Sugar Creek Cemetery:
This information was gathered by Jeff Klawuhn as a school project in 1984.  It took him a long time to walk the cemetery and complete this list.  Cemetery transcription was donated by  Debby Moulden-Frerichs.  Any reproduction of these material without permission of Debby Moulden-Frerichs or Global Cemetery Online is prohibited.  Links to this page is recommended without any change or modification to its content.



Lot Location     Deceased      Dates     Who purchased Lot

A-01-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-01-02          ZZ-None                      Adair, Lvariva E.

A-01-03          ZZ-None                      Adair, Lvariva E.

A-01-04          Gore, Everett Duane, Infant     1968-10-11     Gore, Mr & Mrs Neil

A-01-05          ZZ-None                      Gore, Mr & Mrs Neil

A-01-06          ZZ-None                      Gore, Mr & Mrs Neil

A-01-07          Harl, Jesse      1948-   Harl, Mrs Lois & Maude

A-01-08          Harl, Maude    1949-   Harl, Mrs Lois & Maude

A-01-09          Harl, John C.   1939-07-01     Harl, Mrs Lois & Maude

A-01-10          Harl, Lois        1968-12-10     Harl, Mrs Lois & Maude

A-02-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-02-02          Ames, Baby Boy         1939-06-12     Ames, W. R.

A-02-03          ZZ-None                      McCoy, Landon

A-02-04          ZZ-None                      McCoy, Landon

A-02-05          ZZ-None                      McCoy, Landon

A-02-06          Gibson, Infant  1960-08-18     McCoy, Landon

A-02-07          McCoy, Landon C.      1971-05-05     McCoy, Landon

A-02-08          ZZ-None                      McCoy, Landon

A-02-09          McCoy, Deborah & Infant       1952-11-16/1928-11-15         McCoy, Landon

A-02-10          McCoy, Hyla F.           1918-   McCoy, Landon

A-03-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-03-02          ZZ-None                      Wells, Edd

A-03-03          ZZ-None                      Wells, Edd

A-03-04          ZZ-None                      Wells, Edd

A-03-05          Wells, Edmond R.       1944-   Wells, Edd

A-03-06          Wells, Susie May        1933-   Wells, Edd

A-03-07          ZZ-None                      Mays, Buena Mounce

A-03-08          ZZ-None                      Mays, Buena Mounce

A-03-09          Mounce, W. J. (Bud)   1926-11-11     Mays, Buena Mounce

A-03-10          Mounce, N. Ella          Unknown         Mays, Buena Mounce

A-04-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-04-02          Foley, Harold  1918-   Foley, Harry

A-04-03          Foley, Nellie Pool       1938-   Foley, Harry

A-04-04          ZZ-None                      Foley, Harry

A-04-05          ZZ-None                      Foley, Harry

A-04-06          ZZ-None                      Foley, Harry

A-04-07          ZZ-None                      Foley, Harry

A-04-08          ZZ-None                      Foley, Harry

A-04-09          Foley, Harry    1976-03-28     Foley, Harry

A-04-10          ZZ-None                      Foley, Harry

A-05-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-05-02          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-03          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-04          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-05          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-06          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-07          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-08          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-09          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-05-10          ZZ-None                      Downey, John

A-06-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-06-02          ZZ-None                      Woolston, John

A-06-03          ZZ-None                      Woolston, John

A-06-04          ZZ-None                      Woolston, John

A-06-05          ZZ-None                      Woolston, John

A-06-06          Coats, Gilbert  1924-   Woolston, John

A-06-07          Coats, Lydia    1928-   Woolston, John

A-06-08          Woolston, John            1947-   Woolston, John

A-06-09          Woolston, Lula            1953-08-08     Woolston, John

A-06-10          Woolston, Loren B.     1907-11-13     Woolston, John

A-07-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-07-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-07-03          Wilson, Mother           Unknown         Wilson, Oscar

A-07-04          Wilson, Ike      Unknown         Wilson, Oscar

A-07-05          ZZ-None                      Graves, Bob

A-07-06          Graves, Beverly June  1935-   Graves, Bob

A-07-07          Graves, Rauza Jane     1934-   Graves, Bob

A-07-08          ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Graves, Bob

A-07-09          ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Graves, Bob

A-07-10          ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Graves, Bob

A-08-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-08-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-08-03          ZZ-None                      Griffith

A-08-04          ZZ-None                      Griffith

A-08-05          ZZ-None                      Trosper, Warren

A-08-06          ZZ-None                      Trosper, Warren

A-08-07          Wilson, Daisy 1910-11-01     Wilson, George M.

A-08-08          Wilson, George M.      1910-08-13     Wilson, George M.

A-08-09          Wilson, Alice  1903-09-17     Wilson, George M.

A-08-10          Wilson, Pearl  1903-08-30     Wilson, George M.

A-09-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-09-02          ZZ-None                      Pitts, John W.

A-09-03          ZZ-None                      Pitts, John W.

A-09-04          ZZ-None                      Pitts, John W.

A-09-05          Pitts, Orville E.           1965-01-02     Pitts, John W.

A-09-06          Pitts, Mrs Frankie        1963-09-10     Pitts, John W.

A-09-07          Pitts, Charles E.          1949-   Pitts, John W.

A-09-08          Pitts, Earl        1901-02-10     Pitts, John W.

A-09-09          Pitts, Vandy L. 1905-07-30     Pitts, John W.

A-09-10          Pitts, John W.  1941-   Pitts, John W.

A-10-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-10-02          ZZ-None                      May, George

A-10-03          ZZ-None                      May, George

A-10-04          ZZ-None                      May, George

A-10-05          ZZ-None                      May, George

A-10-06          Martin, Dora E.           1939-   Martin, William R.

A-10-07          Harl, John L.   1924-   Harl, John

A-10-08          Harl, Louisa    1900-   Harl, John

A-10-09          Harl, Nina Marian       1899-   Harl, John

A-10-10          Harl, (2) Babies of John C. Harl         Unknown         Harl, John

A-11-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-11-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-11-03          Scheibner, Robert Alan           1949-06-29     Scheibner, A. M.

A-11-04          ZZ-None                      Scheibner, A. M.

A-11-05          ZZ-None                      Scheibner, A. M.

A-11-06          Botkin, George A.       1972-12-24     Botkin, George A.

A-11-07          Jones, Clarence S.       1907-   Jones, Frank & Carrie

A-11-08          Jones, Beverly Ann     Unknown         Jones, Frank & Carrie

A-11-09          Jones, Frank    1944-   Jones, Frank & Carrie

A-11-10          Jones, Carrie   1953-04-22     Jones, Frank & Carrie

A-12-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-12-02          Fenton, Cleve  Unknown         Fenton, Bettie

A-12-03          Fenton, Dolly  Unknown         Fenton, Bettie

A-12-04          Fenton, A. J. (Bose)    1959-09-16     Fenton, Bettie

A-12-05          Fenton, Winnie N.       1965-02-11     Fenton, Bettie

A-12-06          Fenton, John B.            1915-07-26     Fenton, Bettie

A-12-07          Fenton, Elizabeth Betty           1954-09-13     Fenton, Bettie

A-12-08          Bazan, Mamie 1957-04-22     Fenton, Bettie

A-12-09          Bazan, Thomas J.        1965-09-08     Fenton, Bettie

A-12-10          ZZ-None                      Fenton, Bettie

A-13-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-13-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-13-03          Wood, Fay Russell Jr. 1971-08-10     Wood, Fay R.

A-13-04          Wood, Helen   1981-10-24     Wood, Fay R.

A-13-05          Wood, Fay R.  1955-08-23     Wood, Fay R.

A-13-06          ZZ-None                      Wood, Fay R.

A-13-07          ZZ-None                      Brown, Northie & Louise

A-13-08          ZZ-None                      Brown, Northie & Louise

A-13-09          ZZ-None                      Brown, Northie & Louise

A-13-10          Shoat, Bill       Unknown         Shoat, Ben

A-14-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-14-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-14-03          Allen, Helen    1975-11-07     Allen, Otis C.

A-14-04          Allen, Tommie            1934-   Allen, Otis C.

A-14-05          Allen, Otis C.  1962-11-06     Allen, Otis C.

A-14-06          Allen, Florica  1919-   Allen, Otis C.

A-14-07          Crossfield, Jesse         1958-   Crossfield, George

A-14-08          Crossfield, Gertrude   1911-07-09     Crossfield, George

A-14-09          Crossfield, George      1945-10-11     Crossfield, George

A-14-10          ZZ-None                      Crossfield, George

A-15-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-15-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-15-03          Payne, Vance   1923-   Payne, Rillie

A-15-04          Payne, Sarah Rillie     1967-12-20     Payne, Rillie

A-15-05          ZZ-None                      Payne, Rillie

A-15-06          ZZ-None                      Payne, Rillie

A-15-07          Boggs, Virgil   Unknown         Boggs, W. L.

A-15-08          Boggs, W. L.   1919-04-02     Boggs, W. L.

A-15-09          Boggs, Charoline         1924-07-24     Boggs, W. L.

A-15-10          Willis, Naomi May     1908-03-10     Boggs, W. L.

A-16-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-16-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-16-03          Ellis, Nancy    1908-   Ellis, J. W.

A-16-04          Ellis, Silas      1930-   Ellis, J. W.

A-16-05          Ellis, Jim         1937-   Ellis, J. W.

A-16-06          ZZ-None                      Taylor, H. & M. A.

A-16-07          ZZ-None                      Taylor, H. & M. A.

A-16-08          Taylor, Anna   1908-06-28     Taylor, H. & M. A.

A-16-09          Dischner, Infant Son (T.E. & T. I.)      1936-05-16     Jones, F. T.

A-16-10          Jones, Athal     1907-12-12     Jones, F. T.

A-17-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-17-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-17-03          ZZ-None                      Hays, Robert

A-17-04          ZZ-None                      Hays, Robert

A-17-05          ZZ-None                      Hays, James

A-17-06          ZZ-None                      Hays, James

A-17-07          ZZ-None                      Hays, James

A-17-08          ZZ-None                      Hays, James

A-17-09          Hays, Robert   Unknown         Hays, James

A-17-10          Hays, Elisabeth           Unknown         Hays, James

A-18-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-18-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-18-03          ZZ-None                      Yocum, Harry

A-18-04          ZZ-None                      Yocum, Harry

A-18-05          Yocum, Harry  1947-   Yocum, Harry

A-18-06          Yocum, Georgia          1933-04-15     Yocum, Harry

A-18-07          ZZ-None                      Yocum, Harry

A-18-08          Yocum, Lela C.           1919-01-28     Yocum, Harry

A-18-09          Yocum, Maude            1912-10-23     Yocum, J. W.

A-18-10          Yocum, J. W.   1903-02-24     Yocum, J. W.

A-19-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-19-02          Sego, Infant     1904-04-15     Sego, J. A.

A-19-03          Sego, Dora      1904-04-15     Sego, J. A.

A-19-04          Frakes, Charles           1982-06-14     Sego, J. A.

A-19-05          McCully, Nancy A.     1917-07-10     McCully, David

A-19-06          McCully, John H.        1904-09-01     McCully, David

A-19-07          ZZ-None                      Arrowsmith, J.

A-19-08          ZZ-None                      Arrowsmith, J.

A-19-09          ZZ-None                      Arrowsmith, J.

A-19-10          ZZ-None                      Arrowsmith, J.

A-20-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-20-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-20-03          ZZ-None                      Fisher, Joel D.

A-20-04          ZZ-None                      Fisher, Joel D.

A-20-05          Fisher, Joel D. Unknown         Fisher, Joel D.

A-20-06          Thomas, Valeda          1915-   Thomas, Ambrose

A-20-07          Thomas, Houston         1903-   Thomas, Ambrose

A-20-08          Thomas, Nancy            1916-   Thomas, Ambrose

A-20-09          Thomas, Thomas L.     1915-   Thomas, Ambrose

A-20-10          Gore, Grace    1903-   Gore

A-21-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-21-02          Emery, Minnie M.       1941-   Emery, Minnie

A-21-03          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Ambrose

A-21-04          Thomas, Albert           1958-06-19     Thomas, Ambrose

A-21-05          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Ambrose

A-21-06          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Ambrose

A-21-07          Thomas, Thomas L.     1970-09-23/1876-03-14         Thomas, Ambrose

A-21-08          Thomas, Ida M.           1960-04-11     Thomas, Ambrose

A-21-09          Thomas, James A.       1951-11-09     Thomas, James A.

A-21-10          Thomas, Daisy Lee      1964-10-17     Thomas, James A.

A-22-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-22-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-22-03          ZZ-None                      Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-04          ZZ-None                      Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-05          ZZ-None                      Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-06          ZZ-None                      Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-07          Moppin, Andrew         1937-   Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-08          Billings, Lena  1902-04-19     Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-09          Moppin, Smantha E.    1908-01-22     Moppin, Samantha E.

A-22-10          Moppin, Mathew         1903-01-17     Moppin, Samantha E.

A-23-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-23-02          Peel, Child of Ben       Unknown         Brown, J. S.

A-23-03          Peel, Child of Ben       Unknown         Brown, J. S.

A-23-04          Buster, Cella   1933-   Brown, J. S.

A-23-05          Brown, J. S. (Sig)       1949-   Brown, J. S.

A-23-06          Brown, Rhoda 1901-10-20     Brown, J. S.

A-23-07          ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Moppin, Matt

A-23-08          Snelson, Mosias (Cy)  Unknown         Moppin, Matt

A-23-09          ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Moppin, Matt

A-23-10          Snelson, Verdi 1901-04-30     Moppin, Matt

A-24-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-24-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-24-03          Funk, Addie     1979-12-03     Funk, Calvin & Addie

A-24-04          Funk, Calvin    Unknown         Funk, Calvin & Addie

A-24-05          Steele, Glen     1968-11-24     Steele, Mrs Claude

A-24-06          ZZ-None                      Steele, Mrs Claude

A-24-07          Ames, W. R.    1956-04-23     Ames, William K.

A-24-08          Norris, Hosea  1931-   Herod, Mrs J. W.

A-24-09          Hanshaw, Mattie         1906-05-02     Herod, Mrs J. W.

A-24-10          Norris, Harry H.          1900-12-16     Herod, Mrs J. W.

A-25-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-25-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-25-03          ZZ-None                      Gore, Thomas

A-25-04          Gore, Infant Son of C.H. & Cecil        Unknown         Gore, Thomas

A-25-05          Black, Lela T. 1975-05-29     Gore, Thomas

A-25-06          Gore, Cecil T. 1920-05-13     Gore, Thomas

A-25-07          Gore, Ekves Jesse       1913-05-22     Gore, Thomas

A-25-08          Gore, Mary Ann          1942-   Gore, Thomas

A-25-09          Gore, Thomas  1942-   Gore, Thomas

A-25-10          Gore, Flora T. 1900-05-06     Gore, Thomas

A-26-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-26-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-26-03          Scott    Unknown         Scott, Lewis

A-26-04          Scott, Stanley A.          1905-   Scott, Lewis

A-26-05          Scott, Bertie    Unknown         Scott, Lewis

A-26-06          Green, Kate     1917-03-25     Scott, Lewis

A-26-07          Merrit, Jane M.           1925-   Scott, Lewis

A-26-08          Scott, Nancy L.            1939-   Scott, Lewis

A-26-09          Merrit, Ben      1948-   Scott, Lewis

A-26-10          ZZ-None                      Scott, Lewis

A-27-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-27-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-27-03          White, Brother Unknown         White, Richard

A-27-04          White, Sister   Unknown         White, Richard

A-27-05          White, Richard            Unknown         White, Richard

A-27-06          White, Catherine         Unknown         White, Richard

A-27-07          Walker, Charles          1950-08-26     Walker, Charles

A-27-08          Despain, Roy C.          1951-11-26     Despain, Arthur

A-27-09          Despain, Infant Dale Edward/Fietz, Baby       1972-12-02/1979-08-08            Despain, Arthur

A-27-10          Andrews, Dollie         Unknown         Andrews, Dollie

A-28-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-28-02          Silas, One Leg of Man 1959-03-11     Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-03          ZZ-None                      Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-04          Ball, Orville Lee         Unknown         Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-05          Sherman, Baby            1943-   Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-06          Berry, Silas A.            Unknown         Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-07          Sherman, Janie            1950-08-15     Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-08          Sherman, Thomas        1976-06-01     Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-09          ZZ-None                      Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-28-10          ZZ-None                      Berry, Silas (Pike)

A-29-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-29-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-29-03          ZZ-None                      Ewart, Troy C. or Janete

A-29-04          ZZ-None                      Ewart, Troy C. or Janete

A-29-05          ZZ-None                      Ewart, Troy C. or Janete

A-29-06          ZZ-None                      Ewart, Troy C. or Janete

A-29-07          ZZ-None                      Willson, Lewis C.  & Fern, Jessie

A-29-08          ZZ-None                      Willson, Lewis C.  & Fern, Jessie

A-29-09          ZZ-None                      Thomas, A. R.

A-29-10          ZZ-None                      Thomas, A. R.

A-30-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-30-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

A-30-03          ZZ-None                      Open

A-30-04          ZZ-None                      Goldsborough, Mrs France

A-30-05          Goldsborough, Patrick H.        1972-05-24     Goldsborough, Mrs France

A-30-06          ZZ-None                      Picaux, T. J.

A-30-07          ZZ-None                      Picaux, T. J.

A-30-08          Atchison, Francis        1975-07-10     Picaux, T. J.

A-30-09          Atchision, John W.      1972-03-27     Picaux, T. J.

A-30-10          Thompson, Fred W.     1972-04-08     Thompson, Fred W.

A-31-01          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-02          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-03          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-04          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-05          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-06          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-07          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-08          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-09          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

A-31-10          ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-01-01           ZZ-None                      Faris, Champ

B-01-02           ZZ-None                      Faris, Champ

B-01-03           Faris, Mabel    1970-07-11     Faris, Champ

B-01-04           Faris, John Robert       1952-02-23     Faris, Champ

B-01-05           Martin, Michael          Unknown         Martin, Robert

B-01-06           ZZ-None                      Hisle, Orsie

B-01-07           ZZ-None                      Hisle, Orsie

B-01-08           ZZ-None                      Hisle, Orsie

B-01-09           Hisle, Charles 1952-02-01     Hisle, Orsie

B-01-10           Keene, Walter Unknown         Keene, Walter

B-02-01           Blackmore, Jesse        1948-   Blackmore, Jesse

B-02-02           Blackmore, Minnie      1951-03-05     Blackmore, Jesse

B-02-03           Hainline, Lemmel        Unknown         Hainline, Lemmel

B-02-04           ZZ-No Space               Hainline, Lemmel

B-02-05           Hainline, Mother         Unknown         Hainline, Lemmel

B-02-06           Durham, Eaphram        1915-10-10     Keene, Edd

B-02-07           Durham, Jane   1919-12-02     Keene, Edd

B-02-08           Andrews, J. W.           Unknown         Keene, Edd

B-02-09           Keene, Edward H.       1941-   Keene, Edd

B-02-10           Keene, Emma  1946-   Keene, Edd

B-03-01           Walton, Rice   1979-07-22     Walton, Rice

B-03-02           Walton, Nannie           1981-02-18     Walton, Rice

B-03-03           Walton, Goalie            1975-10-25     Walton, Rice

B-03-04           Walton, Madison         Unknown         Walton, Rice

B-03-05           Walton, Mary Lucy      1941-   Walton, Rice

B-03-06           Miller, Clarence E.     1980-07-25     Large, Mrs James R.

B-03-07           ZZ-None                      Large, Mrs James R.

B-03-08           Bellis, John     1962-01-26     Large, Mrs James R.

B-03-09           Large, James Robert    1912-10-01     Large, Mrs James R.

B-03-10           Bellis, Minnie 1918-   Large, Mrs James R.

B-04-01           ZZ-None                      Little, John J.

B-04-02           Little, Barbara Jean     1929-   Little, John J.

B-04-03           Little, Pleasant Jr.       1938-   Little, John J.

B-04-04           ZZ-None                      Little, John J.

B-04-05           ZZ-None                      Little, John J.

B-04-06           Boggs, Florence Little 1970-08-07     Little, John J.

B-04-07           Winkler, Mary E. Little           1953-12-20     Little, John J.

B-04-08           Little, Virginia H.        1925-03-20     Little, John J.

B-04-09           Little, John J.   1930-08-18     Little, John J.

B-04-10           Little, Pleasant F.        1917-06-15     Little, John J.

B-05-01           Allison, Laurene          1908-05-09     Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-02           ZZ-None                      Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-03           ZZ-None                      Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-04           ZZ-None                      Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-05           ZZ-None                      Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-06           Roach, Opal Vernelle  1924-   Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-07           ZZ-None                      Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-08           Tilton, Bessie R.         1971-08-27     Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-09           Stanton, William         1937-   Stanton, Mrs William

B-05-10           ZZ-None                      Stanton, Mrs William

B-06-01           Kerlin, Emma  1917-07-12     Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-02           Connor, Kenneth W.    1948-   Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-03           ZZ-None                      Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-04           ZZ-None                      Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-05           ZZ-None                      Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-06           Evans, Henrietta          1969-09-01     Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-07           Connor, John   1956-01-29     Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-08           Connor, Baby (Sams)  Unknown         Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-09           Connor, William S.     1907-07-29     Connor, Mrs William S.

B-06-10           Connor, Ann W.          1933-07-27     Connor, Mrs William S.

B-07-01           Willits, Benjamin F.    1905-06-23     Willits, John

B-07-02           Willits, John    Unknown         Willits, John

B-07-03           Willits, Mary   Unknown         Willits, John

B-07-04           ZZ-None                      Faris, John E. & Thelma

B-07-05           ZZ-None                      Faris, John E. & Thelma

B-07-06           Coleman, Wallace       1903-07-19     Coleman, Jeptha

B-07-07           Coleman, James N.      1974-06-05     Coleman, Jeptha

B-07-08           ZZ-None                      Coleman, Jeptha

B-07-09           ZZ-None                      Coleman, Jeptha

B-07-10           ZZ-None                      Coleman, Jeptha

B-08-01           Estes, Winnie  1910-   Estes, Frank

B-08-02           Johnson, Steven Albert            1965-07-25     Estes, Frank

B-08-03           ZZ-None                      Estes, Frank

B-08-04           Estes, Beatrice            Unknown         Estes, Frank

B-08-05           ZZ-None                      Estes, Frank

B-08-06           Keene, Sophronia & Helen     1899-07-22/1910-07-08         Keene, Samuel J.

B-08-07           Pennington, Charles Burton     Unknown         Keene, Samuel J.

B-08-08           Goodwin, Armilda      Unknown         Keene, Samuel J.

B-08-09           Keene, Samuel J.         1913-12-18     Keene, Samuel J.

B-08-10           Keene, Pricilla            Unknown         Keene, Samuel J.

B-09-01           ZZ-None                      Alder, James G.

B-09-02           ZZ-None                      Alder, James G.

B-09-03           ZZ-None                      Alder, James G.

B-09-04           Alder, Howard Eugene           1927-   Alder, James G.

B-09-05           Alder, James H.          1973-01-08     Alder, James G.

B-09-06           Alder, Melissa L.        1957-12-06     Alder, James G.

B-09-07           Alder, Clora    1953-   Alder, James G.

B-09-08           Alder, James M.          1934-   Alder, James G.

B-09-09           Alder, Sallie   1905-11-02     Alder, James G.

B-09-10           ZZ-None                      Alder, James G.

B-10-01           Hickman, Archie         Unknown         Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-02           Hickman, James R. & Willie R.          1891-07-03/1891-07-15         Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-03           James, Baby    Unknown         Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-04           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-05           Boman, Anna Roach Heaton    1975-08-12     Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-06           Roach, Claud C.          1962-03-21     Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-07           Hickman, Mary C.       1903-10-21     Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-08           Hickman, Allen A.      1908-12-22     Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-09           Pitts, James F. 1895-08-02     Hickman, Allen A.

B-10-10           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Allen A.

B-11-01           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-02           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-03           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-04           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-05           Gibson, Goldie            1978-10-07     Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-06           Gibson, Willis 1953-11-14     Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-07           Gibson, Lutie   1962-10-04     Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-08           Hickman, Etta  1928-11-13     Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-09           Hickman, Alfred R.     1927-   Hickman, Alfred R.

B-11-10           ZZ-None                      Hickman, Alfred R.

B-12-01           Fenton, Samuel (Baby)            1900-12-18     Fenton, Alfred

B-12-02           Fenton, Alfred M.        1902-07-21     Fenton, Alfred

B-12-03           Fenton, Wava A.         1901-08-11     Fenton, Alfred

B-12-04           ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

B-12-05           ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

B-12-06           ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

B-12-07           ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

B-12-08           ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

B-12-09           Fenton, Enock M.        1880-02-25     Fenton, Alfred

B-12-10           Fenton, Elizabeth         1928-02-23     Fenton, Alfred

B-13-01           ZZ-None                      Jones, William K.

B-13-02           ZZ-None                      Jones, William K.

B-13-03           ZZ-None                      Jones, William K.

B-13-04           ZZ-None                      Jones, William K.

B-13-05           Loader, Carol  1980-06-14     Jones, William K.

B-13-06           Smith, Donald 1961-12-11     Jones, William K.

B-13-07           Smith, Ben       1940-   Jones, William K.

B-13-08           Smith, Bettie    1936-   Jones, William K.

B-13-09           Jones, Marilda 1916-01-06     Jones, William K.

B-13-10           Jones, William K.       1902-11-17     Jones, William K.

B-14-01           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-02           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-03           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-04           Unknown         Unknown         Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-05           Unknown         Unknown         Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-06           Crossfield, Charle       1939-11-14     Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-07           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, Clarence

B-14-08           Burdette, Marion         1956-02-04     Burdette, John H.

