Genealogical Descendency Data

Genealogical Descendency Data
Sutton Crutchfield

Information submitted by June Mengwasser

June 21, 2003

Descendancy Narrative of Sutton Crutchfield

I. Sutton Crutchfield was born circa 1805 in Ky (Based on age in 1850 Census). His first name was Elizar. He married Molly Railsback, daughter of Daniel Railsback and Elizabeth Dossee, on 17 Nov 1825 in Clark Co., Ky. Molly died sometime after the birth of their son Wesley in 1837. He purchased property in Clark Co., Ky, in 1839, 13 acres from Benjamin Oliver, who had moved to Callaway Co., Missouri. He married Jane (--?--) while still in Clark Co., Ky. He sold property in Clark Co., Ky, in 1852, 13 acres to William Tuttle. On 4 Oct 1852 in Clark Co., Ky., Sutton Crutchfield signed over a promisory note from a neighbor to his daughter, Elizabeth Davis. Elizabeth and her husband, William Davis, took note to court to get payment. Sutton purchased property in Callaway Co., Mo, on 1 Aug 1853, patenting 80 acres from the US Government in S20, T47, R7. The patent was recorded 22 May 1872, Book 3, pgs 436 & 437. He died in late Dec 1869 in Callaway Co., Mo. After he died, his 2nd wife was living on her own, but when she died on 8 July 1892, she was apparently living with Thomas Jones: "Died at the residence of Mr. Thos. Jones, near Readsville, on Friday, July 8th, 1892, Mrs. Jane Crutchfield, aged 76. Mrs. Crutchfield was a native of Kentucky." The 21 Jul 1892 edition of the same paper states July 1st and that she was 73 years old. She left property to several of the Jones family members, including Thomas and Bluford, in her will, however she had lost real estate via a Sheriff’s sale several years earlier, so her will was not probated. I have not been able to locate their gravesites, or to determine her maiden name.

A. Lucy A. Crutchfield was born circa 1826. She married Thomas S. Adams on 11 Feb 1846 Clark Co, Ky (The date may have been 23 Feb 1846). She and her husband apparently died before 1860, since in the 1860 Missouri Census, their daughter Martha is living with her Grandfather Sutton Crutchfield and their daughter Mary is living with her Aunt Martha Christopher.

1. Mary Adams was born circa 1847.

2. Martha Adams was born circa 1849.

B. Martha J. Crutchfield. She was born in 1829 in Clark Co, Ky. She married Charles H. Christopher on 28 Apr 1853 in Clark Co., Ky (Marriage records give her age as 22). She died on 15 May 1915 Callaway Co, Mo, at age 86. She was buried after 15 May 1915 at Yucatan Baptist Church, Callaway Co, Mo.

1. John W Christopher was born circa 1852.

2. Amanda Christopher was born circa 1854.

3. Wiley Jackson Christopher was born on 12 Nov 1856. He died on 9 Mar 1924 in Montgomery Co, Mo, at age 67. He was buried after 9 Mar 1924 at Liberty Baptist Church, Yucatan, Callaway, mo.

4. Frances Christopher was born circa 1862 in Readsville, Callaway, Mo.

5. Henderson Christopher was born circa 1864 in Readsville, Callaway Co, Mo.

6. Martha E. Christopher was born on 17 Nov 1865. She died on 17 Jul 1883 in Callaway Co., Mo, at age 17. She was buried after 17 Jul 1883 at Readsville ME Church, Callaway Co., Mo.

7. Martha Christopher was born on 18 Oct 1866 in Readsville, Callaway, M0.

8. Howell Christopher was born circa 1871 in Readsville, Callaway, Mo.

9. David Christopher was born circa 1874 in Readsville, Callaway, Mo.

C. Elizabeth Crutchfield. She was born in Aug 1833 in Clark Co., Ky. (Date is from 1900 Missouri Census). She married William Davis on 16 Sep 1852 Clark Co., Ky. She died after 1900 but before 1910, as she is not in the 1910 Census with her family. Her husband died 24 July 1914: "Uncle William Davis, an old man about 85 years old, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carl Hoopsecker, near Steedman, and was buried near Readsville last week." Missouri Death Certificate #106/5155-21998 gives ages as 'about 90' but no birthdate. The 1900 Missouri Census gives his birth date as Aug 1830. I have not been able to find her or her husband’s gravesites.

1. James Sutton Davis was born on 19 May 1854 Clark Co., Ky. He married Bertha Ann Sieckmann, daughter of John Henry Sieckmann and Mary Eliza Rosenbaum, on 18 Dec 1889 in Fulton, Callaway Co., Mo. He died on 17 Nov 1931 Mo. at age 77. He was buried after 17 Nov 1931 at the Holiness Church Cemetery, near Reform, Callaway Co., Mo. He is my great-grandfather.

2. T. John Davis was born in Jun 1857 (Date is from 1900 Callaway Co Census).

3. Frances Davis. She was also known as Fannie. She was born on 28 May 1858 (Date from tombstone in Liberty Cemetery). She married Carl Hopsecker on 8 Feb 1880; the name on license says Jane. She died on 2 Jan 1929 at age 70 (Date from Liberty Cemetery tombstone). She was buried after 2 Jan 1929 Liberty Cemetery, near Reform, Callaway Co., Mo.

4. Nancy E. Davis. Her married name was Lyman. She was born in Sep 1863 (Date is from 1900 Callaway Co Census). She married Theodore J. Lyman on 25 Aug 1892 Toledo, Callaway Co., Mo (License says 'both of Toledo').

5. Wm Davis was also known as Wm. Henry (Haines) Davis. He was born circa 1866. He died on 20 Feb 1936 Fulton, Callaway Co., Mo (Died Thursday at his home on St. Louis Avenue of a stroke; aged 69. Son of William and Elizabrth Davis; born near Readsville. Married Hattie Craghead in Fulton; she survives. One son, Robinson Davis. One sister, Mrs. W.H. Harvey. One brother, Sam Davis, of Everson, Washington. 3 sisters and 2 brothers preceeded him in death). He was buried after 20 Feb 1936 at Mount Carmel Cemetery, Callaway Co., Mo.

6. Kate Davis. She was born on 14 Jun 1869. She married William H. Harvey on 30 Aug 1914 Steedman, Callaway Co., Mo. She died on 1 Jul 1923 at age 54. She was buried after 1 Jul 1923 Ham's Prairie Cemetery, Callaway Co., Mo.

7. W. Samuel Davis was born in Aug 1873 (Date is from 1900 Callaway Co Census).

8. Emma Davis. She was born on 6 Jun 1876. She married William H. Harvey after 1 Jul 1923. She died on 6 May 1947 in Callaway Co., Mo, at age 70 (Date from tombstone in Ham's Prairie Cemetery). She was buried after 6 May 1947 at Ham's Prairie Cemetery, Callaway Co., Mo.

D. Westley Crutchfield was born on 22 Feb 1837 Clark Co., Ky. He married Nancy H. Miller on 27 Oct 1859 in Callaway Co., Mo. He died on 24 Mar 1921 at his son's home in Versailles, Morgan Co., Mo, at age 84. He was buried on 26 Mar 1921 at Hopewell Cemetery, Morgan Co., Mo. His wife has a marker but he does not, although the death certificate indicates that this is the cemetery where he was buried. They also have a son buried in the same cemetery.

Printed on: 13 Jun 2003

Prepared by: June Mengwasser