29 May 1992- 900 Rock Hill J.C. Mo. 65109

Dear Dale:

Finished talking to you an hour or so ago. Went to Cemetary at Wainwright yesterday - Rained -Found Willie Scott stone broken just below inscription about 1-1/2 to 2 in above ground - not shattered -clean break - run over by tractor mower apparently. The Links are storing it for me temporarily.

Called a man who is to repair and regrout other stones in Cemetary. Can't do until last part of June. Has contract to work on stones at National Cemetary at present. He thinKs he can repair it O.K. (will also clean & sand blast).

I had a long visit with Lois Link & Ed Link. She has some info. that I had never heard, and has notes she took many years ago. She talked to an elderly gentleman by the name of Clay Link. (older than my Mother and now deceased) His Father & Mother came to Callaway at the time of the Scotts and others. The Bushwhackers accused Willie of carrying dispatches and information. According to this man Willie was shot. But my Grandmother says "hanged". She told of rope burns on his neck. Lois & I have come to the conclusion that he was both shot and hanged.

According to Clay Link, the man that did the shooting was freed because he gave the Masonic sign of distress. He also said that most of the men in the party were Masons.

He also gave her five or more names of those in the Lynch party.

Willie's body was brought home and neighbors prepared it for burial. The man (neighbor) that had been recognized came to the house with other neighbors and came in. This greatly upset the family. And for several months the family plotted his death but eventually gave up this plan. Mrs. Link promised to never release these names. However she gave me those she could remember yesterday. I would never want to release them however since many of the decendants still live in the community. (The grandson of one is a very close friend)

I have located a photo of the stone which I am sending you. It was taken several years back and is fairly free of Lichens and moss. Probably better than a recent picture would be. Please (care for) Keep this as I have no neagtive and would like for it to remain in the family.

Willie wrote a second letter in Feb 25, 1865. I have located a very very poor photo copy. It is not readable. My Sister (deceased) had the original & it has been lost.

I plan to go back to see the Links soon & will let you know if I get any more information.

As Ever,
Ed Johnson

Written to Dale Turner, a close friend of Edward Johnson's