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    NAME:Doug Powers

    Looking for information regarding a woman known as "Aunt Can", who's real name was Candis RICE FRIELDS. She may also have married again. She was the aunt of my g grandmother Nebraska STRATTON POWERS, wife of John Washington POWERS, of Parma, New Madrid County,MO. Aunt Can was b. @ 1861 in Mississippi County, ARK. My g grandmother visited Aunt Can in the early part of the 1900's, at this time Aunt Can was living in Como, New Madrid County, MO, possibly with a sister. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    DATE: 19/Sept/97
    NAME: Jackie Gideon Maike

    GIDEON---family and town I am researching the GIDEON family and I know that one of my ancestors spent some time in GIDEON, Missouri. He helped start what I was told was called the GIDEON/ANDERSON Box Company that was there for many years. Many years ago my father contacted someone there in GIDEON and they sent him some wonderful information on the town and the above company. But we had a fire and lost everything and I am now trying to recoup all the of the lost information. The fire was before the time of computers etc. so there were not copies floating around. Times change for the best in gerenalogy terms! If anyone can tell me where to find information, or if they have any information on the Town or the GIDEON family that spent a short time there I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you in advance----Jackie Gideon Maike

    NAME:Shelly Reagan

    I am looking for information regarding my grandparents who lived in New Madrid County in the 1950's and 1960's. Their names were CLAUD MARCELLUS GOIN and EVA JANE (THOMPSON) GOIN. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    NAME:Janet Green

    I am looking forany info on George W. Green w/wife Lucinda Green in New Madrid County after 1880. Possibly death records or cemetary record, maybe in the Malden area. He was b. in 1808 and she in 1827. They were to have moved to Malden from Weakley Co, TN. Thank you for any help you can give. Great web site you have!!

    DATE: 10/Sept/97
    NAME: Linda Corman

    I am looking for ANY information on Elbert Lee Householder (aka Jack) born January 16, 1896 approx., and his wife Flossie Lorraine Baxter (Martin ?). I know they were in New Madrid, Missouri on August 17, 1932; as that is the day my father, Otho Calvin Householder was born. Elbert was Flossie's 2nd husband, they had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. There may have been another daughter who past away at a very young age. Flossie's first husband was Mr. Gruggett, they had two sons: Warren Gruggett - married Verdie, I don't know her maiden name. Also Uther Vance Gruggett (aka UV), UV now resides in Washington. My grandfather passed away in August, 1941, in either Arkansas or Missouri, but he is supposed to be buried in New Hope Cemetry, in Pollard, Arkansas. My Grandmother is also supposed to be buried in New Hope Cemetry, Pollard, Arkansas. She may have passed away in 1940. They say my grandfather served in WW 1, however; I can find nothing on either of these people, except my father and his siblings. All family papers were destroyed in a fire, so I have nothing to go on. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    DATE: 13/Jun/97
    NAME:Mildred G. Starr

    Margaret M. (MCMAHON) HANCOCK was living in New Madrid with her husband George HANCOCK and sons Richard Clearchus HANCOCK and James W. HANCOCK when her daughter Mary Catherine was born on October 16, in 1842. It appears that she was dead before 1850. Any information concerning her death, grave etc would be gratefully accepted.

    DATE: 30/Sept/97
    NAME: Dwight Roger KIRKPATRICK

    Arillia HANEY KIRKPATRICK m. William Taylor KIRKPATRICK about 1890 in New Madrid Co. or Pemiscot Co. Arrillia died about 1906 in MO, perhaps in Portageville. Her mother, Mary Ella HANEY ?, was living in Portageville in the 1930s. Need list of cemeteries near Portageville to search for Arillia and Mary Ella. Would be grateful for any information on the HANEYs. E-mail: or

    DATE: 25/Nov/97

    I am seeking information on Johnson Calhuon Hunter and wife Mary Martha Harbert. They were residents of New Madrid from about 1818 to 1821 and Johnson was, for a brief period a "Justice of the County". They owned property in Winchester, however, I have been unable to locate specifically where Winchester was.
    Can anyone tell me where Winchester is or was?

