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Dunn Cemetery
Cape Girardeau,Co [Missouri]
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Dunn Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.

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Dunn Cemetery
Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-
DUNN CEMETERY (Also known at one time as the Wedekind/Widekend Cemetery)
This is a very old and unkept Cemetery located just North of Whitewater Missouri in Cape Girardeau County. It seems the name of the Cemetery changed when the property around it changed owners.
Adams, William H.
b. 1871 d. 16 August 1878
s/o J.H. & C.A Adams
Brosa, J.H.
b. 15 Jan 1850 d. 29 November 1888
Cook, Connie G
b. 9 Sept 1901 d. 30 March 1918
s/o N.D. & Martha McEntire
(N.D. Cook and Martha McEntire were married 6 Sept 1900)
Cook, Mary Alzettie
b. 10 November 1903 d. 10 Sept 1904
d/o N.D. & Martha McIntire
Cook, Oscar Roy
b. 3 July 1905 d. 30 Oct 1905
s/o N.D. & Martha McEntire
Dunn, John
Died: 21 Dec 1845 68 yrs 2 mos
Dunn, Luella J.
b. 11 March 1862 d. 11 April 1862
d/o P.J.
Dunn, Minnie
b. 12 December 1871 d. 6 Sept 1875
d/o of P.J
. Dunn, P.J.
b. 29 Dec 1834 d. 23 March 1877
(If this is Pleasant J Dunn he married Elizabeth A. Morgon on 3 may 1861)
P.J. is the son of John Dunn.
Maag, Robert W.. s/o of F.& D
died: 26 July 1886
McIntire, James R.
b. 30 June 1875 d. 28 Sept 1956
WW1 Veteran Pvt. U.S. Army,
Inducted at Jackson, Mo. on 7 July 1918, Company M 163rd Infantry then to Company K 320th Infantry to discharge on 30 May 1919
McIntire, William
b. 1866 d. 5 Jan 1935
McIntire, Minnie
b. 24 Oct 1895 d. 12 November 1911
d/o Marv Richard McIntire and Mary Conklin
Scholz, Mary
b. 1884 d. 8 August 1891
Scholz, Emma
b. 26 June 1859 d. 8 November 1890
w/o John G. Scholz
Scholz, William
d. 28 July 1886 1 yr 8mos 2 das
Scholz, Fredrick
b. 26 Nov 1884 d. 28 July 1888
Scholz, Emma b. 11 July 1890 d. 28 July 1890
Spivy, Adline
b. 2 Jan 1847 d. no date
W/o Thomas
Spivy, Thomas R
b. 6 March 1837 d. 19 Oct 1921
Husband to Adline
Stevens,,, Bill
no dates

Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-

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