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Lee Stroder Cemetery
Cape Girardeau,Co [Missouri]
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Lee Stroder Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.

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Photo of Stones in Lee Stroder Cemetery
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Lee Stroder Cemetery
Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-
Lee Stroder Cemetery*
* I was told that this was the Lee Stroder Cemetery, however, on all the death certificates of the people I found buried here it states the name of the Cemetery as Stroders, or Stroders near Crump in Liberty Township. I realize of course there is another Stroders Cemetery but it is located in Kinder Township just west of Burfordsville.

This Cemetery is Located in Cape Girardeau County Missouri on County road 383 Just above Lake Girardeau. It is a very old Cemetery but still maintained and well kept. It is no longer in use. I recorded this Cemetery on 24 Jan 2009

Clanahan, (Rev.)William P
b. 16 April 1822 d. 15 Dec 1894
Civil War Veteran (Union) of Illinois, 131st Regiment (Infantry) Company H of Pope Co. Mustered in on 13 Nov 1862 - Fought at Vicksburg among other places.
Husband to Rachel Louisa Ethridge married on 22 June 1848 in Pope Co. Illinois Wm. P was born in Kentucky. Rachel Louisa was born 16 Dec 1831 and died 10 April 1890 and was buried in Pope County Illinois at Bethany Cemetery in Renshaw Illinois.
Flannery, Emma
b. 7 Jan 1867 d. 4 March 1937
Daughter of (Rev) Wm. P Clanahan and Rachel L. Ethridge
Wife of James Henry Flannery married in Cape Girardeau Co. Mo on 6 Jan 1897 Her death cert. states her name as Mary Emma Caroline and she was born in Kentucky. She was the second wife to James Henry Flannery, his first wife was Nancy Lessley, James Henry and Nancy both are buried in Ebenezer Cemetery in Bollinger Co. Mo.
Jones, (infant)
b. 13 Feb 1905 d. 15 Feb 1905
daughter of Daniel & Alice Jones
Jones, (infant)
b. 26 Jan 1905 d. 29 Aug 1923
daughter of Daniel & Alice Jones
Jones, (infant) b. 23 Jan 1903 d. 9 Feb 1903
daughter of Daniel & Alice Jones
Jones, Agnes
d/0 James Anderson Jones & Addie Lee (Berry)*
b. 26 Jan 1905 d. 29 Aug 1923
* James A Jones
was the son of William H Jones and Sarah J. Hosea, Addie Lee was the daughter of Henry Berry and Caroline Stevens
Hartle, William Hobert
s/o Ross & Addie Hartle
b. 7 Nov 1896 d. 18 Nov 1919
Jones, Maud
w/o Arthur A. Jones
b. 16 Oct 1884 d. 26 Aug 1905
Concert Stone only "AJ"
nothing more
( I feel certain that this is Arthur A. Jones)
Jones, Harry J Pvt.
s/o James A. & Cora A. Jones
b. 3 Feb 1897 d. 12 Oct 1918 Co. I 20th Infantery WW1 drafted on 30 Aug 1918
died from pneumonia.
Jones, Ina Marie
d/o J.A. & Addie Jones
b. 5 Dec 1901 d. 15 May 1904
Jones, Robert
s/o of J.A. & Cora A. Jones
b. 13 Sept 1898 d. 13 Oct 1898
Jones, Cora B. (Nee Faust)
b. 29 April 1871 d. 13 Oct 1898
Wife of Alfred Jones
Venus, Lewis P
s/o Lewis W. & Sarah E Venus
b. 18 May 1883 d. 2 June 1883
Venus, O.....
No Dates
Jones, Sarah Jane
b. (Hosea) 18 July 1847 d. 23 April 1907
Wife of William H. Jones
Jones, Dora K
b. 7 Nov 1870 d. 2 July 1871
Daughter of Wm. H & Sarah Jane Jones
Jones, Elizabeth
No dates,,,
(Nee Ervin)
wife to Jonathan A Jones
Jones, William H
b. 21 Oct 1847 d. 7 Oct 1901
Husband to Sarah Jane Jones (nee Hosea)
Jones, Henry A
b. 7 Nov 1870 d. 2 July 1871
s/o William H. & Sarah J.(Hosea) Jones
Jones, Minnie M
d/o W.H. & S.J. Jones
b. 4 July 1877 d. 4 March 1878
Same stone as above:
d/o W.H. & S.J. Jones
b. 28 Jan 1879 d. 4 March 1879
