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Dutchtown Community Cemetery
Cape Girardeau,Co [Missouri]
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Dutchtown Community Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.

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Dutchtown Community Cemetery

Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-

Dutchtown Community Cemetery
I was told by the folks in Dutchtown that it was called "Dutchtown Community Cemetery" I recorded this cemetery a few months back and can't get anywhere with better dates...
Thank you very much...
Billy Poster #93




This cemetery is located on a hill just above Dutchtown Missouri,,,it is adjoining to the St. Edwards Catholic Cemetery,,, Unkept and what appears to me as having at one time being a large cemetery,, I recorded all the information that I could from stones that were old and hard to read…..Lots of field stones…..


JOB, Theodore b. 20 July 1916 d. 28 Jan 1925 Son of Henry Job and Flossie Lunman


SUMMERLIN,, Lazareth. Jackson b. 3 Sept. 1849 d. 28 July 1916

SUMMERLIN, Ann Elizabeth (Held). b. 26 Dec 1855 d. Aug 1926

SUMMERLIN, David F. b. 26 July 1854 d. 24 Feb 1875

SUMMERLIN, Martha J. 23 April 1858 d. 10 March 1875

SUMMERLIN,, William M. b. 3 April 1871 d. 10 March 1875

SUMMERLIN, Laura M. b. 10 May 1880 d. 5 Oct 1880

SUMMERLIN, Edna C. b. 21 April 1866 d. 22 April 1881

SUMMERLIN, Mildred D. b. 2 Sept. 1892 d. 3 Jan 1893

Mildred was born with a twin brother, Thomas Marion, I can’t find him.

SUMMERLIN, Nettie M… b. 23 July 1890 d. 5 July 1891

SUMMERLIN, Addie M. b. 23 April 1873 d. 12 May 1889

SUMMERLIN,, Ann b. 14 March 1822 d. 12 nov 1881


POE,, CHARLES H……b. 4 May 1896 d. 6 Oct 1918…Military insigna on top of headstone (10th U.S.)…Born in Greenup, Illinois, drafted into WW1 at Jackson, Missouri on 8 Aug 1918 and died at Camp McArthur, Texas of influenza,, Mother, Lulu Poe.


HELD, Peter d. 16 May 1877 about 56 years old.

HELD, Lurana b. 20 Aug 1833 d. 25 Aug. 1875

HELD,, Loretta b. 5 May 1853 d. 14 Feb 1875 Wife of J.H. Held.


HEATHLEY, Elizabeth b. 1887 d. 25 May 1914 Wife of Cornelius Heathley

HEATHLEY, Cornelius No Dates.

HEATLEY, Julia A M b. 22 Jan 1849 d. 8 Feb 1901

HEATLEY, Mary A…(Hayden)b. 16 March 1856 d. 7 Jan 1912 Wife of Robert Heatley.

HEATLEY, Mrs. Robert….. d. 8 Jan 1911

HEATLEY, Robert b. 1857 d. 16 Dec 1926 Husband to Mary A. Hayden Heatley.

Note: This may be confusing but some of the Heatley family is listed as being buried in the St. Edwards Cemetery,,,other in this one,, I see them both as one large cemetery at one time.



MULLET, Benedickt 1859 about 59 yrs.

MULLET, Magie b. 1852

MULLET,, Emilie d. 1854 (Jan)

MULLET,, August d. 1858 Nov.


SCHNEIDER,,,Nicklaus b. 1848 about 36 yrs.

SCHNEIDER, Christian b. 11 Sept. 1893 d. 24 Jan 1860


PAUSCH,, A.C. d. 8 May 1864 about 59 yrs.

PAUSCH,,, Emiline B. daughter of W.C. & A.C. b. 1 Nov 1868 d. 11 Sept. 1871

PAUSCH,, Charles d. 6 Oct 1864

PAUSCH,, Conrad d. 6 April 1864 about 23 Yrs,,

PAUSCH, Henry b. 9 Nov 1833 d. 27 Aug 1897


BRANDSHAW, Phebe d . 27 July 1866 about 22 yrs.


HINTON, Phebe b. 19 April 1868 about 21 yrs.

HINTON, Annie C. wife of H.C. Hinton,, d. 6 March 1912 age 73 yrs.

HINTON, Margaret b. 19 Aug 1871 d. 25 Oct 1874 daughter of Henry and Annie

HINTON, A.C. d. 6 Oct 1863 19 days. Daughter of Henry and Annie.

HINTON, Henry C… b. 9 Nov 1838 d. 27 Aug 1897 Husband to Annie C.

HINTON, W.H. d. 29 Nov 1864 about four days……son of Henry and Annie Hinton.

HINTON, George C. b. 13 Jan 1885 d. 9 Sept 1897 Son of Henry and Annie.

HINTON, Emiline B. b. 1 Nov 1868 d. 11 Sept 1871 daughter of Henry and Annie




Sarah……died 3 Oct 1869

Albert…died 16 Jan 1870

Ann,,,,,cant read ……All children of George and Ruth Ireland. These names are on a triple childrens headstone,,,


WALLS, Floyd 12 July 1894 d. 23 April 1927

WALLS, W.H. b.. 18 Sept 1896 d. 13 Sept. 1897

WALLS, John Henry b. 24 Sept. 1863 d. 16 Nov 1917


GIBBS, George d. 19 Nov 1871,,,,,,aged 20 yrs 11 mos 26 das.

GIBBS, Albert….d. 10 Feb 1870 age 2 mos. Children of G.G. & M. Gibbs…


FRADY, James L. d. 21 Nov 1883 about 42 yrs old.


BOLLAN, Andrew d. 15 July 1916 about 60 yrs old.


GRAINE, William H…Son of J & E d. 22 Feb. 1906 b. 17 Nov 1889 Son of J. & E Graine


TUNZE, August,,,,,husband to Barbara Tunze no dates.

TUNZE, August jr. son of August and Barbara no dates

Barbara is buried in the Catholic Cemetery, St. Edwards.


Clardy, James L. No dates can’t read the stone.


Reed, Luzerwi H d. 17 Aug 1875 2 yrs 5 Mos 8 das.


There are many stones I just couldn’t read,, and many field stones… I have researched the names in this Cemetery for a very long,,, I found very little information….



Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-

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