Battle of Moore's Mill

{History of Callaway County 1884- Pages 391, 392 and 393}

  On the 29th day July, 1862, a battle was fought at Moore's Mill, in Callaway County. This the only engagement that took place in Callaway County between the Federals and Confederates. The account following was taken from the Missouri Telegraph. There were fifty nine Federals killed and twenty seven Confederates.

"After issuing our extra of the 29th ult., we have been able to obtain the following list of the loss in the battle of Moore's Mill, seven miles northeast of this city between Colonel Porter, of the Confederate army, and detachments of Federals under Colonel Guitar, his  principal  officers being Lieutenant Colonel Shaffee and Major Clopper of the Missouri troups and Major Caldwell of the Third Iowa. Our readers may rely on the following as correct:"-



Merrill's Horse
Killed: Seargeant Cameron 
Company K- Bugler Ludwigstize, Private MCBride, 
Company I- Private James Taylor 
Wounded: Company K: 

Lieutenant Myers, several places, severe; -Private Liechte  in the knee, slight;-  Privat Hoye in the groin and breast- mortal-Private Vankamp in leg, severe -Private Kidner in leg  severe-Corporal Bower in leg and shoulder severe  Company H: Private N. H. Truder in arm, slight-Private E. Toyer in eye and head severely  Company I: First Seargent G. Bradshaw  in neck and shoulder severe-Private J. J. Long in arm and shoulder severe 

Third Iowa Calvary
Company E: 
James Cross-B. F. Holland-John Morgan 
Company G: 
Robert Parker
Company E: 
T. Johnson in thight slight- C. Gregory in breast severe- M. J. Clark in groin severe-W. F. Craven in arm and knee slight- M. Worley in leg slight- J. Worley in shoulder slight- H. Morris in arm slight-G.Cheatham in in breast severe- J. Harber in cheek and shoulder severe- 
Company G: 
S. Shane in leg severe- J. Burton in leg slight- R. Watts in shoulder severe- W. Vandyke in breast severe- J. A. Dunham in arm severe- 
Company H: 
C. W. Gleason in leg and foot- F. W. Campbell in shoulder severe- S. H. Owens in the shoulder- A. C. Barker 
Louisiana Independent Reb Rovers
Wounded: G. W. Selvey in breast severe [since died] - L. B. McCans in neck mortal, [since died]- A. D. Tipple in leg and shoulder severe- W. Ousley in wrist severe- W. Codey in thigh severe- Oscar Gilber inleg severe- W. P. McCans in face severe- T. R. Doge in leg slight- George W. Moore. 
Parts of Company A, B. G, and F of the 9th Missouri -Col. Guitar
Colonel Guitar
, Richard Baker, George Schultz 
Bugler Gallaty in several places dangerous- HG. Sharder in head sevre- P. Knitzer in head severe- L. Snowden mortally- J. Tudor in leg severe- W. A. Mason in hip and hand severe- H. Shultz in thight slight- ____Fleming in arm severe- R. H. Breeze in head slight- M. Dalton in elbow slight- E. C. Music. 
The above includes the entire list of killed and wounded  on the part of the Federals, except those of the Indiana Battery, of which we learn one was killed and two wounded. Thus, it will be seen that the entire number of killed and wounded of the Federals foots up fifty-nine. Several of those who were wounded have died since the day of the battle. The whole number of the Federal killed amounts to twenty-seven.  

The Rebel Loss in killed and wounded amounts to twenty seven. Five of this number were killed out right and one has since died. We have ot been able to learn the names of all the dead and wounded of the rebels, many of the wounded refusing to give their names.  
The following is as perfect a list as could be obtained: 

Captain Penny of Marion County killed by grape shot- Private J. Fowler killed by a minie ball- C. H. Hance of Randolph County wounded in arm and thigh very severe- D. P. Brown of Boone County wounded in heard mortally- William Gibson of Scotland County wounded inleft shoulder not dangerous- Thomas B. Moore of Lincoln County wounded in left breast sevree-James Tolson of Boone County wounded n leg below knee severe- G. T. Joyner of Shelbyville, MO wounded  in leg severe- John McKnight of Boone County wounded in shoulder severe-  J. W. Splawn of Ralls County wounded in breast [ since died] - E. B. McGee of Monroe County wounded in head dangerous- George D. J. Endine of Marion County- ____Tole of Marion County- _____Hamilton of Marion County 
We did not learn the charater of the wounds of thelast three but understand they were badly wounded. 
The foregoing includs the names of all the rebel dead and wounded that we could obtain. We regret that we cannot give the names of all of their killed and wounded; and our of their entire loss [twenty seven] we can only give the names above. We do not suppose they took anyof their wounded off with them, for they had no means of carrying them, haveing no wagons or ambulances. Porter carries no tents, no cannon, no trains, no supplies. He and his men sleep on blankets beneath the trees and subsist on the supplies they get from friend and foe on their way. 
There was one prisoner- Doctor William W. McFarlane,brother of Captain McFarlane of Colonel Guitar's regiment- taken by the Union troups on the battlefield.
The Rebels took no prisoners."