War of 1812 Soldiers in Callaway County, Missouri

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1812 Soldiers in Callaway County, Missouri


The War of 1812 was a conflict between the United States and Britain that began in 1812 and lasted until early 1815. President James Madison requested a declaration of war to protect American ships on the high seas and to stop the British from impressing or seizing U.S. sailors. U.S. ships were being stopped and searched by both Great Britain and France, who were fighting each other in Europe. President Madison also wanted to prevent Britain from forming alliances with Native Americans on the American frontier. His decision was influenced by Americans in the West and South, who hoped to expand the United States by seizing control of both Canada and Florida. Critics called the War of 1812 “Mr. Madison's War,” but others saw it as a “second war of independence,”

The law of March 3, 1850, was passed especially for Mexican War veterans, but it also applied to those who saw service in the War of 1812. Under this law, a veteran could acquire ownership without cost, except for fees, up to a total of 160 acres that the federal government had readied for sale

A Federal Pension Act of 1871 also included War of 1812 Veterans, or their widow-dependents.

This information is quite valuable due to the birthdates, or ages, and nativity

Fulton Telegraph 1870,1871 & 1915; History of Callaway county 1884; Auxvasse Review, Missouri State Archives


Page 372 Callaway County History

"In January 1858, there was a meeting of the soldiers of the War of 1812, held in Fulton, embracing the following veterans of that war. No soldiers entered the war from Callaway County, for at that time the county had not been formed. the names of the soldiers found below were men who emigrated to the county from other states:_"

Stephen Brown, 80 yrs old; John Holt, 77; John Duncanson, 72; Stephen Maddox. 72; William Martin, 71; William Smith, 70; G. T. Johnson, 68; William Jones, 68; Samuel Miller, 68; Jesse Bull, 70; Jerre Muir, 67; S. Sheley, 67; Job Cutis, 67; R. Reily, 67; Charles Maddox, 67; W. W. Snell, 66; J. J. Adcock, 66; Robert Read, 66; J. A. Robinson, 66; George Herring, 66; John Bennett, 65; Asa Williams, 65; J. B. Finley, 65; Samuel Darby, 65; J. C. Anderson, 65, David Dunlap, 64; James MCNite[sic] 64; John Burdett, 64; James Davis, 64; G. B. Hopkins, 63; N. Glasgow, 63; John Boyd, 61; John West, 61.

From the Telegraph- 4 July 1879 Re: The meeting in 1858
In January 1858, there was a meeting of the soldiers of the war of 1812 held in this city, embracing the following veterans of that war, together with their ages and physical condition at that time:

Stephen Brown, 80 years of age, weak from age.; John Holt, 77 years of age, crippled.; Jno. Duncanson, 72 years, health indifferent; Stephen Maddox, 72 years old, nearly blind.;Wm. Martin, 71 years old, good health.;Wm Smith, 70 years old, health good.;G.T. Johnson, 68 years old, health indifferent.;Wm. Jones, 68 years old, crippled.;Samuel Miller, 68 years old, health good.; Samuel Miller, 68 years old, health good; Jesse Bull, 70 years old, sick.;Jerry Muir, 67 years old, health good.; S. Sheley, 67 years old, health not good.;John Curtle, 67 years old, very infirm.;R. Reily, 67 years old, health good.;Chas. Maddox, 67 years old, very sick and infirm. W.W. Snell, 66 year, good health.;J.J. Adcock, 65 years, good health.;Robert Read, 66 years, health tolerable.; J.A. Robertson, 66,years, health good.;Geo. Herring, 66 years, good health.;Jno. Bennett, 65 years, good health.;Asa Williams, 65 years, good health.; .B. Finley, 65 years, health not good.; Sam'l Darby, 65 years, health good.; J.C. Anderson, 65 years, health good.; David Dunlap, 64 years, health good; James McNite, 64 years, health good.; John Burdit, 64 years, health good.; James Davis, 64 years, health good. ;J.B. Hopkins, 63 years, health good.;M. Glasgow, 63 years, health good.; John Boyd, 61 years, health good.;John West, 61 years, health good.

The men still living from the above list on the 1879 list of 1812 veterans are noted below under comments:

Men listed in the call from the Fulton Telegraph for War of 1812 Soldiers and men over 70 yrs in 1870 and 1871

1867: "First Reconstruction  Act (over Johnson veto) leads to anti-discrimination statutes   beginning of Congressional “Radical Reconstruction:” military rule, confiscation and  redistribution of property, aid to schools, vote - Republican control of politics; “carpetbaggers,” “scalawags” (Whig planters and merchants), poor white farmers, freedmen. Ends by mid 1870s as result of violence and corruption scandals,during Reconstruction days, many Democrats were "defranchised" and couldn't vote."

