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  1. Maude Strawn and her half-siblings

  2. Mr. Strawn and daughter, Maudie.

  3. Bell's, Dillie's Maudie's,

  4. Campbell High Graduates 1941

  5. Campbell High Graduates 1939

  6. Ann Judson Society of Kennett, Missouri

  7. Joseph Clark Liddell,

  8. Joseph Clark Liddell,

  9. Kathy & Joseph Liddell

  10. Liddell clan in 1950

  11. Liddell Siblings, 1950:

  12. Robert Franklin Liddell and wife Irma Maudie (Billips)

  13. Sunday School Class

  14. Church in White Oak, MO. 1909

  15. ____lly Gene Glover

  16. Burley Hooper and Grandson Randal

  17. Burley Hooper

  18. Burlie, Nellie and Rex Hooper

  19. Dorothy Romines, Veda Hooper, Maggie Romines

  20. Earl Eakers

  21. George Washington Fox. (family)

  22. Soon

  23. Soon

  24. Soon

  25. Soon

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