Next stone is a double stone and can't read the names, just the dates as follows:
b. 7 Nov 1875 d. 21 July 1876
(2) Cora b. 28 Nov 1875 d. 28 Aug 1876
Jones, Conner
(the rest I cannot read)
Jones, Henry L.
b. 1820 died: 29 Feb 1880
Civil War Vet. Pvt., Co. I 98th Illinois US Inf. Newton, Jasper counties
Jones, Sarah K
d. b. 1813 d. 7 Aug 1880
( I can only guess that this is Henry L. Jones wife)
Seabaugh, Susan
b. 25 Sept 1847 d. 13 July 1911
Wife of James and Mother to Thomas Seabaugh
Hosea, Jesse A
1855 d. 1904
Hosea, Bell
d/o S.A. & M.F
(no dates)
Austin, Maggie
b. 17 March 1883 d. 3 Feb 1918
Wife of John M Austin,
daughter of J.K. Estes & Hanna Yount
Wampler, Amon
1893 - 1905
Proffer, Harvey
b. 28 Aug 1877 d. 26 Feb 1899
(this is the father to Harvey Lee Proffer,
Harvey Lee is buried in the Crump Cemetery.
Proffer, Clara
b. 28 Aug 1877 d. 20 Feb 1899
Wife of Harvey (see above)
Proffer, Rettie Ray
b. 5 Feb 1902 d. 23 Feb 1924
s/o of Harvey Lee Proffer and Marzilla Fulbright Husband to Marie,
Twin to Tessie May Proffer
Proffer, Tessie May,,,
b. 5 Feb 1902 d. (?) McElreath, Richard
b. 3 March 1922 d. 15 Dec 1920
son of Girald Clyde McElreath & Katie Andrews
Sutton, L.G
s/o B.F. & A.M.
b. 12 March 1897 d. 16 Oct 1897
Proffer, Desdie D
d/o M & MJ
b. 8 Sept 1889 d. 22 May 1892
Proffer, Anna M
1877 - 1953
Wife of W.F. (Dock) Proffer
(Anna was a sister to Emma Flannery (Clanahan) Daughter of William P. Clanahan & Rachel Louisa Ethridge
Proffer, W.F. (Dock)
1857 - 1947
Proffer, Harriet L
1855 - 1915
Stroder, Ernest Lee
b. 1 July 1945 d 3 July 1945
S/o of John Paul Stroder & Virgiania Walker
Stroder, Thomas
Husband to Sarah Rebecaa
b. 10 Oct 1845 d. 5 March 1908
Stroder, Sarah Rebecca (Nee Jones)
d/o Henry Jones
b. 15 Nov 1851 d. 9 May 1944
Wife to Thomas Stroder
Stroder, John Alexander
b. 11 Aug 1847 d. 27 Aug 1927
Son of Alexander Stroder and Mary M. Slinkard
Stroder, Fannie Jane
b. 17 Jan 1849 d. 8 April 1924
Wife of John Alexander Stroder and daughter of Daniel Crites and Adeline Seabaugh
Stroder, Della Irene
b. 1 Feb 1932 d. 10 Feb 1932
Daughter of L.S. Stroder and Ida Ervin
Stroder, Amos H
s/o of Lee & Effie (McElreath) Stroder
b. 1 March 1915 d. 20 July 1918
Stroder, J.F.
d. 26 March 1887 41 Yrs old
Stroder, James Franklin
b. 3 Jan 1854 d. 2 Oct 1930
Husband to Mary Nevada (Hartle)
Stroder, son of Alexander Stroder & Maud (Slinkard) Stroder
Stroder, Mary Nevada, b. 29 Jan 1872 d. 13 Feb 1928 daughter of Jessie Hartle & Bernice Hutson
Stroder, Sarah Jane
b. 13 Nov 1859 d. 3 Sept 1892
(I am almost sure this was James Franklin Stroders first wife)
Simpson, Mary L
w/o ( Rev.) Joseph Simpson
b. 4 June 1844 d. 7 May 1911
Born in Tenn and Mother to Alice & Lee Simpson
Stroder, (Infant)
s/o Daniel & Alice Stroder
13 Feb 1905 d. 16 Feb 1905
Stroder, (Infant)
d/o Daniel & Alice Stroder
b. 23 Jan 1903 d. 9 Feb 1903
Crump, Rachel Rebecca (nee Jones)
w/o William Adam Crump
no dates
Crump, William Adam
b. Sept 1830 d. (?)
Son of Wm. & Ida C. Crump
Crump, Francis P
w/o of Plesant W. Crump
b. 1841 d. 17 March 1858
(first wife)
Crump, Viana E.
b. abt. 1839 d. (?)
w/o Plesant W. Crump
(second wife)
Crump, Sarah Jane
d; 21 Aug 1884 (30 yrs 9 mos 20 days)
died from childbirth
Crump, Plesant W...
b. abt. 1833 d: after 1880
born in N.C. Son of George and Mary Crump
Crump, Susan E.
died: 17 Dec 1883
(Married) 29 yrs of age.
Whorlow, Mary(*)
b. 23 March 1790 d. 17 Sept 1869
Wife of Michael Whorlow
(*) This appears to be the oldest grave in the cemetery. .end of listing, So many stone that I could not read
Submitted by Billy Crader Poster-#-93-

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