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Hitt Cemetery
Cape Girardeau Co Missouri
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Hitt Cemetery Cape Girardeau Co MO.
  • County Road 261, near Arbor, Cape Girardeau Co, MO; directions: from hwy 25 South make a right on county road 262, when the road splits, stay to the right (county road 261). Continue until you see the cemetery, right up against the road, on the right side; I believe it's about a mile in.
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Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

B??? John
~~b: 18 Feb 1883 ~~d:?? Jul 1902
Brewington Sarah
~~b: 1858 ~~d:22 Nov 1898
Christian Annie E.
~~b: 8 Jul 1880 ~~d:22 Apr 1907
Christian Jackson
~~b: 13 Apr 1870 ~~d:26 Feb 1940
Crader Lenora C.
~~b: 1 Feb 1913 ~~d:16 Aug 2000
married 29 Jun 1929 same stone as Crader, William L.
Crader William L.
~~b: 31 Jul 1908 ~~d:28 Nov 1885 married 29 Jun 1929
same stone as Crader, Lenora C.
Drennan Bessie M.
~~b: 3 Oct 1899 ~~d:1 Jun 1989
same stone as Drennan, John W.
Drennan Crayton
~~b: 19 Jun 1901 ~~d:11 Feb 1976
same stone as Drennan, Ora
Drennan Helen Hunter
~~b: 18 Aug 1918 ~~d:20 Aug 1920
Drennan John L.
~~b:26 Apr 1863 ~~d: 5 Aug 1939
same stone as Drennan, Sarah A.
Drennan John W.
~~b: 1 Dec 1892 ~~d:18 Nov 1970
same stone as Drennan, Bessie M.
Drennan Larence
~~b: 7 Nov 1899 ~~d:14 Nov 1981
Drennan Ora
~~b: 28 Apr 1908 ~~d:5 Jan 1973
same stone as Drennan, Clayton
Drennan Russell
~~b: 15 Mar 1905 ~~d:11 May 1980
Drennan Sarah A.
~~b: 24 Sept 1869 ~~d:9 Jun 1948
same stone as Drennan, John L.
Dunning Curtis E.
~~b: 24 Jan 1918 ~~d:14 Nov 1983
same stone as Dunning, Dixie A.
Dunning Daisy Mae
~~b: 31 Jul 1887 ~~d:8 Nov 1933
same stone as Noble, Eliza
Dunning Dixie A.
~~b: 15 Apr 1923 I believe living
same stone as Dunning, Curtis E.
Dunning Elvis
~~b: 7 Dec 1911 ~~d:7 Feb 1965
same stone as Dunning, Neva
Dunning Leonard A.
~~b: 1905 ~~d:1982
same stone as Dunning, L. Lucille
Dunning L. Lucille
~~b: 1907 ~~d:1979
same stone as Dunning, Leonard A.
Dunning Luoretia E.
~~b: 17 Feb 1824 ~~d:7 Feb 1928
54 yrs, 4 m, 20 da
Dunning Margaret B.
~~b: 22 Feb 1870 ~~d:16 Sept 1946
Dunning Neva
~~b: 12 Mar 1914 ~~d:19 May 2000
same stone as Dunning, Elvis
Dunning R. Lora
~~b: 21 Sept 1881 ~~d:13 Nov 1918
Wife of T. W.
Dunning S. A.
~~b: 9 Nov 1862 died in other words: "born 9 Nov 1862 died"
Dunning Simon
~~at least some dates are there but can't read
Dunning Thomas W.
~~b: 1881 ~~d:1959
Fenimore Effie N.
~~b: 18(?) Oct 1899 ~~d:11 Feb 1902
Children of JW & ME Fenimore
same stone as Fenimore, John H. & Fenimore, Joseph A.;
this stone is a four-sided, with one inscription on each side
Fenimore John H.
~~b: 9 Sept 1894 ~~d:1? Jul 1896
1y 1m (?) 2d Children of JW & ME Fenimore
same stone as Fenimore,
Joseph A. & Fenimore, Effie N.;
this stone is a four-sided,
with one inscription on each side Fenimore Joseph A.
~~b: 27 May (?) 1896 ~~d:13 Jul 1897
Children of JW & ME Fenimore same stone as Fenimore, John H. & Fenimore, Effie N.;
this stone is a four-sided,
with one inscription on each side
Fenimore Joseph "Wm"
~~b: 1857 ~~d:1930
same stone as Fenimore, Mary Ellen
Fenimore Mary Ellen
~~b: 1872 ~~d:1957
same stone as Fenimore, Joseph "Wm"
Givens Bertha Drucile
~~b: 13 Oct 1914 ~~d:2 Dec 1914
Hay Ruby O.
~~b: 10 Jan 1922 ~~d:24 Dec 1993
Hillman Charles W.
~~b: Aug 1857 ~~d:16 Jun 1914
same stone as Hillman, Lucinda R.
Hillman Lucinda R.
~~b: 17 Apr 1875 ~~d:19 Feb 1912
Same stone as Hillman, Charles W.
Hillmann Ollie E.
~~b: 12 May 1903 ~~d:6 Nov 1918 John 11:25