B-14-09           Burdette, Jennie           Unknown         Burdette, John H.

B-14-10           Burdette, John H.         1893-10-30     Burdette, John H.

B-15-01           Burdette, Hazel           1898-01-06     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-02           ZZ-None                      Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-03           Moore, P. R.    1955-08-10     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-04           Moore, Rebeca            1973-01-07     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-05           ZZ-None                      Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-06           Stagner, Winston N.    1911-   Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-07           Stagner, Lillian            1973-01-04     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-08           Burdette, Gladys         1907-03-11     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-09           Burdette, W. I. 1896-02-09     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-15-10           Burdette, Sarah            1908-03-10     Burdette, Mrs Sarah G.

B-16-01           ZZ-None                      Peel, Benjamin

B-16-02           ZZ-None                      Peel, Benjamin

B-16-03           ZZ-None                      Peel, Benjamin

B-16-04           ZZ-None                      Peel, Benjamin

B-16-05           Peel, Edward  1950-12-01     Peel, Benjamin

B-16-06           Peel, John        1940-   Peel, Benjamin

B-16-07           Peel, Lenora F.            1890-   Peel, Benjamin

B-16-08           Peel, Charles E.          1890-   Peel, Benjamin

B-16-09           Peel, Benjamin            1913-   Peel, Benjamin

B-16-10           Peel, Jane        1930-   Peel, Benjamin

B-17-01           Lawrence, Leslie W.   1919-03-25     Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-02           Lawrence, Irvin Eugene          1924-   Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-03           ZZ-None                      Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-04           ZZ-None                      Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-05           ZZ-None                      Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-06           ZZ-None                      Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-07           ZZ-None                      Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-08           Lawrence, Mary J.      1907-01-03     Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-09           Lawrence, M. S.          1953-05-23     Lawrence, M. S.

B-17-10           Lawrence, Margaret A.           1932-   Lawrence, M. S.

B-18-01           Lawrence, John E.       1922-01-05     Lawrence, William

B-18-02           Lawrence, Mary Alice            1930-   Lawrence, William

B-18-03           Lawrence, William H. 1930-   Lawrence, William

B-18-04           Lawrence, Walter B.   1938-   Lawrence, William

B-18-05           Short, Eva Marie Infant           Unknown         Lawrence, William

B-18-06           Lawrence, Ivy 1966-03-04     Lawrence, William

B-18-07           Lawrence, Omar (Bob)           1950-11-02     Lawrence, William

B-18-08           ZZ-None                      Lawrence, William

B-18-09           Moore, Sallie C.         1905-03-01     Lawrence, William

B-18-10           Moore, S. B.    1908-   Lawrence, William

B-19-01           Lawrence, J. M. Baby Son of N. J.      1895-   Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-02           Lawrence, Oren N. Baby Son of N. J. 1899-07-04     Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-03           Lawrence, Everette     1935-   Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-04           Lawrence, Nelse J.      1946-   Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-05           Lawrence, Minnie       1941-   Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-06           Shivers, Infant son fo Milded  & Cliff Unknown         Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-07           Lawrence, John M.      1886-07-15     Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-08           Lawrence, Mary E.      1909-10-24     Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-09           Lawrence, J. S.            1925-05-15     Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-19-10           Lawrence, Myrtle Gore           1908-03-03     Lawrence, N. J. & J. S.

B-20-01           Dyer, Mollie R.           1895-01-06     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-02           Dyer, James W.           1905-06-18     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-03           Dyer, George W.         1888-12-20     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-04           Dyer, John S.   1912-11-18     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-05           Saunders, Vern S. & Phebe     1915- / 1915-  Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-06           Dyer, Alphonso           1910-05-08     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-07           Dyer, Sarah     1915-12-19     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-08           Dyer, Thomas A.         1914-07-14     Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-09           ZZ-None                      Dyer, Thomas A.

B-20-10           Gore, Amanda Unknown         Dyer, Thomas A.

B-21-01           Brumley, Amos           1969-10-19     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-21-02           Brumley, Nellie           1973-08-10     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-21-03           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Frank

B-21-04           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Frank

B-21-05           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Frank

B-21-06           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Samuel H.

B-21-07           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Samuel H.

B-21-08           Brumley, Vane 1968-12-06     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-21-09           Brumley, Dever & Alice Dove Infants            Unknown         Brumley, Samuel H.

B-21-10           Brumley, Bettie M.      1906-05-15     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-22-01           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Samuel H.

B-22-02           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Samuel H.

B-22-03           Brumley, Maud            1965-02-23     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-22-04           Brumley, Charles        1957-09-09     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-22-05           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Earl & Stella

B-22-06           ZZ-None                      Brumley, Earl & Stella

B-22-07           Brumley, Mary E.        1959-08-09     Brumley, Earl & Stella

B-22-08           Brumley, Guy T.          1929-   Brumley, Earl & Stella

B-22-09           Brumley, Samuel H.    1917-03-14     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-22-10           Brumley, Sarah F.       1929-01-20     Brumley, Samuel H.

B-23-01           Steele, Infant babies of Richard & Ethel         Unknown         Keller, Martin

B-23-02           Steele, Zetta    1921-   Keller, Martin

B-23-03           Steele, Buster  1941-11-29     Keller, Martin

B-23-04           ZZ-None                      Keller, Martin

B-23-05           ZZ-None                      Keller, Martin

B-23-06           ZZ-None                      Keller, Martin

B-23-07           Steele, Richard            1960-01-08     Keller, Martin

B-23-08           Steele, Ethel    1968-03-17     Keller, Martin

B-23-09           Keller,Martin  1944-   Keller, Martin

B-23-10           Keller, Mary E.           1928-   Keller, Martin

B-24-01           ZZ-None                      Keller, James

B-24-02           ZZ-None                      Keller, James

B-24-03           ZZ-None                      Keller, James

B-24-04           ZZ-None                      Keller, James

B-24-05           Keller, J. D.    1892-08-11     Keller, James

B-24-06           Keller, Herbert            1892-07-30     Keller, James

B-24-07           ZZ-None                      Keller, James

B-24-08           ZZ-None                      Keller, James

B-24-09           Keller, Nellie  1933-01           Keller, James

B-24-10           Keller, James A.         1901-02-14     Keller, James

B-25-01           Keller, Vertie E.          1897-10-10     Keller, John C.

B-25-02           Allison, Sarah E.         1899-07-12     Keller, John C.

B-25-03           Brown, Infant Son of Harold & Rosalee         1940-   Keller, John C.

B-25-04           Brown, Victor 1963-01-24     Keller, John C.

B-25-05           Plumer, Alice Brown  1980-01-15     Keller, John C.

B-25-06           Keller, John C. Jr.       1942-   Keller, John C.

B-25-07           Keller, Kate    1948-   Keller, John C.

B-25-08           Keller, John C. Sr.      1924-04-08     Keller, John C.

B-25-09           Keller, Clarinda          1888-05-15     Keller, John C.

B-25-10           Keller, Polly   1892-01-09     Keller, John C.

B-26-01           ZZ-None                      Gore, Roy L.

B-26-02           Gore, Norma L.           1942-   Gore, Roy L.

B-26-03           ZZ-None                      Woolston, G. W. & Ruth

B-26-04           ZZ-None                      Woolston, G. W. & Ruth

B-26-05           ZZ-None                      Woolston, G. W. & Ruth

B-26-06           Andrews, Pud & James Marion          1927-12-09     Lewis, W. S.

B-26-07           Andrews, Nettie          1895-12-24     Lewis, W. S.

B-26-08           ZZ-None                      Lewis, W. S.

B-26-09           Hastings, Jacob F.       1928-   Hastings, Jacob

B-26-10           Hastings, Brittan W.    1897-09-07     Hastings, Jacob

B-27-01           ZZ-None                      Garvin, R. L.

B-27-02           ZZ-None                      Garvin, R. L.

B-27-03           Keene, Grover 1940-   Keene, Mrs Grover

B-27-04           Keene, Mamie L.         1963-03-15     Keene, Mrs Grover

B-27-05           Fiebelkorn, Kenneth    1969-06-14     Cooper, Archie H.

B-27-06           Crossfield, G. C.         1927-   Crossfield, G. C.

B-27-07           Keene, Charles            Unknown         Keene, Charles & Ethel

B-27-08           ZZ-None                      Keene, Charles & Ethel

B-27-09           Smith, Allen    1926-   Parks, James

B-27-10           Smith, Amanda            1925-   Parks, James

B-28-01           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Sam

B-28-02           Thomas, Sam   1952-10-15     Thomas, Sam

B-28-03           Thomas, Nancy            1945-   Thomas, Sam

B-28-04           McQueen, Alezan        1931-   Thomas, Sam

B-28-05           McQueen, John H.       1930-   Thomas, Sam

B-28-06           Funderburg, Peree       Unknown         Keene, George W.

B-28-07           Funderburg, George    Unknown         Keene, George W.

B-28-08           Keene, Maggie M.       1933-01-18     Keene, George W.

B-28-09           Keene, George W.       1915-10-16     Keene, George W.

B-28-10           ZZ-None                      Keene, George W.

B-29-01           ZZ-None                      Thomas, A. R.

B-29-02           ZZ-None                      Thomas, A. R.

B-29-03           ZZ-None                      Crockett, Ina

B-29-04           ZZ-None                      Crockett, Ina

B-29-05           Crockett, Ernest           1969-05-04     Crockett, Ina

B-29-06           ZZ-None                      Crockett, Ina

B-29-07           ZZ-None                      Johnson, Mrs Marvin

B-29-08           Johnson, Marvin Dean 1969-01-31     Johnson, Mrs Marvin

B-29-09           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-29-10           Mershov, Marie Infant Unknown         ZZ-Not for Sale

B-30-01           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Daniel H.

B-30-02           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Daniel H.

B-30-03           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Daniel H.

B-30-04           Thomas, Harry C.        1969-09-14     Thomas, Daniel H.

B-30-05           Thomas, Affie 1978-02-25     Thomas, Daniel H.

B-30-06           ZZ-None                      Jones, Rudolph

B-30-07           ZZ-None                      Jones, Rudolph

B-30-08           ZZ-None                      Jones, Rudolph

B-30-09           ZZ-None                      Jones, Rudolph

B-30-10           Jones, Rudolph            1975-06-09     Jones, Rudolph

B-31-01           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-31-02           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-31-03           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-31-04           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-31-05           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-31-06           ZZ-Not for Sale                       ZZ-Not for Sale

B-31-07           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Carl Samuel

B-31-08           Thomas, Carl Samuel  1898-07-27     Thomas, Carl Samuel

B-31-09           Thomas, Estella           1896-05-25     Thomas, Carl Samuel

B-31-10           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Carl Samuel

C-01-01           Baird, Rev. Ernest C.  1961-08-24     Baird, Rev. E. C.

C-01-02           Baird, Beulah E.          1965-12-06     Baird, Rev. E. C.

C-01-03           Harrison, John D.        1962-12-12     Harrison, John D.

C-01-04           ZZ-None                      Harrison, John D.

C-01-05           Harrison, Patrica Sue  1963-11-05     Harrison, John D.

C-01-06           Harrison, Melvin         1943-   Harrison, John D.

C-01-07           Harrison, John 1950-02-20     Harrison, John D.

C-01-08           Harrison, John D.        1975-09-08     Harrison, John D.

C-01-09           Yeakley, Marie Kuhnert          1973-03-29     Page, Lucille

C-01-10           Frakes, George            1943-   Frakes, George

C-02-01           ZZ-None                      Allison, Emmet

C-02-02           ZZ-None                      Allison, Emmet

C-02-03           Allison, Franklin         1908-09-22     Allison, Emmet

C-02-04           Allison, Marion           1939-   Allison, Emmet

C-02-05           Allison, Emmet           1963-06-08     Allison, Emmet

C-02-06           Allison, Ida     1958-09-04     Allison, Emmet

C-02-07           ZZ-None                      Allison, Emmet

C-02-08           Wilson, John   1976-02-26     Allison, Emmet

C-02-09           ZZ-None                      Allison, Emmet

C-02-10           Cash, Malinda J.         Unknown         Allison, Emmet

C-03-01           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-02           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-03           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-04           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-05           Worrel, Margaret A.   1907-10-14     Worrel, J. W.

C-03-06           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-07           Worrel, Rose   1961-02-15     Worrel, J. W.

C-03-08           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-09           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-03-10           ZZ-None                      Worrel, J. W.

C-04-01           Stone, David Vance     1904-05-09     Stone, Mary E.

C-04-02           Stone, Mary E. 1923-   Stone, Mary E.

C-04-03           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-04-04           Benham, Mary F.         1936-   Stone, Mary E.

C-04-05           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-04-06           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-04-07           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-04-08           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-04-09           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-04-10           ZZ-None                      Stone, Mary E.

C-05-01           ZZ-None                      Peck, Dorthy

C-05-02           Peck, John Robert       1977-10-02     Peck, Dorthy

C-05-03           Peck, William R. (Bob)          1960-03-06     Peck, Dorthy

C-05-04           ZZ-None                      Peck, Dorthy

C-05-05           Peck, John W.  1930-   Peck, Sarah

C-05-06           Peck, Sarah     1954-02-09     Peck, Sarah

C-05-07           Peck, Oliver Noel       1958-01-02     Peck, Mrs Oliver

C-05-08           Peck, Virginia 1975-05-04     Peck, Mrs Oliver

C-05-09           Boggs, Thomas            1938-   Peck, Sarah

C-05-10           Peck, Everette L.         1929-   Peck, Sarah

C-06-01           Foster, James  1967-03-08     Foster, Sherman

C-06-02           ZZ-None                      Foster, Sherman

C-06-03           Conard, Albert M.       1939-   Conard, Albert M.

C-06-04           Conard, Margarette Maggie    1960-01-10     Conard, Albert M.

C-06-05           Conard, Henry J.         1902-05-17     Conard, Albert M.

C-06-06           Daniel, L. C.    Unknown         Daniel, L. C.

C-06-07           Daniel, Mary S.           Unknown         Daniel, L. C.

C-06-08           Chapin, William          Unknown         Daniel, L. C.

C-06-09           Evans, Margaret          1980-05-16     Daniel, L. C.

C-06-10           Evans, Thomas S.        1924-02-25     Daniel, L. C.

C-07-01           ZZ-None                      Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-02           ZZ-None                      Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-03           ZZ-None                      Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-04           ZZ-None                      Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-05           Morrison, Dr. W. S.    1916-   Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-06           Morrison, Mrs. Allie   1940-   Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-07           Morrison, Paul            1917-11-02     Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-08           Morrison, Bertha         1953-06-30     Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-09           ZZ-None                      Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-07-10           Morrison, Ruth            1892-11-17     Morrison, Dr. W. S.

C-08-01           Crook, John     1907-01-17     Allison, John Bill

C-08-02           Smith, Stella    Unknown         Allison, John Bill

C-08-03           Allison, John W.         1924-02-13     Allison, John Bill

C-08-04           Allison, Elizabeth       1920-03-11     Allison, John Bill

C-08-05           Allison, Gerti Mae      1903-04-10     Allison, John Bill

C-08-06           Conard, Inez    1901-10-08     Smith, J. E.

C-08-07           ZZ-None                      Smith, J. E.

C-08-08           ZZ-None                      Smith, J. E.

C-08-09           Smith, E.          Unknown         Smith, J. E.

C-08-10           Smith, Johnny E.          1901-04-18     Smith, J. E.

C-09-01           Steele, W. T. Sr.          1899-07-30     Steele, J. O.

C-09-02           Steele, Julia     1903-11-16     Steele, J. O.

C-09-03           Steele, Elizabeth         1867-03-16     Steele, J. O.

C-09-04           Dooley, Jane Elston    1886-11-20     Steele, J. O.

C-09-05           ZZ-None                      Steele, J. O.

C-09-06           Steele, Silas    1956-12-19     Steele, J. O.

C-09-07           Steele, Laura   1959-   Steele, J. O.

C-09-08           ZZ-None                      Steele, J. O.

C-09-09           ZZ-None                      Steele, J. O.

C-09-10           ZZ-None                      Steele, J. O.

C-10-01           ZZ-None                      Faris, Michael

C-10-02           ZZ-None                      Faris, Michael

C-10-03           ZZ-None                      Faris, Michael

C-10-04           Faris, Mrs. Katie Mae 1966-01-15     Faris, Michael

C-10-05           Grooms, Edd   1962-07-01     Grooms, James E.

C-10-06           Grooms, James E.       1933-   Grooms, James E.

C-10-07           Grooms, Margaret L.   1935-   Grooms, James E.

C-10-08           Grooms, Robert           1918-   Grooms, James E.

C-10-09           Thatcher, Rebecca       1909-10-20     Grooms, James E.

C-10-10           Grooms, Sarah A.        1892-02-26     Grooms, James E.

C-11-01           ZZ-None                      Page, Ernest D.

C-11-02           Page, Ralph E. 1974-07-03     Page, Ernest D.

C-11-03           Page, Ernest D.            1943-01-06     Page, Ernest D.

C-11-04           Page, Willie    1956-04-15     Page, Ernest D.

C-11-05           Markay, Mary Page     1970-07-08     Page, Ernest D.

C-11-06           Unknown         Unknown         Page, Ernest D.

C-11-07           Page, Mattie V.            1909-08-17     Page, Ernest D.

C-11-08           Page, Baby      Unknown         Page, Ernest D.

C-11-09           Williams, Melissa       1892-11-26     Page, Ernest D.

C-11-10           Ebin     1891-08-06     Page, Ernest D.

C-12-01           Page, George W.         1940-   Page, George W.

C-12-02           Page, Alice      1940-   Page, George W.

C-12-03           Cook, Ollie M.            1969-02-03     Page, George W.

C-12-04           Lawrence, Georgia      1981-01-28     Page, George W.

C-12-05           ZZ-None                      Page, George W.

C-12-06           Sigler, Gulinsly           1979-07-02     Page, George W.

C-12-07           Page, Ernest    1905-02-24     Page, George W.

C-12-08           Page, Hazelet (Baby)  1958-05-21     Page, George W.

C-12-09           Page, George C.          1905-06-04     Page, George W.

C-12-10           Page, Baby & Baby Ernest      Unknown/Unknown     Page, George W.

C-13-01           ZZ-None                      Page, J. W.

C-13-02           Pyles, John      1950-07-17     Page, J. W.

C-13-03           Page, John W.  Unknown         Page, J. W.

C-13-04           ZZ-None                      Page, J. W.

C-13-05           Page, Callie     Unknown         Page, J. W.

C-13-06           Page, Infant Son of S. P.  & A. J.         1882-07-09     Page, J. W.

C-13-07           Page, Infant Son of C.M. & N.I. & Jesse James Page  1884-06-17/1882-06-17            Page, Charles

C-13-08           Page, Amanda J.          1887-07-24     Page, Charles

C-13-09           Page, Charles M.         1939-12-09     Page, Charles

C-13-10           Page, Isabelle  1927-11-21     Page, Charles

C-14-01           ZZ-None                      Page, William

C-14-02           Browning, Harold       1920-08-03     Page, William

C-14-03           Browning, Minnie       1944-   Page, William

C-14-04           Browning, Henry         1954-05-30     Page, William

C-14-05           Page, Robert Jr.           1957-12-16     Page, William

C-14-06           Page, Hallie    1980-06-19     Page, William

C-14-07           Page, Robert Larry      1942-02-19     Page, William

C-14-08           Page, Nina May           1939-11-02     Page, William

C-14-09           Page, Nannie   1938-   Page, William

C-14-10           Page, William 1894-   Page, William

C-15-01           Page, William P. (Short)         1931-   Page, William

C-15-02           ZZ-None                      Page, William

C-15-03           Page, Edmond L.         1969-08-04     Page, William

C-15-04           Page, Christine & Corine        1913-02-02     Page, William

C-15-05           Page, Jesse      1891-11-04     Page, William

C-15-06           ZZ-None                      Page, William

C-15-07           Page, Emily G.            1917-09-11     Page, William

C-15-08           Brown, Luther 1935-   Page, William

C-15-09           Brown, Emma I.          1930-   Page, William

C-15-10           ZZ-None                      Page, William

C-16-01           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-02           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-03           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-04           Unknown         Unknown         Brumley, H. H.

C-16-05           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-06           Brumley, Samuel F.     1921-10-31     Brumley, H. H.

C-16-07           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-08           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-09           ZZ-None                      Brumley, H. H.

C-16-10           Benson, Henry Forrest 1920-09-23     Brumley, H. H.

C-17-01           Gordon, Morgan          1901-07-14     Gordon, Morgan

C-17-02           Gordon, Amanda         1941-   Gordon, Morgan

C-17-03           Gordon, Robert R.       1905-12-01     Gordon, Morgan

C-17-04           Gordon, Ethel  1907-05-23     Gordon, Morgan

C-17-05           ZZ-None                      Gordon, Morgan

C-17-06           Moore, Andy   1944-   Gordon, Morgan

C-17-07           Moore, Dicy Ann        1968-08-08     Gordon, Morgan

C-17-08           Moore, Henry  1919-04-28     Gordon, Morgan

C-17-09           Moore, Allaman          1915-06-20     Gordon, Morgan

C-17-10           Moore, Loren  1897-07-24     Gordon, Morgan

C-18-01           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-02           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-03           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-04           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-05           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-06           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-07           ZZ-None                      Moore, Jesse

C-18-08           Moore, Jesse (Baby)   1932-   Moore, Jesse

C-18-09           Allison, D. J.   1919-11-16     Moore, Jesse

C-18-10           Allison, Carl   1883-08-30     Moore, Jesse

C-19-01           Gordon, Presley P.      1958-02-01     Gordon, P. P.

C-19-02           Gordon, Edith M.        1941-   Gordon, P. P.

C-19-03           Gordon, Floyd P.         1941-   Gordon, P. P.

C-19-04           ZZ-None                      Gordon, P. P.

C-19-05           ZZ-None                      Gordon, P. P.

C-19-06           ZZ-None                      Gordon, P. P.

C-19-07           ZZ-None                      Gordon, P. P.

C-19-08           ZZ-None                      Gordon, P. P.

C-19-09           Lone, Fred K.  1941-   Gordon, P. P.

C-19-10           Brown, Elizabeth        1904-03-04     Gordon, P. P.

C-20-01           ZZ-None                      Horn, James E.

C-20-02           Horn, Elizabeth F.       1906-   Horn, James E.

C-20-03           ZZ-None                      Horn, James E.

C-20-04           ZZ-None                      Horn, James E.

C-20-05           ZZ-None                      Horn, James E.

C-20-06           ZZ-None                      Horn, James E.

C-20-07           Horn, Amos B.            1937-   Horn, James E.

C-20-08           Horn, Annie E.            Unknown         Horn, James E.

C-20-09           Horn, Amos     Unknown         Horn, James E.

C-20-10           Horn, Mattie Hays       1910-09-15     Horn, James E.

C-21-01           Faris, John C.  Unknown         Faris, John C.

C-21-02           Faris, Mary Ann          Unknown         Faris, John C.

C-21-03           ZZ-None                      Faris, John C.

C-21-04           Faris, James Robert    1904-12-25     Faris, John C.

C-21-05           Faris, Mollie   1963-01-10     Faris, John C.

C-21-06           Faris, John W. 1935-   Faris, John C.

C-21-07           Faris, Rosa M. 1945-09-22     Faris, John C.

C-21-08           ZZ-None                      Faris, John C.

C-21-09           ZZ-None                      Faris, John C.

C-21-10           Faris, Infant Son of W. S.        Unknown         Faris, John C.

C-22-01           Brown, Perry   1939-   Brown, Perry

C-22-02           Brown, Mattie 1956-05-18     Brown, Perry

C-22-03           ZZ-None                      Brown, Perry

C-22-04           Blue, Vivion F.            1971-09-26     Brown, Perry

C-22-05           ZZ-None                      Brown, Perry

C-22-06           ZZ-None                      Brown, Perry

C-22-07           ZZ-None                      Brown, Perry

C-22-08           Hargrove, J. W.           1945-08-05     Brown, Perry

C-22-09           Hargrove, Eva M.       1945-02-12     Brown, Perry

C-22-10           Hargrove, Baby of J. W. & E.M.  /  Falace     Unknown/Unknown     Brown, Perry

C-23-01           Snyder, George           1895-04-27     Snyder, George

C-23-02           Snyder, Sophia            1905-09-11     Snyder, George

C-23-03           Snyder, Henry 1924-11-18     Snyder, George

C-23-04           Gordon, Mary M.        1926-12-13     Snyder, George

C-23-05           Gordon, William L.     1883-06-09     Snyder, George

C-23-06           ZZ-None                      Berry, Mrs. Eddie

C-23-07           ZZ-None                      Berry, Mrs. Eddie

C-23-08           Duncan, Elmer 1966-11-30     Berry, Mrs. Eddie

C-23-09           Duncan, Ruth   1969-10-26     Berry, Mrs. Eddie

C-23-10           ZZ-None                      Berry, Mrs. Eddie

C-24-01           Allison, James H.        1914-05-21     Allison, J. H.

C-24-02           Allison, Mantha E.      1923-05-14     Allison, J. H.

C-24-03           Fenton, Cleveland       1972-06-20     Allison, J. H.

C-24-04           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-24-05           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-24-06           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-24-07           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-24-08           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-24-09           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-24-10           ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

C-25-01           ZZ-None                      Steele, George

C-25-02           ZZ-None                      Steele, George

C-25-03           ZZ-None                      Steele, George

C-25-04           Kuhnert, Leslie            1978-07-16     McClurg, Gary & Lawania

C-25-05           Kuhnert, Georgia         1982-01-03     McClurg, Gary & Lawania

C-25-06           Allison, Elah   1932-12-16     Allison, George W.

C-25-07           Allison, George W.     1950-01-26     Allison, George W.

