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Nathaniel Bassett Francis [Family Line]
Bollinger, County Missouri

Nathaniel Bassett Francis [Family Line] Bollinger Co Mo

  • Nathaniel Bassett Francis

    Nathaniel Bassett Francis was born on May 18, 1756 in New Kent County, Virginia to Henry Francis and Ann Bassett. It is believed that Nathaniel served in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War, although the author can find no records to that fact. On November 11, 1786, Nathaniel married Eleanah (Leanne) Adcock of Virginia.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Adcock.

    Around the year 1800, the Francis family moved to Hancock County, Georgia, but ended up in Franklin County, Tennessee by 1818.  In 1820, Nathaniel is listed on the census as having ten members in his household. There is no hard evidence to tell us what line of work he was involved in, although the 1820 census says that two members of his household were involved in agriculture.2 His father, Henry, lived nearby; three members of his household were involved in agriculture. The research completed by other descendants of Nathaniel Bassett Francis suggests that there is evidence that Nathaniel was a lawyer and a member of the Winchester Bar, and that he was the County Trustee in Franklin for the years 1882-86. These researchers also claim that they have found evidence that Nathaniel may have ran a newspaper for a short time, although the author has not found evidence of these claims.  

    Nathaniel passed away in 1829 in Cowan, Franklin County, Tennessee. His wife, Eleanah, died the following year.

    The children of Nathaniel Francis and Eleanah Adcock are:


             i.            John Bassett Francis, b. 1788 in Lunenberg, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. 1863 in Piney, Clark County, Arkansas; m. (1) Judith Ragland abt. 1815 in Buckingham County, Virginia; b. 1790 in Virginia; d. abt. 1831 in Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee;   m. (2) Nancy Hawkins March 08, 1846 in Arkadelphia, Clark County, Arkansas; born 1788


           ii.            Daughter Francis, b. 1790 in Lunenberg, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. unknown.


        iii.            Joseph A. Francis, b. April 11, 1792 in Lunenberg, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. September 03, 1878 in Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi; m. Sarah Ragland May 13, 1815 in Buckingham County, Virginia; b. July 25, 1798 in Buckingham County, Virginia; d. April 26, 1884 in Fulton, Itawamba County, Mississippi.


         iv.            Daughter Francis, b. 1794 in Lunenberg, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. unknown


           v.            Daughter Francis, b. 1795 in Lunenberg, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. unknown




    1. Marriages performed by Rev. Rene Chastain in Buckingham County, Virginia in 1786. Records kept by The Virginia State Library. Accessed by Andy Mills.

    2. 1820 United States Census



         vi.            William Alvah Francis, b. December 18, 1797 in Lunenberg, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. April 11, 1848 in Goshen, Franklin County, Tennessee; m. Mary Magdaline Garrett Abt. 1818 in Buckingham County, Virginia; b. June 17, 1798 in Virginia; d. May 14, 1878 in Itawamba County, Mississippi.


       vii.            Byrd Dale Francis, born 1801 in Hancock County, Georgia; d. between 1861 - 1864 in Bollinger County, Missouri; m. Martha Nunnally 1821 in Franklin County, Tennessee.

    a.  Clementine, b. 1822; m. Mr. Meyers; d. 1852

    b. Byrd L., b. 1830, d. 1908

    c.  Eletha Jane, b. 1837, m. Mr. Mouser, d. 1874

    d. Susan C. b. 1844, m. Mr. Eaker, d. 1881

    e.  Synthia P., b. 1845, m.(1) Mr. Adams, m.(2) Mr. Eakers, d. 1913


    Byrd died during the Civil War at the hands of Bushwhackers while taking mules to Cape Girardeau, MO for the Army. He was killed and his body was dumped into the creek. He was found sometime later, and was identified by a collar he was wearing and by his teeth. The creek was later named Byrd's Creek. His son, also named Byrd, is listed on the Veterans Schedule as a Private who acted as a scout guide. He enlisted in July of 1861 and served throughout the duration of the war.3


      viii.            Miles Sanford Francis, born Aug 25, 1811 in Virginia; d. April 30, 189; m.(1) Barbara Miller; m.(2) in 1835 to Leanne Miller, b. 1819, d. 1879


         ix.            Lawson Francis, b. unknown; d. 1856 in Bollinger County, Missouri.














    3. 1990 Veterans Schedules


    Miles Sanford Francis

    Miles Sanford Francis was born to Nathaniel Bassett Francis and Eleanah Adcock on Aug 25, 1811 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Not much is known about his early days. The earliest record of him is found in 1840 in Franklin County, Tennessee.1 It is believed that he first married Barbara Miller of Franklin County Tennessee, with whom he had four children.2 It is also believed that Barbara passed away and Miles then married her sister, Leanna. Whether or not Miles was married to Barbara or had children with her has not been proven. However, he was certainly married to Leanna. In 1850, Miles and Leanna lived in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Miles was farming, but did not own any of his own land at that time.

