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Names for some of the First Ministers of the Gospel and Justices of the Peace in Callaway County: [M] = minister;   [J] = justice of the peace.
Robert Baker [M], Thomas H. Baker [M],  James Barnes [M],  Theodore Boulware [M], John K. Boyd [J], William Coats [M],  Jacob Coons [M],  Patrick Ewing [J], Thomas J. Ferguson [J], Jabex Ham [M], Zadok Hook [J],  William J. Gilman [J],  David Kirkpatrick [M], Absolom Rice,  Solomon Thomas [J], plus many others  in early Callaway County.

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First Marriage Record in Callaway County:  "Married on 11th January 1821 in the County of Callaway, Cote San Dessein Township, Mr. John Pratt to Miss Amy Baker, by me [Robert Baker] a minister of the Gospel. Recorded 14th April 1821. Attest; Irvine O. Hockaday
Transcription Notes
Just so you understand the brackets [ ] I am using in names and a few dates, if I see a name that I suspect may be spelled different than usual in the listing, then I check on the CD's published by the LDS called, "Vital Records Index of North America". These are a compilation of marriages (and a very few births) that the LDS has filmed in various courthouses all over the country. Each entry has the film series number for any particular name. Then I put the spelling that is on CD in brackets. Only rarely do I put the name as spelled in the book in brackets. If there is a question about an entry I would suggest, that they get a copy of the original record so they can decipher the handwriting for themselves.
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