Dunklin County, Missouri

  • Dunklin County was formed in 1845 from Stoddard County;
    the county seat is
Shields in Dunklin County Mo

  • Shields is a small community which consisted of a country grocery, a Baptist Church and a school. it was located about 6 or 7 miles west southwest of Hornersville MO.

    If you traveled south from Shields for about 1to2 miles to the ark/mo state line and then went west about 2 mile you would be in Rington which was for the most part in Arkansas and consisted of a cotton gin, a grocery,a blacksmith shop and a car repair shop and several dwellings on both sides of state line road.

    If you traveled about 5 miles due east of Shields you would come to Bone which consisted of a grade school i attended in the 40`s and i believe there was also a grocery there at one time.

    Note: the school at Shields was torn down and/or burned?? only the foundation was there when I was a kid back in the mid 40`s.

Submitted by Martin Pierce Poster-#-34-

NOTE: Shields, Rington & Midway
were served by the Leachville AR Postoffice.
Towns and wide places in the road in
Dunklin County Mo

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