    On January 3, 1856, Miles purchased 158.88 acres from the government under the Land Act of 1820. Then, in October of 1856, Miles purchased another 40 acres; in September of 1859, he bought 77 more acres. 3

    Miles is listed as a farmer on the 1860 census. He had eleven children who are known to be living in that year.  He owned $500 worth of personal property and the same amount in real estate. bollingermill1.jpg

    As early as 1852, the railroad was trying to make its way into Bollinger County, but inefficient management of the railroads, and the Civil War had greatly stalled all efforts. Finally, on August 14, 1869, the completion

                            Old Bollinger Mill                                 of the Glen Allen Tunnel marked the opening    

                                                                                      of Southeast Missouri’s first through rail line by way of the St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railway.4 The completion of the rails brought new prosperity to the county and opened up stretches of land to commerce and travel.

     By 1870, Miles was 58 years old and still farming. The value of his land had increased to $800 and his personal property had increased to $1100. According to the 1870 census, Miles could read and write, but his wife and children could not.


    Picture: The Old Bollinger Mill is located in what is now Cape Girardeau. It was first built in 1820, but has been rebuilt numerous times since its original construction. During the Civil War, it was burned down by Union forces to ensure that Confederate soldiers could not use it to supply their troops with flour and meal. Information from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

    1. 1840 United Sates Census, enumerated in Franklin County, Tennessee

    2. While this information seems to be widely accepted by other descendants of Miles S. Francis, the author has found no evidence of the marriage.

    3. Information from the U.S. General Land Office Records. Under the Land Act of 1820, citizens could buy a minimum of 80 acres of land from the government at the rate of $1.25 per acre. The total of Miles’ acreage was 275.88 in 1860, which would have cost him a total of $344.85 under the guidelines set forth by the Land Act. By 1860, the land was worth $500, probably due to improvements, such as a house and outbuildings.

    4. The Banner Press, August 21, 1869

    By 1880, Miles was widowed. His wife had passed away on June 15, 1876.5 Two of his youngest children were still living with him in Lorance Township, Bollinger County. Miles passed away on April 30, 1891; he was seventy-nine years old. He is interred in the Shell Family Cemetery in Bollinger County.

    The children of Miles Sanford Francis and Leanna Miller are:

    I. Mary Eleana Francis, b. April 11, 1835 in Tennessee; m.(1)Thomas Craig in Tennessee. m.(2) William Eaker on June 1, 1873 in Bollinger, Missouri, d. March 26, 1885.

                           i.            Calloway M. Craig

                          ii.            Alfred Monroe Craig

                        iii.            Ruey Craig

                        iv.            Jacob Oliver and William W. Eaker (twins)


    II. Oliver Jacob Francis, b. February 1834 in Tennessee, m. Savannah Crader in 1857 in Missouri, d. 1901.

                           i.            Minty Adeline, b. 1858, d. Jan 11, 1874

                          ii.            Columbus Marshall, b. Dec 13, 1861, m.(1) Julia Eaker in 1887, m.(2) Evaline King in Dec, 8, 1891 in Missouri, d. Dec 26, 1928

    a.       Rhoda, b. 1885

    b.      Fannie, b. 1887

    c.       Peter, b. 1889, d. 1889

    d.      Savannah, b. 1892

    e.       Benjamin Franklin, b. 1895

    f.        Mary E., b. 1899

    g.       Harmon, b. 1904, d. 1949


                        iii.            Eliza Emeline Francis, b. Jan 13, 1865, d. March 7, 1940; never married

                        iv.            Peter, b. June 5, 1867, m. Sophie -------, d. Feb 21, 1958

    a.       Charlene, b. 1914


                         v.            Jerdan Francis, b. March 24, 1869, m. Minnie -------, d. June 17, 1936

    a.       Eliza E, b. 1865

    b.      Charles, b. 1882

    c.       Ella, b. 1901

    d.      Besley, b. 1903


                        vi.            Daniel Francis, b. June 16, 1877, d. 1893

                      vii.            Charles Francis, b. 1881, d. Feb 12, 1948; never married


    III. Miles Sanford Francis, Jr., b. 1838 in Tennessee, d. 1875

    IV. Eliza Francis, b. 1840 in Tennessee, d.1905

     V. Baxter Francis, b. 1842 in Tennessee, d. 1864

    VI. William L. Francis, b. 1844 in Tennessee, d. 1904

    VII. Sarah Francis, b. 1847 in Tennessee, d. 1912


    5. Leanna Francis is interred in the Shell Cemetery next to her husband.


    VIII. Daniel Anthony Francis, b. 1852, m. Hannah Hahn on Nov 30, 1873, d. Aug 27, 1890

                           i.            Isaac “Ike” David, b. 1876, m.(1) Margaret May “Maggie” Baker, m.(2) Della Biffle

    Daniel Anthony’s only child is listed in detail in another article.


