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Russell Heights Cemetery
Cape Girardeau,Co [Missouri]
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Russell Heights Cemetery

Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

Russell Heights Cemetery Monument, Photos

BOWMAN, Richard Earl b-1896 d-1970
born-in Burfordville died-in Cape Girardeau, Co
The son of James Reed Bowman and Lillie Belle Lively.
BOWMAN, Myrtle (Cramer) b-1896 d-n/a
born-in Jackson, CGC, MO, died-in Sikeston, Scott Co., MO.
She was the daughter of Wilson Cramer and Margaret Townshend.
BOWMAN, H. Y. (Bainbridge) b-18__ d-May 1931
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

CHOSTNER, Pinkney b-1878 d-Aug. 26, 1926
born-in MO died-in MO.
He was the son of James Monroe Chostner and Louisa Catherine Estes.
He married Ellen L. Nanney about 1903
CHOSTNER, Lou Ellen (Nanney) b-1881 d-Feb.21,1942
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

ESTES, Fred b-1913 d-1968
ESTES, Ida B. b-1908 d-n/a
ESTES, Donald b-1935 d-n/a
(Donald Ray Estes, s/o Jesse Robert Estes & Ollie Alice Seabaugh)
ESTES, Hattie (Clements) b-1942 d-Sep. 21, 1966
(wife of Donald Ray Estes)
ESTES, Jesse R. b-1899 d-Feb. 14, 1974
(Jesse Robert Estes, s/o Robert Morse Estes & Julia Ann Statler)
ESTES, Ollie A. (Seabaugh) b-1899 d-Oct. 11, 1968
(Ollie Alice Seabaugh, wife of Jesse Robert Estes)
ESTES, James J. b-1905 d-1974
ESTES, Mary C. b-1902 d-n/a
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

FORD, George Thomas b-Mar. 10, 1873 d-Dec. 28, 1963
(s/o Rev. John Thomas Ford & Sarah Elizabeth Roberts)
FORD, Mary Matilda (Varnum) b-Jun. 27, 1879 d-Jun. 25, 1929
(wife of George Thomas Ford)
FORD, Albert Chesley b-Mar. 3, 1844 d-Sep. 1, 1931
(s/o Chesley D. Ford & Rebecca Canterbury/Canterberry)
FORD, Unicia Rebecca (Sheppard) b-Feb. 27, 1850 d-Nov. 5, 1936
(wife of Albert Chesley Ford)
FORD, Nell (wf. of Lawrence) b-1901 d-Jul. 28, 1930
FORD, Harold H. (PFC) b-1921 d-Apr. 24, 1945
FORD, Lawrence b-1900 d-Dec. 25, 1972
(s/o Newton D. Ford & Ella Florence Sheppard)
FORD, Amelia - b-1910 d-n/a
FORD, Newton D. b-1869 d-Jul. 22, 1942
(s/o of Albert Chesley Ford & Unicia Rebecca Sheppard)
FORD, Ella Florence (Sheppard) b-1871-Jun. 26, 1921
(wife of Newton D. Ford)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

JACO, Anna F. b-1910 d-n/a
JACO, Charles E. b-1899 - d-1950
JACO, Claudina E. b-1900 - d-1965
JACO, Cletus Jeffery b-2/6/1962 - d-2/6/1962
JACO, Cletus E. b-1920 - d-3/23/1976
JACO, Elmer E. b-1915 - d-6/23/1971
JACO, Evalee b-1931 - d-8/5/1947
JACO, Ferdinand A. b-1890 - d-1955
Submitted by
Angela Jaco Callahan Poster-#-69-

LIMBAUGH, Jason Hunter b-1858 d-Sep. 3, 1932
(s/o Daniel R. Limbaugh & Delilah Shell)
LIMBAUGH, Shaba (Kinder) b-1858 d-Nov. 4, 1928
(wife of Jason Hunter Limbaugh; d/o E. M. & L. J. Kinder)
LIMBAUGH, Willie May (Moore) b-1877 d-Feb. 10, 1951
(wife of Arthur B. Limbaugh)
LIMBAUGH, Arthur B. b-1880 d-Nov. 4, 1963
(s/o Joseph Headley Limbaugh & Susan F. Presnell)
LIMBAUGH, Hilda Ruth b-1911 d-Feb. 24, 1929
(d/o Arthur B. Limbaugh & Willie May Moore)
LIMBAUGH, Webster b-1891 d-1967
(s/o Henry Limbaugh & Serena James)
LIMBAUGH, Velma (Chostner) b-1903 d-n/a
(wife of Webster R. Limbaugh; d/o Pinkney & Ellen Chostner)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

MARLER, Farrell W. b-July 31, 1928 d-April 14, 1994
Submitted by
agrebing Poster-#-70-