C-25-08           Allison, E. Alice         1950-03-19     Allison, George W.

C-25-09           Allison, William         1891-04-01     Allison, George W.

C-25-10           Allison, Mary A.         1902-12-25     Allison, George W.

C-26-01           Elliott, Everett 1897-02-23     Elliott, Dawson

C-26-02           Elliott, Earl     Unknown         Elliott, Dawson

C-26-03           ZZ-None                      Elliott, Dawson

C-26-04           ZZ-None                      Elliott, Dawson

C-26-05           ZZ-None                      Elliott, Dawson

C-26-06           Elliott, Lulu     Unknown         Elliott, Dawson

C-26-07           Elliott, Dawson           1917-01-14     Elliott, Dawson

C-26-08           Elliott, Mary Elizabeth            1894-02-04     Elliott, Dawson

C-26-09           Elliott, Rosa May        1880-04-13     Elliott, Dawson

C-26-10           ZZ-None                      Elliott, Dawson

C-27-01           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-02           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-03           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-04           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-05           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-06           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-07           Hiner, Jesse A.            1957-08-11     Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-08           Hiner, Emma   1973-02-21     Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-09           Sutton, Greenup           1930-03-30     Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-27-10           ZZ-None                      Hiner, Mrs. Emma

C-28-01           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Dudley

C-28-02           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Dudley

C-28-03           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Dudley

C-28-04           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Dudley

C-28-05           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Dudley

C-28-06           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Dudley

C-28-07           Sutton, Tanya   1972-08-27     Sutton, Dudley

C-28-08           Sutton, Dudley 1951-12-08     Sutton, Dudley

C-28-09           Sutton, Mary Ann        Unknown         Sutton, Dudley

C-28-10           Sutton, Lee      1919-05           Sutton, Dudley

C-29-01           Davis, Julia A.            1893-01-27     Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-02           Davis, Baby of M. D.  Unknown         Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-03           Davis, George F.         1937-   Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-04           Davis, Beauma F.        1935-   Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-05           ZZ-None                      Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-06           Davis, Rev. I. D.         1913-08-09     Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-07           Davis, Mary E.            1924-02-18     Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-08           Davis, Charles V.        1913-12-12     Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-09           Davis, Anna M.           1927-08-01     Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-29-10           Davis, William D.       Unknown         Davis, Rev. I. D. & Son

C-30-01           Sutton, Robert 1893-05-16     Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-02           Sutton, Amelia 1899-06-11     Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-03           Black, Magie   1910-02-23     Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-04           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-05           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-06           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-07           ZZ-None                      Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-08           Black, Baby of Squire Unknown         Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-09           Black, Hazel    1913-08-13     Sutton, Lemma C.

C-30-10           Sutton, Lemma c.         1906-06-05     Sutton, Lemma C.

C-31-01           Riddle, Mary S.           1925-12-15     Riddle, Robert

C-31-02           Riddle, Eliza M.          1894-09-03     Riddle, Robert

C-31-03           Riddle, Robert 1899-03-21     Riddle, Robert

C-31-04           Riddle, Augusta A.      1894-10-08     Riddle, Robert

C-31-05           ZZ-None                      Riddle, Robert

C-31-06           Roberts, John W.         1978-08-12     Roberts, John W. & Mary A.

C-31-07           Roberts, Mary Alice   1980-08-14     Roberts, John W. & Mary A.

C-31-08           Despain, Infant            1964-01-09     Despain, Bobbie

C-31-09           ZZ-None                      Despain, Bobbie

C-31-10           ZZ-None                      Despain, Bobbie

D-01-01          Frakes, Lucy    1963-05-05     Frakes, George

D-01-02          Frakes, John    1964-05-05     Frakes, John

D-01-03          Sands, Mildred Frakes            1972-06-12     Frakes, John

D-01-04          ZZ-None                      Cline, Joseph Allen

D-01-05          Cline, Della D.            1973-02-17     Cline, Joseph Allen

D-01-06          Cline, Joseph A.          1965-06-09     Cline, Joseph Allen

D-01-07          Cline, Fern M. Unknown         Cline, Joseph Allen

D-01-08          Cline, Joe        Unknown         Cline, Mrs. Joe

D-01-09          Bellis, Harve   Unknown         Turnbull, James

D-01-10          Bellis, Dora    Unknown         Turnbull, James

D-02-01          Stanton, David S.        1911-01-19     Stanton, David

D-02-02          Stanton, Thomas          1957-01-20     Stanton, David

D-02-03          Stanton, Margaret        1951-01-16     Stanton, David

D-02-04          Thomas, William A.    1970-10-26     Thomas, William A.

D-02-05          Thomas, Lola  1975-10-20     Thomas, William A.

D-02-06          Winkler, Baby Unknown         Winkler, Charles

D-02-07          Winkler, Charles         1944-09-19     Winkler, Charles

D-02-08          Winkler, Nellie           1956-06-04     Winkler, Charles

D-02-09          ZZ-None                      Jones, Charle

D-02-10          ZZ-None                      Jones, Charle

D-03-01          Ebling, William N.      1911-12-30     Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-02          Ebling, Joseph 1944-   Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-03          Ebling, Alice   1950-08-29     Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-04          ZZ-None                      Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-05          ZZ-None                      Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-06          ZZ-None                      Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-07          ZZ-None                      Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-08          ZZ-None                      Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-09          White, Infant    Unknown         Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-03-10          White, Harold Lee       Unknown         Ebling, Mrs. Joseph

D-04-01          ZZ-None                      Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-02          ZZ-None                      Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-03          ZZ-None                      Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-04          Peck, Joe         1952-12-04     Peck, Mrs. Elsie

D-04-05          ZZ-None                      Peck, Mrs. Elsie

D-04-06          ZZ-None                      Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-07          ZZ-None                      Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-08          Peck, Millard F.          1953-08-07     Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-09          Peck, Satchie   1954-03-12     Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-04-10          Peck, Mary E.  1924-   Peck, Millard F. Jr.

D-05-01          ZZ-None                      Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-02          Peck, Joseph A.           1922-   Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-03          Peck, Lester O.            1911-02-14     Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-04          Peck, J. L.        Unknown         Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-05          Peck, I. L.        1904-08-20     Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-06          Peck, S. C. (Mother)   1920-11-12     Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-07          Peck, Nellie    1942-   Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-08          Peck, Jane S.   1943-   Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-09          ZZ-None                      Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-05-10          ZZ-None                      Peck, Mrs. J.L. & Frakes, Mrs. Mace

D-06-01          Brown, Alexander       1908-06-19     Brown, Rachel

D-06-02          Brown, Rachel            1926-05-27     Brown, Rachel

D-06-03          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Matt

D-06-04          Hargrove, Matt            1962-01-21     Hargrove, Matt

D-06-05          Hargrove, Nora           1966-03-03     Hargrove, Matt

D-06-06          Hargrove, Howard      1979-06-20     Hargrove, Howard

D-06-07          Hargrove, Mary Catherine      1970-12-03     Hargrove, Howard

D-06-08          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Howard

D-06-09          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Howard

D-06-10          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Howard

D-07-01          May, Levi B.   1912-05-23     May, L. B.

D-07-02          May, Amanda  1903-07-05     May, L. B.

D-07-03          May, Fred        1958-05-31     May, L. B.

D-07-04          May, Mary E. (Lida)   1961-10-11     May, L. B.

D-07-05          May, Zada Sue 1963-05-24     May, L. B.

D-07-06          May, Eva Irene            1967-06-08     May, L. B.

D-07-07          May, Elmer     1968-04-03     May, L. B.

D-07-08          ZZ-None                      May, L. B.

D-07-09          ZZ-None                      May, L. B.

D-07-10          ZZ-None                      May, L. B.

D-08-01          Steele, Sam     1958-03-22     Steele, O. C.

D-08-02          Steele, Rachel 1982-10-17     Steele, O. C.

D-08-03          Steele, Alfred (Jack)   1982-09-11     Steele, O. C.

D-08-04          ZZ-None                      Steele, O. C.

D-08-05          ZZ-None                      Steele, O. C.

D-08-06          Steele, Tom     1957-04-04     Steele, O. C.

D-08-07          ZZ-None                      Steele, O. C.

D-08-08          ZZ-No Space               Steele, O. C.

D-08-09          Steele, Oliver C.         1929-02-16     Steele, O. C.

D-08-10          Steele, Mary Fenton    1905-10-28     Steele, O. C.

D-09-01          Anderson, G. S.           1923-   Anderson, George

D-09-02          Anderson, Mollie        1932-   Anderson, George

D-09-03          Anderson, Lola E. & George S.          1911/1918       Anderson, George

D-09-04          Anderson, Nannie G.   1883-02-06     Anderson, George

D-09-05          Anderson, Mary F.      1899-03-10     Anderson, George

D-09-06          ZZ-None                      Osborn, Mrs. Elizabeth

D-09-07          Osborn, Elizabeth        1928-   Osborn, Mrs. Elizabeth

D-09-08          ZZ-None                      Osborn, Mrs. Elizabeth

D-09-09          Andrews, Francis Marion       1908-07-31     Andrews, Marion

D-09-10          Andrews, Cindrilla     1926-   Andrews, Marion

D-10-01          Anderson, Sarah E.     1899-05-07     Langley, George

D-10-02          Anderson, E. P.           1893-03-21     Langley, George

D-10-03          ZZ-None                      Baslee, Mrs. William E.

D-10-04          Baslee, William Earl  1966-01-25     Baslee, Mrs. William E.

D-10-05          ZZ-None                      Baslee, Mrs. William E.

D-10-06          ZZ-None                      Scott, William

D-10-07          Unknown         Unknown         Scott, William

D-10-08          Unknown         Unknown         Scott, William

D-10-09          Unknown         Unknown         Toney, Mrs.

D-10-10          Unknown         Unknown         Toney, Mrs.

D-11-01          ZZ-None                      Floyd, William

D-11-02          ZZ-None                      Floyd, William

D-11-03          ZZ-None                      Floyd, William

D-11-04          ZZ-None                      Floyd, William

D-11-05          Limle, William N.       1980-06-03     Floyd, William

D-11-06          ZZ-None                      Floyd, William

D-11-07          Brown, Hattie  1981-08-15     Floyd, William

D-11-08          Floyd, William            1941-07-18     Floyd, William

D-11-09          ZZ-None                      Floyd, William

D-11-10          Floyd, Amanda            1904-12-22     Floyd, William

D-12-01          Roland, Genevieve      1910-06-14     Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-02          Roland, G. W. Unknown         Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-03          Andrews, Anna Margaret        1917-04-09     Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-04          Andrews, Martin E.     1920-   Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-05          Andrews, Susie A.      1932-   Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-06          Meeks, Susie Little      1972-12-19     Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-07          Meeks, Leslie  1981-02-14     Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-08          Lockhart, Mrs. Maude (Bailey)           1950-12-18     Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-09          Lockhart, Harry N.      1946-05-24     Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-12-10          Sullivan, William        1926-   Baily, Hobart & Laura

D-13-01          Griffith, W. R. 1917-04-19     Griffith, W. R.

D-13-02          Griffith, Elizabeth H.   1907-03-10     Griffith, W. R.

D-13-03          Griffith, Ryine 1942-10-30     Griffith, W. R.

D-13-04          Griffith, Stanley Lee (Infant)   1962-09-03     Griffith, W. R.

D-13-05          ZZ-None                      Griffith, W. R.

D-13-06          ZZ-None                      Dawson, James E.

D-13-07          Dawson, George Herman        1958-02-13     Dawson, James E.

D-13-08          Dawson, Emma Wells 1930-   Dawson, James E.

D-13-09          Dawson Winifred        1926-   Dawson, James E.

D-13-10          Dawson, James E.       1920-   Dawson, James E.

D-14-01          Elliot, Baby     1903-09-08     Elliot, Edd

D-14-02          Elliot, Edd       1922-11-19     Elliot, Edd

D-14-03          Elliot, Ada      Unknown         Elliot, Edd

D-14-04          ZZ-None                      Elliot, Edd

D-14-05          ZZ-None                      Elliot, Edd

D-14-06          Baker, Martia A. & Orie         1918-09-18/1954-11-22         Baker, Willie S.

D-14-07          Baker, Abner   1906-01-30     Baker, Willie S.

D-14-08          Baker, William S. (Infant)       1904-08-09     Baker, Willie S.

D-14-09          Baker, Stella (Baby)   1904-05-06     Baker, Willie S.

D-14-10          Baker, Willie A.          1955-04-13     Baker, Willie S.

D-15-01          Ames, Sylvester C.      1909-03-02     Shearer, N. A.

D-15-02          Ames, Daniel  1882-01-03     Shearer, N. A.

D-15-03          ZZ-None                      Shearer, N. A.

D-15-04          Stanton, Mrs. Jewel E.            1961-04-18     Shearer, N. A.

D-15-05          Stanton, Bobby            1940-   Shearer, N. A.

D-15-06          Shearer, N. A. 1942-09-11     Shearer, N. A.

D-15-07          Shearer, Mrs. N. A.     1943-11-21     Shearer, N. A.

D-15-08          ZZ-None                      Shearer, N. A.

D-15-09          Stanton, Virgil E.         1966-01-14     Shearer, N. A.

D-15-10          ZZ-None                      Shearer, N. A.

D-16-01          Sego, J. Milton            1906-03-24     Sego, J. Milton

D-16-02          Sego, Ella M.  1917-   Sego, J. Milton

D-16-03          Lillian, Edna   1903-02-08     Sego, J. Milton

D-16-04          Sego, Orsie     1940-   Sego, J. Milton

D-16-05          Allison, Guy    1966-10-30     Sego, J. Milton

D-16-06          ZZ-None                      Sego, J. Milton

D-16-07          ZZ-None                      Sego, J. Milton

D-16-08          Brumfield, Sam           1963-01-20     Sego, J. Milton

D-16-09          Brumfield, Carrie        1957-08-13     Sego, J. Milton

D-16-10          Sharp, Mary    1904-   Sego, J. Milton

D-17-01          Moore, Robert Unknown         Morgan, McClure

D-17-02          Moore, Elizabeth         Unknown         Morgan, McClure

D-17-03          Moore, Joseph Unknown         Morgan, McClure

D-17-04          Moore, Mary C.          Unknown         Morgan, McClure

D-17-05          ZZ-None                      Morgan, McClure

D-17-06          Sipes, Louis (Baby)    1935-   Morgan, McClure

D-17-07          Morgan, McClure        1919-   Morgan, McClure

D-17-08          Morgan, Mrs. Jake      1940-   Morgan, McClure

D-17-09          Morgan, George          1918-   Morgan, McClure

D-17-10          Morgan, Baby  Unknown         Morgan, McClure

D-18-01          Colman, Infant Daughter of J. P. & Lucy         Unknown         Colman, James P.

D-18-02          Colman, Lucy Belle     1937-   Colman, James P.

D-18-03          Colman, James P.        1943-   Colman, James P.

D-18-04          Colman, Miss Edith Lucille    1965-12-22     Colman, James P.

D-18-05          ZZ-None                      Colman, James P.

D-18-06          ZZ-None                      Lowden

D-18-07          ZZ-None                      Lowden

D-18-08          ZZ-None                      Stanton, Elizabeth

D-18-09          ZZ-None                      Stanton, Elizabeth

D-18-10          Stanton, John W.          Unknown         Stanton, Elizabeth

D-19-01          Fenton, Alfred 1898-09-16     Fenton, Alfred

D-19-02          ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

D-19-03          Fenton, Alice C. (Long)          1919-07-20     Fenton, Alfred

D-19-04          ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

D-19-05          Patterson, Mary B. Gilman      1931-   Fenton, Alfred

D-19-06          ZZ-None                      Fenton, Alfred

D-19-07          Gilman, George           1930-   Fenton, Alfred

D-19-08          Gilman, Henry 1921-10-25     Fenton, Alfred

D-19-09          Gilman, Alfred            1906-11-14     Fenton, Alfred

D-19-10          Gilman, Lucy   1905-04-23     Fenton, Alfred

D-20-01          Wheeler, Fred C.         1940-   Wheeler, Burl

D-20-02          Wheeler, Marie E.       1947-   Wheeler, Burl

D-20-03          Wheeler, Danny M.     1946-   Wheeler, Burl

D-20-04          Wheeler, Edna Bernice           1969-12-17     Wheeler, Burl

D-20-05          ZZ-None                      Wheeler, Burl

D-20-06          ZZ-None                      Patton, Jack

D-20-07          ZZ-None                      Patton, Jack

D-20-08          ZZ-None                      Patton, Jack

D-20-09          Patton, John (Jack)      1908-   Patton, Jack

D-20-10          Patton, Almeda Jane    1895-   Patton, Jack

D-21-01          Moberly, John R.         1896-04-27     Moberly, John R.

D-21-02          Mobery, Lucy Anna     1894-07-18     Moberly, John R.

D-21-03          Pate, Mary       Unknown         Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-04          Pate, Vasco (Bud)       1940-   Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-05          Pate, Mrs. Vasco         Unknown         Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-06          ZZ-None                      Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-07          ZZ-None                      Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-08          Short, Dee       Unknown         Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-09          Downey, Eva   Unknown         Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-21-10          Salinski, Grace            1939-   Pate, Mrs. Bud

D-22-01          Keene, Marguerite Taylor       Unknown         Keene, Ethel

D-22-02          Keene, Clyde   1957-02-02     Keene, Ethel

D-22-03          ZZ-None                      Walker,  J. A.

D-22-04          Walker, Joseph A.       1902-   Walker,  J. A.

D-22-05          Walker, Julia A.          1894-   Walker,  J. A.

D-22-06          ZZ-None                      Walker,  J. A.

D-22-07          ZZ-None                      Short, L. M.

D-22-08          Short, Lenord M.         1973-06-16     Short, L. M.

D-22-09          ZZ-None                      Short, L. M.

D-22-10          Short, James Milton    1948-   Short, L. M.

D-23-01          Cooper, Arra Matha    1893-10-23     Copper, Archie

D-23-02          Cooper, Charles          1904-03-01     Copper, Archie

D-23-03          Worth, Nettie   1961-07-10     Copper, Archie

D-23-04          Worth, William           1938-   Copper, Archie

D-23-05          Cooper, Dewey           1955-06-06     Copper, Archie

D-23-06          Cooper, Arch E.          1966-11-17     Copper, Archie

D-23-07          Cooper, Mary  1940-   Copper, Archie

D-23-08          Cooper, Archie           1918-   Copper, Archie

D-23-09          ZZ-None                      Copper, Archie

D-23-10          Cooper, Infant Son of Archie & Mollie           1890-01-23     Copper, Archie

D-24-01          ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

D-24-02          Allison, Loyd W.         1913-06-13     Allison, J. H.

D-24-03          Allison, Maude L.       1913-06-13     Allison, J. H.

D-24-04          Conard, Beauma A.     1911-   Allison, J. H.

D-24-05          ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

D-24-06          Founts, Ella Cripes     1956-12-27     Allison, J. H.

D-24-07          Founts, Jay Cripes       1940-   Allison, J. H.

D-24-08          Cripes, Laday-Olie-Bernard   Unknown         Allison, J. H.

D-24-09          Cripes, (2) Babies       Unknown         Allison, J. H.

D-24-10          ZZ-None                      Allison, J. H.

D-25-01          ZZ-None                      McClurg, Gary & Lawania

D-25-02          ZZ-None                      McClurg, Gary & Lawania

D-25-03          ZZ-None                      Steele, George

D-25-04          ZZ-None                      Steele, George

D-25-05          ZZ-None                      Steele, George

D-25-06          ZZ-None                      Steele, George

D-25-07          ZZ-None                      Steele, George

D-25-08          Steele, George 1969-10-28     Steele, George

D-25-09          Steele, Frannie            1978-11-03     Steele, George

D-25-10          Steele, A. T.    1935-01-01     Steele, George

D-26-01          Cash, Minnie   1891-12-28     Cash, J. I.

D-26-02          Cash, Thomas  1897-01-25     Cash, J. I.

D-26-03          Cash, J. I.        1915-   Cash, J. I.

D-26-04          ZZ-None                      Cash, J. I.

D-26-05          Cash, Claude   1914-03-10     Cash, J. I.

D-26-06          Cash, Andrew J.          1959-12-28     Cash, J. I.

D-26-07          Cash, Eliza C. 1946-10-07     Cash, J. I.

D-26-08          Cash, Thomas C.         1956-04-27     Cash, J. I.

D-26-09          Cash, Frances  1962-01-18     Cash, J. I.

D-26-10          Cash, Maude   1968-02-24     Cash, J. I.

D-27-01          Sutton, Phebe   1913-10-19     Matthews, Lottie E.

D-27-02          Sutton, Fannie  1963-06-09     Matthews, Lottie E.

D-27-03          ZZ-None                      Matthews, Lottie E.

D-27-04          ZZ-None                      Matthews, Lottie E.

D-27-05          Matthews, Velman W. 1971-12-06     Matthews, Lottie E.

D-27-06          ZZ-None                      Brown, Gladys N.

D-27-07          Brown, Charles           1982-01-23     Brown, Gladys N.

D-27-08          ZZ-None                      Brown, Gladys N.

D-27-09          ZZ-None                      Brown, Gladys N.

D-27-10          Moore, Grace L.          1920-02-06     Brown, Gladys N.

D-28-01          Hudspeth, Joel D.        1893-   Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-02          Hudspeth, Mary M.     1910-   Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-03          ZZ-None                      Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-04          ZZ-None                      Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-05          Hurt, Andrew J.           1896-03-24     Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-06          Gabert, John E.            1924-   Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-07          Gabert, Hester Ann     1923-   Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-08          ZZ-None                      Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-09          Fisher, Infatn Daughter of S.H. & Mary          Unknown         Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-28-10          Fisher, Bonnie Son of S.H. & Mary    1905-02-28     Hudspeth, Mary M.

D-29-01          Seever, William P.      1907-08-04     Seever, Henery

D-29-02          Seever, Sarah A.         Unknown         Seever, Henery

D-29-03          Unknown         Unknown         Seever, Henery

D-29-04          Unknown         Unknown         Seever, Henery

D-29-05          Seever, Addie 1927-   Seever, Henery

D-29-06          Seever, Leetha 1932-   Seever, Henery

D-29-07          Seever, Henry 1942-   Seever, Henery

D-29-08          Stanton, LLoyd            1948-05-17     Stanton, Lloyd

D-29-09          Stanton, Mary F.          1941-04-16     Stanton, Lloyd

D-29-10          Stanton, Tommy           Unknown         Stanton, Lloyd

D-30-01          ZZ-None                      Wells, R. B.

D-30-02          Wells, Ralph   1964-12-22     Wells, R. B.

D-30-03          Wells, Arthur  1958-11-20     Wells, R. B.

D-30-04          Wells, Forrest Raymon           Unknown         Wells, R. B.

D-30-05          Wells, Forrest Haney  1936-03-05     Wells, R. B.

D-30-06          Hayney, Hylda Wells  1918-   Wells, R. B.

D-30-07          Wells, Nina     Unknown         Wells, R. B.

D-30-08          Wells, Lovell  1893-01-19     Wells, R. B.

D-30-09          Wells, R. B.    1900-05-24     Wells, R. B.

D-30-10          Wells, Vanie   1950-03           Wells, R. B.

D-31-01          ZZ-None                      Harvey, Georgia

D-31-02          ZZ-None                      Harvey, Georgia

D-31-03          ZZ-None                      Harvey, Georgia

D-31-04          Harvey, Joseph            1921-12-12     Harvey, Joseph M.

D-31-05          Harvey, Mary Alice    1919-10-26     Harvey, Joseph M.

D-31-06          Harvey, Ira      Unknown         Harvey, Joseph M.

D-31-07          Keling, Lulu    Unknown         Harvey, Joseph M.

D-31-08          Keling, John    Uhknown         Harvey, Joseph M.

D-31-09          Keling, James V.         Unknown         Harvey, Joseph M.

D-31-10          ZZ-None                      Harvey, Joseph M.

E-01-01           Dunn, Anna May          1955-03-28     Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-02           ZZ-None                      Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-03           Dunn, J. L.       1972-07-28     Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-04           Dunn, Mary Hortense  1966-08-24     Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-05           ZZ-None                      Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-06           ZZ-None                      Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-07           ZZ-None                      Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-08           ZZ-None                      Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-09           Jones, Kirk      1967-06-21     Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-01-10           ZZ-None                      Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. J. L.

E-02-01           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Ray

E-02-02           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Ray

E-02-03           Wilson, George           1982-01-15     Wilson, Ray

E-02-04           Wilson, Agnes L.         1978-03-27     Wilson, Ray

E-02-05           Wilson, Homer            1971-01-10     Wilson, Ray

E-02-06           Wilson, Isaac  1953-07-03     Wilson, Ray

E-02-07           Wilson, Tressie           1952-04-21     Wilson, Ray

E-02-08           Wilson, Oscar R.         1948-   Wilson, Ray

E-02-09           Wilson, Alvin  Unknown         Wilson, Ray

E-02-10           Wilson, Mary  Unknown         Wilson, Ray

E-03-01           Ebling, John R.            1932-   Ebling, Eva

E-03-02           Ebling, Eva     1962-08-23     Ebling, Eva

E-03-03           ZZ-None                      Ebling, Eva

E-03-04           Boggs, James   1943-   Ebling, Eva

E-03-05           Sanderson, Elsie         1976-03-02     Ebling, Eva

E-03-06           Powell, Charles          Unknown         Powell, A. E.

E-03-07           Powell, Rebecca         1934-   Powell, A. E.

E-03-08           Fields, Opal    1967-11-17     Powell, A. E.

E-03-09           Wilson, William O.     1959-03-18     Wilson, Willie

E-03-10           Wilson, Hattie M.        Unknown         Wilson, Willie

E-04-01           Mason, Earl A.            1974-04-29     Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-02           Mason, Cuma  1977-06-05     Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-03           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-04           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-05           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-06           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-07           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-08           Crossfield, Bertha Mae           1968-07-25     Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-09           Crossfield, W. Earnest            1962-06-15     Crossfield, W. E.

