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LUTES' Family Home "1908"

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  • LUTES' Family Home "1908"

    Picture of the LUTES' House located 2.5 miles west of Lutesville, MO.

    The picture was taken about 1908.

    Pictured left to right are:

    Alex Hawn; Lutes brothers Melvin, Adam & David; Seaford Lutes (son of David W.); Charles Lutes (son of Melvin); Nonnie Lutes (wife of Monroe) and son Oscar; Nora Hawn Day; Dora Lutes (daughter of Uncle Jessie); Martha A. Lutes, wife of David W.; Grandma Lutes (Elizabeth Seitz, 3rd wife of David Lutes); Lily Lutes (wife of Uncle Jessie); sisters Floy and Edna Lutes (children of David W. and Martha A.); Aunt Mary Lutes Hawn, wife of Alex Hawn.

    In foreground: Uncles Monroe and Jessie Lutes; Cousin Roy Lutes (son of Jessie).

Submitted by Cathy (Marin Co., CA) Poster-#-121-

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