Name Residence Age in 1870 or birthdate Born Battles to MO Defranchised Comments
Adair, John Bourbon Township 75 Ky   1830 yes  
Adams, Elijah   Feb 27 1800 Bethel Co., Ky     yes  
Adcock, Joel Bourbon township 78 yrs- in Jan 1870 Va Craney Island, Norfolk, Va-guarded Norfolk, Va 1831   Listed in 1879 list of 1812 soldiers as 85 yrs old
Allen, Archibald Concord area Jan 7, 1795 Bottourt co.,Va near Norfolk, Va-Guarded Norfolk, Va. 1821 yes  
Bailey, Benjamin   June 3 1788 Chesterfield Co., Va   1818 yes  
Bailey, George W   72 on April 10 1870     41 yrsa yes 3 mos in War of 1812- rec'd $24 payment
Bailey, King   78 Va        
Baker, Martin   75       yes  
Baker, William M.   73 Bourbon Co., Ky        
Barnes, Alfred   80 Md.        
Bell, James R              
Berry, Caleb E.              
Board, John              
Boyce, Col. John              
Boyd, John     Mont. Co., Ky   ca 1820 yes  
Brandon, Robert Cedar Township June 1788 Halifax Co., Va Norfolk, Va-1812 & 1813 1831 yes  
Briscoll, James H              
Brown, William Cedar Township 80          
Bryan, Joseph T Fulton Township Feb 13, 1800 Fayette Co, Ky        
Bryan, Thomas I Concord 85 Ky        
Burditt, John   88          
Burt, George W              
Callaway, Thomas Refrom Township 77          
Carter, Creed   70 Va        
Chiles, John Cedar Township 72 Va        
Churchill, John   July 31 1799 Halifax Co., Va     yes  
Collins, Barba       Fought at battle of New Orleans.     listed in 1879 list of 1812 soldiers as 86 yrs old
Craghead, William   July 10 1795 Franklin Co., Va to Bedford Co., Va   1818- 1819 present day Callaway Co.    
Crist, Godfrey   1789 Prussia 18 yr resident      
Criswell, William   Sept 5 1795 Washington Co., Pa   1819 to Callaway Co   to Ky until 1819
Crooks, John   71 Ky   over 40 yrs    
Davis, James   75 Ky        
Davis, Jasper   78          
Davis, J. R.             listed in 1879 list of 1812 veterans- age 84- probably Jasper or James Davis
Dulin, Thomas G. Fulton Township April 20 1800 Mont. Co., Ky   1820- St. Charles, Mont. Co., Gasconade Co, in 1832-to Callaway Co   Moved to Shelby Co., Ky 1812
Elley, Henry   1790 Culpeper Co., Va   1835 yes  
English, Morgan              
English, William              
Ewing, Patrick   Dec 2 1792 Lee Co., Va Guarded Norfolk, Va.
1817   served 6 mos in Blackhawk War, too- also listed in 1879- list as 87 yrs old
Finley, John Bourbon Township 73 Va     yes  
Ferguson, Swon   Sept 17 1796 Orange Co., Va- to Tn- for 1`8 yrs   1820-Mont Co., Mo   yes
Ferrier, Thomas Reforn Township 72          
Gaines, Gideon Concord 81 Md       listed in 1879 list as 90 yrs old- see below for death
Galwith, J. H.   July 7 1783 Mont. Co., Maryland   1845, Callaway Co   died 22 Mar 1870- Oldest man in CC
Garrett, W. B. Reform Township 70   Guarded Richmond, Va     listed in 1879 list of 1812 veterans- age 79
Gibbs, Churchill J   Jan 21 1797 Scott Co, Ky   1836 yes  
Gibbs, Samuel C   Jan 1 1800 Scott Co, Ky   1829 yes  
Gibson, John              
Gillman, W. J. Reform Township            
Glasgow, Nathan   77 Ky Battle of New Orleans 1822    
Glover, Jesse   1790 Buckingham Co., Va Guarded Norfolk, Va. 1835, Callaway yes died 1879- see obit below
Grant, Capt. Samuel M              
Gray, John B. Cedar Township            