    IX. George Washington Francis, b. June 23, 1854; m. Cordelia A. Lutes, daughter of John Lutes and Hannah Hahn; d. July 13, 1929

    i.         David R., b. 1883

    ii.       Lou D. b. 1886

    iii.      Harry, b. 1891

    iv.     Ollie, b. 1902

    v.       Jessie, b. 1905


    X. Trustin Polet Francis*, b. Aug 7, 1857, m. Malinda Hahn on Feb 5, 1878, d. Jan 29, 1913

    i.         Jasper L., b. 1880

    ii.       Sarah E., b. 1883

    iii.      Tommy P. b. 1886


    XI. Rebecca Francis, b. Sept 19, 1859, m. Samuel Hahn, d. May 6, 1937

    i.         Sadie

    ii.       Troy

    iii.      Rozetta, b. 1884, d. 1937


    XII. Newton Nathaniel Francis, b. 1864, d. 1864





















    * Some records say that Trustin’s middle name was “Polk”. His death certificate reads “Polet” His death cert also says that his parents were born in the “Old Country”.


    Daniel Anthony Francis


    Daniel Anthony Francis was born in Missouri on June 21, 1852. His parents, Miles S. Francis and Leanna Miller, had migrated to Cape Girardeau, Missouri around 1850 from Tennessee. Daniel began working on his father’s farm at a very early age. By the age of 8 he was no longer attending school, and at age 17 he could not read or write.1


    On November 30, 1873, Daniel married Mrs. Hannah Lutes.2 Hannah was the widow of John Lutes, son of Jacob Lutes and Sophia Lorance.3 Hannah’s maiden name was Hahn; she was the daughter of Daniel Houck Hahn. Hannah had seven children with John Lutes before he passed away in May of 1873. Daniel was twenty-one years old and Hannah was thirty-nine at the time of their marriage. 


    In 1880, Daniel was living in Lorance Township in Bollinger County. He was a farmer, but no tax or land records have been found for him. It is possible that he was still working on his father’s farm. According to the census, Daniel had learned to read but had not learned to write.


    Daniel passed away on August 27, 1890. He was thirty-eight years old.4 Daniel and Hannah had one child together, Isaac David Francis. Daniel was step-father to Hannah’s six other children.




    Lutesville Iron Mountain Depot.jpg



    The St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railroad depot in what was Lutesville (now Marble Hill). The rail line that went through this area was known as the Belmont line. The line was opened in August of 1869. 




    1. 1870 United States Census

    2. Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002

    3. The Lutes and Lorance families were among the first to settle in Bollinger County. Lutesville was named for Eli Lutes, and the Lorance family were among the first settled what was known as Lorance Township. Lutesville is now part of Marble Hill in Bollinger County.

    4. Francis Family Bible Records, owned by Miles Francis. Transcribed by ???


    Isaac David Francis



    Isaac David Francis was the only known child born to Daniel Anthony Francis and Hannah Hahn. He was the father of eighteen children and held diverse occupations, such as a dray wagon driver and mortician’s helper. Isaac was born on July 13, 1876, in Bollinger County, Missouri. His father was a farmer in Lorance Township in that county.


    On August 25, 1895, Isaac was married to Margaret May Baker.1 She was known as “Maggie”, and was the daughter of William Baker and Margaret M. Crites of Marble Hill. In 1900, Isaac and Maggie rented a home in Lutesville. Ike worked as a laborer in a factory, while Maggie stayed at home with their children. At the time of the census, Maggie had given birth to three children.2


    By 1910, Isaac and Maggie owned their own home. Although he was still working as a laborer, he was doing odd jobs instead of working in a factory. According to the 1910 census, Isaac had been out of work for four months during the previous year. 3 Ike and Maggie had six children together by then, but one of them had died.4 Sadly, on New Year’s Day of 1915, Maggie also passed away. She died after what could only have been a painful and terrifying ordeal. She had suffered a placental hemorrhage which resulted in the death of her unborn child. Soon after the miscarriage, infection set in and Maggie perished from septic fever.5



    Isaac David and Hattie 2.jpg






    Isaac David driving a dray wagon with his daughter Hattie on his lap. His son Everett is standing next to the wagon. The advertisement on the umbrella is for Drum’s Store. The picture was most likely taken around 1911.



    1. Missouri Marriage Records

    2. 1900 United States Census

    3. 1910 United States Census

    4. 1910 United States Census; The child who died was Mildred Francis (1900-1902). Her grave is in the Slaybaugh Cemetery in Marble Hill.