    DATE: 25/Dec/97
    NAME: bobbyriggs@worldnet.att .net

    I am seeking information about Thomas Edwin HARRISON and Charles Myrtle Harrison (HAITHCOAT) parents of Ronald Absolum HARRISON. Thomas Harrison b.May 12,1875, d. June 1,1936 and Charles M. Harrison (Haithcoat) b. Sep. 7,1988, d. April 19, 1955. I know Thomas parents names and date of birth and death and a few things about his grandparents. All I know about Charles Myrtle is her fathers name is C.B. Haithcoat and her mother is M. Havell. They live in New Madrid County all their lives.

    NAME:Frances Carroll

    DESPERATELY need information on ANY HATCHER family. My great grandfather, Stephen McGagil Hatcher was fborn Dec. 16, 1841, I think in New Madrid Area. He had a sister, Nancy. Parents may have been John (?) and wife either Tempy or Rebecca (unknown last names). John was from Ohio and Rebecca from Mo.
    PLEASE I've been looking over 20 yrs. for HATCHER lineage. My grandfather was Fredrick Albert Hatcher and was Jan. 30, 1872 Many thanks for ANY help,
    Mrs. Frances Carroll 145 Reidland Dr Paducah, KY 42003-1140

    NAME:Carole Hammett

    A Richmond JOHNSON appeared on the 1836 Warren Co, Tennessee Tax List, Dist. 2, but was not on either 1830 or 1840 Warren TN census as HH, but that same year, 1836, Martin and Lydia HAWK Johnson, Jr., formerly of Warren TN, named a son, Richmond JOHNSON, born 7 Sep 1836 in Madison Co, Arkansas. Could the latter have been named after this older Richmond JOHNSON? Did he die? No estate records have been located. Did he move on? If so, to where? A Richmond JOHNSON appears on the 1840 New Madrid Co, MO Census. Could this be him? Could he have been a son of William and Tisha COMBS Johnson of Warren TN & Madison AR? All help appreciated.

    DATE: 14/Oct/97
    NAME: Deborah Chappell

    Seeking information on Sarah Bell SANDERS (m. James HENRY circa 1875?) b. 1850's. These are parents of Ada Agness HENRY, b. 1882, New Madrid County. Ada married Geo. Cornelius WEEKS, b. 1877 in Elmont, AR. (Geo. and Ada lived in New Madrid County the rest of their lives.) Geo.'s parents were Sally ISBELL and Albert WEEKS, who moved to New Madrid County sometime in the 1880's. If anyone knows anything about these people, I would really appreciate hearing from them!

    DATE: 13/Aug/97
    NAME: Deborah Chappell

    Seeking info on George Cornelius WEEKS and Ada HENRY (m. WEEKS), my ggparents. Ada was born in either 1880 or 1881, in New Madrid County, according to a birth certificate I have for one of her children, my grandmother, Alice Louise WEEKS (m. BANDY). Alice was born one of more than 9 children, in 1918, in New Madrid County. She married Herbert Lee Bandy Dec 2, 1934, but I don't know where the marriage took place. Alice's siblings include Sally (m. KEASLER), Effie Mae (or ANN, as it's listed in an obituary listing for Alice)(m. CREWS), Earl, Allen, and Milton WEEKS. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    DATE: 8/Sep/97
    NAME: Deborah Chappell

    Just discovered yesterday that the people I inquired about, GEORGE CORNELIUS WEEKS and ADA A. HENRY WEEKS are buried in New Madrid County. Is there any way to get a listing of the cemeteries in the area, or find someone willing to volunteer to look at the headstones and send me the information? I would be more than willing to pay whatever related expenses. I am at a brick wall, here, and can go no further without at least a tiny bit of new information. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    DATE: 8/Oct/97

    Looking for a look-up in the death records for one MARION FRANCIS HENSON.. BORN 4 JUNE 1848 DIED IN NEW MADRID COUNTY in 1921. I need the date of death. and Place of Birth. and etc. To whom ever is doing the look up for me You have my undieing Thanks

    DATE: 29/Dec/97

    Rev Willian HOLLAND- Wife Sussane late 1800 -Children James L.-John- Wm. Mary Etta -Sussie- Chas.W--- Chas W ,my grand father, died 1899 buried at Hunter Scholl. Would like info on all but especially forebers of Rev WM. Also Chas.W. wife madien name-when died. I am asking a lot I know. My father died when I was 3. His father died when he was 3. No no more than what have written about the Holland's

    NAME:Lois Masters

    Seeking birth information on children of Silas and Rhoda HOLMES LEE. Children were Faunt, Rhodett, Silas B, Amanda and Frederick. There were others. Eight children of this couple died in New Madrid County between the years 1840 and 1850. When wife died, Silas returned to Pulaski Co., Kentucky from whence the couple had come. Any information on this family would be appreciated.


