Thomas Boyd


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Thomas Boyd of Callaway County, Missouri

Land entered on 29 Feb 1780 in Burke County, North Carolina for John Cummins is described, #1814, p. 602, John Cummins, 50 acres on east of Thomas Boyds survey and west side of James Morrisons line for complement. Entered 29 Feb 1780. Warrant.

In 1787 Bk. B:414-425; John Allen to John McCleland for 100 pds., 200 acres situated on the waters of the Lower Little River adjacent Thomas Boyd's line, being a tract of land conveyed to John Allen by James Morrison dated 18 May 1787 and originally granted to Morrison by grant dated 11 Oct 1783. Wit. John Nesbit, Eliza Nesbit. Rec. 28 Jul 1796

In 1788 in Burke County, North Carolina, Thomas Boyd was named in a list of men who evidently viewed the road from Rocky Ford of the Catawba to the Burke courthouse. The overseer, John Davidson - foreman- reported the road was out of repair.

In Jul 1788 in Burke County, North Carolina, Thomas Boyd was on a list of jurors. Also on this list are John Leech and John Chambers.

He appeared on the census of 1790 in Morgan District, Fifteenth Company, Wilkes Co., North Carolina; 1m +16, 1m -16, 3f.

In 1791 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Thomas Boyd is listed in Capt. Forrister's District with 300 acres, 1 poll. Also listed is Robert Boyd, Robert Boyd, William Boyd, Moses Boyd, the Chambers, the Carsons, Henry Herriford, John Leach.

In 1792 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Thomas is again listed in Capt. Forrester's Dist. (14), as are Robert Boyd, Robert Boyd Sr., Moses Boyd, John Leach, Henry Hereford, Andrew Hereford.

In 1793 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Thomas is listed in Capt. Smith's District (14) as are Robert Boyd, Robert Boyd Jr., Aaron Boyd, Moses Boyd, Henry Herriford, Charles Herriford, Andrew Herriford, John Leach.

On 15 Sep 1794 in Iredell County, North Carolina, Bk. B:414-425; John Allen to John McCleland for 100 pds., 200 acres situated on the waters of the Lower Little River adjacent Thomas Boyd's line, being a tract of land conveyed to John Allen by James Morrison dated 18 May 1787 and originally granted to Morrison by grant dated 11 Oct 1783. Wit. John Nesbit, Eliza Nesbit. Rec. 28 Jul 1796.

On the 20th of August, 1833, Thomas Boyd applied for a pension for his military service in the Revolutionary War. Following are excerpts from his declaration. State of Missouri, Calloway County. On this twentyeth day of August in the year eighteen hundred and thirty three personally appeared in open court before the County Clerk of Calloway County now sitting, Thomas Boyd *** a resident of the said County of Calloway in the State of Missouri aforesaid, aged seventy two years and upwards who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following statement in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress passed June seventh eighteen hundred and thirty two-

I was born on the 10th of March in the year 1761 in York County Pennsylvania according to the uniform statements of my Father and to the registry of my age which I have seen in my Father's bible - what has become of that bible I can not tell, but suppose it to be in possession of some one of my family in North Carolina, to which State I removed along with my Father and family when I was about eight years of age. My Father then settled with his family in what was then called Berk County close to the line of Rowan County. I remained there with my Father and Mother until I was about fifteen years old when the British having landed in Georgia sent emmisaries and officers to the Cherokees to excite them to war against the Americans in which they so well succeeded that the Cherokees became very troublesome on the head waters of Tennessee River and made an attack upon the frontier settlements of North and South Carolina on the waters of the Catawba, the Watenee and the Broad River and succeeded in masacring many of the inhabitants. To repel them, British and Indians, a considerable force was raised of volunteers and drafted Militia under the of one General Rutherford. A brother of mine having volunteered, in order to go along with him, I ran away from my father, being about fifteen years old, in the same company which was commanded by one Captain James Morrison, our Lieut was named Samuel Carson

I left Berk County N.C. in the year '95 after having lived there from my early childhood until that time - thence I moved to Montgomery County Kentucky where I remained until 1826 when I removed thence to Calloway County Missouri where I now live. I am in my 73d year since the 10th day of March last. My Revolutionary services commenced in seventy six when I was in by 15th year, so that taking my youth then and my old age now it ought not to be required of me to state facts with the precision and detail which would suppose a perfect memory; about the year and month in which my first services commenced I am confident that I have stated correctly

There was one Benjamin Robinson living in Kentucky some few years ago who was out with me in my first campaign. I know not if he be yet alive - but there is a Mr. John Hereford living in this county, who was a neighbor of mine in Berks County N.C. who though he was very young during the revolutionary war and did not himself serve, yet must either know that I was out or at least must have heard it spoken of there -

I appeal to his testimony.

John Hereford, a resident of the county of Calloway, aged about fifty nine years being duly sworn saith he is well acquainted with Thomas Boyd the above applicant and that he was born and lived until he was twenty years of age in what was then Berk County ( since Wilkes county ) North Carolina that he lived within a mile and a half from said Boyd in Carolina and knew him there from his earliest infancy - this Deponent recollects very well that Thomas Boyd came to this deponents house to get this Deponents mother to make him a napsack the said Boyd's mother having no daughters to help her though she had seven sons - and as there was a hurry Mr. Boyd got this Deponents mother to help him to fix - this deponent recollects perfectly when Mr. Boyd started into the service and often heard from him whilst he was out this deponent having at the same time a brother in law out along with Mr. Boyd - this Deponent does not recollect how long Thomas Boyd served but from his earliest recollection Boyd was serving and he never returned until the war was considered to be at an end - this Deponent says that the country in which himself and Mr. Boyd lived was a very hot one in those times - this deponent believes that Mr. Boyd stated truely his age in the foregoing petition. Mr. Boyd and his whole family always sustained a character of perfect respectibility at all times, and this Deponent has never heard a word unfavorable to any of them - this deponent further states that Thomas Boyd has raised a family who are all respectable, one of his sons being Col. in this County now- this deponent farther states that he recollects that just after the close of the revolutionary war Thomas Boyd was elected a Lieutenant in the first company that this deponent ever mustered in in Carolina - and this Deponent farther saith not - John Heryford.

Subscribed and sworn to before me clerk of the county Court of Calloway. County in open Court this 20th day of August 1833. I. O. Hockaday, Clerk.


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