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Daniel Francis Crader Family

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  • Daniel Francis Crader Family

    The Family shown here is my Great GrandFather, Daniel F. Crader,,starting on your left the young man is Guy Tilman Crader, then Ruby Crader, the older man is Daniel Francis Crader and standing in front of him is his wife, Sarah Eliz. Ellen Crader, bottom row from the left is Sidney Burette Crader, next man is Edgar Lloyd Crader, John Marshall Crader (My Grandfather) and then Roy Norman Crader,,, then women I can't identfy but I know the names. Esta, Laura (the oldest I beleive) Bessie and Nora. This picture was taken about 1930 at the home of Daniel F. Crader in Bollinger co.

Submitted by William Dean Crader Poster-#-86-

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