    I am looking for information about my HOPPER family. My great uncle, Earl C HOPPER was born 4 Feb 1906 in Parma, New Madrid, MO. His parents were William & Matha (Mattie Kincaid) HOPPER. They moved from State to State; IN, KY, AR and MO, so I haven't located them on any US Census. My grandfather, Arvile, was born in IN in 1893, no records were kept then. Please e-mail me, any info is greatly appreciated.

    NAME:Jean Smallwood

    Desperately searching for information on HOWELL surname in Scott and/or New Madrid Counties, MO. John W. Howell b about 1810, maybe VA wife Mary A. found in Hardin Co, IL 1860 census with children George W.b about 1856, John b about 1855 , James Bluford b about 1858/1859. George W. rumored to have married a Carrie ? and moved to Missouri. James Bluford Howell and wife Mary Ellen "Molly" Long may have lived around Bertrand MO after 1920. Any trace of these Howell families would be much appreciated.

    NAME: Gracie Taylor

    I am trying to find info on the parents of JAMES CORBETT JAMERSON. He was married to NOLA E. JOHNSON and they lived and raised their children in E. Prairie. I would also like any information on JAMERSON siblings of JAMES CORBETTT and the JOHNSON sieblings of NOLA. James was born Sep 7, 1894 in Vienna IL and died Mar 5, 1977 in E. Prairie. Nola was born Jul 8, 1898 in Belknap, IL and died Feb 19,1978 in E. Prairie. Thanks for any kind of help anyone can give.

    DATE: 13/Aug/97
    NAME: Tom Wilson

    Am seeking the first name of the WILSON that married LAURA MAE JULIAN.He was called Fudge by his brothers and friends.His brothers were CHARLES ANDREW WILSON (CHARLEY) AND WILLIAM JASPER WILSON (JAP). FUDGE was born ca 1860 in Ohio.He died ca 1895.It's said that he became ill and was taken from New Madrid to Kentucky where he was buried between Hickman Ky. and Union City Tn. FUDGE had two children with LAURA: John and Ollie WILSON. He would have married LAURA, ca 1890. Any and all info deeply appreciated.

    NAME:Don Chin

    I am seeking information on a Leola KEEN who I think was born in Portageville, MO around 1916. She married a Jack Chin around 1933-35, location unknown, but gave birth to two daughters (still living) and a son (deceased at 7 mos) in Helena, Arkansas. Her husband died on Dec. 21, 1938 and she died in an auto accident enroute to Baltimore, MD after her husband's funeral which was Dec. 27, 1938 - the accident occurred sometime shortly after the funeral, late Dec. 1938 or early Jan. 1939, location unknown. Am mainly interested in immediate family background of her parents and decendants on KEEN family side. Surviving daughters are interested in their mother's family since they were orphaned at an early age.

    NAME:Carol Carlson

    I am looking for a family of Keiths that show up on the 1850 New Madrid Co census as all being born in Indiana. This is how they list in the census:
    Silas KEITH 65 m IND
    Rebecca xx f IND
    Jessie 21 m IND
    Sarah 18 f IND
    Bradford 17 m IND
    Ambross 14 m IND
    Alburt 10 m IND
    Gilbert 9 m IND
    Robert 5 m IND This is my G-G-Grandfather
    any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at

    DATE: 7/Dec/97

    KERR, Ambrose and Claud. Claud was b. 10/7/1900 in Livingston county KY son of Ambrose. Ambrose was later sheriff of New Madrid county, MO, and Claud was a deputy. Ambrose d. in 1936 in St. Louis MO, and Claud d. 15/2/1947 in East St. Louis, IL. Any help in tracing ancestry and relatives would be appreciated.

