The Battle of Moore's Mill, Callaway Co., MO

29 July 1862

taken from the Missouri Telegraph a list of killed and wounded
The battle took place between Colonel Porter, of the Confederate army, and detachments of Federals under Colonel Guitar, his principal officers being Lieutenant-Colonel Shaffee and Major Clopper, of the Missouri troops, and Major Caldwell, of the Third Iowa.

Merrill's Horse (Killed)
Sergeant Cameron comp K                           Bugler Ludwigstize comp K                          
Private McBride comp K Private Walters comp K
James Taylor comp I

Merrill's Horse (Wounded)
Lieut. Myers comp K in several places - severe
Private Liechte comp K in knee - slight
Private Hoye comp K in groin and breast - mortal
Private Vankamp comp K in leg-severe
Corporal Bower comp K       in leg and shoulder - severe
Private Kidner comp K in leg - severe
Private J. J. Long comp I arm and shoulder - severe
First Sergeant G. Bradshaw         comp I               in neck and shoulder - severe            
Private E. Toyer comp H in eye and head - severe
Private N. H. Truder comp H in arm-slight

Third Iowa Cavalry (killed)
James Cross comp E                                  B. F. Holland comp E                                    
John Morgan comp E Robert Parker comp G

Third Iowa Cavalry (wounded)
T. Johnson comp E in thigh - slight
C. Gregory                comp E            in breast - severe  
M. J. Clark comp E in groin - severe
W. F. Craven comp E in arm and knee - slight  
M. Worley comp E in leg - slight
J. Worley comp E in shoulder - slight
H. Morris comp E in arm - slight
G. Cheatham                     comp E               in breast - severe
J. Harber comp E in cheek and shoulder - severe             
S. Shane comp G in leg - severe
J. Burton comp G in leg - slight
R. Watts comp G in shoulder - severe
W. Vandyke comp G in breast - severe
J. A. Dunham comp G in arm - severe
C. W. Gleason comp H in leg and foot
F. W. Campbell comp H in shoulder - severe
S. H. Owens comp H in shoulder
A. C. Barker comp H

Louisiana Independent Red Rovers (Wounded)
G. W. Selvy in breast - severe (since died) L. B. McCans in neck - mortal (since died)
A. D. Tipple in leg and shoulder - severe W. Ousley in wrist - severe
W. Codey in thigh - severe Oscar Gilbert in leg - severe
W. P. McCans in face -severe T. R. Doge in leg - slight
Geo. W. Moore

Parts of Companies A, B, G, and F of the Ninth Missouri (killed)
Colonel Guitar                         Richard Baker                        George Shultz                         

Parts of Companies A, B, G, and F of the Ninth Missouri (wounded)
Bugler Gallatly     in several places - dangerous   H. Shrader in head - severe
P. Knitzer in head - severe L. Snowden Mortally
J. Tudor in leg - severe W. A. Mason      in hip and hand - severe  
H. Shultz in thigh - slight Fleming in arm - severe
R. H. Breese in head - slight M. Dalton in elbow - slight
E. C. Music

Indiana Battery
not named but one killed and two wounded                                                                            

Rebels wounded or killed 27 total (some would not give names so not a full list)
Captain Penny of Marion County killed by grape shot
Private J. Fowler killed by a minie ball
C. H. Hance of Randolph County     wounded in arm and thigh - very severe
D. P. Brown of Boone County wounded in head - mortally
William Gibson of Scotland County wounded in left shoulder - very dangerous    
Thomas B. Moore of Lincoln County wounded in left breast - severe
James Tolson of Boone County wounded in leg, below the knee - severe
G. T. Joyner of Shelbyville, MO wounded in leg - severe
John McKnight of Boone County wounded in shoulder - severe
J. W. Splawn of Ralls County wounded in breast - since died
E. B. McGee of Monroe County wounded in head - dangerous
George D. J. Endine   of Marion County wounded - severe
Tole of Marion County wounded - severe
Hamilton of Marion County wounded - severe

Rebels took no prisoners
Doctor William W. McFarlane, brother of Captain McFarlane, of Colonel Guitar's regiment, taken by the Union troops on the battlefield.