b. 25 Jan 1906 d. 26 May 1978 Married.. 1. Roy N. Crader. 2. Chester Phelps…Mother to Danny Ray Crader her only child.


CRADER, Sarah Eliz. B. 1885 d. 1917 daughter of Daniel B. and Suzannah Jane (Bess) Crader.


CRADER, Gifford (Giff) L. b. 6 March 1904 d. 24 July 1979 Son of Andrew and Laura Crader. Married 1. Mae Runnels 2. Alma Crader (Ramsey)


CRADER, Nancy J. b. 1866 d. 1926 Daughter of Jonas and Lucinda E. Crader.,Never Married.


CRADER, Minnie Frances (Crafton),,b. 22 Aug 1884 d. 14 Oct 1919 daughter of Josiah Crafton and Rachel Jane McGuire. Married to John Marshall (Marsh) Crader


CRADER, Infant b.&d. 1918 Son of Minnie F. Crader and John M. Crader.


CRADER, Milton E. (Known as Tude) b. 13 March 1916 d. 18 Oct 1988 Son of John M (Marsh). and Minnie F. CraderMarried to 1. Clarine V. West 2. Hazel Crader…. My Dad,, worked hard all his life, retired from General Motors Div. in St. Louis, Mo. Loved to coon hunt in the Bollinger co. hills. Raised nine of us kids.

CRADER, Lilbourn Daniel b. 13 Oct 1911 d. 17 Oct 1979 Son of John M.(Marsh) and Minnie F.(Crafton) Crader…Married to Pearl M. West…Known to all as “Monk”


CRADER, Dallas Morris b. 11 Oct 1909 d. 10 Sept 1969 (killed in Auto Accident)

Son of John M.(Marsh) and Minnie F.(Crafton) Crader.,,, Married 1. Thelma Jouche 2. Alma Ramsey


CRADER, Alma Gertrude (Ramsey)..b. 24 Nov 1916 d. 24 April 1984 daughter of Charlie Ramsey and Hattie M. Crader…Married 1. Dallas M. Crader 2. Gifford L. Crader


CRADER,, Gary Lane b. 11 April 1952 d. 13 Jan 2003 Son of Woodrow S. and Alfreda (James) Crader.


CRADER, Pauline Loretta (West),, b. 22 Feb 1922 d. 12 Sept 2004… twin sister to Eveline Walls (West) daughter of Ernest and Mattie (Huskey) West. Married to Guy T. Crader


CRADER,, Clarine Virginia (West) b. 4 June 1917 d. 5 Jan 2005 Daughter of Ernest and Mattie (Huskey) West.. Married to Milton E. Crader on 13 August 1936.. My Mom,, Chief Justice and Doctor of all things that ailed you,, good or bad. Raised nine children doing without a lot of things but never short on love for us.


CRADER, Pearl May (West) b. 27 Oct 1914 d. 14 May 1992 Daughter of Ernest & Mattie (Huskey) West… Married to Lilbourn (Monk) Crader..Worked hard all her life to raise her family. My favorite Aunt of all….( I am convinced that Aunt Pearl was born on 22 Oct 1914,,,but for some reason this date is on her headstone) She was born in Eminence, Missouri.


CRADER, Christine Annie (Stephens) b. 30 Sept 1874 d. 13 July 1951…Married John Franklin Crader (Known as Dick Crader)


CRADER,, John Franklin (Dick).. b. 10 June 1865 d. 22 Oct 1931 Son of Samuel G. and Sarah A. Crader,, brother to Albert P. and Daniel P. Crader,, Married to Christine (Annie) Stephens on 1 Feb 1893


CRADER, Barbara (Bollinger) b. 23 March 1897 d. 18 Feb 1959 wife of Burette Crader


CRADER, Sidney Burette.. b. 12 Aug 1897 d. 18 Feb 1960 (one year to the day after his wife Barbara died) Son of Daniel F. and Sarah E.E. Crader.. Married to Barbara Bollinger on 19 May 1918


CRADER, Laura Evelyn. b. 18 Jan 1883 d. 19 July 1958 Daughter of Daniel F. and Sarah E.E. Crader… Married to Andrew F. Kaiser (Andrew later changed his named to Crader) Married in Sept 1903


CRADER. Andrew F. b. 24 Feb 1882 d. 9 Dec 1970 Son of Frederick and Permelia Kaiser. Married to Laura E. Crader.


CRADER, Ester F. b. 19 Nov 1914 d. 10 Feb 1921 Daughter to Andrew and Laura Crader


CRADER, Milford N. b. 11 Feb 1906 d. 16 July 1908 Son of Andrew and Laura Crader.


CRADER, James Oliver b. 2 Dec 1927 d. 17 July 1986


CRADER, William H. (Infant) d. 2 Dec 1927 Son of James Oliver Crader and Helen Cook.


CRADER, Albert P. b. 8 Oct 1890 d. 1 Sept 1949 Son of John M. Crader and Susan Allen WW1 Veteran (Army) Pvt. 88th Inf 19th Div. Married 1. Virgie Lesley 2. Marjory Taylor

Rock marker next to Albert Crader,, no names or dates


CRADER, Milford L. (Sr.) b. 8 March 1922 d. 18 May 1979 Son of Albert P. Crader and Virgie Lesley….Married Lennie Sutton


CRADER, Harrison b. 1887 d. 1944 Son of John Crader Married: 1. Minnie Caldwell 2. Ida M. Slinkard (No headstone) Father to Jason Albert.


CRADER, Jason Albert b.2 Jan 1929 d. 28 April 1930 Son of Harrison Crader and Ida May Slinkard (James) (No headstone)


CRADER, Ida May (Slinkard) b. 18 June 1893 d. 7 April 1971 Daughter of John M. Slinkard and Martha Ann HurlstonMarried 1. Harrison Crader … (No headstone)


LAWRENCE, Ellen Kay,,, Infant daughter of Robert and Jerry Ruth Lawrence B&D. Oct 1960 ( Ellen Kay is buried next to her Great Grand/M, Sarah Slover)


SHANKS,, M.M.S. b. 25 May 1906 d. 25 June 1907 daughter of W.F. & S.C. Shanks


CRADER, infant son of M.C. Crader no dates


CRADER, M.C…. no dates


CRADER, J.M.C son of S.H. and M.C. Crader no dates


STATLER, David Claude b & d. 2 June 1948… son of Patsy (Welker) and Claude Statler


ANGEL, Patricia Ruth (known as Patsy) (Welker),,,,,,,,,daughter of Ruby M. (Crader) and Boyd Slinkard.. b. 7 Aug 1929… d. 6 Jan 1994 Married…1 to Slinkard Lyman,, 2. Claude Statler,, 3. (?) Angel


CRADER, Daniel P. (Big Pink) b. 25 June 1868 d. 1 June 1934


CRADER, Ellen M. (Shanks) b. 10 March 1870 d. 12 Feb 1947 Wife of Daniel P. Crader


CRADER, (unnamed infant) b: & d: 26 Feb 1915 daughter of John E. Crader and Ada B. Fowler…

Above Submitted by William Dean Crader Poster-#-86-

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