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Wilkinson Cemetery
Cape Girardeau Co Missouri
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Wilkinson Cemetery Cape Girardeau County Missouri
  • This inventory made 10/18/1986
    Cemetery located about 1/4 mile South of County Rd. #468
    about 1/4 mile West of Byrd Creek
    Submitted by
    Henry Wilkinson. Poster-#-142-
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Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes
MILLER, Schuyler b-1881 d-7/20/1919
MILLER, James Miller b-1832 d-2/29/1919
MILLER, Jermine Josephine b-9/11/1844 d-1/12/1902
(daughter of Rueben & Sarah Wilkinson)
MILER, Emma E. b-1/11/1875 d-3/16/1875
(daughter of James M)
MILLER, E. Miller b-5/17/1879 d-6/19/1880
DAVIS, Hannah E Wilkinson b-12/22/1846 d-7/20/1928
DAVIS, Richard b-7/16/1842 d-8/1/1917
WILKINSON, Ruben b-10/8/1813 d-2/26/1877
WILKINSON, Sarah J. b-7/11/1827 d-1/27/1919
WILKINSON, Addie b-4/4/1862 d-2/8/1917
Addie T. B. 8/11/1897 d-9/25/1897
(daughter of W. & T. C. Mosley)
WILKINSON, Nathan b-8/28/1833 d-8/2/1908
WILKINSON, Mary b-1/10/1834 d-9/19/1896
WILKINSON, Wm. P. b-8/14/1782 d-8/12/1856
WILKINSON, Jemima b-10/17/1792 d-1/20/1857
WILKINSON, Levi G b-1/5/1829 d-9/12/1829
(son of Wm. & Jemima)
Wm. J. ( ) b-10/7/1826 d-7/2/1833
WILKINSON, Sarah B. b-1/25/1821 d-12/19/1900
WILKINSON, Larkin b-5/27/1817 d-3/26/1863
WILKINSON, Sarah A. b-5/27/1859 d-8/18/1902
WILKINSON, Joel H. b- 8/29/1848 d-8/8/1902
WILKINSON, Sarah R. b- 9/26/1855 d-5/24/1944
WILKINSON, Emily M. b-7/15/1893 d-4/25/1894
(daughter of J. H. & S. R. Wilkinson)
WILKINSON, Curtis W. b-1/23/1882 d-11/6/1887
(son of J. H. & S. R. Wilkinson)
WILKINSON, Walter R. b-1/24/1887 d-11/15/1888
WILKINSON, Mary Cauvey b- 9/2/1888 d-1/14/1912
( wife of Gale)
WILKINSON, Wm. J. b-1/14/1912 d-1/14/1912
(son of Gale & Mary)
( twin brother of Ruthford )
WILKINSON, Wm. P. b-6/6/1844 d-6/29/1929
WILKINSON, Emily J. b- 2/3/1854 d-5/28/1942
WILKINSON, Richard P. b- 8/26/1854 d-1/30/1917
WILKINSON, Rillie E. b-11/8/1865 d-1/2/1961
WILKINSON, Guile J. b-6/1/1880 d-11/25/1918
WILKINSON, In fant b-11/26/1905 d-12/24/1905
daughter of G. J. & I. P. Wilkinson
HENDERSON, Perry b-12/29/1874 d-2/19/1918
HENDERSON, Daniel W. b-1840? d-11/2/1919
HENDERSON, Washington b-1879 d-3/27/1921
PETERMAN, Robert E. Lee b-1/26/1867 d-5/13/1870
( son of Wm. & Sarah Peterman)
PETERMAN, Infant b-12/17/1854 d-2/13/1855
Infant of Wm. & Sarah Peterman
9 Unmarked graves with small stones.
Submitted by Henry Wilkinson. Poster-#-142-

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