    DATE: 13/Jun/97

    LOW Seeking info on the family of Aquilla LOW. He was from TN, moved to New Madrid sometime between 1802 and 1805. Two of his children, Edith and Beda were known to have been born in New Madrid. There were 2 other daughters, Debby and Rhoda who may have been born there. They left MO and returned to TN abt 1812-1813, I believe they left because of the earthquakes. Have info on Aquilla and his family and his daughters descendants, but need to know his wife's name (the mother of the daughters). Will gladly share any info I have on this family.

    NAME:Peggy Ruble

    Seeking info on Frank LONG and sons, William O. and Harry LONG. Seen in New Madrid Co. in 1910 census and Pemiscott Co. in 1920 census. In 1920 Frank was in his 50s and William O. was 27, both widowed. Any knowledge of burial sites, marriages or descendants wanted. Thanks.


    I seek information primarily about the MC GAUGH Family. They are thought to have lived in the Malden Area, Dunklin & New Madrid Counties, and then moved to IIlmo (now Scott City). My Grandmother was Nancy McGaugh, she had a sister Pearl and a brother John (adopted). I have no idea what her mother and fathers 1st names were, but family lore has it that her Mother ran a Boarding house for railway men in Illmo/Scott City. She had a soft heart and adopted many of the'Railway Children", orphans sent out of New York. My Grandmother Nancy worked in the boarding house, as all the children did. Nancy made the pies. She could whip out 8 pies in nothing flat, and they were to die for!!! She married Patrick J. DEVINE, a railway man she met at the boarding house. Her sister Pearl married a man named Jim Trainum. I would very much appreciate any information anyone might have on my Grandmother Nancy's parents and the boarding house.


    Researching the name MCMUNN this was my grandmothers maiden name. Her first name was Lura I'm trying to find out her folks names and family ties . My name is Gregory P. Sohn of Sunrise, FL I'm her grandson.

    NAME:Daniel Meatte

    I am looking for information about John Baptiste Meatte. Born 1790-1800 died 1831-40 in New Madrid , MO. He was married to Susanne Polite-Chatelle (About 1815). I'm interested in any information that is available. I'm especially interested in locating his grave stone and establishing his birth site (city and county). Thanks. Daniel Meatte

    DATE: 17/Sept/97

    Would like information on sister of Shawnee or Choctaw Chief, TECUMSEH who lived in NEW MADRID CO. She married FRANCOIS MAISONVILLE, French Cajun, around 1800. Had 5-6 children. One, MODEST, married EDWARD MEATTE. Had children who married LAFONTS, DELISLES. Who were other childdren of TECUMSEH'S SISTER and FRANCOIS MAISONVILLE? Thanks for all replies

    NAME:Bob Crowe

    Seeking any information on Joseph J. MCKINLEY or relations. Appears in 1910 Stoddard Co. MO census with 2nd wife Juliana, daughter Oka and son Denver B. Denver was born ca 1905 in Parma, MO. Joseph's son John R. MCKINLEY also lived in Missouri for a short time, surely Stoddard or New Madrid County. Joseph's brother William C. MCKINLEY and wife Nancy also lived in New Madrid Co. for several years, references to them were found in New Madrid courthouse. William & Nancy ultimately ended up in Clay Co., AR. Joseph and family ultimately moved back to KY (Owensboro); Joseph originally from Ohio Co., KY (just south of Owensboro's county, Daviess). Joseph had several children from a previous marriage to Sarah Emily WESTERFIELD, married 1872 in Ohio Co., KY. Two of them were twins, Lutina & Arrena MCKINLEY, born July 1887 in Ohio Co., KY (names according to 1900 census). Wish for specific information on: Birth of Denver B. MCKINLEY in Parma, MO (ca 1905); possible death of Lutina and/or Arrena MCKINLEY in Stoddard Co., MO (1900-1910) (I understand they died in their teens); possible death of John R. MCKINLEY's wife Palvina in Stoddard Co. (1910-1920); birth of John R. MCKINLEY's daughter Ethel Mae in Stoddard Co. (ca 1910); and any other tidbits concerning the MCKINLEY family mentioned herein

    DATE: 30/Nov/97
    NAME: Teri Moon

    My father-in-law, Charlie Johnson MOON, was born in New Madrid Co., MO on Oct. 14, 1909. His mother was Nancy Dieti MOON, and his father was John Henry MOON. I am searching for more information about John Henry, where he died, his birth place, parents . . . I have only his date of death: Apr. 29, 1915. If you can lead me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time!!