MCGUIRE, Malinda Tucker, b-1839 d-Sep. 4, 1933
(Her name was Malinda nee McGuire, d/o William Hugh MCGUIRE
and Sarah Louisa Jane HOWARD. She married William TUCKER.
She shares a MCGUIRE tombstone with her brother, Milton McGuire.)
MCGUIRE, Milton, b-1848 d-Sep. 30, 1924
(brother of Malinda McGuire Tucker)
MCGUIRE, Bern F., b-1894 d-Oct. 21, 1967
(s/o Frank William McGuire & Virginia Susan Woody)
MCGUIRE, Bessie M. (Quade), b-1892 d-____
(wife of Bern F. McGuire)
MCGUIRE, Bruce C., b-1909 d-Nov. 4, 1959
MCGUIRE, Frank William, b-1855 d-Apr. 22, 1931
(s/o Ezekiel McGuire & Sarah Canterbury)
MCGUIRE, Billy F., b-1906 d-____
MCGUIRE, Elanor, b-1923 d-____
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

MILLER, Elam Sylvester, b-1852 d-Nov. 18, 1919
(s/o of Andrew A. Miller & Sophia nee Miller)
MILLER, Mary (Snider), b-1855 d-Jun. 9, 1933
(wife of Elam Sylvester Miller;
d/o Geo. W. Snider & Zilla Catherine Edinger)
MILLER, Marada Ann Elizabeth (Edinger), b-1853 d-Jan. 23, 1940
(wife of James Henry Miller;
d/o Geo. H. Edinger & Matilda McCarty)
MILLER, James Henry, b-1841 d-Nov. 17, 1930
(s/o William Miller & Sarah Eaker)
MILLER, James Edgar, b-1885 d-Apr. 16, 1957
(s/o James Henry Miller & Marada Ann Elizabeth Edinger)
MILLER, Rosanna Bell, b-1903 d-Feb. 24, 1932
(wife of Clifford)
MILLER, Effie Mary (Stearns), b-1878 d-Oct. 18, 1973
(wife of Russell Mason Miller)
MILLER, Russell Mason, b-1877 d-Nov. 1, 1929
(s/o Andrew A. Miller & Sarah Hutson/Hudson)
MILLER, William Jefferson, b-1850 d-Mar. 10, 1919
(s/o William Miller & Sarah Eaker)
MILLER, Sarah (Hutchison), b-1855 d-Jan. 28, 1919
(wife of William Jefferson Miller, MD)
MILLER, George Washington, b-1855 d-Feb. 19, 1947
(s/o William Miller & Sarah Eaker)
MILLER, Emma (Swan), b-1854 d-Apr. 22, 1922
(wife of George Washington Miller)
MILLER, John William, b-1871 d-Dec. 4, 1931
(s/o Eli Miller & Mary Jane nee Miller)
MILLER, Roxanna (Proffer), b-1877 d-Sep. 13, 1955
(wife of John William Miller)
MILLER, Truman Blaine, b-1891 d-Mar. 24, 1971
(s/o James Henry Miller & Marada Ann Elizabeth Edinger)
MILLER, Alice R. (Estes), b-1894 d-May 10, 1977
(wife of Truman Blaine Miller;
d/o Joseph Hezekiah Estes & Lourana E. Bast)
MILLER, ?Renal, b-____ d-Aug. 23, 1965
MILLER, Eli Sylvester "Little Wes", b-1870 d-1962
(s/o Isaac Newton Miller & Mary Looney)
MILLER, Emma Kate (Lanpher), b-1876 d-1968
(wife of Eli Sylvester Miller)
MILLER, Thomas E., b-1891 d-1960
(s/o John H. Miller & Allie Sides)
MILLER, Hester L. (Dalton), b-1898 d-____
(wife of Thomas E. Miller)
MILLER, Ira, b-1905 d-1971
MILLER, Metta V., b-1900 d-____
MILLER, Otto T., b-1880 d-Sep. 24, 1974
MILLER, Lillie M., b-1889 d-____
MILLER, Charlie V., b-1902 d-Jan. 16, 1978
(s/o Eli Sylvester Miller & Emma Kate Lanpher)
MILLER, Pearl L., b-1888 d-1972
MILLER, Ollie C., b-1898 d-1976
MILLER, John Franklin, b-1858 d-1942
(s/o Washington Miller & Catherine "Kate" Cauvey)
MILLER, Naomi C. (Leslie/Lessley), b-1863 d-1934
(wife of John Franklin Miller)
MILLER, Alpha Maude, b-1887 d-1932
(d/o John Franklin Miller & Naomi C. Leslie/Lessley)
MILLER, Ralph E., b-1907 d-1970
(s/o Eli Sylvester Miller & Emma Kate Lanpher)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

MINTON, Dorothy
~~b: Oct. 20, 1924~~d: Feb. 1, 2005
Rev. Johnny Seabaugh officiating. Burial
Submitted byAnonymous Poster-#-Anonymous-

TUCKER, John Marshall, b-1859 d-Apr. 28, 1943
(s/o William Tucker & Malinda McGuire)
TUCKER, Mos__ J., b-1878 d-1948
(no stone - McCombs Funeral Home)
TUCKER, Frances E., b-1886 d-1959
(no stone - McCombs Funeral Home)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

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