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Benjamin Keene – Born 1804 Dorchester, Maryland.

Died January 1864 in Winthrop, Missouri.



Much of this are notes to myself as I continue my research.  If you find any information you believe to be incorrect please contact me with the correct information.   I’d love to hear from you!     Debby



Benjamin Keene was the one of six sons born to Benjamin and Anne Keene of Dorchester.       His birth record is found in the Records of Great Choptank Parish, Cambridge, Maryland.


It is believed that Benjamin married Jane W. Waters (Parks) on April 27, 1827.


This information was passed down from previous family or family researchers.   The exact record has not been found, but what was found was a listing of  church records of the Episcopal Methodist church in Baltimore, Maryland.   


Jane W. Parks married Benjamin Rain April 27, 1827.


Children of Benjamin and Jane W. Keene

Benjamin F. Keene b. 1829

John R. Keene b. 1834

Samuel Josiah Keene b. 1839

Columbus A.V.I Keene b. July 1843

Cornelius Keene, b. 1845

Robert Marcellous Keene b. 1848


Now the mystery of Jane W Waters/Parks thing?   Spring of 2003 when I obtained a copy of a court docket dated July 1838.   These documents are very hard to understand but I have been able to decipher some facts.   It states in the record that a Benjamin Keene of B and wife Jane W Keene are arguing a fact  regarding property called Becker’s Island.  The heading of the docket reads:


Keene, Benj & Jane W   VS

Thomas Newton & Evaline

Alex Donoahoe and Mary

Sally and John Atkins


I assume the B means Baltimore.    In the heart of the documents it says the Land in question was owned by Clement Waters and was given to his daughter Jane W. Parks. --BINGO--   Now it confirms that Jane W. was a Parks at one time.  However I have not been able to find out how, why and when she acquired the last name of Parks.    


Apparently Benjamin and Jane won the case because there is another legal disbute over the same land in July of 1852. This suit was between Benjamin Keene and his children after the death of Jane W.  More on that later…


Information from the 1850 census further make this story interesting.  


1850 Census – Dorchester, Maryland – District 1

Benjamin Keene age 45

Jane Keene age 37

Mary A Parks 18

Josiah Keene 11

Columbus Keene 8

Cornelius 6

Robert 3

Joseph  Parks/Harris? Age 18 -

Either Harris or Parks.  It is very hard to read

Now who is Mary A Parks?   Sister, daughter, cousin?  I believe she could not be Jane W. daughter because Jane W. and Benjamin were married in 1827, and Mary would have been born around 1838.    We know Benjamin and Jane W had a son also named Benjamin in 1829.  So therefore we assume they were married at that time.     These issue will be pursued on the Jane W. Waters Keene page.


Benjamin’s wife  Jane W.’s death is confirmed in the cemetery records, Graveyard on the Old Corkran Farm, Bucktown District, Dorchester, MD.      In the cemetery is the following


Mrs Sallie Waters, wife of Clement Waters. Died Nov. 5, 1819. Age 61 years


Jane W., consort of Benj Kenne. Born May 13, 1913 Died July 27, 1851.


In the Chancery Record Abstracts of Dorchester, MD the following is found.


#245 – 1852

Keene, Jane W Dec Spring 1851

Husband Benjamin Keene

Son  Benjamin F. Keene

            Wife Leah H Keene

Son  John Richard Keene – living in St. Joe Mo

Son Samuel Josiah

Son Columbus A.V.I. Keene

Son Albert Cornelius Keene

Son Robert Marcellus Keene


I obtained a copy of some court records dated July 1852 where Benjamin Keene VS Benjamin F. Keene, and John R. Keene and minor children.



After Jane’s death Benjamin remarried in September 19, 1854 in Dorchester, Md to Hannah Anna Slacom.  


Children of Benjiman and Hannah Keene:


Avella Keene  Born 1856 in Buchanan County, Missouri.

Susan R Keene  Born 1859 in Buchanan County, Missouri.


It is unclear when and why Benjamin went to Missouri. 


In the 1860 Census:  Buchanan County, Missouri, Township Washington, Post Office St. Joe Missouri.  Date June 5, 1860


Family#  33-33

Hanah Kein age 22 F Born MD

A Kein age 4 F, Born MO

Mary Baldwin age 38, F, Born KY


Hmmm no sign of Benjamin Keene?


Benjamin Keene dies in 1864.   I have a copy of the probate of Benjamin Keene dated March 8, 1872.    In the documents it state that Benjamin Keene Died interstate in January 1864.  


The petition show the following heirs:

Benjamin F. Keene,  Hannah Keene , John R Keene , Columbus A Keene, Cornelius A Keene, Avella and Susan R Keene.   


Now where is Robert and Samuel?  


It is not known where Benjamin Keene’s final resting place.