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Juden Cemetery
Cape Girardeau Co Missouri
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NOTE: If you know of any Juden Cemetery listings or any other records on these or other Gape Girardeau County Cemeteries, I would be very interested in receiving your information to include on this page, with your name as contributor. (Please send your name and email address) Have A Safe Day & Thanks for Viewing This Site D.E.Wright !!!!!

Juden Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.
  • NOTE: A very common, and incorrect, assumption is that Juden Cemetery is close to Juden School. In actuality, they are about 1/2 mile or more from each other, and three properties away. The cemetery is even marked at the wrong location on a number of maps.

    Juden School sits at the corner of County Road 635 and West Cape Rock Drive (County Road 643). From Cape Girardeau, take Highway 177 north toward Trail of Tears State Park. Just past the crossing over Juden Creek is West Cape Rock Drive (County Road 643). Turn left on West Cape Rock, and Juden School is on the right in about 1/4 mile, just after the intersection with County Road 635. It was most recently Vincill Specialty Feeds, and the sign for the feed store is still on it.

    Juden Cemetery may also be reached by taking Highway 177 north from Cape. About 1/4 mile past the Lexington Drive turnoff (on the left) is the entrance to Deevers Farm subdivision, which is currently under development, and was formerly my grandfather's farm. Turn right and go up the hill to the new house being built on the left. The cemetery is behind this house lot. ASK PERMISSION before crossing private property. I have about half of this cemetery re-inventoried, with some new names not on previous inventories, and many stones are on or underground, thanks to cattle running in it for years. I hope to finish my inventory sometime in the near future.

    by: Bill Eddleman
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Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

BANKS, Callie
~~b: Nov. 30, 1879~~d: Sept. 30, 1903
wife of Stephen,
Submitted by Terri scrogham Poster-#-85-

BROOKS, Albert
~~b: Aug. 10, 1840~~d: May 9, 1894
~~b: Dec. 16, 1837~~d: Jan. 26, 1892
Submitted by Terri scrogham Poster-#-85-

~~b: Dec. 1, 1792~~d: May 4, 1845
Submitted by Terri scrogham Poster-#-85-

~~b: May 27, 1760~~d: died at the age of 82 yr.
By the side of Thos, Sr., most likely his wife.
~~b: Dec. 1, 1766~~d: aged 39 yr.
(Only "Jos., son of T. & J. E.)
on main stone. "JE" on foot stone.
ENGLISH, Martha A.
~~b: July 30, 1851~~d: Sept. 4, 1852
dau. of Simeon and Erina,
ENGLISH, Simeon R.
~~b: Aug. 4, 1845 ~~d: Sept. 11, 1846
son of Simeon and Erina,
ENGLISH, Thomas Sr.
~~b: Oct. 13, 1751~~d: died aged 85 yr.
ENGLISH, Thomas M.
~~b: March 10, 1833~~d: Dec. 28, 1836
son of S. & E.,
Submitted by Terri scrogham Poster-#-85-

STORY, Marzilla Whitney
~~ Born: November 24, 1825~~ Died: September 2, 1865
STORY, Jesse
~~ Born: January 5, 1820~~ Died: March 22, 1879.
h/o Marzilla Whitney
Submitted by Sarah Glacken Poster-#-137-

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