Harouff's Funeral Records
Harouff's Funeral Home - Atchison, Kansas
This is only a partial list for 1901.  The records were very old and not easy to read.  I have put a ? In area's were I was unable to make out the spelling or there was not a complete name.   If you know of the correct name etc., please let me know so I can correct the records.
Last Name First Name Date of Death Age Cause Cemetery Residence Notes
Askern George Wm 4-24-1901 1y 2m Oak Hill 206 North 6th
Knitz Daughter infant 4-24-1901 4m Lutheran Grave Yard ? Infant daughter of Wm Knitz
Nestler Lottie 4-17-1901 4y 11m 30d Mt Vernon 723 Washington
Nestler Carl 4-25-1901 2y 6m Mt Vernon 109 Riley
Beauchamp William 4-25-1901 80 Mt Vernon 620 Utah Ave
Templeman A.L Mrs 4-28-1901 39 Oak Hill 1438 Crowell St
Wallace Infant 4-28-1901 1d Oak Hill 720 Commercial Infant of Benedict Wallace
Dougherty Johne W 4-28-1901 36 Iatan Bean Lake
O'Keefe Katie Miss -left blank 73 Catholic Cor 9th & Main
Snelson Vernon 4-30-1901 11 Sugar Creek 3 miles E of E Atchison
Keillan Mr 5-1-1901 0 Hiland KS Highland, Kansas
Gross Lena 5-3-1901 23 Sedalia 608 Parallel
Gray Frank 5-3-1901 37 Catholic 1428 Santa Fe
Johnson Lila Mrs 5-4-1901 80 Mt Gillead Oak Mills
Easley Laura B Mrs 5-7-1901 39 Mt Vernon 503 Gillispie St
Jones Lucy Aunt 5-8-1901 88 Mt Vernon Spring St
Johnson Susan Mrs 5-8-1901 83 Catholic 915 Santa Fe
Cox J.D. 5-10-1901 75 Round Mound High Bridge
Keen Columbus 5-13-1901 62 Hudspeths East Atchison
Sadler Ellis Mrs 5-15-1901 71 Alma, KS Cor 8th & Utah Ave
Sanders Annie 5-16-1901 4m Catholic Cor 10 & Forrest Ave Infant daughter of Fred Sanders
Gibson George 5-20-1901 -left blank St Joseph First and Kearney
Hays Mary E Mrs 5-22-1901 78 Home Place St Patricks
Carpenter Richard 5-1901 81 Cancer and Old Age Mt Vernon 942 Ks Ave
Hartman Johathan 5-1901 81 Old Age Round Mound Parell
Wiltz Anthony 5-1901 79 Old Age Catholic 3 Miles north
Schmidt Thresa Mrs 5-1901 39 Bronchitis Mt Vernon South of Midland College
McCormick david 5-1901 35 Pneumonia Mt Vernon died at 723 Coml St Dolider Co H 7 Reg KS Vol Calvery, Penison Voucher #4918
Bell John 5-1901 62 Dropsy Oak Hill Died over 710 Coml St
Knigge Mamie Mrs 5-1901 31 Malanial Complication Doniphan Doniphan
Martin Wilson 6-1901 62 Consumption Oak Hill 1121 Oak St
Welsh Joseph C 6-1901 28d 2m 23d Epilepsy Woodlawn, Kansas City, KS 1115 Santa Fe
Madorelet Mary Ann 6-1901 74 Cancer of the Stomach Mt Vernon 941 Riley
Edmondson Odie 6-1901 23 Jaundice Leon, IA ? Died at Simonstoan House
Laugston Larkin B 6-1901 65 Pneumonia Lancaster Lancaster
Ward Miram J 6-1901 60 Paralysis Mt Vernon Farmington
Cramer Bellvie 6-1901 3m Spasms Oak Hill 739 S 12th
Ditch David D 6-1901 64 Senil Dibility Mt Vernon 1015 S 7th
Martin Sarrah M Mrs 6-1901 58 Neuralgia of Stomach Lancaster 1101 Parallel At School Cor S and Atchison
Robb Infant 6-1901 2y -left blank Oak Hill
Cooper Michael M 6-1901 48 Brights Desrise Mt Vernon 410 Riley Died at Excelsior Springs
Funderburg Ella Mrs 6-1901 45 Heart Trouble Doniphan East Atchison
Convoy Patrick 6-1901 78 unable to read St Patricks Ossawatomie Asalym
Washington Mary Ann 6-1901 25 Consumption Sumner 625 Division Residence Burdicks
Steenberg Lester 6-1901 81 Senile Dementia Oak Hill Died at Wills Assylum
There is the strangest note next to Steerberg  Note reads - Ethunised and shipped to Burdick, KS Nov 20, 1915
This HAD to have been written in AFTER because he died in 1901.  If anyone can solve this mystery PLEASE let me know!
Keithline Amy 6-1901 12 Typhoid Fever Lancaster Shannon
Nelson John 6-1901 58 Pneumonia Mt Vernon Omaha, Neb
Martin Wilson 6-1901 66 Old Age Oak Hill 1121 Oak Street