E-04-10           Crossfield, W. M.       1927-03-03     Crossfield, W. E.

E-05-01           Church, Reba M.         1922-   Church, William

E-05-02           ZZ-None                      Lovelace, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene

E-05-03           ZZ-None                      Lovelace, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene

E-05-04           ZZ-None                      Church, Eugene

E-05-05           Church, William          1960-12-22     Church, William

E-05-06           Church, Lula    1963-11-17     Church, William

E-05-07           Church, Howard          1965-10-14     Church, Howard & Helen

E-05-08           ZZ-None                      Church, Howard & Helen

E-05-09           ZZ-None                      Church, Howard & Helen

E-05-10           ZZ-None                      Church, Howard & Helen

E-06-01           Johnson, James S.        1913-01-08     Johnson, Calra E.

E-06-02           Johnson, Clara E.        1969-03-15     Johnson, Calra E.

E-06-03           Johnson, Silas Averd  1924-   Johnson, Calra E.

E-06-04           Johnson, William M.   1981-06-02     Johnson, Calra E.

E-06-05           Johnson, Esther C.       1971-08-03     Johnson, Calra E.

E-06-06           Tomlinson, Ora R.       1915-11-04     Tomlinson, Mattie

E-06-07           Tomlinson, Mattie       1970-04-12     Tomlinson, Mattie

E-06-08           Tomlinson, Louise Jacqueline 1941-   Tomlinson, Mattie

E-06-09           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mattie

E-06-10           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mattie

E-07-01           Turner, Martha Chapin            1957-05-21     Chapin, H. F.

E-07-02           Chapin, Elizabeth        1917-   Chapin, H. F.

E-07-03           Chapin, Fred   1944-   Chapin, H. F.

E-07-04           ZZ-None                      Chapin, H. F.

E-07-05           ZZ-None                      Chapin, H. F.

E-07-06           ZZ-None                      Johnson, William

E-07-07           ZZ-None                      Johnson, William

E-07-08           Johnson, George          1982-10-02     Johnson, William

E-07-09           Johnson, William        Unknown         Johnson, William

E-07-10           Johnson, Laura Belle   1918-06-09     Johnson, William

E-08-01           Estes, Mrs. John          Unknown         Estes, John

E-08-02           Gore, Mrs. Presley      Unknown         Estes, John

E-08-03           ZZ-None                      Estes, John

E-08-04           Gore, Oliver    1937-   Gore, Kittie

E-08-05           Gore, Kittie     1948-   Gore, Kittie

E-08-06           Daniel, Anna B.           1928-   Daniel, Otis

E-08-07           Daniel, Otis     1976-06-06     Daniel, Otis

E-08-08           Daniel, Marjorie         Unknown         Daniel, Otis

E-08-09           Gordon, Daisy 1940-   Daniel, Otis

E-08-10           Gordon, Edd    1942-   Daniel, Otis

E-09-01           Myers, Robert H.        1921-05-02     Myers, Mrs. Robert H.

E-09-02           Myers, Anna L.            1933-10-02     Myers, Mrs. Robert H.

E-09-03           Myers, Harry   1975-11-02     Myers, Mrs. Robert H.

E-09-04           ZZ-None                      Myers, Mrs. Robert H.

E-09-05           ZZ-None                      Myers, Mrs. Robert H.

E-09-06           ZZ-None                      Myers, Harry

E-09-07           Bean, Charles  1940-05-17     Myers, Harry

E-09-08           Bean, Gertrude            1974-04-06     Myers, Harry

E-09-09           ZZ-None                      Myers, Harry

E-09-10           ZZ-None                      Myers, Harry

E-10-01           Deweese, R. L.            1923-02-12     Deweese, Amos

E-10-02           ZZ-None                      Deweese, Amos

E-10-03           ZZ-None                      Deweese, Amos

E-10-04           ZZ-None                      Deweese, Amos

E-10-05           Deweese, A. L.           1974-07-05     Deweese, Amos

E-10-06           Deweese, Rose E.       1961-04-17     Deweese, Amos

E-10-07           Westfall, Etta May      1979-07-06     Deweese, Amos

E-10-08           Westfall, Fred 1965-11-01     Deweese, Amos

E-10-09           Whickerson, James      1952-04-27     Deweese, Amos

E-10-10           Whickerson, Elisabeth A.        1924-   Deweese, Amos

E-11-01           Floyd, Opal     1912-07-17     Floyd, E. D.

E-11-02           Floyd, Edd A.  1954-02-22     Floyd, E. D.

E-11-03           Floyd, Lydia    1960-04-24     Floyd, E. D.

E-11-04           ZZ-None                      Floyd, E. D.

E-11-05           Brown, Wash  1931-   Floyd, E. D.

E-11-06           Floyd, Thomas 1949-   Floyd, Carl C.

E-11-07           Floyd, Armelda           1935-   Floyd, Carl C.

E-11-08           Floyd, Clarence C.      1975-11-03     Floyd, Carl C.

E-11-09           ZZ-None                      Floyd, Carl C.

E-11-10           Deford, Harry C.         1955-   Deford, Harry

E-12-01           ZZ-None                      Burdette, William

E-12-02           Burdette, Ernest           1918-09-21     Burdette, William

E-12-03           Burdette, Lillian May  1943-   Burdette, William

E-12-04           Burdette, William        1954-06-29     Burdette, William

E-12-05           Burdette, Robert Glenn           1931-07-02     Burdette, William

E-12-06           ZZ-None                      Shearer, Ernest

E-12-07           Perkins, Crystal           1944-   Shearer, Ernest

E-12-08           Shearer, C. E.  1957-01-15     Shearer, Ernest

E-12-09           Shearer, Myrtle           1970-09-16     Shearer, Ernest

E-12-10           ZZ-None                      Shearer, Ernest

E-13-01           ZZ-None                      Thorpe, Grant

E-13-02           ZZ-None                      Thorpe, Grant

E-13-03           ZZ-None                      Thorpe, Grant

E-13-04           ZZ-None                      Thorpe, Grant

E-13-05           Calvert, June   1974-02-18     Thorpe, Grant

E-13-06           ZZ-None                      Thorpe, Grant

E-13-07           ZZ-None                      Thorpe, Grant

E-13-08           Thorpe, Forest O.        1971-03-12     Thorpe, Grant

E-13-09           Thorpe, Harriet L.       1969-03-07     Thorpe, Grant

E-13-10           Thorpe, Grant  1945-   Thorpe, Grant

E-14-01           Russell, Albert, L.       1956-05           Russel, Albert

E-14-02           Russell, Marguerite     1954-10-27     Russel, Albert

E-14-03           ZZ-None                      Russel, Albert

E-14-04           ZZ-None                      Russel, Albert

E-14-05           ZZ-None                      Russel, Albert

E-14-06           ZZ-None                      Ames, J. S.

E-14-07           Ames, Inis       1931-   Ames, J. S.

E-14-08           ZZ-None                      Henderson, Frances Boggs

E-14-09           Boggs, Elbert D.          1931-   Henderson, Frances Boggs

E-14-10           Henderson, Frances Boggs      1952-03-10     Henderson, Frances Boggs

E-15-01           Foley, Robert M.         1927-   Berry, Silas

E-15-02           ZZ-None                      Berry, Silas

E-15-03           ZZ-None                      Berry, Silas

E-15-04           ZZ-None                      Berry, Silas

E-15-05           Shrout, Augusta B.       1932-   Berry, Silas

E-15-06           Shrout, Dwight J. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jonnie      1927-04-04     Berry, Silas

E-15-07           Thomas, Haze Lorene  Unknown         Berry, Silas

E-15-08           Berry, William C.       1912-11-03     Berry, Silas

E-15-09           Berry, Silas     1941-04-27     Berry, Silas

E-15-10           Berry, Hannah 1957-01-11     Berry, Silas

E-16-01           Calloway, Fred E.       1969-01-29     Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-02           Calloway, Beatrice M.            1978-04-11     Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-03           ZZ-None                      Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-04           ZZ-None                      Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-05           Calloway, Leonard      1978-05-12     Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-06           ZZ-None                      Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-07           Calloway, Henry         1946-01-06     Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-08           Calloway, Jesse          Unknown         Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-09           Calloway, William      Unknown         Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-16-10           Calloway, Alfred        1960-06-14     Calloway, Mrs. Leonard

E-17-01           Willis, Willa S.           1944-   Willis, W. S.

E-17-02           Willis, Naomi 1963-02-25     Willis, W. S.

E-17-03           Willis, William S.       1945-12-13     Willis, W. S.

E-17-04           ZZ-None                      Willis, W. S.

E-17-05           ZZ-None                      Willis, W. S.

E-17-06           Willis, Emmitt R.        1968-08-01     Willis, E. R.

E-17-07           ZZ-None                      Willis, E. R.

E-17-08           ZZ-None                      Willis, E. R.

E-17-09           ZZ-None                      Overguard, Mr. & Mrs. Nels

E-17-10           ZZ-None                      Overguard, Mr. & Mrs. Nels

E-18-01           Kidwell, J. E.  1937-06-28     Kidwell, Mrs. J. E.

E-18-02           Burnett, Ollie Kidwell            1949-08-31     Kidwell, Mrs. J. E.

E-18-03           ZZ-None                      Kidwell, Mrs. J. E.

E-18-04           ZZ-None                      Kidwell, Mrs. J. E.

E-18-05           Scanland, Elizabeth     1944-   Kidwell, Mrs. J. E.

E-18-06           ZZ-None                      Findley, Vale

E-18-07           ZZ-None                      Findley, Vale

E-18-08           ZZ-None                      Findley, Vale

E-18-09           ZZ-None                      Findley, Vale

E-18-10           Findley, Ruth   1931-   Findley, Vale

E-19-01           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-02           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-03           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-04           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-05           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-06           Bracke, Alice  1978-12-07     Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-07           Fenton, Rubye 1962-01-27     Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-08           Fenton, Fred    1949-   Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-09           Fenton, Clarence         1907-05-03     Price, Agatha Fenton

E-19-10           Price, Agatha Fenton   1955-05-15     Price, Agatha Fenton

E-20-01           Fraizer, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold  Unknown         Fraizer, Arnold A.

E-20-02           Fraizer, Samuel A.      1978-11-14     Fraizer, Arnold A.

E-20-03           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Arnold A.

E-20-04           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Dona

E-20-05           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Dona

E-20-06           Pike, Arthur     1963-01-12     Fraizer, Dona

E-20-07           Pike, Hazel      1967-12-10     Fraizer, Dona

E-20-08           Fraizer, Oscar 1931-   Fraizer, Dona

E-20-09           Fraizer, Dona  1969-08-15     Fraizer, Dona

E-20-10           Fraizer, Isaac  1931-   Fraizer, Dona

E-21-01           Fraizer, James 1959-05-05     Fraizer, James

E-21-02           Fraizer, Allie  1974-09-10     Fraizer, James

E-21-03           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, James

E-21-04           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, James

E-21-05           Fraizer, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. James                Fraizer, James

E-21-06           Fraizer, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. James                Fraizer, James

E-21-07           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, James

E-21-08           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, James

E-21-09           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, James

E-21-10           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, James

E-22-01           Reynolds, Thomas J.   1972-02-04     Hargrove, John

E-22-02           ZZ-None                      Hargrove, John

E-22-03           ZZ-None                      Hargrove, John

E-22-04           Hargrove, John Reuben           1965-10-03     Hargrove, John

E-22-05           Hargrove, Isabelle,     1951-09-21     Hargrove, John

E-22-06           Hargrove, John            1932-   Hargrove, John

E-22-07           Hargrove, Martha J.    Unknown         Hargrove, John

E-22-08           ZZ-No Space               Hargrove, John

E-22-09           Hendren, Lelia 1926-   Hendren, Ned

E-22-10           Hendren, Keith            1934-   Hendren, Ned

E-23-01           Cooper, Morris M.      1912-12-03     Cooper, Anna

E-23-02           Cooper, James 1921-   Cooper, Anna

E-23-03           Cooper, Annie 1936-   Cooper, Anna

E-23-04           Cooper, Leo T.            Unknown         Cooper, Anna

E-23-05           Curlin, Alice   1949-   Cooper, Anna

E-23-06           ZZ-None                      Burg, Ralph & Millie

E-23-07           ZZ-None                      Burg, Ralph & Millie

E-23-08           ZZ-None                      Stuart, Ronald

E-23-09           ZZ-None                      Stuart, Ronald

E-23-10           ZZ-None                      Stuart, Ronald

E-24-01           Linville, Mavine         1917-04-02     Allison, Huston

E-24-02           Linville, Fred E.          1964-10-26     Allison, Huston

E-24-03           Linville, Ada   1971-05-15     Allison, Huston

E-24-04           ZZ-None                      Allison, Huston

E-24-05           ZZ-None                      Allison, Huston

E-24-06           ZZ-None                      Faris, Ernest

E-24-07           ZZ-None                      Faris, Ernest

E-24-08           Allison, Huston           1919-   Allison, Huston

E-24-09           Allison, Polly Ann      1931-   Allison, Huston

E-24-10           Forbes, C. P.   1974-02-19     Forbes, Margaret

E-25-01           Smith, Orlando L.        1930-   Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-02           Smith, Ella S.  1954-09-21     Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-03           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-04           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-05           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-06           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-07           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-08           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-09           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-25-10           ZZ-None                      Smith, E. E. & E. F.

E-26-01           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-02           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-03           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-04           Martin, Edith N.          1973-08-22     Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-05           Allison, William P.     1938-07-16     Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-06           Allison, Hattie 1949-04-14     Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-07           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-08           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-09           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-26-10           ZZ-None                      Allison, Mrs. Hattie

E-27-01           ZZ-None                      Davidson, J. V.

E-27-02           ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Davidson, J. V.

E-27-03           Davidson, Jova           1917-   Davidson, J. V.

E-27-04           ZZ-None                      Davidson, J. V.

E-27-05           Davidson, Joseph V.   1942-   Davidson, J. V.

E-27-06           ZZ-None                      Harbeck, E. W.

E-27-07           Harbeck, E. W.            1976-07-07     Harbeck, E. W.

E-27-08           Payne, Mary E.            1925-   Harbeck, E. W.

E-27-09           Harbeck, Luella A.      1928-10-27     Harbeck, E. W.

E-27-10           Harbeck, Addie           1979-04-05     Harbeck, E. W.

E-28-01           Fisher, Samuel 1932-02-13     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-02           Fisher, Mary    1945-11-18     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-03           Fisher, Orville 1959-01-06     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-04           Fisher, Kent     1958-06-06     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-05           ZZ-None                      Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-06           ZZ-None                      Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-07           Bunton, Mittie 1969-03-09     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-08           Bunton, Ollie Everett  1969-07-22     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-09           Bunton, Ruth Marie     1954-04-21     Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-28-10           ZZ-None                      Fisher, Mrs. Samuel H.

E-29-01           ZZ-None                      Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-02           ZZ-None                      Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-03           ZZ-None                      Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-04           ZZ-None                      Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-05           ZZ-None                      Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-06           Dyer, Allaman 1959-12-17     Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-07           Babb, Tom W. 1945-   Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-08           Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer       1968-12-30     Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-09           Dyer, J. W.      1917-   Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-29-10           ZZ-None                      Babb, Dillie (Berry) Dyer

E-30-01           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Reuben

E-30-02           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Reuben

E-30-03           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Reuben

E-30-04           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Reuben

E-30-05           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Reuben

E-30-06           Thomas, Ernest            1972-02-21     Thomas, Reuben

E-30-07           Thomas, Reuben O.     1971-10-13     Thomas, Reuben

E-30-08           Thomas, June Rose      1952-12-31     Thomas, Reuben

E-30-09           Thomas, Child of Rueben        1934-02-11     Thomas, Reuben

E-30-10           Taylor, Fred    1963-01-03     Bunton, Lena

E-31-01           Despain, Alfred R.      1973-07-17     Despain, Cassie

E-31-02           ZZ-None                      Despain, Cassie

E-31-03           ZZ-None                      Rupp, Elva

E-31-04           ZZ-None                      Rupp, Elva

E-31-05           Rupp, Elva      1977-05-11     Rupp, Elva

E-31-06           ZZ-None                      Rupp, Elva

E-31-07           Pyles, Ralph    1981-12-23     Pyles, R. C.

E-31-08           ZZ-None                      Pyles, R. C.

E-31-09           ZZ-None                      Pyles, R. C.

E-31-10           ZZ-None                      Pyles, R. C.

F-01-01           Thomas, Levi  1950-02-28     Thomas, Bessie

F-01-02           Thomas, Bessie           1961-11-24     Thomas, Bessie

F-01-03           Keith, William E.        1954-09-16     Keith, Clarence W.

F-01-04           Keith, Rosa M.            1954-09-13     Keith, Clarence W.

F-01-05           Despain, Delsia           1952-12-23     Despain, Alfred

F-01-06           ZZ-None                      Bailey, Hobart

F-01-07           ZZ-None                      Bailey, Hobart

F-01-08           ZZ-None                      Bailey, Hobart

F-01-09           ZZ-None                      Bailey, Hobart

F-01-10           ZZ-None                      Bailey, Hobart

F-02-01           Leisy, William 1947-   Leisey, Adam Ray

F-02-02           Leisy, Ray       1976-10-31     Leisey, Adam Ray

F-02-03           ZZ-None                      Leisey, Adam Ray

F-02-04           ZZ-None                      Leisey, Adam Ray

F-02-05           ZZ-None                      Leisey, Adam Ray

F-02-06           Andrews, Melvin        1965-09-16     Andrews, Melvin

F-02-07           Andrews, Ada 1947-   Andrews, Melvin

F-02-08           Bennett, Raymond Douglas     1967-11-08     Andrews, Melvin

F-02-09           ZZ-None                      Andrews, Melvin

F-02-10           Bennett, John   1981-10-31     Andrews, Melvin

F-03-01           Wilson, Harold Dean  1945-03-03     Wilson, Charles

F-03-02           Wilson, Charles W.     1965-09-15     Wilson, Charles

F-03-03           Wilson, Leota  1975-02-15     Wilson, Charles

F-03-04           Wilson, Jewell            1978-06-07     Wilson, Jewell

F-03-05           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Jewell

F-03-06           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Russell

F-03-07           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Russell

F-03-08           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Russell

F-03-09           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Charles Jr.

F-03-10           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Charles Jr.

F-04-01           Crossfield, Anna         1950-12-10     Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-02           Crossfield, John M.     1930-   Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-03           Crossfield, Mary         1965-06-08     Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-04           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-05           Mall, John E.   1977-09-12     Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-06           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-07           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-08           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-09           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, J. M.

F-04-10           ZZ-None                      Crossfield, J. M.

F-05-01           Thomas, Marjorie Joanne        1936-12-30     Thomas, Guy

F-05-02           Thomas, Marilyn Grace          1937-01-10     Thomas, Guy

F-05-03           Thomas, Irene  1972-09-17     Thomas, Guy

F-05-04           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Guy

F-05-05           ZZ-None                      Thomas, Guy

F-05-06           Tomlinson, Elva Carolyn        1937-03-09     Tomlinson, Ray

F-05-07           Tomlinson, Ray           1963-02-26     Tomlinson, Ray

F-05-08           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Ray

F-05-09           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Ray

F-05-10           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Ray

F-06-01           Tomlinson, William H.           1916-   Tomlinson, Mattie

F-06-02           Tomlinson, Mattie       1950-05-10     Tomlinson, Mattie

F-06-03           Tomlinson, Lovell       1969-11-01     Tomlinson, Mattie

F-06-04           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mattie

F-06-05           ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mattie

F-06-06           Turner, Infant Son        1919-10-18     Turner, Syl

F-06-07           Turner, Bettie Lou       1921-03-14     Turner, Syl

F-06-08           Turner, Lulu    1923-   Turner, Syl

F-06-09           Turner, Syl      1946-   Turner, Syl

F-06-10           ZZ-None                      Turner, Syl

F-07-01           Kidwell, Mary Page    1937-02-03     Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-02           Kidwell, Albert           1955-06-11     Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-03           Kidwell, Opal V.        1943-05-28     Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-04           ZZ-None                      Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-05           ZZ-None                      Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-06           Kidwell, A. L. Jr.        1920-02-11     Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-07           Kidwell, Rheva T.      1929-   Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-08           Kidwell, Ben F.          1931-   Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-09           Kidwell, Robert W.    Unknown         Kidwell, A. L.

F-07-10           ZZ-None                      Kidwell, A. L.

F-08-01           Horn, Edward 1933-   Horn, Edward

F-08-02           Horn, Myrtle   1961-11-24     Horn, Edward

F-08-03           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-04           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-05           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-06           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-07           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-08           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-09           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-08-10           ZZ-None                      Horn, Edward

F-09-01           Weldin, Samuel M.     1926-   Weldin, Sam

F-09-02           Weldin, Dora  1957-06-26     Weldin, Sam

F-09-03           Weldin, Evelyn Ruth   Unknown         Weldin, Sam

F-09-04           ZZ-None                      Weldin, Sam

F-09-05           Weldin, George F.       Unknown         Weldin, Sam

F-09-06           ZZ-None                      Horn, R. D.

F-09-07           ZZ-None                      Horn, R. D.

F-09-08           ZZ-None                      Horn, R. D.

F-09-09           Horn, Rod       1975-07-30     Horn, R. D.

F-09-10           Horn, Iva         Unknown         Horn, R. D.

F-10-01           McClain, C. A.            1940-   McClain, Charles I.

F-10-02           McClain, Myetta         1920-   McClain, Charles I.

F-10-03           McClain, Charles I.     1960-11-25     McClain, Charles I.

F-10-04           McClain, Georgia P.   Unknown         McClain, Charles I.

F-10-05           ZZ-None                      McClain, Daily

F-10-06           ZZ-None                      McClain, Daily

F-10-07           ZZ-None                      McClain, Daily

F-10-08           ZZ-None                      McClain, Daily

F-10-09           Bellis, Grace   1963-05-13     Bellis, O. D.

F-10-10           Bellis, Oliver D.         1964-01-09     Bellis, O. D.

F-11-01           ZZ-None                      Branaman, S. H.

F-11-02           Branaman, James E.    1931-10-04     Branaman, S. H.

F-11-03           Branaman, Anna          1952-05-23     Branaman, S. H.

F-11-04           Branaman, Samuel H.  1931-   Branaman, S. H.

F-11-05           Branaman, Warren H.  1913-04-27     Branaman, S. H.

F-11-06           ZZ-None                      Arrasmith, William

F-11-07           Gordon, Henry 1982-01-28     Arrasmith, William

F-11-08           ZZ-None                      Arrasmith, William

F-11-09           Arrasmith, William     1964-02-04     Arrasmith, William

F-11-10           Arrasmith, Rachel A.  1912-12-08     Arrasmith, William

F-12-01           Hood, Samuel B.         1911-   Hood, Samuel B.

F-12-02           Hood, Jennie   1928-   Hood, Samuel B.

F-12-03           Hood, Gertrude           1950-04-13     Hood, Samuel B.

F-12-04           Hood, John      1954-08-13     Hood, Samuel B.

F-12-05           Hood, Omar    1958-07-05     Hood, Samuel B.

F-12-06           Jones, Infant Son         1911-01-10     Jones, Charles A.

F-12-07           ZZ-None                      Jones, Charles A.

F-12-08           ZZ-None                      Jones, Charles A.

F-12-09           Jones, Charles 1958-06-10     Jones, Charles A.

F-12-10           Jones, Eva L.   1974-09-08     Jones, Charles A.

F-13-01           Moore, Infant Son of Elmer & Lucy    Unknown         Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer

F-13-02           Jones, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ewing           1930-08-09     Jones, A. H.

F-13-03           Dunn, Infant Son of Lee & Hortense    1940-02-20     Jones, A. H.

F-13-04           Wade, Baby of Margie Jones  Unknown         Jones, A. H.

F-13-05           Jones, Charles Kenneth           1948-03-03     Moore, Elmer & Lucy

F-13-06           ZZ-None                      Moore, Elmer & Lucy

F-13-07           Moore, Elmer  1979-07-17     Moore, Elmer & Lucy

F-13-08           ZZ-None                      Moore, Elmer & Lucy

F-13-09           Jones, Mary Lucy        1942-   Jones, A. H.

F-13-10           Jones, A. H.     1948-   Jones, A. H.

F-14-01           ZZ-None                      Asberry, Robert

F-14-02           ZZ-None                      Asberry, Robert

F-14-03           Lawrence, Charlene Leslie     1969-10-23     Asberry, Robert

F-14-04           ZZ-None                      Asberry, Robert

F-14-05           ZZ-None                      Asberry, Robert

F-14-06           ZZ-None                      Asberry, Robert

F-14-07           Lawrence, William C. 1972-02-02     Asberry, Robert

F-14-08           Asberry, James            1974-02-25     Asberry, Robert

F-14-09           Asberry, Robert          1929-07-13     Asberry, Robert

F-14-10           Asberry, Laura            1908-09-08     Asberry, Robert

F-15-01           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Wayne

F-15-02           Wilson, Edith  1943-   Wilson, Wayne

F-15-03           ZZ-None                      Wilson, Wayne

F-15-04           Berry, Eli        1929-12-16     Young, James T.

F-15-05           Berry, Sarah J. 1910-07-23     Young, James T.

F-15-06           Young, Donnie 1909-05-13     Young, James T.

F-15-07           Young, James T.          1922-   Young, James T.

F-15-08           Young, Lulie A.           1931-   Young, James T.

F-15-09           Young, Darby  1961-11-27     Young, James T.

F-15-10           ZZ-None                      Young, James T.

