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Shelton Cemetery
Bollinger Co Missouri
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Source: The Bollinger County Echo 1 and 2. 1978 - 1979
(Poster #-13-Laura Vonk)

History: The Shelton Cemetery

  • The Shelton Cemetery is named after Calvin Shelton. This sometimes causes some confusion because there have never been any Shelton's buried there. This cemetery is actually the Lorance Eaker family cemetery.

  • The cemetery is located on what was once Lorance Eaker's farm, situated on a hill overlooking the gristmill he built. In the winter of 1850, a family of emigrants by the name of Stamm arrived at the Eaker Mill. They were on their way to California, traveling in a covered wagon. They had lost almost all of their food supply and most of their livestock when they tried to ford a rain swollen river. Their baby girl was suffering from overexposure to the winter cold and was very ill. Lorence invited them to stay with his family for the winter. Early in the spring, the little girl died and was buried on the hill above the mill. This first grave is marked with an unlettered field stone and is in the southwest corner.

  • Most of the early graves are marked with unlettered field stones, making it impossible to tell who is buried in each grave. In the center of the cemetery, by a lone cedar tree, is a pile of flat rocks that is said to mark the graves of Lorance and Teletha Eaker.

  • After Lorence died, his son Thomas inherited the farm and maintained the burial plot for many years. After Thomas died, the old homestead was divided and sold. Billy Joe Day bought the north half and Calvin Shelton bought the south half. The dividing line of the two properties went right down the center of the cemetery.

  • Wanting to preserve the cemetery where their family was buried, the Eaker family asked Mr. Shelton and Mr. Day to deed the burial place back to them. Both men agreed and Mr. Shelton asked that the cemetery be named in his honor, which is how it got it's name. The deed states that the acre of land shall forever remain a burial plot free to anyone who desires to use it. Since then, the title to the land has remained in the hands of one of the direct descendants of Lorance Eaker.


  • Take Hwy 51 south from Lutesville for two miles to the junction of Route FF. Follow FF three miles and turn right, going through a metal gate. Follow the gravel road one half mile to the cemetery. The "No Tresspassing" sign is for hunters. Access to the cemetery is guarenteed on the title.

The Shelton Cemetery List:

Abernathy, Johnnie 1923 - 1928
Abernathy, Ruey 1859 - 1934
Abernathy, Washington 1860 - 1939
Abernathy, William ? - 1932
Austin, Archie W. 1906 - 1906
Austin, Elmer E. 1899 - 1904
Eaker, Adam S. 1913 - 1914
Eaker, Emanuel S. 2/15/1871 - 10/13/1948
Eaker, Emma I 1871 - 1961
Eaker, Eula 1901 - 1903
Eaker, Mary F. 7/10/1880 - 4/3/1937 Wife of Emanuel S. Eaker
Eaker, Ransom M. ? - 1863
Eaker, Susan Francis Field stone with initials S.F.E. No Date
Eaker, T. Field stone, No date.
Eaker, Thomas S. 1867 - 1940
Eaker, William H. 1801 - 1901
James, Clinton B. 1907 - 1954
James, Hollie 1891 - 1976
James, Leroy 1905 - 1905
James, Medford 1922 - 1928
James, Noah W. 1876 - 1972
James, Shelby E. 1909 - 1962
Shell, Ernie E. 1/30/1901 - 5/25/1901
Shell, Ezra E. 1907 - 1915
Shiverdeck, David L. 1868 - 1966
Shiverdeck, Susan 1873 - 1902 Wife of David L. Shiverdeck
Proffer, Melvin C. 1925 - 1927
Willis, Walter V. 1907 - 1972

Source: The Bollinger County Echo 1 and 2. 1978 - 1979
(Poster #-13-Laura Vonk)

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