The History and Genealogy of Callaway County, Missouri

Halifax County, Virginia

 Halifax Co., VA (at bottom center)

If you are a Callaway County, Missouri researcher and have traced your ancestors back into the early 1820's to late 1830's in Callaway County, you no doubt have come across a link or two back to Halifax County, Virginia or in a few cases the counties immediately surrounding Halifax County. That is why you will find this page placed on a Callaway County, Missouri website. Many of us have reached that 'dead end' when we discover that our ancestors migrated here from Virginia from census information and when we dig into it further we find that it is 'Halifax County, VA'. Now where do we start for information in Virginia. Hopefully the links provided below will give you that headstart in finding your roots in Virginia.

Some Virginia Marriages 1800 - 1825
Cemeteries (USGS-GNIS) of Halifax County
Churches (USGS-GNIS) of Halifax County
Schools (USGS-GNIS) of Halifax County
Populated Places (USGS-GNIS) of Halifax County
Streams (USGS-GNIS) of Halifax County


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