F-16-01           Hargrove, Harry B.     1912-10-14     Pitts, Walter

F-16-02           Hargrove, Penelope    1926-02-01     Pitts, Walter

F-16-03           Pitts, James Frank       1941-12-20     Pitts, Walter

F-16-04           Pitts, Ellen       1961-10-11     Pitts, Walter

F-16-05           Pitts, Walter    1943-10-21     Pitts, Walter

F-16-06           Elliott, Dena    1926-   Smith, Robert H.

F-16-07           Hisel, Belia (Son)       Unknown         Smith, Robert H.

F-16-08           Sherman, Grace Smith 1917-02-11     Smith, Robert H.

F-16-09           Smith, Robert H.         1912-   Smith, Robert H.

F-16-10           Smith, Rachel E.          1917-   Smith, Robert H.

F-17-01           Manning, Orrel            1924-05-11     Yocam, D. W.

F-17-02           Yocam, Ann E.            1972-01-15     Yocam, D. W.

F-17-03           ZZ-None                      Yocam, D. W.

F-17-04           ZZ-None                      Yocam, D. W.

F-17-05           ZZ-None                      Yocam, D. W.

F-17-06           ZZ-None                      Yocam, D. W.

F-17-07           Yocam, Dale   1973-08-04     Yocam, D. W.

F-17-08           Yocam, Infant of Dale & Ophil           Unknown         Yocam, D. W.

F-17-09           Yocam, D. W. 1946-   Yocam, D. W.

F-17-10           Yocam, Fonda A.        1909-09-05     Yocam, D. W.

F-18-01           Stemmerann, William H.         1923-   Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-02           Stemmerann, Anna M. 1914-   Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-03           ZZ-None                      Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-04           ZZ-None                      Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-05           ZZ-None                      Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-06           Mann, Leon B. 1929-   Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-07           Swisher, Clara A.       1910-12-02     Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-08           Swisher, Flora E.        1910-12-03     Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-09           Swisher, Melzo N.      1910-11-13     Swisher, Melzo A.

F-18-10           Mann, Emma   1953-03-12     Swisher, Melzo A.

F-19-01           Price, Ross      1954-07-09     Price, Agatha Fenton

F-19-02           Price, Ralph (Bud)      1967-07-20     Price, Agatha Fenton

F-19-03           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

F-19-04           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

F-19-05           ZZ-None                      Price, Agatha Fenton

F-19-06           ZZ-Unknown   Unknown         Clinkenbeard

F-19-07           Martin, Joe L.  1955-02-22     Firman, Alberta Martin

F-19-08           Martin, Emma Mae      1954-08-01     Firman, Alberta Martin

F-19-09           Firman, Alberta Martin           1967-07-04     Firman, Alberta Martin

F-19-10           Morgan, McClure        1956-08-24     Morgan, Loris

F-20-01           Fraizer, Margarette Frances    1913-12-25     Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-02           Fraizer, Adelaide        1952-05-02     Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-03           Fraizer, Jesse  1975-01-11     Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-04           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-05           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-06           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-07           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-08           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-09           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-20-10           ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Isaac

F-21-01           McMurphy, Olive M. Luckett  1907-   Gordon, W. L.

F-21-02           Gordon, Ellen J.          1920-   Gordon, W. L.

F-21-03           Gordon, G. W. 1933-   Gordon, W. L.

F-21-04           ZZ-None                      Gordon, W. L.

F-21-05           ZZ-None                      Gordon, W. L.

F-21-06           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sr.

F-21-07           Pyles, Lora Bell          1968-12-11     Pyles, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sr.

F-21-08           Pyles, Bernard 1969-07-22     Pyles, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sr.

F-21-09           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sr.

F-21-10           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sr.

F-22-01           McQueen, Nancy         1910-   McQueen, Charles W.

F-22-02           McQueen, Lillian        1917-01-17     McQueen, Charles W.

F-22-03           ZZ-None                      Seever, Charles E.

F-22-04           ZZ-None                      Seever, Charles E.

F-22-05           ZZ-None                      Seever, Charles E.

F-22-06           ZZ-None                      Seever, Charles E.

F-22-07           ZZ-None                      Seever, Charles E.

F-22-08           ZZ-None                      McQueen, Charles W.

F-22-09           McQueen, Charles W. 1917-06-18     McQueen, Charles W.

F-22-10           McQueen, Dessie        1968-02-16     McQueen, Charles W.

F-23-01           ZZ-None                      Stuart, Leo

F-23-02           Stuart, Lucinda            1964-08-12     Stuart, Leo

F-23-03           ZZ-None                      Turpin, Robert D.

F-23-04           ZZ-None                      Turpin, Robert D.

F-23-05           ZZ-None                      Trupin, James E.

F-23-06           ZZ-None                      Trupin, James E.

F-23-07           ZZ-None                      Trupin, James E.

F-23-08           ZZ-None                      Caudell, Claire

F-23-09           Stuart, Ben F.  1917-04-17     Stuart, Mrs. Ben F.

F-23-10           Stuart, Mary L.            1945-08-17     Stuart, Mrs. Ben F.

F-24-01           ZZ-None                      Vanhoozer, W. R.

F-24-02           ZZ-None                      Vanhoozer, W. R.

F-24-03           Vanhoozer, Crystal A. 1932-   Vanhoozer, W. R.

F-24-04           Vanhoozer, W. R.        1950-12-08     Vanhoozer, W. R.

F-24-05           Vanhoozer, Leona        1973-12-01     Vanhoozer, W. R.

F-24-06           Bulatkin, Boris            1965-09-06     Bulatkin, Mrs. Boris

F-24-07           ZZ-None                      Bulatkin, Mrs. Boris

F-24-08           Sharp, Charles 1955-12-13     Sharp, Charles

F-24-09           Sharp, Luale    1921-   Sharp, Charles

F-24-10           ZZ-None                      Chapin, Ann

F-25-01           Cook, Mary Ann          1931-   Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-02           Bohrer, Vera   1951-09-29     Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-03           Bohrer, J. E.    Unknown         Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-04           Downey, Eura Unknown         Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-05           Downey, Peal  Unknown         Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-06           ZZ-None                      Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-07           ZZ-None                      Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-08           Keene, Emmet D.        1972-05-06     Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-09           Keene, Benjamin R.    1927-08-13     Keene, Benjamin R.

F-25-10           Kenne, Octavia            1922-01-07     Keene, Benjamin R.

F-26-01           Sego, Charles P.          1947-08-04     Sego, Charles P.

F-26-02           Sego, Josephine           Unknown         Sego, Charles P.

F-26-03           Sego, Jesse      Unknown         Sego, Charles P.

F-26-04           Sego, Mother   Unknown         Sego, Charles P.

F-26-05           Sego, John A.  1926-05-25     Sego, Charles P.

F-26-06           Sego, Olive M.            1929-06-30     Sego, John A.

F-26-07           Cook, Fannie   Unknown         Sego, John A.

F-26-08           Cook, Robert   Unknown         Sego, John A.

F-26-09           Cook, Victor    Unknown         Sego, John A.

F-26-10           Frakes, Bessie L.         1971-09-12     Sego, John A.

F-27-01           ZZ-None                      Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-02           ZZ-None                      Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-03           ZZ-None                      Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-04           Hudspeth, Joe  1978-02-24     Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-05           Hudspeth, Theodore (Pete)     1966-09-19     Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-06           Hudspeth, Frank          1948-   Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-07           ZZ-No Space               Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-08           Hudspeth, Charles L.   1924-10-04     Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-09           Hudspeth, Margaret     1939-   Hudspeth, Margaret

F-27-10           Hudspeth, George W.  1956-04-22     Hudspeth, Margaret

F-28-01           Rose, Tom       1924-   Taylor, Joseph

F-28-02           Rose, Amanda (Taylor)           1958-01-28     Taylor, Joseph

F-28-03           Bunten, Russell L.       1958-07-18     Taylor, Joseph

F-28-04           ZZ-None                      Taylor, Joseph

F-28-05           Taylor, Mollie 1950-02-08     Taylor, Joseph

F-28-06           Brown, Elizabeth        1947-   Taylor, Joseph

F-28-07           Taylor, Roy     1934-02-07     Taylor, Joseph

F-28-08           Taylor, Ray     1933-   Taylor, Joseph

F-28-09           Taylor, Joseph 1925-   Taylor, Joseph

F-28-10           Taylor, Ella     1918-   Taylor, Joseph

F-29-01           Frakes, Richard           1957-08-27     Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-02           Frakes, Anita   1982-01-13     Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-03           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-04           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-05           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-06           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-07           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-08           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-09           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-29-10           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mrs. Anita & Son, Stanton

F-30-01           Sharp, Baby of Christie           Unknown         Sharp, John

F-30-02           Sharp, John      1941-   Sharp, John

F-30-03           Bonnett, Frankie          1933-   Sharp, John

F-30-04           McKenzie, Malica       Unknown         Lewis, Myrtle

F-30-05           McKenzie, Marvin      1931-12-18     Lewis, Myrtle

F-30-06           Lewis, Myrtle  1955-08-24     Lewis, Myrtle

F-30-07           Lewis, Andrew           1963-04-12     Lewis, Myrtle

F-30-08           ZZ-None                      Lewis, Myrtle

F-30-09           Dolan, Katherine B.    1965-01-12     Hudspeth, Joe

F-30-10           ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

F-31-01           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Bob & Viola

F-31-02           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Bob & Viola

F-31-03           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Bob & Viola

F-31-04           ZZ-None                      Pyles, Bob & Viola

F-31-05           ZZ-None                      Keith, Roy & Thelma

F-31-06           Keith, Roy       1981-08-06     Keith, Roy & Thelma

F-31-07           ZZ-None                      Keith, Roy & Thelma

F-31-08           ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

F-31-09           ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

F-31-10           ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

G-01-01          ZZ-None                      Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-02          ZZ-None                      Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-03          ZZ-None                      Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-04          Pickeral, Inez Kidwell            1967-06-08     Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-05          Kidwell, Fred 1948-10-28     Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-06          Kidwell, Buelah          1970-01-12     Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-07          Kidwell, William J. (Wink)    1965-06-26     Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-08          ZZ-None                      Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-09          ZZ-None                      Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-01-10          Crook, William                       Kidwell, William F. Sr.

G-02-01          Jones, F. T.      1953-09-23     Jones, F. T.

G-02-02          Jones, Elizabeth          1943-   Jones, F. T.

G-02-03          Grable, Mary Sue/Stephen Eugene - Infants    1969-10-26/1968-10-04            Dischner, Irma

G-02-04          Dischner, Theodor      Unknown         Dischner, Irma

G-02-05          ZZ-None                      Dischner, Irma

G-02-06          ZZ-None                      Jones, Charles T.

G-02-07          ZZ-None                      Jones, Charles T.

G-02-08          ZZ-None                      Jones, Charles T.

G-02-09          ZZ-None                      Jones, Albert H.

G-02-10          ZZ-None                      Jones, Albert H.

G-03-01          Gore, William O.        1962-07-31     Gore, William O.

G-03-02          Gore, Pherebe 1952-11-13     Gore, William O.

G-03-03          Gore, Everette 1956-12-04     Gore, William O.

G-03-04          ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, John R.

G-03-05          ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, John R.

G-03-06          ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, John R.

G-03-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

G-03-08          ZZ-None                      Quick, Gearldine

G-03-09          ZZ-None                      Quick, Gearldine

G-03-10          Jones, Leitha   1976-03-05     Jones, Leitha

G-04-01          Turpin, Granville        1970-01-07     Turpin, Granville E.

G-04-02          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Granville E.

G-04-03          McQueen, Glenda Louise        1962-03-27     McQueen, Eucenia & Frank

G-04-04          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Eucenia & Frank

G-04-05          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Eucenia & Frank

G-04-06          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Glen & Betty

G-04-07          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Glen & Betty

G-04-08          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Glen & Betty

G-04-09          Coffey, Louise 1979-05-29     Coffey, Louise & James

G-04-10          Coffey, James W.        1978-02-10     Coffey, Louise & James

G-05-01          ZZ-None                      Sturgeon, Jack

G-05-02          Sturgeon, Lenora         Unknown         Sturgeon, Jack

G-05-03          ZZ-None                      Sturgeon, Jack

G-05-04          ZZ-None                      Sturgeon, Jack

G-05-05          ZZ-None                      Sturgeon, Jack

G-05-06          Stanton, Jesse  1962-02-07     Stanton, Jesse

G-05-07          Stanton, Alice I.          1937-   Stanton, Jesse

G-05-08          Tomlinson, Gardnia    1979-08-11     Stanton, Jesse

G-05-09          Tomlinson, E. M.        1976-08-08     Stanton, Jesse

G-05-10          ZZ-None                      Stanton, Jesse

G-06-01          Frakes, Grace A.         1934-   Delong, Willie

G-06-02          Tyler, Billy Joe           1971-03-05     Delong, Willie

G-06-03          ZZ-None                      Delong, Willie

G-06-04          ZZ-None                      Delong, Willie

G-06-05          ZZ-None                      Delong, Willie

G-06-06          Seever, Earl    1936-06-19     Seever, Mrs. Earl

G-06-07          Seever, Ida Pearl         1968-09-20     Seever, Mrs. Earl

G-06-08          ZZ-None                      Seever, Mrs. Earl

G-06-09          Seever, Essie  1981-08-19     Seever, Mrs. Earl

G-06-10          Seever, Terrel 1940-   Seever, Mrs. Earl

G-07-01          ZZ-None                      Myers, Ben

G-07-02          ZZ-None                      Myers, Ben

G-07-03          Yount, Sarah M.          1939-09-13     Myers, Ben

G-07-04          Myers, Mrs. Ben (Frannie)      1955-01-05     Myers, Ben

G-07-05          Myers, Ben      1932-   Myers, Ben

G-07-06          Myers, Frank       -11-15         Randell, Roy

G-07-07          ZZ-None                      Randell, Roy

G-07-08          ZZ-None                      Randell, Roy

G-07-09          ZZ-None                      Randell, Roy

G-07-10          ZZ-None                      Randell, Roy

G-08-01          Hudson, Charles Henry           1932-05-31     Hudson, Mrs. Charles

G-08-02          Hudson, Isabelle         Unknown         Hudson, Mrs. Charles

G-08-03          Hudson, Charles Jr.     1948-   Hudson, Mrs. Charles

G-08-04          Church, Addie Frances            1968-12-04     Hudson, Mrs. Charles

G-08-05          Church, Steven M.       1973-01-07     Hudson, Mrs. Charles

G-08-06          Gardner, Edward        1932-   Kragel, Buelah

G-08-07          ZZ-None                      Canterberry, Ruby

G-08-08          ZZ-None                      Gardner, Mary M.

G-08-09          Gardner, Joseph S.      1935-05-09     Gardner, Mary M.

G-08-10          Gardner, Mary L.        1969-11-19     Gardner, Mary M.

G-09-01          Wilson, John M.          1928-   Wilson, Mable

G-09-02          Sheppard, Mable         1981-09-04     Wilson, Mable

G-09-03          Russell, Lewis Owen  1917-   Russell, M.

G-09-04          Russell, James Monroe           1913-   Russell, M.

G-09-05          Russell, Minnie A.      1945-   Russell, M.

G-09-06          Russell, Sarah Elizabeth         1966-06-14     Russell, M.

G-09-07          Russell, Ethel  1946-08-21     Russell, A. F.

G-09-08          Russell, Alfred            1966-05-21     Russell, A. F.

G-09-09          Russell, Dora R.          1944-   Russell, A. F.

G-09-10          Russell, James W./Alfred F.   1914/1927       Russell, A. F.

G-10-01          Jones, Thomas D.        1934-   Jones, T. D.

G-10-02          Jones, Amanda            1958-   Jones, T. D.

G-10-03          ZZ-None                      Jones, T. D.

G-10-04          ZZ-None                      Jones, T. D.

G-10-05          ZZ-None                      Jones, T. D.

G-10-06          ZZ-None                      Jones, T. D.

G-10-07          ZZ-None                      Jones, T. D.

G-10-08          ZZ-None                      Jones, T. D.

G-10-09          Stuart, Bessie Jones    1925-   Jones, T. D.

G-10-10          Jones, Abbie A.           1895-02-17     Jones, T. D.

G-11-01          Black, James   1915-11-20     Black, J. C.

G-11-02          Black, Annie   1925-12-22     Black, J. C.

G-11-03          Black, J. C.      1951-10-06     Black, J. C.

G-11-04          Black, Effie Matthews 1977-01-31     Black, J. C.

G-11-05          Miller, Tempie (Baby)            Unknown         Black, J. C.

G-11-06          Boten, Albert   1931-   Boten, Howard

G-11-07          Boten, Lillie    1939-   Boten, Howard

G-11-08          Boten, William F.        1946-   Boten, Howard

G-11-09          Calhoun, Letta M.        1974-09-06     Boten, Howard

G-11-10          Boten, Howard            1981-08-05     Boten, Howard

G-12-01          ZZ-None                      Black, William

G-12-02          Black, Almyra 1932-   Black, William

G-12-03          Black, David   1912-09-28     Black, William

G-12-04          Black, William            1912-02-15     Black, William

G-12-05          Bennet, Sallie  1910-12-16     Black, William

G-12-06          Black, William G.       1910-10-22     Black, John

G-12-07          Black, Mary Russell    1905-08-29     Black, John

G-12-08          Howard, Pollie Black Unknown         Black, John

G-12-09          ZZ-None                      Black, John

G-12-10          ZZ-None                      Black, John

G-13-01          ZZ-None                      Park, James

G-13-02          Park, James     1973-11-25     Park, James

G-13-03          Park, Etta         1971-02-05     Park, James

G-13-04          Park, (Baby)    1915-01-02     Park, James

G-13-05          Park, E.           1912-02-17     Park, James

G-13-06          ZZ-None                      Park, John T.

G-13-07          Park, Edna       1960-06-10     Park, John T.

G-13-08          ZZ-None                      Park, John T.

G-13-09          ZZ-None                      Park, John T.

G-13-10          Cox, Everette D.          1947-   Park, John T.

G-14-01          Anderson, Joseph M.   1932-   Anderson, J. M.

G-14-02          Anderson, Minnie        1935-   Anderson, J. M.

G-14-03          Anderson, Emmett       1947-   Anderson, J. M.

G-14-04          Anderson, Edith          1963-07-22     Anderson, J. M.

G-14-05          Anderson, Elmer M.    1944-   Anderson, J. M.

G-14-06          Anderson, Cora E.       1944-   Anderson, J. M.

G-14-07          ZZ-None                      Anderson, J. M.

G-14-08          ZZ-None                      Anderson, J. M.

G-14-09          Butler, William           Unknown         Anderson, J. M.

G-14-10          Kirkpatrick, Manatia   1923-   Anderson, J. M.

G-15-01          Lawson, N. B. 1926-03-05     Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-02          Lawson, Louisa M.      1917-10-19     Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-03          Lawson, Dr. Sidney Sr.           1937-   Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-04          Lawson, Grace            Unknown         Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-05          Lawson, Charles         1965-09-14     Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-06          Lawson, Rena  1963-08-23     Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-07          Lawson, Andrew Mack           1948-   Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-08          Lawson, Dovie            1955-02-12     Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-09          ZZ-None                      Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-15-10          ZZ-None                      Lawson, Charles & Mack

G-16-01          Jones, Albert T.           1921-   Sprake, John

G-16-02          Jones, Susan C.           1937-   Sprake, John

G-16-03          Sprake, John    1957-09-23     Sprake, John

G-16-04          Sprake, Dollie 1913-01-04     Sprake, John

G-16-05          McCarty, Will Unknown         Sprake, John

G-16-06          ZZ-None                      Wiseheart, John D.

G-16-07          ZZ-None                      Wiseheart, John D.

G-16-08          Wiseheart, John D.      1929-02-12     Wiseheart, John D.

G-16-09          Wiseheart, Sarah         1915-02-02     Wiseheart, John D.

G-16-10          Hudson, Sylvester       1914-05-12     Wiseheart, John D.

G-17-01          Woolston, George A.  1965-07-16     Woolston, Alfred

G-17-02          Woolston, Roda May  1925-   Woolston, Alfred

G-17-03          Woolston, Harold        1946-   Woolston, Alfred

G-17-04          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Alfred

G-17-05          Woolston, Alfred        1916-01-24     Woolston, Alfred

G-17-06          Woolston, Sarah J.      1916-02-04     Woolston, Alfred

G-17-07          Woolston, Noah H.      1933-   Woolston, Alfred

G-17-08          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Alfred

G-17-09          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Alfred

G-17-10          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Alfred

G-18-01          Montgomery, George W.         1919-10-26     Montgomery, George W.

G-18-02          Montgomery, Elizbeth 1923-   Montgomery, George W.

G-18-03          Montgomery, Edgar     1940-   Montgomery, George W.

G-18-04          Montgomery, George Siles      1923-   Montgomery, George W.

G-18-05          Montgomery, Dolly     1947-   Montgomery, George W.

G-18-06          Harton, Mrs. Harold    1969-03-15     Montgomery, George W.

G-18-07          ZZ-None                      Montgomery, George W.

G-18-08          ZZ-None                      Montgomery, George W.

G-18-09          ZZ-None                      Montgomery, George W.

G-18-10          Montgomery, Vera Estella       1937-12-17     Montgomery, George W.

G-19-01          Faris, William S.         1921-   Faris, William M.

G-19-02          Faris, Sallie M.           1947-   Faris, William M.

G-19-03          Faris, J. C.       1949-07-18     Faris, William M.

G-19-04          Faris, William A. (Bobie)       1959-07-06     Faris, William M.

G-19-05          ZZ-None                      Faris, William M.

G-19-06          Faris, David    1967-12-08     Faris, William M.

G-19-07          ZZ-None                      Faris, William M.

G-19-08          ZZ-None                      Faris, William M.

G-19-09          Faris, Vivian Allison  1913-07-04     Faris, William M.

G-19-10          Faris, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Claude          Unknown         Faris, William M.

G-20-01          Craig, Alec      1939-   Smith, Nancy

G-20-02          Craig, Martha  1918-   Smith, Nancy

G-20-03          ZZ-None                      Smith, Nancy

G-20-04          ZZ-None                      Dittemore, Carl

G-20-05          ZZ-None                      Dittemore, Carl

G-20-06          Ross, W. B.     1918-05-18     Stanton, Mary

G-20-07          Stanton, Richard M.    1924-   Stanton, Mary

G-20-08          Stanton, Infant  Unknown         Stanton, Mary

G-20-09          Stanton, Mary E.          1936-   Stanton, Mary

G-20-10          Ross, N. B.      Unknown         Stanton, Mary

G-21-01          Armontrout, John W.   1928-05-05     Armontrout, John W.

G-21-02          Armontrout, Rutha Ann            1918-11-24     Armontrout, John W.

G-21-03          Armontrout, William   1931-05-31     Armontrout, John W.

G-21-04          Armontrout, Betty Jean            Unknown         Armontrout, John W.

G-21-05          Armontrout, Mary B.   1950-02-27     Armontrout, John W.

G-21-06          ZZ-None                      Benefield, Allan

G-21-07          Dair, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.       Unknown         Benefield, Allan

G-21-08          Benefield, Allan          1937-   Benefield, Allan

G-21-09          Benefield, Mary Jane  1945-   Benefield, Allan

G-21-10          Gowden, Elizabeth      1920-01-26     Benefield, Allan

G-22-01          McCully, Edd M.        1924-   Cash, Lorena (McCully)

G-22-02          ZZ-None                      Cash, Lorena (McCully)

G-22-03          Cash, Carl       1970-06-11     Cash, Lorena (McCully)

G-22-04          Turpin, Lee      1943-   Cash, Lorena (McCully)

G-22-05          Turpin, Annie  1952-11-18     Cash, Lorena (McCully)

G-22-06          ZZ-None                      Atkinson, Harb

G-22-07          McCully, J. H. 1954-   Atkinson, Harb

G-22-08          McCully, Anna            1957-02-28     Atkinson, Harb

G-22-09          Atkinson, Mrs. Unknown         Atkinson, Harb

G-22-10          Atkinson, Charles        Unknown         Atkinson, Harb

G-23-01          Pitts, George M.          1927-   Pitts, George

G-23-02          Pitts, Georgia A.         1936-   Pitts, George

G-23-03          Rufle, Clarence           1973-10-07     Rufle, Clarence

G-23-04          ZZ-None                      Rufle, Clarence

G-23-05          ZZ-None                      Rufle, Clarence

G-23-06          Pitts, William A.         1929-   Pitts, William A.

G-23-07          Pitts, Patsy       1955-04-20     Pitts, William A.

G-23-08          ZZ-None                      Pitts, William A.

G-23-09          ZZ-None                      Pitts, William A.

G-23-10          ZZ-None                      Pitts, William A.

G-24-01          Gamble, William J.     1957-12-07     Gamble, John & Moir, Clella Mae

G-24-02          Gamble, Edith M.        1928-   Gamble, John & Moir, Clella Mae

G-24-03          ZZ-None                      Gamble, John & Moir, Clella Mae

G-24-04          ZZ-None                      Gamble, John & Moir, Clella Mae

G-24-05          ZZ-None                      Gamble, John & Moir, Clella Mae

G-24-06          McQueen, William      1939-07-17     McQueen, Mrs. William

G-24-07          McQueen, Sarah          1942-10-28     McQueen, Mrs. William

G-24-08          McQueen, Roberta Mae          1954-01-08     McQueen, Mrs. William

G-24-09          McQueen, Harry          1957-02-25     McQueen, Mrs. William

G-24-10          McQueen, Helen         1980-03-25     McQueen, Mrs. William

G-25-01          Hargrove, Sam            1934-   Hargrove, Sam

G-25-02          Hargrove, Alice          1929-   Hargrove, Sam

G-25-03          Harvey, Chester L.      1981-08-11     McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-04          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-05          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-06          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-07          McQueen, Frank          1950-03-05     McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-08          McQueen, Stella          1979-01-15     McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-09          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-25-10          ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank Sr.