Gray, William Cedar Township 80 Tn        
Griffin, German Fulton township 70 VA        
Griffin, James M.             on 1879 list of 1812 veternas- 81 yrs old
Guthrie, Samuel T. Cedar Township June 3 1793 Ky   1811 yes  
Hardin, Arch Concord 83 Va        
Harding, Maj. E. A., Sr              
Harrison, James   82 Va   1815 yes  
Harrison, Maj. John   1791 Botetourt Co., Va   1817- Howard Co.1827 Callaway Co   Claims to be the oldest settler in Callaway CO.
Hempstead, Stephen St Aubert's township May 3, 1787   See below for detailed information 1862- Callaway Co yes had to leave Tn-1862- refused to join in rebellion against Union
Henderson, John              
Herring, George, Sr   75 Albemarle Co., Va   1835 yes served 6 mos under Col. Ballou in Gen, Porterfield's Division
Hill, John   oct 21 1797 Albemarle Co., Va   1835. Callaway Co.    
Hopkins, George B   76- April 4, 1794 Caroline Co., Va 2 Campaigns in War of 1812   yes JP for 20 yrs, Callway Co- 1879 list for 1812 veterans - 85 yrs old
Hubbard, Thomas B Cedar Township 73 Madison Co., Ky        
Humphreys, Samuel   1795 Greenbriar Co., Va   1818 yes  
Hunter, Robert   1795 N.C.   1815 yes  
Hyten, Stephen             1879 list of 1812 veterans- age unknown
Jameson, Samuel   75 Mont. Co., Ky   1820 yes  
Jolly, John   85 Ky   1837    
Johnson, George   1790 Va   1838   81 yrs old
Lawrence, James              
Leech, Joseph   1795 N.C.   1822, Callaway yes  
McCracken, Otho   81 Scott or Bourbon Co, Ky     yes see below
McLeon, John   81   Went to defense of Washington City.      
Miller, Thomas   85 Ky   over 50 yrs    
Martin, John P.              
Martin, William     Tn   1812 yes  
Moss, James Bourbon Township 70 Ky        
Muir, Jeremiah   about 84 Ky   ca 1830 yes  
Myers, Lewis              
Palmer, Joel       Fought at Battles of Bladensburg and Baltimore.     Listed as 83 yrs old in 1879- CCH
Pasley, Soloman   1795 Franklin co., Va       Legislator of Va 1838, public officer of Franklin Co. Va for 30 yrs
Reese, James   June 13 1798 BuckinghamCo., Va   1841 yes  
Renoe, Richard D. Reform Townshup Oct 1 1798 Prince William Co., Ma-   1825- Callaway Co yes to Ky 1810
Rice, Absalom   Nov 17 1795 TN- to Ky   1831 yes  
Riley/Ryley, Samuel Concord 79 Pa        
Robinson, John   June 8 1797 Bourbon Co., Ky   1817- 1827 CallawayCo   bought land @ $1.00 per acre
Scholl, John              
Sheley, Benjamin   84 Va        
Shepard, Thomas Reform Township oct 11 1791 Culpeper Co Va        
Sinclair, William Concord 72 Ireland Battle of New Orleans 1830 yes  
Smith, Elkana   78 Mont. Co., Ky   1836   Lived where the Fulton County Club Golf Course is now
Steenburgen, Peter H. Cedar Township 60 Barren Co., Ky     yes  
Strother, French   Jan 20 1792 Culpeper Co., Va   1856 yes  
Suggett, Thomas S   73[1871]   Acted as bugler in R. M. Johnson's cavalry from Ky.     Listed in 1879 list of 1812 soldiers- age unknown
Truitt, Thomas   76 Ky        
Vinson, Wiley   May 4 1794 Summers Co., Ts Guarded public stores in Peachland, Choctow Nation.
1840 yes on 1879 list as 85 yrs old
Wallace, William             on 1879 list of 1812 veterans - age unknown
West, John   May 28 1790 Bourbon Co., Ky 1833 - Callaway Co      
Wient, Alexander F   78 N.C. 1837-Callaway Co   yes  
Wren, Reform Township 74          



