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Lange Cemetery
Cape Girardeau,Co [Missouri]
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Lange Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.

Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

Photo of Stones in Lange Cemetery
Lange Cemetery as PDF file
Bettie Lange
~~b: July 19, 18?? ~~d; January 08, 1919
death certificate
Carl F. Lange
~~b: Jan. 10, 1880 ~~d; December 21, 1957
death certificate
Charles Lange, Sr.
~~b: Jan. 1849 ~~d; August 04, 1926
death certificate
Elizabeth Lange
~~b: ????~~d; August 21, 1927
death certificate
Ella Laura Caroline Lange
~~b: May 12, 1882 ~~d; December 28, 1918
death certificate

Anton Gerschwyler
Minnie Gerschwyler
Julia Lange
John Lange
Erma A Maevers
Robert J Maevers
JH Maevers
Cora Maevers
Rovena E. Brockmire
Henry Brockmire
Johana Lange
Charles Lange
Bertha Lange
Mary V. Lange
Ella Lange
Amanda Landl
Adolph Landl
Adolph J Landl
Alfred T. Mueller
Charles F. Lange Jr.
Lillian Lange
Philip Windeknecht
Louisa (Lange) Windeknecht

There are several "foot stones" that were piled up in the corner. There is an old stump where a large tree apparently fell. Appears that some headstones are missing in that area. Also, we found a couple of headstones broken off and covered up with either dirt or tall grass. So, there could be more.

Shelly Windeknecht

Submitted by Shelly Windeknecht Poster-#-132-

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