G-26-01          Lewis, William W.      1909-10-24     Lewis, William W.

G-26-02          Lewis, Elizabeth         1909-10-24     Lewis, William W.

G-26-03          Lewis, Cora    1922-   Lewis, William W.

G-26-04          Lewis, William S.       1945-09-26     Lewis, William W.

G-26-05          Smith, Willetta            1949-   Lewis, William W.

G-26-06          ZZ-No Space               Pyles, Ernest Jr. & Georgetta

G-26-07          Pyles, Ernest   1982-01-30     Pyles, Ernest Jr. & Georgetta

G-26-08          ZZ-None                      Pyles, Ernest Jr. & Georgetta

G-26-09          Chalfan, William E.    1969-04-16     Chalfan, Martha Ann

G-26-10          Chalfan, Martha           1980-03-23     Chalfan, Martha Ann

G-27-01          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-27-02          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-27-03          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-27-04          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-27-05          Frakes, Mason 1963-09-01     Frakes, Mason

G-27-06          Frakes Florence Alice 1963-06-02     Frakes, Mason

G-27-07          Frakes, Howard          1955-10-20     Frakes, Mason

G-27-08          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-27-09          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-27-10          ZZ-None                      Frakes, Mason

G-28-01          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-02          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-03          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-04          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-05          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-06          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-07          ZZ-None                      Morrow, Granville

G-28-08          Morrow, James C. Jr.  1971-08-03     Morrow, Granville

G-28-09          Morrow, James C.       1937-   Morrow, Granville

G-28-10          Morrow, Ethel (Mother)         1941-   Morrow, Granville

G-29-01          ZZ-None                      Allison William F.

G-29-02          ZZ-None                      Allison William F.

G-29-03          ZZ-None                      Allison William F.

G-29-04          ZZ-None                      Allison William F.

G-29-05          ZZ-None                      Allison William F.

G-29-06          ZZ-None                      Allison William F.

G-29-07          ZZ-No Space               Allison William F.

G-29-08          Allison, Edd    1957-05-21     Allison William F.

G-29-09          Allison, William F.     1943-05-22     Allison William F.

G-29-10          Allison, Rodilla          1943-09-30     Allison William F.

G-30-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

G-30-02          ZZ-None                      Jones, Lewis

G-30-03          ZZ-None                      Jones, Lewis

G-30-04          Jones, Louis D 1944-11-11     Jones, Lewis

G-30-05          ZZ-None                      Jones, Lewis

G-30-06          Jones, Frances 1932-12-01     Jones, Lewis

G-30-07          Woodall, John W.       1934-08-26     Woodall, John

G-30-08          ZZ-None                      Woodall, John

G-30-09          Woodall, Rebeca        1922-05-20     Woodall, John

G-30-10          Woodall, George         1915-10-03     Woodall, John

G-31-01          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

G-31-02          ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

G-31-03          ZZ-None                      Vulgamott, Charles H.

G-31-04          Vulgamott, Charles      1981-10-22     Vulgamott, Charles H.

G-31-05          ZZ-None                      Vulgamott, Charles H.

G-31-06          Vulgamott, Virgina Lee           1970-12-19     Vulgamott, Charles H.

G-31-07          ZZ-None                      Brown, J. O. & Grace

G-31-08          Yocum, Ted     1975-06-09     Brown, J. O. & Grace

G-31-09          ZZ-None                      Brown, J. O. & Grace

G-31-10          Brown, Caroline         1969-11-02     Brown, J. O. & Grace

H-01-01          Keling, Barbara Jean   1949-01-12     Keling, Alvie

H-01-02          ZZ-None                      Keling, Alvie

H-01-03          ZZ-None                      Keling, Alvie

H-01-04          Keling, Donald            1954-03-08     Keling, Donald

H-01-05          Beegly, Infant  1955-04-28     Ewart, Mrs. Troy

H-01-06          Beegly, Max    1956-06-13     Ewart, Mrs. Troy

H-01-07          Beegly, Mary   1956-06-13     Ewart, Mrs. Troy

H-01-08          Canterberry, Alice M. 1971-10-25     Canterberry, Alice M.

H-01-09          Blake, Myer    1958-   Blake, Etta

H-01-10          ZZ-None                      Blake, Etta

H-02-01          Bonnett, Martha           1944-01-04     Bonnett, Eden

H-02-02          Bonnett, Eden  1950-09-13     Bonnett, Eden

H-02-03          Bonnett, Orville          1970-04-17     Bonnett, Eden

H-02-04          ZZ-None                      Bonnett, Eden

H-02-05          Bonnett, Roland Lee    1976-05-10     Bonnett, Eden

H-02-06          Conard, Henry 1962-03-09     Conard, Henry

H-02-07          Conard, Mary Ellen     1974-10-25     Conard, Henry

H-02-08          ZZ-None                      Conard, Henry

H-02-09          ZZ-None                      Conard, Henry

H-02-10          ZZ-None                      Conard, Henry

H-03-01          Jones, Albert   1964-11-01     Jones, Albert

H-03-02          Jones, Velma B.          1943-   Jones, Albert

H-03-03          Miller, Baby Irvin       1943-07-19     Miller, G. Harold

H-03-04          Miller, Laura Louise   1949-11-25     Miller, G. Harold

H-03-05          ZZ-None                      Miller, G. Harold

H-03-06          ZZ-None                      Miller, G. Harold

H-03-07          ZZ-None                      Miller, G. Harold

H-03-08          ZZ-None                      Miller, G. Harold

H-03-09          Miller, Harold (George)         1953-   Miller, G. Harold

H-03-10          Miller, Lucille (Lucy) 1945-   Miller, G. Harold

H-04-01          Bass, James     1949-   Bass, James

H-04-02          Bass, Mary Nellie       1949-   Bass, James

H-04-03          Burdette, William J.    1977-01-28     Burdette, W. J.

H-04-04          Burdette, Bessie          1949-   Burdette, W. J.

H-04-05          Burdette, Alice            1981-12-19     Burdette, W. J.

H-04-06          Founts, Mervin            1951-05-14     Founts, Ella

H-04-07          Rains, Charles M.       1951-05-14     Rains, Virgil

H-04-08          Rains, Bessie  1943-   Rains, Virgil

H-04-09          Manfre, Sarah  1953-07-07     Manfre, Sarah

H-04-10          Jegglin, Lulu    1943-   Manfre, Sarah

H-05-01          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Leroy

H-05-02          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Leroy

H-05-03          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Leroy

H-05-04          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Leroy

H-05-05          Lemmon, Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Leroy   1942-   Lemmon, Leroy

H-05-06          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Cecil

H-05-07          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Cecil

H-05-08          Lemmon, Cecil            1981-01-03     Lemmon, Cecil

H-05-09          Lemmon, Sallie           1962-10-23     Lemmon, Cecil

H-05-10          ZZ-None                      Lemmon, Cecil

H-06-01          Woolston, Jennifer Lee           1968-11-06     Woolston, Earl

H-06-02          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-06-03          Woolston, Earl            1954-01-28     Woolston, Earl

H-06-04          Woolston, Morris D.   1942-03-28     Woolston, Earl

H-06-05          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-06-06          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-06-07          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-06-08          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-06-09          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-06-10          ZZ-None                      Woolston, Earl

H-07-01          Martin, Archie C.        1947-   Martin, Margaret M.

H-07-02          Martin, Margaret M.    1969-02-26     Martin, Margaret M.

H-07-03          ZZ-None                      Martin, Margaret M.

H-07-04          ZZ-None                      Martin, Margaret M.

H-07-05          ZZ-None                      Martin, Margaret M.

H-07-06          Conard, Roxie M.        1942-03-11     Conard, Ora P.

H-07-07          ZZ-None                      Conard, Ora P.

H-07-08          ZZ-None                      Conard, Ora P.

H-07-09          ZZ-None                      Conard, Ora P.

H-07-10          ZZ-None                      Conard, Ora P.

H-08-01          Redmon, Byron           1957-01-12     Redmon, Byron

H-08-02          Redmon, Sylvia Eunice           1938-   Redmon, Byron

H-08-03          Stanton, Inez    1975-02-27     Stanton, John & Inez

H-08-04          Stanton, Jack   1970-06-29     Stanton, John & Inez

H-08-05          Stanton, Richard          1966-06-20     Stanton, John & Inez

H-08-06          Conard, Ida Gale (Child)        1952-09-30     Conard, Ida

H-08-07          Conard, Charles          1941-   Conard, Ida

H-08-08          Conard, Ida Jane         1972-01-11     Conard, Ida

H-08-09          Pearman, James           1948-   Pearman, James

H-08-10          Pearman, Elizabeth      1959-09-14     Pearman, James

H-09-01          Asberry, Rush 1941-   Asberry, Rush & Alpha

H-09-02          Asberry, Susan            1937-   Asberry, Rush & Alpha

H-09-03          ZZ-None                      Asberry, Rush & Alpha

H-09-04          Fenton, Roy     1980-12-15     Asberry, Rush & Alpha

H-09-05          ZZ-None                      Asberry, Rush & Alpha

H-09-06          Turpin, N. B.   1938-01-05     Turpin, Mrs. N. B.

H-09-07          Turpin, Catherine        1948-07-16     Turpin, Mrs. N. B.

H-09-08          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Mrs. N. B.

H-09-09          Pearman, John Presley 1930-07-22     Pearman, Lula

H-09-10          Pearman, Mary Belle  1940-01-23     Pearman, Lula

H-10-01          Church, James S.         1942-   Church, Steve

H-10-02          Church, Willella K.     1932-   Church, Steve

H-10-03          Church, Earle E.          1935-12-24     Church, Steve

H-10-04          Church, Ruth A.           1935-12-24     Church, Steve

H-10-05          ZZ-None                      Church, Steve

H-10-06          ZZ-None                      Church, Steve

H-10-07          ZZ-None                      Church, Steve

H-10-08          ZZ-None                      Church, Steve

H-10-09          ZZ-None                      Church, Steve

H-10-10          ZZ-None                      Church, Steve

H-11-01          Thomas, George H.     1929-03-13     Thomas, Harry

H-11-02          Colburn, Hazel Frances           1935-06-01     Thomas, Harry

H-11-03          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Harry

H-11-04          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Harry

H-11-05          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Harry

H-11-06          Bellis, Harvey 1946-   Bellis, Harvey

H-11-07          Bellis, Belle    1934-   Bellis, Harvey

H-11-08          Lein, Doris Jean          1937-   Lein, Gaylard

H-11-09          ZZ-None                      Lein, Gaylard

H-11-10          ZZ-None                      Lein, Gaylard

H-12-01          Black, John      1932-01-01     Black, Cleve

H-12-02          Black, Cleveland         1941-09-29     Black, Cleve

H-12-03          Black, Penelope          1926-12-29     Black, Cleve

H-12-04          Black, Effie     1964-10-31     Black, Cleve

H-12-05          Black, Thomas 1969-01-11     Black, Cleve

H-12-06          Black, John M.            1980-05-06     Black, Cleve

H-12-07          Black, Baby of Harold & Helen          1948-   Black, Cleve

H-12-08          Black, Harold T.         1981-06-22     Black, Cleve

H-12-09          Black, Alberta Carter  1941-   Black, Cleve

H-12-10          Connor, George W.     1925-09-23     Black, Cleve

H-13-01          Hays, Morgan  1940-01-27     Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-02          Hays, Lenora   1960-08-18     Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-03          Hays, Oral C.  1974-10-13     Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-04          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-05          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-06          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-07          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-08          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-09          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-13-10          ZZ-None                      Hays, Mrs. Morgan

H-14-01          Frakes, William          1943-   Frakes, William

H-14-02          Frakes, Annie  1929-   Frakes, William

H-14-03          Whisan, James 1976-12-16     Frakes, William

H-14-04          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-14-05          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-14-06          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-14-07          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-14-08          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-14-09          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-14-10          ZZ-None                      Frakes, William

H-15-01          Wilson, Joseph R.       1933-   Wilson, Walter

H-15-02          Wilson, Clara S.          1935-   Wilson, Walter

H-15-03          Wilson, Walter            1953-08-01     Wilson, Walter

H-15-04          Wilson, Ethyl  1954-02-25     Wilson, Walter

H-15-05          ZZ-None                      Wilson, Walter

H-15-06          Reed, Edward M.        Unknown         Reed, Edward M.

H-15-07          ZZ-None                      Reed, Edward M.

H-15-08          Bramble, Edna/Hintz, Sherina R. Infant          1965-05-07/1965-06-04            Reed, Edward M.

H-15-09          Bramble, George         1962-02-10     Reed, Edward M.

H-15-10          Newton, Kenneth         Unknown         Reed, Edward M.

H-16-01          Wilson, Thomas I.       1930-   Beaver, Iva

H-16-02          ZZ-None                      Beaver, Iva

H-16-03          ZZ-None                      Beaver, Iva

H-16-04          Jones, Edd       Unknown         Jones, Claude

H-16-05          Jones, Claude  1965-10-15     Jones, Claude

H-16-06          ZZ-None                      James, Everett

H-16-07          ZZ-None                      James, Everett

H-16-08          James, Everett 1949-   James, Everett

H-16-09          ZZ-None                      James, Everett

H-16-10          James, Edward E.       Unknown         James, Everett

H-17-01          Young, Leslie E.          Unknown         Young, William

H-17-02          Young, Florence          1930-   Young, William

H-17-03          Young, William A.      1939-   Young, William

H-17-04          Young, Edith Elnora    Unknown         Young, William

H-17-05          Young, Louisa E.         Unknown         Young, William

H-17-06          Young, Sherman          1953-12           Young, William

H-17-07          Young, Jesse   1960-01-05     Young, William

H-17-08          MacPherson, Laura     1976-01-07     Young, William

H-17-09          ZZ-None                      Young, William

H-17-10          ZZ-None                      Young, William

H-18-01          Zetta, Baby      1929-03-06     Banks, H. A.

H-18-02          Banks, H. A.    1956-07-07     Banks, H. A.

H-18-03          ZZ-None                      Banks, H. A.

H-18-04          ZZ-None                      Banks, H. A.

H-18-05          ZZ-None                      Banks, H. A.

H-18-06          Hall, John        1957-08-20     Banks, H. A.

H-18-07          Banks, Herbert E.        1976-01-12     Banks, H. A.

H-18-08          ZZ-None                      Banks, H. A.

H-18-09          ZZ-None                      Banks, H. A.

H-18-10          ZZ-None                      Banks, H. A.

H-19-01          ZZ-None                      Page, H. C.

H-19-02          ZZ-None                      Page, H. C.

H-19-03          ZZ-None                      Page, H. C.

H-19-04          ZZ-None                      Page, H. C.

H-19-05          Page, Herbert C.          1956-01-16     Page, H. C.

H-19-06          Page, Florence E.        1968-12-28     Page, H. C.

H-19-07          Page, Doris     1974-06-22     Page, H. C.

H-19-08          ZZ-None                      Page, H. C.

H-19-09          ZZ-None                      Page, H. C.

H-19-10          Huff, Woodrou            1981-09-07     Page, H. C.

H-20-01          Walton, Clyde 1955-12-24     Walton, Edward

H-20-02          ZZ-None                      Walton, Edward

H-20-03          ZZ-None                      Walton, Edward

H-20-04          Walton, Edd    1970-06-06     Walton, Edward

H-20-05          Walton, Tresa  Unknown         Walton, Edward

H-20-06          Gray, Walter   Unknown         Gray, Calvin

H-20-07          Gray, Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin           Unknown         Gray, Calvin

H-20-08          ZZ-None                      Hauber, Frank

H-20-09          ZZ-None                      Hauber, Frank

H-20-10          ZZ-None                      Hauber, Frank

H-21-01          Pate, Elden      1951-03-01     Pate, Alice

H-21-02          ZZ-None                      Pate, Alice

H-21-03          Pate, Charles E.           1944-   Pate, Alice

H-21-04          Pate, Trousdale           1928-   Pate, Alice

H-21-05          Pate, Alice      1955-08-26     Pate, Alice

H-21-06          ZZ-None                      Dickson, Myrtle

H-21-07          ZZ-None                      Dickson, Myrtle

H-21-08          Johnson, Dan   Unknown         Dickson, Myrtle

H-21-09          Wilson, Dave M.         1931-03-04     Wilson, Dave

H-21-10          Wilson, Lena   1923-01-19     Wilson, Dave

H-22-01          Wilson, Charlie S.       1939-04-21     Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-02          Wilson, Adella            1947-03-06     Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-03          Wilson, Charlie E. Infant         1899-   Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-04          Lewis, Vick     1944-01-06     Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-05          Callahan, Walter E.     1963-11-23     Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-06          Callahan, Dora M.       1980-04-21     Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-07          Wilson, Everett G.      1972-11-14     Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-08          ZZ-None                      Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-09          ZZ-None                      Wilson, Charles S.

H-22-10          Wilson, Infant Son       1935-10-10     Wilson, Charles S.

H-23-01          Pitts, Manley   1951-03-18     Pitts, Manley

H-23-02          Pitts, Sallie M.            1962-10-06     Pitts, Manley

H-23-03          ZZ-None                      Pitts, Manley

H-23-04          ZZ-None                      Pitts, Manley

H-23-05          ZZ-None                      Pitts, Manley

H-23-06          Bailey, Virgina Rose Baby of Mr. & Mrs. John          1964-03-20     Bailey, Bernard

H-23-07          ZZ-None                      Bailey, Bernard

H-23-08          ZZ-None                      Bailey, Bernard

H-23-09          ZZ-None                      Bailey, Bernard

H-23-10          Bailey, Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Bernard  1934-05-12     Bailey, Bernard

H-24-01          ZZ-None                      Spinner, Frank

H-24-02          ZZ-None                      Spinner, Frank

H-24-03          ZZ-None                      Spinner, Frank

H-24-04          ZZ-None                      Spinner, Frank

H-24-05          Spinner, Shirley Jean  Unknown         Spinner, Frank

H-24-06          Black, John C. 1935-11-16     Black, W. A. C.

H-24-07          Black, W. A. C.           1938-11-06     Black, W. A. C.

H-24-08          ZZ-None                      Black, W. A. C.

H-24-09          ZZ-None                      Black, W. A. C.

H-24-10          ZZ-None                      Black, W. A. C.

H-25-01          Thomas, Tom  1938-   Thomas, Tom

H-25-02          Thomas, Ida     1951-06-01     Thomas, Tom

H-25-03          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Tom

H-25-04          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Tom

H-25-05          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Tom

H-25-06          ZZ-None                      Kirkpatrick, Ora

H-25-07          ZZ-None                      Kirkpatrick, Ora

H-25-08          Kirkpatrick, Hallie      1970-02-18     Kirkpatrick, Ora

H-25-09          Kirkpatrick, Ora          1967-08-22     Kirkpatrick, Ora

H-25-10          Kirkpatrick, William Edwards            1938-03-15     Kirkpatrick, Ora

H-26-01          Hargrove, J. D.            Unknown         Hargrove, Mrs. Cecil

H-26-02          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Mrs. Cecil

H-26-03          Chalfan, Dale  1970-09-10     Chalfan, Martha

H-26-04          Peachee, Louis            1941-   Peachee, Anna L.

H-26-05          Peachee, Anna L.         1954-03-16     Peachee, Anna L.

H-26-06          Crossfield, Wallace    1961-08-27     Peachee, Anna L.

H-26-07          Crossfield, Blanohe L.            1962-11-29     Peachee, Anna L.

H-26-08          Brumley, Edd L.          1954-03-03     Brumley, Edd

H-26-09          Brumley, Elizabeth Jane          1956-05-21     Brumley, Edd

H-26-10          Brumley, Hettie           Unknown         Brumley, Edd

H-27-01          ZZ-None                      Yeager, Martin C.

H-27-02          ZZ-None                      Yeager, Martin C.

H-27-03          Kulbrook, Goldie        1957-01-24     Yeager, Martin C.

H-27-04          Yeager, Martin C.       1942-   Yeager, Martin C.

H-27-05          Yeager, Ollie  1929-   Yeager, Martin C.

H-27-06          Wilson, Montie           1949-08-23     Wilson, Montie

H-27-07          ZZ-None                      Wilson, Montie

H-27-08          Falls, Nora Lee           1975-02-18     Wilson, Montie

H-27-09          Hennman, Henry          1972-06-27     Wilson, Montie

H-27-10          Hennman, Nellie B.     1978-03-19     Wilson, Montie

H-28-01          ZZ-None                      Stone, Earl & Ethel

H-28-02          Stone, Rachel  1943-08-04     Stone, Earl & Ethel

H-28-03          Stone, Taylor   1949-02-01     Stone, Earl & Ethel

H-28-04          ZZ-None                      Berry, Walter

H-28-05          ZZ-None                      Berry, Walter

H-28-06          Berry, Walter  1959-09-28     Berry, Walter

H-28-07          Berry, Birdie   1979-11-15     Berry, Walter

H-28-08          Butner, John H.            1982-08-08     Butner, John H.

H-28-09          ZZ-None                      Butner, John H.

H-28-10          Butner, Haron (Baby)  1943-08-05     Butner, John H.

H-29-01          Nessar, Beatruce         1980-02-14     Orth, William L.

H-29-02          Orth, William  1958-   Orth, William L.

H-29-03          Orth, Blanche  1941-   Orth, William L.

H-29-04          Butcher, Nettie D.       1950-12-14     Orth, William L.

H-29-05          Butcher, Enoch A.       1962-04-06     Orth, William L.

H-29-06          Reynolds, Joseph        1948-   Reynolds, Joe

H-29-07          Reynolds, Lula            1956-04-18     Reynolds, Joe

H-29-08          ZZ-None                      Reynolds, Joe

H-29-09          ZZ-None                      Reynolds, Joe

H-29-10          Reynolds, Ralph          1942-   Reynolds, Joe

H-30-01          Noll, Wesley   1967-01-04     Noll, William P.

H-30-02          ZZ-None                      Noll, William P.

H-30-03          ZZ-None                      Noll, William P.

H-30-04          ZZ-None                      Noll, William P.

H-30-05          Noll, James     1974-12-29     Noll, William P.

H-30-06          Morgan, Edward Gordon        1973-02-03     Morgan, Gordon

H-30-07          ZZ-None                      Morgan, Gordon

H-30-08          ZZ-None                      Morgan, Gordon

H-30-09          ZZ-None                      Morgan, Gordon

H-30-10          ZZ-None                      Morgan, Gordon

H-31-01          ZZ-None                      Allen, Mrs. Clarence

H-31-02          Allen, Clarence E.       1962-01-21     Allen, Mrs. Clarence

H-31-03          Yocum, John E.           1937-   Yocum, Jack

H-31-04          Yocum, Nannie B.       1961-07-16     Yocum, Jack

H-31-05          ZZ-None                      Yocum, Jack

H-31-06          Brown, James  1977-06-23     Brown, J. O. & Grace

H-31-07          ZZ-None                      Brown, J. O. & Grace

H-31-08          Morgan, Edd   1956-06-25     Morgan, John C.

H-31-09          Morgan, J. C.   1917-12-24     Morgan, John C.

H-31-10          Morgan, M. C. (Mother)          1911-08-23     Morgan, John C.

I-01-01            ZZ-None                      Sheriber, Venita

I-01-02            ZZ-None                      Sheriber, Venita

I-01-03            ZZ-None                      Kuhnert, Albert

I-01-04            ZZ-None                      Kuhnert, Albert

I-01-05            Kuhnert, Ralph Paul    1969-01-21     Kuhnert, Albert

I-01-06            Kuhnert, Clara 1968-01-07     Kuhnert, Albert

I-01-07            ZZ-None                      Griffin, Norman

I-01-08            Griffin, Henrietta         1968-08-31     Griffin, Norman

I-01-09            Boydston, John Sr.      1967-11-13     Boydston, Mrs. John L.

I-01-10            Boydston, Jessie          1980-05-05     Boydston, Mrs. John L.

I-02-01            ZZ-None                      Canteberry, Ralph

I-02-02            George, John   1977-05-03     George, John

I-02-03            ZZ-None                      George, John

I-02-04            ZZ-None                      Willis, J. T.

I-02-05            ZZ-None                      Willis, J. T.

I-02-06            Gore, Forest    1972-01-05     Gore, Forest

I-02-07            ZZ-None                      Gore, Forest

I-02-08            ZZ-None                      Gore, Forest

I-02-09            ZZ-None                      Gore, Forest

I-02-10            ZZ-None                      Gore, Forest

I-03-01            Miller, Minnie Y.        1946-   Miller, W. I.

I-03-02            Miller, William I.        1950-03-15     Miller, W. I.

I-03-03            ZZ-None                      Miller, W. I.

