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         Once upon a time in a land far far away was a man named EDWARD KEENE. 


Edward was born in Worpelsdon, Surrey Co., England around the year 1567.  He married a fair maiden named Alice Ripley.  She too was born in Worpelsdon.  They had two three sons and one daughter that is known:

1.      Samuel Keene b. unk

2.     Henry Keene b. June 24, 1593 d. aft. 1675

3.     Katherine Keene b. June 18, 1596

4.     Unk Keene  b. Nov. 12, 1600


His son Henry Keene born in the year 1593 was born in the same as Edward and Alice.   Henry found his young maiden Anne Halle and were married November 30, 1623 in Worpelsdon, Surrey Co., England..  Now Henry and Anne must have had a fairly good marriage as they had seven children. 

1.      Henry Keene b. Sept 12, 1624  D. before 1672 (In Calvert Co., MD)

2.     Calipe Keene b. May 21, 1626

3.     George Keene b. Nov. 19, 1627

4.     Richard Keene b. Dec. 7, 1628 d. Feb. 7, 1675 or 76 in Calvert Co, MD

5.     Edward Keene b. Jan. 10, 1630/31

6.     William Keene  b. Feb 1, 1632/33

7.     Mary  Keene b. 1634

8.     Anne Keene b. Sep. 2, 1634


Three of their sons were very adventurous and headed to this new found land called “America.”  In the year of 1653 Richard, Henry and Edward arrived in the providence of Maryland…..   more about Henry and Edward..


Now that Richard was in America he needed a wife.   He married the widow of John Hodgkins named Mary.  Her maiden name is unknown.  Mary and John Hodgkins came to Calvert, MD in sometime before 1651.  John must have died prior to 1653 as Richard and Mary were married in 1653.    Richard had four children

1.      Edward Keene b. 1650

2.     John Keene b. 1657

3.     Richard Keene b. 1637

4.     unk Keene b. 1655


Richard must have been married prior as Edward his first son was born about 1650. …..more about Richard..


John Keene born about 1657 in Calvert, Md the son of Richard and Mary Keene.  John married Mary Hopewell sometime between 1685-86. Again there must have been a happy Keene marriage as John and Mary had eight children.          

1.      John Keene b. 1686

2.     Sarah M. Keene b. 1688

3.     Edward Keene b. 1690 d. bet. 1753-54

4.     Henry Keene b. 1692 d.1749

5.     Benjamin Keene b. 1694

6.     Richard Keene b.1696 

7.     Ezekiel Keene b. 1699

8.     Zebulon Keene b. 1706


Henry Keene, son of John and Mary Keene was born about 1692 in Dorchester, MD.  Henry married Mary Robson before 1714 and they had only two children.  Both their children were born in Dorchester, MD.

1.      Mary Keene b. 1715

2.     William Keene b. 1716


William Keene was the only son of John and Mary Keene.  Not much is known about William, the only information was gathered from probate records.  It is believed he married a lady named Mary Gadd.   William and Mary had three children.

1.      Henry Keene b. 1740, d. Mar 01, 1832

2.     Molly Keene b. aft. 1740

3.     William Keene b. 174?


Henry Keene was born 1740 in Taylors Island, Dorchester Co., MD.  Now things get somewhat weird for the next several generations.  Some family members married other family members?  (oh my)     Henry married  some time before 1765, his niece Christinna Keene, the daughter of Benjamin Keene and Mary Howell.     Henry and Christinna are buried beside each other in the Bethlehem Methodist Church cemetery on Taylors Island, in Dorchester Co., MD.  Henry served in the Rev. War.  Henry and Christinna had eight children:

1.      Mary Keene b. abt 1766

2.     Amelia Keene b. 1768

3.     Henry Keene jr. b. Nov 13, 1770

4.     Benjamin Keene (III) b. Dec. 15, 1772

5.     Christianna Keene b. Sep 15, 1775  d. Sep 14, 1825 (unmarried)

6.     William Keene b. unk

7.     John Keene b. Mar 13, 1778

8.     Levin Keene b. Jun 17, 1784 d. Apr 19, 1853


Benjamin Keene,  married Anne Keene (a cousin) on Jan 23, 1799 in Dorchester Parish, Dorchester, MD. Both are buried in the Bethlehem Methodist Church, Taylors Island, Dorchester, MD.    Benjamin and Anne had six children:

1.      Marcellus Keene. B. Jan. 20, 1802

2.     Benjamin Keene, b. Jan 3, 1804 d. Jan 1864 (in Buchanan Co., MO)

3.     William B. Keene b. Jun 10, 1806

4.     Samuel Keene

5.     Henry Keene

6.     John Keene.


Benjamin Keene was born January 3, 1804 only 130 years before my father who was born on January 3, 1934.  Benjamin married Jane W. Waters (Parks) on April 4, 1827 in Baltimore, MD.  Benjamin was born in Maryland but died in Buchanan County, Missouri.  It is unknown why he went to Missouri and why he traveled BACK to married to remarry after Jane’s death and then return to Buchanan County, Missouri.  He married Hannah Anne Slacomb in Dorchester, MD.    Benjamin and Jane W. had six children:

1.      Benjamin Franklin Keene b. 1829

2.     John R. Keene b. 1834

3.     Samuel Josiah Keene b. 1839

4.     Columbus A.V.I.Keene b. 1843

5.     Cornelius Albert Keene b. 1845

6.     Robert Marcellus Keene. B. 1848

Benjamin and Hannah had two daughters, both born in Buchanan Co., Missouri.

1.      Adell Keene b. 1856

2.     Susan Keene b. 1859


Columbus A.V.I.Keene….ya, what a name.  His full name was Columbus Americus Vespucci Independence Keene.  Now why in the world would anyone name a child that????     Columbus Keene was born in 1843 and was found on the 1850 Census with his parents Benjamin and Jane in Dorchester Co., MD.   I have not been able to find Columbus in the 1860 census, but appears in the 1870 with his family.   Columbus Keene married Sophronia (Stuart) Pate Dec. 27, 1863.   On their marriage certificate her name is spelled Saffrona Pate.      Columbus and Isabelle Sophronia have eleven children:

1.      Fredrick Funston Keene

2.     Benjamin R. Keene b. Mar 23, 1865

3.     George Washington Keene b. Nov 11, 1867 d. October 16, 1915.

4.     Samuel Joseph Keene b. Mar 31, 1871

5.     Charles C. Keene b. Abt 1873

6.     Melvina Mellie Keene b. Jan 21, 1875

7.     Edward Huston Keene, b. abt. 1877

8.     Grover Cleveland Keene b. Dec 4, 1883

9.     Walter F. Keene b. Sep 13, 1885

10.   Jennette Keene b. Feb 3, 1889

11.    Twin girl. B. Feb 3, 1889.  (Must have died soon after birth)


George Washington Keene was born in Buchanan County, Missouri and married Maggie May Funderberg.  The spelling of Maggie’s last name is not known for sure.  It appears on some death certificates of her children spelled both Funderberg and Funderburk.   On Maggie’s death certificate it is spelled Funderburg.    George and Maggie had four children:

1.      Freda Keene b. July 1898

2.     Glayds Keene. B. 1903

3.     Arnold Keene b. 1905   (My father was named after him)

4.     Edith Lillian Keene b. March 19, 1907








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