    5. Missouri Death Certificate for Maggie M. Francis


    On March 22, 1917, Isaac married again. His bride was Mrs. Della Iretha Pullium, the widow of John Pullium.6 Della was 19 years younger than Isaac. Her parents were Valentine Green Biffle and Matilda E. Berry of Lutesville. She and John Pullium had two sons during their marriage, one of whom died in the same year Maggie passed away.


    On Sept 12, 1918, Isaac registered for the World War I draft. At the time, he was working for Sampson Plasterboard Company. Isaac never served in the military; he was most likely exempted from service because of his many dependants.7


    Francis family.jpg




    Isaac and Della with some of the Francis children.

    In 1920, Isaac worked as a salaried dray wagon driver. He no longer owned his home, but was renting.8 By 1930, Isaac was working as a laborer once again doing odd jobs. He paid $8.00 a month in rent.9 Sometime near the end of his life, Isaac worked as a mortician’s helper.10

    Isaac passed away in the Porter Nursing Home in Lutesville on August 26, 1958. He had been a resident of the nursing home for 3 months. His cause of death was listed as hypostatic pneumonia; the contributory reason for death was listed as cerebral thrombosis and arteriosclerosis.11 Isaac David Francis is interred in the Slaybaugh Cemetery in Marble Hill. His wife, Maggie, is interred to the left of his grave, Della’s grave is to the right.


    Picture: In the front row (left to right) is John Glen, Isaac D., Della holding David, Isaac, Jr., also known as “Sonny”. The young man standing in the back is Robert William. The girls in the picture are unknown. Although they are surely Isaac’s daughters, it is unclear who is who in the picture.

    8. 1920 Untied States Census

    9. 1930 United States Census

    10. Missouri Death Certificate

    11. Missouri Death Certificate


    The children of Isaac David Francis are: 

    Mother, Margaret M. Francis


    I. Everett, b. July 7, 1896, m.(1) Maxine Kilgore, m.(2) Neva --------, d. Feb 8, 1948

        a. Charles Francis, b. 1924


    II. Bessie Malinda, b. Sept 11, 1898 in Lorance Township, Missouri, m. Riley L. Hughes on Dec 1, 1915, d. June 14, 1973.

                           i.            Bernice Hughes, b. 1917

                          ii.            Frances, b. 1919

                        iii.            Geraldine, b. 1921

                        iv.            Riley L. Hughes, Sr., b. July 25, 1922, m.(1) Mildred Tuhill, m.(2) Irma Jean Massey, d. May 25, 2001.

    a.       Riley L. Hughes, Jr., b. Feb 11, 1942, m.(1) Mary Elizabeth ---------, m.(2) Patricia Ann Horn, d. Oct 9, 2006.

    b.      Richard L. Hughes, b. May 12, 1953, m.(1) Janet Ann Straube in 1974, m.(2) Debra Lynn Daniels in 1981

    Richard lives in Webster Groves, Missouri with his long-time partner, Mary Sheila Benham (Wittman).


    III. Mildred Francis, b. 1900, d. 1902


    IV. Marie Helen, b. Sept 7, 1903, m. John Stevens


    V. Hattie Elenora Louvina, b. Aug 2, 1906, m. Mr. Parres, d. Feb 1986.


    VI. Jewel D., b. Nov 29, 1909, m. Glen Small, d. Nov 25, 1996 in Foley, Alabama.

                           i.            Glen W. Small, Jr., b. 1929


    VII. Mary Louise Estabrook Francis, b. 1913


    VIII. Unnamed Baby Francis, b. 1915, d. 1915


    Mother, Della Iretha Biffle Pullium Francis


    IX. Robert William, b. July 14, 1918, m. Flora Edith Meyers, d. April 2, 2007.


    X. Kathleen Waneita, b. 1923, d. 1998


    XI. Mary Magdalene, b. July 27, 1926, m.(1) Mr. James, m.(2) Mr. Laster, d. Sept 27, 1987.


    XII. June Iretha, b. June 16, 1927, m. (1) Brockmeier, m.(2) James, d. Aug 11, 2008


    XIII. Isaac David, Jr., b. Aug 8, 1929, m. Elizabeth Fulkerson, d. Jan 12, 1994.


    XIV. John Glen, b. Jan 4, 1931, d. Jan 29, 1988.

    XV. Infant son Francis, b. 1933, d. 1933


    XVI. David Leon, b. May 15, 1936, m. Theresa Rauh, d. Dec 2, 1997.

                                i.            Roland Leonhardt, b. 1957, d. 2005

                              ii.            Judy Ann, b. 1959, d. 2009

                             iii.            John Edward, b. 1960, d. 2009

                            iv.            Theresa Mechelle, b. 1961, d. 1992

    David served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars as a Sergeant in the United States Army.


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