I-03-04            Green, Bert      1958-07-16     Page, Leona

I-03-05            Bolls, Charles 1960-12-21     Bolls, Mae

I-03-06            Bolls, Mae      1970-03-01     Bolls, Mae

I-03-07            ZZ-None                      Blakley, Mrs. Ollie

I-03-08            ZZ-None                      Blakley, Mrs. Ollie

I-03-09            Munsterman, Steven L.            1972-11-20     Duncan, Homer

I-03-10            Duncan, Leslie 1964-11-13     Duncan, Homer

I-04-01            Ebling, Lafavette Lafe 1956-02-22     Ebling, Lafe

I-04-02            Ebling, Lurimie           1972-10-09     Ebling, Lafe

I-04-03            Rains, Joseph  1957-   Rains, Russell

I-04-04            Blakley, Ralph 1972-08-20     Blakley, Ralph

I-04-05            Blakley, Carrie E.       1961-07-06     Blakley, Ralph

I-04-06            Myers, Edward C.       1965-12-23     Cashman, Ernest Tex

I-04-07            Cashman, Ernest (Tex)            1965-10-09     Cashman, Ernest Tex

I-04-08            Cashman, Flora L.       1965-03-19     Cashman, Ernest Tex

I-04-09            Reese, Argyle  1962-02-15     Reese, Irene

I-04-10            ZZ-None                      Reese, Irene

I-05-01            Blakley, James            1955-07-27     Blakley, Charles

I-05-02            Blakley, Lila L.           1982-05-03     Blakley, Charles

I-05-03            ZZ-None                      Blakley, Charles

I-05-04            ZZ-None                      Blakley, Charles

I-05-05            Griffith, Charles          1956-10-13     Griffith, Alice

I-05-06            Griffith, Alice 1970-12-23     Griffith, Alice

I-05-07            Myers, Charles            1956-11-10     Myers, Charles

I-05-08            Myers, Maude 1968-03-23     Myers, Charles

I-05-09            Swearinger, Oscar      1960-07-01     Mayey, Myrtle

I-05-10            Mayey, Myrtle Swearinger      1976-04-07     Mayey, Myrtle

I-06-01            Gregory, Steven Jay    1954-09-06     Gregory, J.  Preston

I-06-02            Turner, Grace W.        1982-10-28     Gregory, J.  Preston

I-06-03            ZZ-None                      Gregory, J.  Preston

I-06-04            ZZ-None                      Gregory, J.  Preston

I-06-05            ZZ-None                      Gregory, J.  Preston

I-06-06            Frakes, Alva (Pete)     1955-08-10     Frakes, Virgil

I-06-07            Frakes, Byrdie 1976-06-10     Frakes, Virgil

I-06-08            Frakes, Virgil  1982-02-06     Frakes, Virgil

I-06-09            ZZ-None                      Frakes, Virgil

I-06-10            Sands, Mike    1969-06-11     Sands, Mike

I-07-01            ZZ-None                      Easter, Max M.

I-07-02            Easter, France 1953-10-02     Easter, Max M.

I-07-03            Little, Grace J. 1971-04-04     Easter, Max M.

I-07-04            Little, Clarence C.       1973-01-02     Easter, Max M.

I-07-05            ZZ-None                      Easter, Max M.

I-07-06            Fidler, Robert (Bob)   1966-07-14     Fidler, R. V.

I-07-07            Fidler, Minnie 1956-12-31     Fidler, R. V.

I-07-08            Bunten, Roy C.            1978-01-30     Bunten, Roy

I-07-09            Bunten, Nellie 1976-03-14     Bunten, Roy

I-07-10            ZZ-None                      Bunten, Roy

I-08-01            Smith, Wilmot 1962-08-07     Smith, Wilmot A.

I-08-02            Smith, Lillie C.            1945-   Smith, Wilmot A.

I-08-03            Bruel, Carl R.  1963-08-09     Bruel, Carl R.

I-08-04            Bruel, Naomi   1946-   Bruel, Carl R.

I-08-05            Boatwright, Daniel      1948-   Boatwright, Bessie

I-08-06            Boatwright, Bessie      1951-10-23     Boatwright, Bessie

I-08-07            McCulley, Bill            1949-09-14     McCulley, Hallie

I-08-08            McCulley, Hallie        1957-10-28     McCulley, Hallie

I-08-09            Kenney, Thomas Robert          1952-12-13     Kenney, Mrs. Thomas Robert

I-08-10            Kenney, Mary B.         1957-05-27     Kenney, Mrs. Thomas Robert

I-09-01            Pearman, Lulu 1948-   Pearman, Lulu

I-09-02            Pearman, Julia 1958-   Pearman, Lulu

I-09-03            Osborne, John 1949-10-20     Osborne, John

I-09-04            Osborne, Mattie          1945-   Osborne, John

I-09-05            Black, James Fly         1967-04-26     Black, James F.

I-09-06            Black, Lena Pearl        1952-03-02     Black, James F.

I-09-07            ZZ-None                      Griffin, H. & V.

I-09-08            Griffin, Howard          1970-08-09     Griffin, H. & V.

I-09-09            Black, Edward K.       1959-03-24     Black, James F.

I-09-10            Payne, Estelle  1975-07-11     Black, James F.

I-10-01            Moberly, Luther P.      1952-04-01     Moberly, Charles

I-10-02            Moberly, Ella  1956-12-10     Moberly, Charles

I-10-03            Moberly, Charley        1981-11-25     Moberly, Charles

I-10-04            ZZ-None                      Moberly, Charles

I-10-05            Sampson, Nola            1981-10-21     Sampson, Nola

I-10-06            Sampson, Mary           1952-12-12     Sampson, Nola

I-10-07            Allison, Grover           1953-07-28     Allison, Gladys

I-10-08            ZZ-None                      Allison, Gladys

I-10-09            Gordon, Presley          1953-02-03     Gordon, Verta

I-10-10            Gordon, Verta 1960-11-16     Gordon, Verta

I-11-01            Colburn, Walter          1945-   Colburn, Mrs. Walter

I-11-02            Cotter, Mrs. Colburn   1970-09-13     Colburn, Mrs. Walter

I-11-03            ZZ-None                      Colburn, Mrs. Walter

I-11-04            ZZ-None                      Colburn, Mrs. Walter

I-11-05            ZZ-None                      Colburn, Mrs. Walter

I-11-06            Brown, Allan C. (Grant)         1946-   Brown, Lloyd E.

I-11-07            McGhay, John Thomas            1968-08-31     McGhay, J. T.

I-11-08            McGhay, Ida Cliftin    1952-01-28     McGhay, J. T.

I-11-09            ZZ-None                      McGhay, J. T.

I-11-10            ZZ-None                      McGhay, J. T.

I-12-01            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank & Eugenia

I-12-02            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank & Eugenia

I-12-03            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank & Eugenia

I-12-04            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank & Eugenia

I-12-05            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Frank & Eugenia

I-12-06            ZZ-None                      Black, Howard

I-12-07            ZZ-None                      Black, Howard

I-12-08            ZZ-None                      Black, Howard

I-12-09            ZZ-None                      Black, Howard

I-12-10            Black, James E. (Baby)/Infant 1979-12-31/1951-08-16         Black, Howard

I-13-01            ZZ-None                      Faris, Ruth

I-13-02            ZZ-None                      Faris, Ruth

I-13-03            ZZ-None                      Faris, Ruth

I-13-04            ZZ-None                      Faris, Ruth

I-13-05            Page, William H.         1954-11-30     Page, Marion

I-13-06            Page, Geneva  1966-12-07     Page, Marion

I-13-07            ZZ-None                      Page, Marion

I-13-08            Page, Kenneth William            1969-02-09     Page, Charles W.

I-13-09            ZZ-None                      Page, Charles W.

I-13-10            ZZ-None                      Page, Charles W.

I-14-01            Gordon, Max   1949-   Gordon, Mrs. Max

I-14-02            Gordon, Syhca 1968-12-24     Gordon, Mrs. Max

I-14-03            Burnette, Raymond      1969-04-30     Gordon, Mrs. Max

I-14-04            Burnette, Lenoa           1979-10-08     Gordon, Mrs. Max

I-14-05            ZZ-None                      Gordon, Mrs. Max

I-14-06            ZZ-None                      Hood, W. C.

I-14-07            ZZ-None                      Hood, W. C.

I-14-08            Hood, Robert Wayne   1950-07-28     Hood, W. C.

I-14-09            ZZ-None                      Hood, W. C.

I-14-10            ZZ-None                      Hood, W. C.

I-15-01            Gillis, Roy      1958-12-03     Gillis, Virgie & McPherson, Ollie

I-15-02            Gillis, Virgie   1958-09-10     Gillis, Virgie & McPherson, Ollie

I-15-03            ZZ-None                      Gillis, Virgie & McPherson, Ollie

I-15-04            Calhoun, Thomas         1958-01-15     Gillis, Virgie & McPherson, Ollie

I-15-05            McPherson, Ollie Calhoun      1969-10-23     Gillis, Virgie & McPherson, Ollie

I-15-06            Chapin, Amos  Unknown         Chapin, Edith

I-15-07            Chapin, Edith  1961-12-20     Chapin, Edith

I-15-08            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Edith

I-15-09            Brown, Clifton H.       1969-09-07     Brown, Clif

I-15-10            Brown, Eva B. 1967-02-14     Brown, Clif

I-16-01            Henman, C. L. 1946-   Henman, Elizabeth M.

I-16-02            Henman, Jessie            1956-09-06     Henman, Elizabeth M.

I-16-03            ZZ-None                      Henman, Elizabeth M.

I-16-04            ZZ-None                      Henman, Elizabeth M.

I-16-05            ZZ-None                      Henman, Elizabeth M.

I-16-06            Holman, Montie          1950-11-19     Holman, Mrs. Montie

I-16-07            Holman, Nancy            1964-12-05     Holman, Mrs. Montie

I-16-08            Adair, Miles Orton      1952-10-20     Adair, M. Orton

I-16-09            Adair, Cordilla           1964-08-23     Adair, M. Orton

I-16-10            Gilbert, George           1952-09-09     Gilbert, Eugene

I-17-01            Page, J. J. (Tuck)         1964-07-28     Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-02            Page, Nellie    1961-02-05     Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-03            Page, Howard 1945-   Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-04            Page, Leona     1969-01-15     Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-05            ZZ-None                      Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-06            McQuillin, Gerald       1961-01-02     Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-07            ZZ-None                      Page, J. J. (Tuck)

I-17-08            Church, Robert,           1954-01-04     Church, Robert

I-17-09            Church, Maude            1950-09-05     Church, Robert

I-17-10            Church, Virgil 1954-07-23     Church, Robert

I-18-01            ZZ-None                      Faris, Claude & James

I-18-02            Faris, Edith L. 1964-08-13     Faris, Claude & James

I-18-03            Lane, Verna E. 1967-08-15     Faris, Claude & James

I-18-04            Faris, James E.            1977-07-17     Faris, Claude & James

I-18-05            ZZ-None                      Faris, Claude & James

I-18-06            Griffin, W. R.  1950-07-25     Griffin, Etta

I-18-07            ZZ-None                      Griffin, Etta

I-18-08            Griffin, William          1953-07-25     Griffin, Etta

I-18-09            ZZ-None                      Griffin, Etta

I-18-10            ZZ-None                      Griffin, Etta

I-19-01            Turpin, George E.       1951-05-07     Turpin, George E.

I-19-02            ZZ-None                      Turpin, George E.

I-19-03            Turpin, William E.      1961-08-02     Turpin, George E.

I-19-04            ZZ-None                      Turpin, George E.

I-19-05            ZZ-None                      Navinsky, Robert

I-19-06            ZZ-None                      Navinsky, Robert

I-19-07            ZZ-None                      Navinsky, Robert

I-19-08            ZZ-None                      Navinsky, Robert

I-19-09            ZZ-None                      Church, Ralph

I-19-10            ZZ-None                      Church, Ralph

I-20-01            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-02            Ellis, Thomas  1946-   Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-03            Ellis, Janie      1960-01-02     Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-04            Ellis, Jack       1969-05-22     Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-05            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-06            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-07            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-08            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-09            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-20-10            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Leroy & Jack

I-21-01            Wilson, Meedy J.        1943-   Wilson, Mrs. M. J.

I-21-02            Wilson, Hattie 1951-03-24     Wilson, Mrs. M. J.

I-21-03            Carmichael, Milton     Unknown         Carmichael, Mrs. Milton

I-21-04            Carmichael, Mattie      1967-05-17     Carmichael, Mrs. Milton

I-21-05            Martin, William R.      1945-   Martin, Ella

I-21-06            Martin, Ella T. 1978-04-18     Martin, Ella

I-21-07            Adams, Jim     1953-06-03     Adams, Jim

I-21-08            Bledsoe, Harvey         1949-01-17     Byers, Goldie

I-21-09            Crocker, Ida May        1946-12-14     Mathews, Edgar C.

I-21-10            Mathews, Edgar C.      1954-04-15     Mathews, Edgar C.

I-22-01            Sego, Earl       1945-06-11     Sego, Ruth

I-22-02            ZZ-None                      Sego, Ruth

I-22-03            ZZ-None                      Sego, Ruth

I-22-04            ZZ-None                      Sego, Ruth

I-22-05            Sibert, Emma Jane       1967-10-11     Sego, Ruth

I-22-06            Wilson, James C.        1947-12-07     Wilson, Cora

I-22-07            ZZ-None                      Wilson, Cora

I-22-08            Connor, Joe     1950-07-18     Connor, Mrs. Joe

I-22-09            ZZ-None                      Connor, Mrs. Joe

I-22-10            ZZ-None                      Connor, Mrs. Joe

I-23-01            Berry, Lewis   1964-12-03     Berry, Mrs. Lewis

I-23-02            ZZ-None                      Berry, Mrs. Lewis

I-23-03            McQueen, Phillip        1948-06-17     McQueen, Nola

I-23-04            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Nola

I-23-05            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Nola

I-23-06            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Nola

I-23-07            ZZ-None                      McQueen, Nola

I-23-08            Blakley, Joe    1955-08-11     Blakley, Joe

I-23-09            Blakley, Augusta         1950-04-21     Blakley, Joe

I-23-10            Blakley, John   1980-07-05     Blakley, John

I-24-01            Harvey, Robert H.       1948-09-08     Harvey, Mrs. Robert H.

I-24-02            Harvey, Marettie         1975-09-15     Harvey, Mrs. Robert H.

I-24-03            ZZ-None                      Harvey, Mrs. Robert H.

I-24-04            Smith, Luther C.          1950-10-06     Smith, Mrs.  L. C.

I-24-05            Smith, Grace   1957-09-06     Smith, Mrs.  L. C.

I-24-06            ZZ-None                      Keene, Eugene

I-24-07            Keene, Eunice L.         1951-09-16     Keene, Eugene

I-24-08            ZZ-None                      Keene, Eugene

I-24-09            Kenny, John B.            1965-09-18     Kenny, J. B.

I-24-10            Kenny, Laura F.           1952-07-28     Kenny, J. B.

I-25-01            Stevens, William E.    1970-07-21     Stevens, William E.

I-25-02            Stevens, Emly  1979-01-22     Stevens, William E.

I-25-03            Stevens, Chapin E.      1980-06-18     Stevens, William E.

I-25-04            Stevens, Valda 1980-06-18     Stevens, William E.

I-25-05            ZZ-None                      Stevens, William E.

I-25-06            ZZ-None                      Stevens, William E.

I-25-07            ZZ-None                      Stevens, William E.

I-25-08            ZZ-None                      Stevens, William E.

I-25-09            Chapin, Grant  1957-05-13     Stevens, William E.

I-25-10            Chapin, Inez Myrtle     1966-10-02     Stevens, William E.

I-26-01            Sounderland, Lorenzo V.         1947-   Chapin, John

I-26-02            Chapin, John    1957-03-26     Chapin, John

I-26-03            Chapin, Rhodilla T.     1965-02-26     Chapin, John

I-26-04            ZZ-None                      Chapin, John

I-26-05            ZZ-None                      Chapin, John

I-26-06            Johnson, Bert   1982-03-30     Chapin, John

I-26-07            ZZ-None                      Chapin, John

I-26-08            ZZ-None                      Chapin, John

I-26-09            ZZ-None                      Chapin, John

I-26-10            ZZ-None                      Chapin, John

I-27-01            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-02            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-03            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-04            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-05            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-06            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-07            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-08            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-09            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-27-10            ZZ-None                      Chapin, Loren D.

I-28-01            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-02            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-03            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-04            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-05            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-06            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-07            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-08            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-09            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-28-10            ZZ-None                      Peak, Velmah Jane

I-29-01            Jones, Emma/(Moved)            1889/1968-07-02        Jones, C. D.

I-29-02            Jones, Cleveland Dee  1981-06-29     Jones, C. D.

I-29-03            Jones, Bessie   1975-10-26     Jones, C. D.

I-29-04            ZZ-None                      Jones, C. D.

I-29-05            ZZ-None                      Jones, C. D.

I-29-06            ZZ-None                      Jones, C. D.

I-29-07            ZZ-None                      Jones, C. D.

I-29-08            ZZ-None                      Jones, C. D.

I-29-09            ZZ-None                      Jones, C. D.

I-29-10            Jones, Infant    1950-08-09     Jones, C. D.

I-30-01            Bettis, Regina M.        1971-05-04     Bettis, Keneth

I-30-02            Bettis, Jess R.  1962-03-02     Bettis, Keneth

I-30-03            ZZ-None                      Bettis, Harold

I-30-04            ZZ-None                      Andrews, Mrs. Marion

I-30-05            Andrews, Marion        1965-04-10     Andrews, Mrs. Marion

I-30-06            ZZ-None                      Brown, Lucille

I-30-07            Brown, Della Frakes   1973-03-18     Brown, Lucille

I-30-08            Brown, Lyle    1965-03-01     Brown, Lucille

I-30-09            ZZ-None                      Brown, Lucille

I-30-10            ZZ-None                      Brown, Lucille

I-31-01            Turnbull, James T.      1973-01-12     Turnbull, James T.

I-31-02            Turnbull, Ella  1979-03-01     Turnbull, James T.

I-31-03            ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

I-31-04            ZZ-None                      Leihr, Carl

I-31-05            Leihr, Carl J.   1974-06-15     Leihr, Carl

I-31-06            Leihr, Cordia E.          1972-09-28     Leihr, Carl

I-31-07            McCue, H. W. 1978-11-25     McCue, H. W. & Jean

I-31-08            ZZ-None                      McCue, H. W. & Jean

I-31-09            Aug, Carl         1977-03-09     Aug, Carl

I-31-10            Aug, Mary Jane           1972-06-12     Aug, Carl

J-01-01            Kelley, William          1968-04-23     Kelley, Charles

J-01-02            Kelley, Charles L.       1972-01-30     Kelley, Charles

J-01-03            ZZ-None                      Kelley, Charles

J-01-04            ZZ-None                      Kelley, Charles

J-01-05            Young, George D.       1975-03-12     Kelley, Charles

J-01-06            ZZ-None                      Kelley, Charles

J-01-07            Rains, Virgil L.           1968-09-18     Rains, Mrs. Virgil L.

J-01-08            Apt, Maude A. 1978-08-22     Rains, Mrs. Virgil L.

J-01-09            Wallace, Kenneth James         1974-10-23     Wallace, Kenneth

J-01-10            ZZ-None                      Wallace, Kenneth

J-02-01            Black, Dave    1977-12-29     Black, Dave C.

J-02-02            Black, Lena     1977-12-29     Black, Dave C.

J-02-03            ZZ-None                      Black, Dave C.

J-02-04            ZZ-None                      Black, Dave C.

J-02-05            Brown, Arthur Sr.       1967-07-12     Brown, Gladys

J-02-06            ZZ-None                      Brown, Gladys

J-02-07            Keith, Alpha    1982-07-20     Keith, Alpha

J-02-08            Keith, Mrs. Alpha       1967-09-26     Keith, Alpha

J-02-09            ZZ-None                      Keith, Alpha

J-02-10            ZZ-None                      Keith, Alpha

J-03-01            Smith, Charles 1980-12-12     Smith, Charles & Hazel

J-03-02            Smith, Hazel V.           1980-01-20     Smith, Charles & Hazel

J-03-03            ZZ-None                      Smith, Charles & Hazel

J-03-04            ZZ-None                      Smith, Charles & Hazel

J-03-05            ZZ-None                      Smith, Charles & Hazel

J-03-06            ZZ-None                      Smith, Charles & Hazel

J-03-07            ZZ-None                      Downing, Mr. & Mrs. Jr.

J-03-08            ZZ-None                      Downing, Mr. & Mrs. Jr.

J-03-09            ZZ-None                      Downing, Mr. & Mrs. Jr.

J-03-10            ZZ-None                      Downing, Mr. & Mrs. Jr.

J-04-01            Lawrence, Edd S. Sr.  1978-12-13     Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Edd S.

J-04-02            Lawrence, Christine    1982-11-12     Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Edd S.

J-04-03            ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Edd S.

J-04-04            ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Edd S.

J-04-05            ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Edd S.

J-04-06            ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Edd S.

J-04-07            Fulk, Glenn      1965-02-24     Fulk, Mary

J-04-08            ZZ-None                      Fulk, Mary

J-04-09            Wilson, Eula Gladys/Slane Tate         1966-05-31/Unknown Wilson, Edd

J-04-10            Wilson, Edd    1975-08-03     Wilson, Edd

J-05-01            Davis, Harold 1960-07-06     Davis, I. W.

J-05-02            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-05-03            Davis, I. W.     1971-10-08     Davis, I. W.

J-05-04            Davis, Grace   1980-03-13     Davis, I. W.

J-05-05            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-05-06            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-05-07            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-05-08            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-05-09            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-05-10            ZZ-None                      Davis, I. W.

J-06-01            Sands, Sarah    1955-12           Sands, Mike

J-06-02            Frakes, Jack    1971-02-27     Frakes, Jack

J-06-03            Frakes, Mary A.          1980-12-09     Frakes, Jack

J-06-04            Massingill, Weldon     1959-01-16     Massingill, Birdie

J-06-05            ZZ-None                      Massingill, Birdie

J-06-06            Massingill, Weldon Jr.            1959-12-21     Massingill, Birdie

J-06-07            ZZ-None                      Garton, Clarence

J-06-08            Garton, Mrs. Forrest V.           1965-07-20     Garton, Clarence

J-06-09            Black, Chester 1979-10-04     Spinner, Cecil E.

J-06-10            Spinner, Cecil E.         1965-10-12     Spinner, Cecil E.

J-07-01            Maxey, Willard (Jack)            1974-01-16     Maxey, W. B.

J-07-02            Maxey, Beulah 1961-09-18     Maxey, W. B.

J-07-03            ZZ-None                      Maxey, W. B.

J-07-04            ZZ-None                      Maxey, W. B.

J-07-05            ZZ-None                      Maxey, W. B.

J-07-06            Moore, Howard          1962-01-05     Moore, Goldie

J-07-07            Moore, Goldie 1976-02-26     Moore, Goldie

J-07-08            Stacy, Elizabeth           1982-02-26     Moore, Goldie

J-07-09            ZZ-None                      Moore, Goldie

J-07-10            ZZ-None                      Moore, Goldie

J-08-01            Worrel, Susan Etta/Brown, Goldie D.(Cremated)      1955-07-16/1979-12-15            Brown, Goldie

J-08-02            Chalfan, Arch  1959-11-08     Chapin, Edd

J-08-03            Chalfan, J. W.  1960-06-28     Chapin, Edd

J-08-04            Lawrence, Raymond    1962-07-07     Jenney, Helen (Lawrence)

J-08-05            ZZ-None                      Jenney, Helen (Lawrence)

J-08-06            Frakes, Rebecca Sue   1958-12-09     Frakes, Elton

J-08-07            ZZ-None                      Frakes, Elton

J-08-08            ZZ-None                      Frakes, Elton

J-08-09            ZZ-None                      Frakes, Elton

J-08-10            ZZ-None                      Frakes, Elton

J-09-01            Pearman, Lester           1962-03-05     Pearman, C. H.

J-09-02            Fry, Elsie        1970-12-17     Fry, Elsie

J-09-03            ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

J-09-04            Peck, Raymond C.       1965-07-10     Peck, Raymond & Lettie

J-09-05            ZZ-None                      Peck, Raymond & Lettie

J-09-06            Grace, Myrtle  1970-05-11     Grace, Alvie & Myrtle

J-09-07            Grace, Alvie B.           1972-10-30     Grace, Alvie & Myrtle

J-09-08            Martin, Blanch 1982-09-25     Martin, Harry C.

J-09-09            Martin, Harry C.          1973-07-18     Martin, Harry C.

J-09-10            Martin, Mrs. Harry      1964-06-21     Martin, Harry C.

J-10-01            Turpin, Sanford           1956-04-24     Turpin, Gertrude

J-10-02            Trupin, Gertrude         1968-03-19     Turpin, Gertrude

J-10-03            ZZ-None                      Black, Robert

J-10-04            Black, Laura    1981-03-24     Black, Robert

J-10-05            ZZ-None                      Black, Raymond

J-10-06            ZZ-None                      Black, Raymond

J-10-07            Hilderbrand, Wilmer B.          1973-03-26     Hilderbrand, Wilmer & Amy

J-10-08            ZZ-None                      Hilderbrand, Wilmer & Amy

J-10-09            ZZ-None                      Peterson, Mrs. Reynolds

J-10-10            Peterson, Reynolds      1963-02-15     Peterson, Mrs. Reynolds

J-11-01            McGhay, James           1967-11-28     McGhay, James

J-11-02            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-03            Trammell, Bruce         1965-04-24     McGhay, James

J-11-04            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-05            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-06            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-07            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-08            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-09            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-11-10            ZZ-None                      McGhay, James

J-12-01            ZZ-None                      Black, Roy

J-12-02            ZZ-None                      Black, Roy

J-12-03            ZZ-None                      Black, Bennett

J-12-04            ZZ-None                      Black, Bennett

J-12-05            ZZ-None                      Grace, A. T.

J-12-06            Grace, Laura   1957-11-23     Grace, A. T.

J-12-07            ZZ-None                      Grace, A. T.

J-12-08            ZZ-None                      Grace, A. T.

J-12-09            ZZ-None                      Grace, A. T.

J-12-10            ZZ-None                      Grace, A. T.

J-13-01            Bailey, Kenneth           1982-08-04     Bailey, Kenneth

J-13-02            ZZ-None                      Bailey, Kenneth

J-13-03            Culpin, Luvina Unknown         Culpin, Wade

J-13-04            Bailey, John Sampson 1964-02-21     Bailey, Bernard

J-13-05            Bailey, Anna R.           1968-08-15     Bailey, Bernard

J-13-06            Jones, Erving   1977-08-12     Jones, Ewing

J-13-07            ZZ-None                      Jones, Ewing

J-13-08            Jones, Fred R. 1973-08-28     Jones, Fred R.

