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Buchanan County, Missouri-


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I am Debby Moulden-Frerichs and I am the new county coordinator for Buchanan County, Missouri.  I have just begun the task of coordinator so please come back often and see what progress I’ve made!

I welcome any material you wish to share about Buchanan County history, families from this area or early photographs. 

Genealogy may be the search for information past, but without knowing and understanding our past, we can’t completely move forward in understanding ourselves or our family. 

Genealogy is more than just knowing where great-grandma lived and died!  It is the study of our heritage, who we are, where we came from and perhaps where we are going… 

Genealogy can show us our strengths and weaknesses of our family traits both physical and spiritual.  Help me help others searching for their family history in Buchanan county, Missouri.




Buchanan County History

Buchanan County families

Buchanan County – Crimes and Punishment

Buchanan County – Story Time

Buchanan County – Military

Atchison Daily Globe – News of the times

Buchanan County – Obituaries

Buchanan County Historical Societies


Buchanan County Cemeteries


Buchanan County Links

My Keene Family



This site is dedicated to my Father…. Come look…

Arnold "Skip" Moulden



Harouff’s Funeral Records






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