Iron County, Missouri

  • Iron County was formed in 1857 from parts of Madison, Reynolds, St. Francois, Washington, and Wayne Counties;
    the county seat is
Imboden in Iron County Mo

  • Imboden

    Just out of Belleview and down Hw o, there is a little place that people call Imboden. I seen an Imboden Fork on this site but there was once a place called Imboden. Some people still do. The story of the Imboden's is on line. There are Imboden's buried in the old Belleview Cemetery. I believe they are buried other places around here as well. I decided to look up the Imboden's one day to see what I might find. I was surprised to find a site on them. Family tree and all. It is very interesting. I have been told that my parents own the old Imboden home place. There is an upper and lower Imboden. When people die here they are some times listed as living in Belleview. Many and our family are listed as living in Imboden. The place is still called Imboden by most of the older generation. You can ask almost any older person that has lived here for a good while and they will know where Imboden is. I would guess from about ages of thirty or fourty and older. Imboden is on the Iron co. map in the tax office. I hope that you can look up the info and get it on your site. It is very interesting. I should say that some of the Imboden's moved on to Ark. and began another Imboden town. It is still there. I believe the father of all these Imboden's name was Abraham. The town in Ark. is surrounded with towns named the same as the towns around here. My husband and kids went to Imboden Ark a few yrs ago. They use to have a museum there of the Imboden's but closed it down. They have info on the Imboden's in the library. There is a museum in the town just past Imboden Ark. The towns name is Pochahontis. They have the homes of the Imboden's and many very interesting stories about them. It is unbelievable that they came from here. They were very promanant people in the town. I hope you will look them up and put Imboden Mo. story on your site. You just have to look up Imboden Mo. or Imboden Ark to find the story. I forgot to say that the old Imboden school still stands but has been added to. It is now a church. They built a new school in Belleview in 1958. All the children on Imboden began to be bussed there after then. My mother had to walk, sometimes barefooted to the old Imboden school as a kid. I don't know if my oldest bro and sister did or not. They finished a the new school.
Roxanna E. Jones.
Imboden Cemetery   Imboden, MO on Hwy O .Iron Co. Partial Survey off site

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