The Oath of Loyalty

Prescribed by the Constitution. Adopted in 1865

Required of all Confederates as part of their release, after the Surrender



I _____________________________________of ______________________do solemnly swear that I am well

acquainted with the terms of the Third Section of the Second Article of the Constitution of the State of Missouri, adopted in the year Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Five, and have carefully considered the same; that I have never, directly or indirectly, done any of the acts in said section specified; thatI have always trully and loyally on the side on the side of the United States against all enemies thereof; foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States, and will support the Constitution and laws there of. as the supreme law of the land, any law or ordance of any state to the contary notwithstanding; that I will to the best of my ability protect and defend the Union of the United States, and not allow the same to be broken up and idsolved, or the Government thereof to be destroyed and overthrown, undr any circumstances, if in my power to to prevent it; that I support the Constitutin of the State of Missouri; that I make this oath without any mental reservation or evasion and hold it binding to me.

Subscribe and sworn to before me this _______
day of__________________1865.




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