Hitt Aleck W.
~~b: 31 Jan 1885 ~~d:1 hrs 6 in, 2 lbs;
son of Wm. L. & C. Hitt
Hitt Albert J.
~~b: 17 Jan 1874 ~~d:4 Feb 1948
same stone as Hitt, Louise D.
Hitt Columbia
~~b: 14 Oct 1846 ~~d:14 Apr 1894
His Wife same stone as Hitt, William L.
Hitt Everett H.
~~b: 25 Jun 1907 ~~d:27 May 1909
Hitt Lenore B.
~~b: 9 Oct 1912~~d: 14 Nov 1995
same stone???
Hitt Louise D.
~~b: 19 Feb 1882 ~~d:28 Apr 1960
same stone as Hitt, Albert J.
Hitt Lowell M.
~~b: 22 Nov 1916~~d: 4 Nov 1933
Hitt Martha E. J.
~~b: 8 Mar 1853 ~~d:25 Jan 1939
Hitt Mary A.
~~b: 25 Mar 1821 ~~d:25 Aug 1899
Hitt Thomas B.
~~b: 11 Feb 1888 ~~d:11 yrs, 4 m, 12 d
Son of WL & Columbia Hitt
Hitt William L.
~~b: 3 Jun 1844 ~~d:23 Jun 1922
same stone as Hitt, Columbia
Hitt Wood Anne
~~b: 16 Feb 1919 ~~d:15 Feb 1995
Hutson Essie M.
~~b: 9 Jan 1901 ~~d:16 Sept 1940
Klughertz Albert E.
~~b: 25 Jul 1883 ~~d:15 Aug 1893
son of G & E Klughertz
Klughertz Elizabeth C.
~~b: 14 Aug 1857 ~~d:26 Oct 1902
45y 2m 12d wife of George Klughertz
Klughertz George
~~b: 15 Jun 1846 ~~d:14 Feb 1923
76y 7m 29d
Klughertz Jasper N.
~~b: 16 Aug 1883~~d: 16 Aug 1885
son of G & E Klughertz
Klughertz Louis J.
~~b: 3 Feb 1880 ~~d:? ? 1888
son of G & E Klughertz
This stone is broken off it's base and lying face up, so it's been weathered
Lape Linous B.
~~b: 14 May 1888 ~~d:16 Feb 1893
4y 9m 2d Son of I & S Lape that would be an "i" (not "L")
Lape Sarah
~~b: 16 May 1855 ~~d:29 Apr 1937
Lape Theresia
~~b: 15 Aug 1877~~d: 28 May 1898
20y 9m 12d Daughter of I & S Lape that would be an "i" (not "L")
Monted??? Mary E.
~~b: ??can't read??~~d: 25 Apr 1888
Morrison D?????
~~b: 30 Jun 1892 ~~d:18 Jul 1892
18 days
Noble Eliza
~~b: 5 Nov 1881~~d: 29 May 1939
same stone as Dunning, Daisy Mae
Noble Gertrude
~~b: 3 Nov 1892 ~~d:23 Jun 1930
same stone as Noble, John
Noble John
~~b: 13 Apr 1829 ~~d:14 Apr 1892
Noble John
~~b: 18 Feb 1876~~d: 26 Jul 1950
same stone as Noble, Gertrude
Noble Wlm
~~b: 1917 ~~d:1920 son of Jn & Gurtie Noble there is more written on this stone, but I can't read it
Smith Adelia A.
~~b: 16 Jun 1867 13 Mar 1943
Wife of Adam Smith
Smith Clarence
~~b: 11 Feb 1890 15 Feb 1900
Son of A & A.A. Smith birth year possibly 1896, but looks more like 1890, hard to tell
Smith Levi K.
~~b: 2 Mar 1866 ~~d:25 May 1923
57y 2m 23d
Smith Missouri
~~b: 1850 ~~d:7 Aug 1931
72 yrs
Sneed Allen
~~b: 9 Nov 1852 ~~d:11 Jun 1916
63y 7m 2d
Sneed Missouri
~~b: 10 Nov 1860 ~~d:2 Oct 1921
Stanton Julia A.
~~b: 29 Mar 1870~~d: 15 Jan 1898

Hitt Cemetery: Cape Girardeau Co, Mo.
Welch Twp Section 14
Lat: 3710'32"N, Lon: 8948'08"W

Contributed by Valerie Holifield, Feb. 28, 2008
Total records = 75.

To reach from Arbor MO drive SW on Hwy 25 for a very short distance, and turn right on county road 262, then a quick right onto 261, continuing north for little over a mile. The cemetery is on your right, or the south side of the Rd 261 shortly after the road angles east and before road swerves back north again.

Seems to be accepting new burials. There are some individuals which have stones but no death dates and are possibly still living.

Transcription is complete to my knowledge except for three stones that were completely unreadable.
I compiled at the cemetery Aug 07, 2002.
Valerie Holifield
Submitted by Valerie Holifield Poster #-133-
Off site~~Cemeteries by~~Valerie Holifield

[*] SMITH, Adam D.
~~b: n/a~~d: n/a
son of A. & A.A.
[*] SMITH, Adelia A.
~~b: 1867 ~~d: 1946
[*] SMITH, Missouri
~~b: 1850 ~~d: 1934
[*] SMITH, Levi K. or Levik
~~b: 1866 ~~d: 1923

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