J-13-09            ZZ-None                      Jones, Fred R.

J-13-10            ZZ-None                      Jones, Fred R.

J-14-01            Hood, Gary Lynn         1974-01-13     Hood, Willie

J-14-02            Hood, Effie May         1966-10-13     Hood, Willie

J-14-03            Hood, William C.        1966-02-18     Hood, Willie

J-14-04            Boatwright, Neal         1954-12-26     Boatwright, Albert

J-14-05            Boatwright, Albert C.  1978-11-09     Boatwright, Albert

J-14-06            Shaver, Brian Aruthur 1971-08-06     Boatwright, Albert

J-14-07            ZZ-None                      Boatwright, Albert

J-14-08            ZZ-None                      Boatwright, Edward C.

J-14-09            ZZ-None                      Boatwright, Edward C.

J-14-10            Cook, Rose Lee           1964-04-23     Cook, Rose Lee

J-15-01            Alexander, Gertrude    1957-04-16     Staton, Veda

J-15-02            Lamb, Glen A. 1957-09-01     Lamb, Effie

J-15-03            Lamb, Effie     1969-01-04     Lamb, Effie

J-15-04            Witte, John C.  1976-01-31     Witte, John

J-15-05            Witte, Minnie  1978-07-07     Witte, John

J-15-06            Filley, Allie    1970-07-11     Filley, Mrs. Allie

J-15-07            Filley, Mary C.            1974-12-14     Filley, Mrs. Allie

J-15-08            ZZ-None                      Filley, Mrs. Allie

J-15-09            Spinner, Bert   1980-06-30     Spinner, Bert B.

J-15-10            Spinner, Lottie 1978-04-06     Spinner, Bert B.

J-16-01            ZZ-None                      Gillbert, Eugene

J-16-02            Strange, Roy    1964-12-20     Strange, Roy

J-16-03            Strange, Eula   1971-02-28     Strange, Roy

J-16-04            Strange, Loretta           1953-04-24     Strange, Roy

J-16-05            Fraizer, Alfred            1957-11-09     Fraizer, Laura

J-16-06            Fraizer, Laura M.        1971-03-09     Fraizer, Laura

J-16-07            ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Laura

J-16-08            ZZ-None                      Fraizer, Laura

J-16-09            Page, George W.         1971-03-11     Fraizer, Laura

J-16-10            Cline, Larry Wayne     1963-10-01     Cline, Mrs. James

J-17-01            Page, Jesse (Doc)        1957-04-27     Page, Jesse

J-17-02            Page, Jesse May          1966-05-15     Page, Jesse

J-17-03            ZZ-None                      Page, Jesse

J-17-04            Dilla, William Leo      1973-05-17     Page, Jesse

J-17-05            ZZ-None                      Page, Jesse

J-17-06            Page, William E.         1966-06-21     Page, William E.

J-17-07            ZZ-None                      Page, William E.

J-17-08            ZZ-None                      Page, William E.

J-17-09            ZZ-None                      Page, William E.

J-17-10            ZZ-None                      Page, William E.

J-18-01            Sego, Mary      1956-02-13     Sego, Luther

J-18-02            Sego, Luther    1982-09-30     Sego, Luther

J-18-03            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-18-04            Sego, Norman L.         1975-03-18     Sego, Luther

J-18-05            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-18-06            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-18-07            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-18-08            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-18-09            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-18-10            ZZ-None                      Sego, Luther

J-19-01            Willis, George 1954-11-23     Willis, Cora

J-19-02            Willis, Cora    1964-02-08     Willis, Cora

J-19-03            Burdette, Robert          1955-08-03     Burdette, Edna

J-19-04            Lohmyer, Edna Burdette          1977-10-10     Burdette, Edna

J-19-05            ZZ-None                      Keen, Arnold

J-19-06            ZZ-None                      Keen, Arnold

J-19-07            ZZ-None                      Keen, Arnold

J-19-08            ZZ-None                      Keen, Arnold

J-19-09            ZZ-None                      Pitts, Wayne & Lena

J-19-10            ZZ-None                      Pitts, Wayne & Lena

J-20-01            Daniel, Everett            1957-05-08     Daniel, Mr. Mrs. Everett

J-20-02            Daniel, Mahala            1959-06-07     Daniel, Mr. Mrs. Everett

J-20-03            ZZ-None                      Daniel, Mr. Mrs. Everett

J-20-04            ZZ-None                      Daniel, Mr. Mrs. Everett

J-20-05            ZZ-None                      Daniel, Mr. Mrs. Everett

J-20-06            ZZ-None                      Harrison, Aruthor & Reba

J-20-07            ZZ-None                      Harrison, Aruthor & Reba

J-20-08            Llafet, Lawrence         1961-02-18     Oak, Mrs. Arbie L.

J-20-09            ZZ-None                      Oak, Mrs. Arbie L.

J-20-10            Boggs, George W.       1963-01-30     Boggs, Lola

J-21-01            Browning, Charles R.  1970-11-29     Browning, Charles & Leota

J-21-02            ZZ-None                      Browning, Charles & Leota

J-21-03            ZZ-None                      Browning, Charles & Leota

J-21-04            ZZ-None                      Browning, Charles & Leota

J-21-05            ZZ-None                      Browning, Charles & Leota

J-21-06            Browning, W. H.         1975-09-26     Browning, William H.

J-21-07            Browning, Else A.       1971-08-29     Browning, William H.

J-21-08            ZZ-None                      Browning, William H.

J-21-09            ZZ-None                      Browning, William H.

J-21-10            ZZ-None                      Browning, William H.

J-22-01            Brooks, Maude            1958-05-11     Brooks, Clyde

J-22-02            Kenyon, Irene  1958-06-13     Brooks, Clyde

J-22-03            Conard, Orville           1963-09-04     Creal, Dorthy

J-22-04            Weber, George            1961-05-14     Webber, Mildred

J-22-05            ZZ-None                      Webber, Mildred

J-22-06            Dyer, James     1959-07-15     Dyer, Margaret

J-22-07            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Margaret

J-22-08            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Margaret

J-22-09            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Margaret

J-22-10            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Margaret

J-23-01            ZZ-None                      Blakley, John

J-23-02            Cline, Joe        1956-10-13     Cline, James

J-23-03            ZZ-None                      Cline, James

J-23-04            ZZ-None                      Cline, James

J-23-05            Sullivan, John H.         1959-08-09     Sullivan, Mrs. John H.

J-23-06            Sullivan, Mildres        1960-02-17     Sullivan, Mrs. John H.

J-23-07            ZZ-None                      Ellis, Roland

J-23-08            Ellis, Opal       1965-08-31     Ellis, Roland

J-23-09            Epperson, Leon L.       1960-01-08     Epperson, Anna

J-23-10            Epperson, Anna           1972-11-03     Epperson, Anna

J-24-01            Lawrence, J. B.           1979-11-03     Lawrence, J. B.

J-24-02            ZZ-None                      Lawrence, J. B.

J-24-03            Lawrence, William Leslie       1957-01-23     Lawrence, Susie

J-24-04            Lawrence, Susie Pearl 1970-01-17     Lawrence, Susie

J-24-05            Harleman, Charles      1958-03-23     Harleman, Charles

J-24-06            Harleman, Linnie         1957-03-06     Harleman, Charles

J-24-07            Downing, Charles I.    1976-08-11     Downing, Irvin

J-24-08            Downing, Julia            1958-01-19     Downing, Irvin

J-24-09            Downing, Irvin M.       1973-03-17     Downing, Irvin

J-24-10            Downing, Romona       1980-01-28     Downing, Irvin

J-25-01            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-02            Fenton, Virgina Dyer   1973-03-16     Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-03            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-04            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-05            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-06            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-07            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-08            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-09            Dyer, Mrs. Harold       Unknown         Dyer, Dee & Family

J-25-10            Dyer, Harold   Unknown         Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-01            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-02            Dyer, Leslie    Unknown         Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-03            Dyer, Maude   1972-02-24     Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-04            Dyer, Jenny Dee          1978-12-29     Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-05            Dyer, Tilford   1957-07-07     Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-06            Dyer, Stella     Unknown         Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-07            Dyer, Irwin      1980-05-28     Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-08            Dyer, Nellie    1982-10-10     Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-09            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-26-10            ZZ-None                      Dyer, Dee & Family

J-27-01            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-02            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-03            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-04            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-05            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-06            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-07            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-08            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-09            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-27-10            ZZ-None                      Sperger, T, H. Raffen

J-28-01            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-02            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-03            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-04            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-05            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-06            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-07            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-08            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-09            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-28-10            ZZ-None                      Mortehsen, Lyle G.

J-29-01            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-02            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-03            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-04            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-05            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-06            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-07            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-08            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-09            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-29-10            ZZ-None                      Chafin, Loren L.

J-30-01            Brown, Albert 1968-02-02     Brown, Mrs. Albert

J-30-02            ZZ-None                      Brown, Mrs. Albert

J-30-03            ZZ-None                      Dunn, Robert & Peggy

J-30-04            ZZ-None                      Dunn, Robert & Peggy

J-30-05            ZZ-None                      Dunn, Robert & Peggy

J-30-06            ZZ-None                      Dunn, Robert & Peggy

J-30-07            ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

J-30-08            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-30-09            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-30-10            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-31-01            Griffith, Charley          1970-04-05     Griffith, Mrs. Charles

J-31-02            ZZ-None                      Griffith, Mrs. Charles

J-31-03            ZZ-None                      Griffith, Mrs. Charles

J-31-04            ZZ-None                      Griffith, Mrs. Charles

J-31-05            ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

J-31-06            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-31-07            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-31-08            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-31-09            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

J-31-10            ZZ-No Space               ZZ-No Space

K-01-01          ZZ-None                      Jones, Bradley

K-01-02          ZZ-None                      Jones, Bradley

K-01-03          Despain, Louis            1978-02-02     Goldsberry, Lorraine

K-01-04          Pauley, Charles P.       1979-02-06     Pauley, Anna

K-01-05          Pauley, Anna   1981-03-30     Pauley, Anna

K-01-06          ZZ-None                      Mahieu, James & Roseann

K-01-07          ZZ-None                      Mahieu, James & Roseann

K-01-08          Hackett, Lloyd 1982-09-16     Hackett, Lloyd H. & Ethel A.

K-01-09          ZZ-None                      Hackett, Lloyd H. & Ethel A.

K-01-10          ZZ-None                      Hackett, Lloyd H. & Ethel A.

K-02-01          Davis, Chalmer           1980-08-14     Davis, Chalmer C.

K-02-02          Davis, Ora M. 1974-03-02     Davis, Chalmer C.

K-02-03          Purcell, Louise            1975-10-22     Purcell, James

K-02-04          ZZ-None                      Purcell, James

K-02-05          ZZ-None                      Keith, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd E.

K-02-06          ZZ-None                      Keith, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd E.

K-02-07          ZZ-None                      Keith, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd E.

K-02-08          Fallwell, Robert          1982-09-13     Fallwell, Beverly

K-02-09          ZZ-None                      Fallwell, Beverly

K-02-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-03-01          ZZ-None                      Faris, William C.

K-03-02          ZZ-None                      Faris, William C.

K-03-03          ZZ-None                      Faris, William C.

K-03-04          Faris, Jason D.            1976-10-10     Faris, William C.

K-03-05          Renfro, Woodrow W.  1980-04-27     Renzo, Anna V. & Spinner, Cecil

K-03-06          ZZ-None                      Renzo, Anna V. & Spinner, Cecil

K-03-07          ZZ-None                      Renzo, Anna V. & Spinner, Cecil

K-03-08          ZZ-None                      Renzo, Anna V. & Spinner, Cecil

K-03-09          ZZ-None                      Renzo, Anna V. & Spinner, Cecil

K-03-10          ZZ-None                      Renzo, Anna V. & Spinner, Cecil

K-04-01          ZZ-None                      Blakley, W. O.

K-04-02          ZZ-None                      Blakley, W. O.

K-04-03          ZZ-None                      Blakley, Billie L.

K-04-04          ZZ-None                      Blakley, Billie L.

K-04-05          ZZ-None                      Hardesty, Gerald

K-04-06          ZZ-None                      Hardesty, Gerald

K-04-07          ZZ-None                      Hardesty, Gerald

K-04-08          ZZ-None                      Hoover, Ralph

K-04-09          ZZ-None                      Hoover, Ralph

K-04-10          ZZ-None                      Hoover, Ralph

K-05-01          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, W. I. & Loren

K-05-02          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, W. I. & Loren

K-05-03          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, W. I. & Loren

K-05-04          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, W. I. & Loren

K-05-05          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, W. I. & Loren

K-05-06          ZZ-None                      Griffith, Wallace

K-05-07          ZZ-None                      Griffith, Wallace

K-05-08          ZZ-None                      Griffith, Wallace

K-05-09          ZZ-None                      Griffith, Wallace

K-05-10          ZZ-None                      Griffith, Wallace

K-06-01          ZZ-None                      Cassity, Fred D.

K-06-02          ZZ-None                      Cassity, Fred D.

K-06-03          ZZ-None                      Cassity, Fred E.

K-06-04          ZZ-None                      Cassity, Fred E.

K-06-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-06-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-06-07          ZZ-None                      Baker,Bonnie

K-06-08          ZZ-None                      Baker,Bonnie

K-06-09          ZZ-None                      Baker,Bonnie

K-06-10          Baker, William H.       1976-07-26     Baker,Bonnie

K-07-01          ZZ-None                      Droullard, Omar

K-07-02          Droullard, Betty Jean  1975-05-23     Droullard, Omar

K-07-03          Rains, Shelfy   1976-06-05     Rains, Hazel

K-07-04          ZZ-None                      Rains, Hazel

K-07-05          ZZ-None                      Brown, Walter & Shirley

K-07-06          ZZ-None                      Brown, Walter & Shirley

K-07-07          Lawson, Lester            1976-07-19     Lawson, Mrs. Lester

K-07-08          ZZ-None                      Lawson, Mrs. Lester

K-07-09          Frakes, W. H.  1980-12-22     Frakes, W. H. & Mary Jane

K-07-10          ZZ-None                      Frakes, W. H. & Mary Jane

K-08-01          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Mrs. Gerald

K-08-02          ZZ-None                      Thomas, Mrs. Gerald

K-08-03          Rose, Guy L.   1976-12-27     Rose, Mrs . Guy

K-08-04          ZZ-None                      Rose, Mrs . Guy

K-08-05          Stanton, Virgle E.        1977-02-08     Stanton, Bertie E.

K-08-06          Stanton, J. E.   1980-06-30     Stanton, Bertie E.

K-08-07          ZZ-None                      Stanton, J. E.

K-08-08          ZZ-None                      Stanton, J. E.

K-08-09          ZZ-None                      Ellis, Robert

K-08-10          ZZ-None                      Ellis, Robert

K-09-01          ZZ-None                      Mershon, Charles

K-09-02          ZZ-None                      Mershon, Charles

K-09-03          ZZ-None                      Beisinger, James & Dorthy

K-09-04          ZZ-None                      Beisinger, James & Dorthy

K-09-05          Keene, Jerry    1981-09-08     Keene, Mrs. Jerry

K-09-06          ZZ-None                      Keene, Mrs. Jerry

K-09-07          ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mrs. Roy

K-09-08          ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mrs. Roy

K-09-09          Tomlinson, Roy           1978-05-27     Tomlinson, Mrs. Roy

K-09-10          ZZ-None                      Tomlinson, Mrs. Roy

K-10-01          Hargrove, Maxwell     1973-07-25     Hargrove, Maxwell

K-10-02          Hargrove, Velma M.   1974-01-28     Hargrove, Maxwell

K-10-03          Chalfan, George D.     1977-09-26     Chalfan, George D.

K-10-04          ZZ-None                      Page, Herman

K-10-05          ZZ-None                      Page, Herman

K-10-06          ZZ-None                      Page, Herman

K-10-07          ZZ-None                      La Bouff, Virgina

K-10-08          ZZ-None                      La Bouff, Virgina

K-10-09          ZZ-None                      La Bouff, Virgina

K-10-10          Hayse, J. J. Skip          1977-03-10     La Bouff, Virgina

K-11-01          McCulley, Cleo C.      1973-12-08     McCulley, Cleo

K-11-02          ZZ-None                      McCulley, Cleo

K-11-03          Little, John      Unknown         Little, Jack

K-11-04          ZZ-None                      Little, Jack

K-11-05          ZZ-None                      Little, Jack

K-11-06          ZZ-None                      Little, Jack

K-11-07          Smith, Clinton C.         1976-12-11     Smith, Mrs. Clifton

K-11-08          ZZ-None                      Smith, Mrs. Clifton

K-11-09          ZZ-None                      Smith, Mrs. Clifton

K-11-10          ZZ-None                      Smith, Mrs. Clifton

K-12-01          Sipes, Joseph L.          1975-05-03     Sipes, Ella

K-12-02          ZZ-None                      Sipes, Ella

K-12-03          Simmerson, Robert Lee           1980-12-26     Simmerson, Fred M.

K-12-04          ZZ-None                      Simmerson, Fred M.

K-12-05          ZZ-None                      Simmerson, Fred M.

K-12-06          ZZ-None                      Simmerson, Fred M.

K-12-07          Callaway, Ed  1980-08-29     Callaway, Viola

K-12-08          ZZ-None                      Callaway, Viola

K-12-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-12-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-13-01          High, Jack       1974-06-22     High, Jack

K-13-02          ZZ-None                      Bowen, Hugh or Mary

K-13-03          Bowen, Hugh   1980-06-05     Bowen, Hugh or Mary

K-13-04          Bowen, Mary  1980-01-21     Bowen, Hugh or Mary

K-13-05          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Roger

K-13-06          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Roger

K-13-07          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Roger

K-13-08          ZZ-None                      Turpin, Roger

K-13-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-13-10          Goodlet, Marsha         1978-09-06     Griffin, Joy

K-14-01          ZZ-None                      Large, Fred O. Sr.

K-14-02          Large, Ester L. 1974-01-09     Large, Fred O. Sr.

K-14-03          ZZ-None                      Large, Fred O. Sr.

K-14-04          Cook, Hamp    1976-12-27     Cook, Mrs. Hamp

K-14-05          ZZ-None                      Cook, Mrs. Hamp

K-14-06          ZZ-None                      Kovac, Catherine

K-14-07          ZZ-None                      Kovac, Catherine

K-14-08          ZZ-None                      Kovac, Catherine

K-14-09          ZZ-None                      Cook, James W.

K-14-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-15-01          ZZ-None                      Stanton, Speed

K-15-02          Stanton, Madlyn          1973-11-02     Stanton, Speed

K-15-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-15-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-15-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-15-06          ZZ-None                      Norris, M. B.

K-15-07          Norris, America P.      1975-12-22     Norris, M. B.

K-15-08          Firmin, David M.        1982-08-26     Firmin, Joel & Lois

K-15-09          ZZ-None                      Firmin, Joel & Lois

K-15-10          ZZ-None                      Firmin, Joel & Lois

K-16-01          ZZ-None                      Seever, O. P.

K-16-02          ZZ-None                      Seever, O. P.

K-16-03          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Lloyd B.

K-16-04          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Lloyd B.

K-16-05          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Edwin P.

K-16-06          Lawrence, Harriett      1976-04-03     Lawrence, Edwin P.

K-16-07          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Byron

K-16-08          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Byron

K-16-09          ZZ-None                      White, Ted

K-16-10          White, Arvilla 1978-11-25     White, Ted

K-17-01          ZZ-None                      Page, Jesse Lee

K-17-02          ZZ-None                      Page, Jesse Lee

K-17-03          ZZ-None                      Page, Jesse Lee

K-17-04          ZZ-None                      Page, Jesse Lee

K-17-05          Page, Betty Jane          1979-02-10     Page, Jesse Lee

K-17-06          Gilkison, W. I. 1976-03-10     Gilkison, W. I.

K-17-07          ZZ-None                      Gilkison, W. I.

K-17-08          Fike, Ivan Eugene        1979-12-11     Sochat, Verba

K-17-09          ZZ-None                      Sochat, Verba

K-17-10          Alfred, John    1982-01-07     Alfred, Sharon

K-18-01          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Sam

K-18-02          ZZ-None                      Hargrove, Sam

K-18-03          Davis, Marvin 1978-05-25     Davis, Mrs. Marvin

K-18-04          ZZ-None                      Davis, Mrs. Marvin

K-18-05          ZZ-None                      Dyer, Richard & Young, W. M. C.

K-18-06          ZZ-None                      Dyer, Richard & Young, W. M. C.

K-18-07          ZZ-None                      Dyer, Richard & Young, W. M. C.

K-18-08          ZZ-None                      Dyer, Richard & Young, W. M. C.

K-18-09          Young, Margaret G.     1977-04-11     Dyer, Richard & Young, W. M. C.

K-18-10          ZZ-None                      Dyer, Richard & Young, W. M. C.

K-19-01          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-02          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-03          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-04          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-05          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-06          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-07          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-08          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-09          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-19-10          ZZ-None                      Witte, Leonard & Gloria

K-20-01          ZZ-None                      McCarter, Felix

K-20-02          McCarter, Arlina M.   1974-07-31     McCarter, Felix

K-20-03          ZZ-None                      McCarter, Felix

K-20-04          ZZ-None                      Magers, Mr. & Mrs. W. M.

K-20-05          ZZ-None                      Magers, Mr. & Mrs. W. M.

K-20-06          ZZ-None                      Magers, Mr. & Mrs. W. M.

K-20-07          ZZ-None                      Magers, Mr. & Mrs. W. M.

K-20-08          ZZ-None                      Witte, Albert or Sarah

K-20-09          ZZ-None                      Witte, Albert or Sarah

K-20-10          ZZ-None                      Witte, Albert or Sarah

K-21-01          ZZ-None                      McKnight, Goldie

K-21-02          ZZ-None                      McKnight, Goldie

K-21-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-21-04          Boggs, Lola     1980-03-21     Baily, Pete

K-21-05          Yocum, Norman          1981-09-12     Yocum, Francis

K-21-06          ZZ-None                      Yocum, Francis

K-21-07          ZZ-None                      O'brien, Mr. & Mrs. Harold

K-21-08          ZZ-None                      O'brien, Mr. & Mrs. Harold

K-21-09          ZZ-None                      O'brien, Mr. & Mrs. Harold

K-21-10          ZZ-None                      O'brien, Mr. & Mrs. Harold

K-22-01          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-22-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-01          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-23-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-01          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-24-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-01          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Annette

K-25-02          Lawrence, William     1982-02-04     Lawrence, Annette

K-25-03          ZZ-None                      Lawrence, Annette

K-25-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-25-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-26-01          ZZ-None                      Park, J. D. & Anna

K-26-02          ZZ-None                      Park, J. D. & Anna

K-26-03          ZZ-None                      Park, Edwin

K-26-04          ZZ-None                      Park, Edwin

K-26-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-26-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-26-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-26-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-26-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-26-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-27-01          Amontrout, John          1976-07-16     Armontrout, Earl

K-27-02          ZZ-None                      Armontrout, Earl

K-27-03          ZZ-None                      Armontrout, Earl

K-27-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-27-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-27-06          ZZ-None                      Park, Guy

K-27-07          ZZ-None                      Park, Guy

K-27-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-27-09          ZZ-None                      Jones, James & Virgina

K-27-10          ZZ-None                      Jones, James & Virgina

K-28-01          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-28-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-28-03          ZZ-None                      Pyles, Omer

K-28-04          Pyles, Georgette Ann   1981-02-19     Pyles, Omer

K-28-05          Betts, Stephenie Renee            1980-10-22     Betts, Steve

K-28-06          ZZ-None                      Betts, Steve

K-28-07          ZZ-None                      Betts, Steve

K-28-08          ZZ-None                      Betts, Steve

K-28-09          ZZ-None                      Betts, Steve

K-28-10          ZZ-None                      Betts, Steve

K-29-01          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-29-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-01          Brown, Galen  1979-04-03     Brown, Virgina

K-30-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-30-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-01          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-02          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-03          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-04          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-05          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-06          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-07          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-08          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-09          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

K-31-10          ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-01-01           Page, Elbert     1982-04-05     Page, Mrs. Elbert

L-01-02           ZZ-None                      Page, Mrs. Elbert

L-01-03           ZZ-None                      Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow

L-01-04           ZZ-None                      Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow

L-01-05           ZZ-None                      Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow

L-01-06           ZZ-None                      Blakley, Joe & Zoa

L-01-07           ZZ-None                      Blakley, Joe & Zoa

L-01-08           Boydston, Robert Lee  1982-05-19     Boydston, Lottie

L-01-09           ZZ-None                      Boydston, Lottie

L-01-10           ZZ-None                      Boydston, Lottie

L-02-01           ZZ-None                      Conard, Ivan

L-02-02           ZZ-None                      Conard, Ivan

L-02-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-02-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-03-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-04-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-05-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-06-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-07-01           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-02           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-03           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-04           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-05           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-06           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-07           ZZ-None                      Pendlton, Mike & Sandra

L-07-08           ZZ-None                      Pendlton, Mike & Sandra

L-07-09           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-07-10           ZZ-None                      Frakes, Robert & Joyce

L-08-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-08-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-09-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-10-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-01           ZZ-None                      Nash, Howard & Rosemary

L-11-02           ZZ-None                      Nash, Howard & Rosemary

L-11-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-06           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-07           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-08           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-09           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-11-10           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-12-01           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-12-02           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-12-03           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-12-04           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

L-12-05           ZZ-None                      ZZ-Open

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