Fulton Telegraph
2 June 1871

Stephen Hempstead

Editor Telegraph: In a list of the Old Soldiers of the was of 1812, now living in Callaway county and published by you some time since. Stephen Hempstead of St. Aubert township was left out. In a letter addressed to the writer of this article, dated May 28th: he alluded to this omission.
Mr. Hempstead volunteered early in the war of 1812 at St. Charles, in a company commanded by Alexander McNair, and together with other companies made headquarters at Fort Howard under Col. Henry Dodge, by whom he afterwards proved his service and obtained a U.S. Land Warrant.Mr. Hempstead came to this county from Tennessee during the war. He says that as to his loyalty he is "one of the old blue hen's chickens and was never ever suspected , except by Messs. Henderson, Cornell and Thomas."Mr. Hempstead has just entered his 85th year, having been born May 3, 1787.Mr. Hempstead apologizes for his writing (which by the by is a remarkable hand for a man of his age,) by saying that it is better than Horace Greeleys which is some consolation to him.


Fulton Telegraph
4 July 1879

Glover, Jesse

Death of An Old Soldier, Died at his residence, near Ham's Prairie, in this county, on Saturday evening, June 28, 1879, Jesse Glover, one of our solidest and best citizens. He was born in Buckingham county, Va., August 10, 1790, came to this State in 1832 and settled in this county. He was first married to Eliza Anderson and second to Susan Williamson; was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was a brother of Peter G. Glover, of Cole County, who was appointed State Treasurer, January 11, 1843, and died in October 1851. He leaves several children, Sterling and Edward Glover, Mrs. Charles Smart, Mrs. Jesse Parr and Mrs. A. Gill and a beloved wife and many relatives and friends.
In 1830 he made a confession of faith in Christ, and was baptized by Elder John Smith, Untied with the Christian Church, he ever afterwards tried to make Solomon's the rule and guide of his life. - "Fear God and keep his commandments." The funeral services were conducted on last Lord's Day afternoon by Elder E.R. Childers. The large audience in attendance testified to the high esteem in which he was held by neighbors and friends. May God Bless his widow, children and relatives.

Missouri Telegraph
19 February 1915


The story printed in this newspaper about the daughters and granddaughters of veterans of the War of 1812 ; is revealing the fact that there are quite a few still living in the Kingdom. A note from Mrs. Charles White said that she is a granddaughter of John Burdett, a soldier of the war of 1812 and her mother , Mrs. Nancy Steele, who is still living, was a daughter of Mr. Burdett.
Mrs. Steel has the pension papers of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Burdett which showed that she received a pension for services rendered by her husband in that strife. John Burdett, who was a Virginian, of the 43rd Regiment of Virginia Militia. He secured his discharge in Richmond, Va.A description of Mr. Burdett in his pension papers, shows he was about 5 feet, 10 inches. in height. He was married in Fulton township to Miss Elizabeth Wood, march 6, 1845, by John R. Craighead, at that time a justice of the peace. Mr. Burdett had been married once before that, his first wife, having died. He died October 1, 1876.Mr. Burdett came to Callaway county from Franklin county, Virginia in 1829 and resided in the Kingdom up to the time of his death. His wife came to this county from Bedford county, Virginia, about 1844 and also lived her until her death.


Gideon Gaines, who is buried in Richland, was a soldier in that battle in which the Great Indian Chief, Tecumseh, was slain, and saw him get his death wound. He was the great-grandfather of Mrs. J. B. Sharp, Mrs. R. E Fischer, and Miss Calla Baynham of Fulton. Mrs. J. W. McIntyre is a granddaughter of the former soldier. He returned [sic] to Callaway county after the war and lived here a number of years before death occurred. He was in several of the important engagements of that war. Recently the United States government arranged to mark the graves of the departed soldiers of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and the graves of Mr. Gaines is one of those that is thus to be honored.


Otho McCracken, Sr., was a soldier in the war of 1812 and has a number of descendants living in the Kingdom. Mrs. M. R. Thornhill, of FulTon, is a daughter, and one of the few remaining daughters of veterans of 1812 who are still alive. Otho McCracken , north of Fulton, is a son. Mr. McCracken also lies buried in the Richland Cemetery.

The War of 1812 ended with the Treaty of Peace and Amity between His Britannic Majesty and the United States of America, Concluded at Ghent, December 24, 1814; Ratification Advised by Senate, February 16, 1815; Ratified by President; February 17, 1815; Ratifications Exchanged at Washington, February 17, 1815; Proclaimed, February 18, 1815.

Refer: Fulton Telegraph 1870 & 1871, 1915 ; History of Callaway county 1884; Auxvasse Review; Missouri State Archives; Encarta;


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