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Dunklin County Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was started in 2003. A new group will be inducted sometime next month. I know that some have passed away since they were inducted, but the use of "the late" was used in the newspaper article to indicate that the person was deceased. However there are some which were not so marked even though they are deceased. For this reason I have left out "the late".
by: Debbi Geer
NOTE: To be considered for the Hall of Honor individuals:
  1. must be or have been citizens of Dunklin County
  2. have distinguished themselves within their occupation, trade, or field of endeavor, through intellectual, creative, humanitarian and professional accomplishments
  3. have strong ties to the Dunklin County community
  4. have displayed outstanding personal achievement and contributions to the growth and development of the area

2003 Hall of Honor individual (42)
  • George Alford
  • Sol Astrachan
  • Gov. Carl E. Bailey
  • Charles B. Baker
  • Dr. Paul Baldwin
  • Charles Edward Barnes
  • Allen Black
  • Elise Kochtitzky Byrd
  • Edward "Buddy" Casinger
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Mike Crum
  • Gov. John M. Dalton
  • Billie DeMint Jr.
  • Thomas Gerald Douglas
  • John Downing
  • Albert Narvel Felts
  • Adolph O. Goldsmith
  • Armon Harrison
  • Glenn Lee "Hezzie" Highfill
  • John A. Howell
  • Pete James
  • Congressman Paul C. Jones
  • Joe Keene
  • Mary Wade Kochtitzky
  • Rev. Dr. H.L. McClanahan
  • Gene McDonald
  • Honorable Flake L. McHaney
  • Hall McHaney
  • Powell B. McHaney
  • Lloyd Miller
  • Josie Aileene Donaldson Mobley
  • Wallace Montgomery
  • Rev. Monsignor Frederick F. Peters
  • Major William Ray
  • Veryl Riddle
  • Dr. Bill W. Stacy
  • Sally Stapleton
  • Jack Stapleton Jr.
  • Terry Turlington
  • Leonard Younger
  • Orville Zimmerman

    2004 Hall of Honor individual (31)
  • Dr. Lewis E. Aukes
  • Colonel Elmo Clinnard Baker
  • William D. Ballinger
  • Norman Bartmess
  • Christine Martin Landess Beall
  • William Howard Billings
  • Pat Burlison
  • Thomas J. Crunk
  • John David (J.D.) Faulkner
  • Benjamin Franklin (Dubb) Ford
  • George Paul Harris
  • Elizabeth Heath Russell Hemphill
  • Joseph Arthur Hemphill
  • R. Don Higginbotham
  • Kenneth Rhodes Masterson
  • Robert Edward Merrick
  • Charles Lavelle Mitchell
  • John L. Petty
  • Calvin Douglas Phelps
  • Ricky Lee Phelps
  • William F. (Buck) Provance
  • Chancie L. (Mr. Rudy) Pylant
  • Arthur Van Rice Sr.
  • Lyle Richmond
  • Adolphus McHaney Riggs
  • Lonzo Hicks Shepard
  • Eugenia Proffer Stewart
  • Glennray Tutor
  • Ophelia Richardson Wade
  • Jack Waller
  • Joseph C. Welman

    2005 Hall of Honor individual (12)
  • Jack Astrachan
  • Charles H. Baker
  • Bill Brigance
  • Rosemary Burcham
  • Dr. James Russell Burcham Jr.
  • Van Hawkins
  • Barry McFarland
  • Phillip Santie
  • Colonel Paul William Seabaugh
  • J.C. Skaggs
  • State Senator Nelson B. Tinnin
  • Glenn Wilcoxson

  • 2006 Hall of Honor individual (10)
  • William Terrell Branch M.D.
  • Larry L. Brewer
  • Charles Meredith Cable
  • Bill Hampton
  • Charolyn (Bid) Miles
  • Byron Keith Mitchell
  • R. K. (Kimball) Swindle
  • Larry J. Thomason
  • Bill Walsh
  • Joyce Walsh

    2007 Hall of Honor individual (11)
  • Terrell (T.R.) Baker
  • Chester Moses Burcham
  • Ben Cash
  • Charles B. James
  • Dr. Jimmie L. Marler
  • Dr. Paul C. Miltenberger
  • Jim D. Morris
  • Donald J. Parker
  • Charles R. Richardson, Sr.
  • Elden S. Selves
  • Dr. Milton Tate

    Submitted by Debbi Geer Poster-#-65-

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