The History and Genealogy of Callaway County, Missouri

Physicians and Undertakers In Callaway County listed in the Mortality Schedules 1883-1888

N. F. Baker MD Fulton MO C H Bauer & Company Fulton MO
J. J. Bolton MD Williamsburg MO Bauer & Gerhardt Fulton MO
C. Brooks MD New Bloomfield MO W. C. Cole Williamsburg MO
Jos. T. Brown MD Fulton MO Chas. Gerhardt Fulton MO
Brown & Poage MDs Shamrock MO Geodfrey Gerhardt Fulton MO
H. H. Core MD Stephens MO T J Gibbs Auxvasse MO
S. S. Davis MD Barkinsville [sic] MO Gorgus Callaway CO MO
Benj. F. Bush MD Portland MO Humphreys & Robnett Fulton MO
W. C. Christian MD Guthrie MO J. R. James New Bloomfield MO
Geo. S. Collier MD St. Aubert Mo Jno. Jones New Bloomfield MO
H. E. Craig MD Auxvasse Mo Keeling Holts Summit MO
S. S. Davis MD Barkinsville [sic] MO Jas. Kelso McCredie MO
J. B. Gathright MD James W Lynes County Farm
Jno. Hamilton MD Bachelor Mo McKlein Portland MO
J. H. Howard MD Fulton Mo Margorian & Schusley Fulton MO
J. C. Hulen MD Millersburg MO J W Moore Readsville MO
F. P. Hulen MD McCredie MO D. H or A Robnett Millersburg MO
W. F. Humphreys MD Fulton MO G F Rootes Hord MO
J. T. Keeling MD Cedar Tsp Callaway Co T. A. Worley
W. S. McCall MD Reform Mo
Geo. D. Miller MD Millersburg Mo
Thos. M. Nixon MD Hams Prairie MO
A. D. Offutt MD Readsville MO
R. B. T. Olivier MD Fulton Mo
J. K. Pemberton MD New Bloomfield MO
S. M. Poage MD Shamrock MO
S. J. Rootes MD Cote Sans Dissen
E. F. Scott MD Fulton MO
R. G. Sims MD Auxvasse MO
Reuben S. Simcoe Calwood Tsp
C. L. Tarlton MD Cedar City MO
Jno M. Tate MD Calwood Mo
G. W. White MD Auxvasse Mo
M. Yates MD Fulton Mo