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Allen Family Cemetery
Cape Girardeau,Co [Missouri]
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Allen Family Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.

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Allen Family Cemetery

Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-

Allen Family Cemetery

     Located in Cape Girardeau County Missouri on County road #371 just off Highway U, turn right and follow #371 about one mile and the Cemetery is located on the left in the middle of a field,, on private property and very hard to see because of the hill sloping..  The following headstones I recorded  and noted many field stones, the cemetery is fenced and kept well….
It is well Kept and located in Cape Girardeau, County Missouri,,,, From Hwy 34 go south to county road 371 about one mile, it is located in a field and cannot be seen from the road,, probably just have to ask some of the neighbors...I have to be honest, I researched this cemetery because of one man who is buried in it,,, Barney B. Allen,, I was born in his house.... Any questions contact me at


McGuire, Luther  F.  b. abt. April 1888,  d. 19 Aug 1932  Mo. Pvt Co. K,  350 Inf 88th Div.. WW1 (drafted on 27 May 1918) Married to Artilda Berry,Note: I am almost certain that Artilda remarried another McGuire.


McGuire,,Alice Fay,, b. 16 Jan 1929 d. 5 April 1929 D/o Luther F. McGuire and Artilda Berry.


 ALLEN, Fredrick  b. 14 Feb 1856  d. 6 Jan 1926 s/o Andrew Allen and Susie Hoffman…wife Emma J. Smith.  First wife Anna Heldermann. Father to, Betty, Elvis, Barney, Lawrence, Ray and Mrs. Leroy Seabaugh


Allen, Emma Jane (Smith), Emma was also known as Mamie.  b. 9 Feb 1876  d. 16 Aug 1929  Wife of Fredrick Allen, d/o of Wright Smith,, committed suicide. Mother to Lawrence, Ray and Mrs. Leroy Seabbaugh,  Five Step Children,


ALLEN, Lawrence   b. 7 March 1901   d. 10 June 1967 Son of Fredrick

and Emma (Smith) Allen


Allen, Barney Burton  b. 22 Feb 1876  d. 2 May 1951 (Drowned) S/o Fred Allen and Ann Heldermann  Husband to Amanda Hanners


Allen, Amanda E.  (Hanners)  b. 9 Dec 1871 d. 29 June 1934  W/o Barney B. Allen.


McGuire, Burnard F.  b. 18 March 1884  d. 10 May 1936

Married to Alice Welker  son of Frank W. McGuire


Stroder, Burl F. (Berry)  b. 33 yrs old.  d. 12 April 1936  Married Vitallis Stroder on 1 Oct 1927  Mother to Betty Lou, Edna Frances and Bobby Franklin Stroder. Daughter of Anna McGuire


Allen, Flossie RC  b. 13 Jan 1905  d. 2 Oct 1982 Daughter of Elvis W and Minnie (Smith) Allen


Allen, Coy   W.  b. 16 Oct 1900  d. 22 jan 1983 Son of Elvis W and Minnie (Smith) Allen


Allen, Elvis W.  b. 22 Jan 1878  d. 11 Oct 1931  son of Fred Allen and Ann Helderman. Married to Minnie Smith on 13 Sept 1899.  Father to Coy and Flossie Allen and Ann Hanners,    Brother to Barney B. Allen, half brother to Lawrence Allen, and four half sisters, Flora More, Bettie Reynolds, Rena Post and Ruth Seabaugh.   


Allen, Minnie C.  b. 5 Feb 1878  d. 26 Sept 1965 wife of Elvis W Allen Sister to Emma (Smith) Allen.


Allen, Alsa Flaud  b. 13 Feb 1903  d. 19 Nov 1922 d/o Elvis and Minnie  C. Allen


Reynolds, Gabriel  b. 30 June 1842  d. 11 July 1916 s/o Walter, Husband

to Emma Reynolds  Husband to Emma B. (Penrod) ….one son.


Reynolds, Emma Bernice (Penrod),  b. 2 Nov 1860  d. 20 March 1926


Reynolds, Harry S.  b. 6 Dec 1888  d. 16 Feb 1971


Reynolds, Susan E.  b. 1 Jun 1893  d. 22 Dec 1961


Allen, Elizabeth  (Berry)     b. 15 Aug 1858 d. 20 Feb 1940  Wife of George C. Mother to Mother to Mrs. Geo. Holmes, Mrs. Hazel Randol and Mrs. Edwin (Lillian Allen) McGuire., Chester and Brown Allen.


Allen, George C.      b. 27 July 1855  d. 5 Aug 1947 married to Elizabeth Berry on 15 March 1876.


Allen, Royal Chester  b. 4 Oct 1891 d. 23 Feb 1969 son of George and Elizabeth (Berry) Allen


Allen, Nancy  b. 3 Feb 1887  d. 1 Feb 1918  Consort of John Allen


Lesley, Rev. James M.  d. 14 Nov 1890  66 yrs 4 mos 20 das.


Lesley, Elizabeth J   b. 19 March 1820  d. 20 Sept 1870


Lesley, Mary E.  b. 3 April 1865  d. 24 April 1885  Wife of J.F. Lesley


The above are the only stones I could fine that I could read.  Most of the information of who they were I got from Obits in the Southeast Missourian…..Billy Crader  Anyone that has anymore information on this cemetery please let me know and I will add it……


Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-

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