The following are copies of Court Records I have transcribed.  I tried to type them exactly as it shows on the original record.  But I found myself correcting the spelling.   I will be added documents as I transcribe them.  




Recorded in Book 120 at Page 31 in the office of the Recorder of Deeds of Buchanan County, Missouri, is a lease dated April 13, 1882, filed for record April 20, 1882, executed by Mary Pate, Trouesdale H. Pate, Vascoe N Pate, Viola S Pate, Sophronia I Keene and C.V.Keene her husband of the first part to Robert W. Wood and Benjamin F. Wood . parties of the second part.


First parties lease and demise to  said second parties Lot Three (3) of Section 28 Township 55 range 37 together with all the rights and privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging for the full period of 30 years, beginning with the date hereof, with the right to construct and maintain upon said premises all buildings, roads and railroads and all other appliances necessary or convenient for cutting storing and shipping ice from Sugar Lake, the parties of the second part at the termination of this Lease shall have ninety days within which to remove all such buildings, railroads and other appliances as they may have upon said premises.

Also grants for the full period aforesaid the sole and exclusive right and privilege to cut and remove all ice that may form upon the surface of said Sugar Lake in front of the premises aforesaid, as also such as may form in front of Lots 1 and 2 of said section 28. 

Second parties to pay $40 per year, payable annually in advance.

(Signed and acknowledged by all of the first parties)






In the Circuit Court of Buchanan County, Missouri  

                                                                        May Term 1899

                                                                        May 1st, 1899


Columbus Keene, Benjamin R. Keene, George W. Keene, Samuel J. Keene, Charles C Keene, Nellie Keene, Edward H Keene, Fred E Keene, Grover C. Keene, Walter A Keene and Nettie Keene #8677 VS

Vasco Pate, Viola Pate and Trousdale H Pate.


At the January Term of this court 1899, and on the 8th day of February 1899, this cause coming on to be heard, the parties Plaintiffs and defendants announce themselves as ready for Trial, the case was then by the court taken up, the evidence heard and the case taken under advisement by the Court until the may Term thereof 1899.  And now at the May Term of said Court 1899, on this day, the Court having considered the case, the evidence in the case, finds the issues made in the pleadings in favor of the defendants, and the Court further finds that the plaintiffs have no right, title or interest in and to the lands described in petition, as follows:



The N.W.Quarter of the South West Qtr of Section twenty eight Township (55) Range thirty seven, also lots one, two and three of said section twenty eight, Township fifty five, Range (37) Thirty Seven., all in this county of Buchanan County and the state of Missouri.  And that the defendants herein are the owners in fee simple title of all said lands.   

That Sophrona Keene under and through whom the plaintiffs claim title to said lands was not the child of Leroy Pate, deceased, and that she did not inherit from him any right, title or interest in and to said lands, and that plaintiffs in the case except Columbus Keene who claim an interest in said land as the children and heirs of Sophrona Keene deceased, have no right, title or interest in or to said lands’ That plaintiffs never had any right, title or interest in or to said lands, or any part thereof.


That the defendants herein are the only heirs at law of said Leroy Pate, deceased, and said defendants are the owners in fee of said lands; that the plaintiffs have no right, title or interest in and to said land or any part thereof.  It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that the plaintiffs take nothing by their said suit; that their petition for partition of said lands be and the same is herby denied.


And it is further ordered, adjudged and decreed that the plaintiffs be and they are thereby forever barred from setting up, having or claiming any right, title or interest in or to said lands or any part thereof, and the title to said lands is herby adjudged, decreed and declared to be in the defendants, and that the title was in the defendants at the time this suit was instituted, and that the defendants are still the owners of said lands.   

This is further ordered that the defendants have judgment against the plaintiffs for their costs in this behalf expended and that they have execution thereof. 

RECORD 48 – Page 233 May 1889 Term


Columbus Keene et al

#8677   vs

Vasco Pate et al

Come now the plaintiffs by their Attorney and file motion for a new trial.  RECORD 48, Page 264 MAY Term, May 6, 1899.


Motion for a new trial was overruled by the courts June 24th, 1899.


Columbus Keene was granted a new trial and was overruled.   Columbus then filed and is allowed an appeal in September 1889.


The case went to trial as was postponed on Nov 6th 1899.   It was again postponed in March of 1900.


The N.W.Quarter of the South West Qtr of Section twenty eight Township (55) Range thirty seven, also lots one, two and three of said section twenty eight, Township fifty five, Range (37) Thirty Seven being the same land conveyed by Thomas Patton to Leroy Pate as will appear from record thereof in Book H Page 93 & 94 records office of Buchanan County, Missouri, containing 161 75/100 acres of land.

(On the margin of the record is the following, to Wit” For value received I, as legal holder of the note herein described hereby enter satisfaction in full and release the property conveyed in this Deed in Trust.

Witness my hand and deal of this 19th day of Nov 1898.  F.R. Renton (seal)

Attests as to signature and I certify the note was cancelled in my presence.

Joel E Gates, Recorder by J.N.Karnes. D.R.   Witness their hands and seals etc.,


Mary Pate             (Seal)

T.H Pate                (Seal)

C.V.Keene             (Seal)

Sophronia I Keene (Seal)







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