    DATE: 27/Sept/97
    NAME: Joyce TINKER Gagnon

    I am looking for confirmation of the marriage of William Alexander (Willie) TINKER to Alice NEAL (NEIL) sometime in the years of 1910-1916. Also I am looking for confirmation of William Tinker's father's and mother's name. I believe their names were Philip TINKER and Rosa (Rosie) last name unknown. Would like to know her last name if possible. Also would like to know when and where William Alexander TINKER died and was buried.
    I am also looking for confirmation of marriage of LOUIS R NEAL (NEIL) and EMMA BAKER sometime in the years of 1890-1900.
    All of these people lived in Parma (New Madrid) township of Como Missouri and LOUIS R NEAL (NEIL) was a justice of the peace, according to the 1920 census, but divorced from EMMA at that time. His last name at time of death was spelled NEAL and so was all the rest of the relatives, but the census spells it NEIL which I can't understand. Thank you for all of your help. Please e-mail with any info to

    NAME:Reece Newton

    Seeking any information about: John C. NEWTON, b. ca. 1815 in MA? or CT?, and d. 11 Mar 1879 in New Madrid. He m. Elizabeth T. SNYDER before 1845; they had five children. Elizabeth was b. in 1822 in Uniontown (?) Ky and d. ca 1861 in Jefferson Co. AR. She was dau. of Jeremiah SNYDER who was b. in York Co. PA 5 Aug 1792, and d. in New Madrid 17 May 1871. Jeremiah had m. on 9 May 1821 Elizabeth RANDOLPH, who was b. 8 Mar 1804 in Jefferson Co., KY, d. 20 Oct. 1875 New Madrid. The SNYDERS had moved to New Madrid Co. in 1828. John and Elizabeth NEWTON first lived in New Madrid where their children Edward C., Jeremiah L., Florence C., and John R. NEWTON were born. By late 1853 the family moved to near Pine Bluff AR where NEWTON ran a school and farmed. Their son Charles was born in AR in 1855. After Elizabeth's death John m. Elizabeth LODIN in AR in 1862, and the family moved back to New Madrid some time after. John married the third time 16 June 1864 to Mary Ann SNYDER DAVIS, widowed sister of Elizabeth, his first wife. Their dau. Anna Belle was b. in New Madrid in Nov. 1865. Appreciate any information or links whatsoever, esp. about John's past before New Madrid.

    DATE: 3/Nov/97

    Searching for information on the Earl Norman family. They lived on a farm in the area of Parma Missouri from the early 1900 until WW2. His wife was Rachael Nola and they had 11 childred all who attended school in Parma, Missouri. Earl Norman was my Uncle.

    DATE: 12/Sept/97
    NAME: Irving Blabon

    I am searching for the parents of Edgar NOSLER. He lived and may have died in Lilbourn . He was married to Viola May BEATTY. They had 13 childen. Eight lived to adulthood. Edgar and Viola BEATTY NOSLER divorced. Viola married a PHILLIPS. The children of Edgar and Viola Nosler were: David Edwin, Joseph Albertis, Chris Henry, Lawrence Edgar, Riley, Lee, Minnie Alice, Sarah Ellen, Mary Emma, Opan Ilene, Avis, Eva, Imogene Olivia..... Irving Blabon
    30 Chalda Court
    San Rafael, Ca. 94903


    James Owen VA, came to New Madrid County abt.1825 His sons, Nelson Owen b. 1830 and Daniel Owen b. 1835 are known to have been born in New Madrid County, MO. HIs other sons, Alfred, John Sylvester, William Marion, Willis Merrit, John, Hiram, and William..birthplaces and dates uncertain. Parts of the family removed to Greene County, AR abt 1840 but some of the family must have remained in New Madrid county or close by, as his grandson, Luther Jackson OWEN was sent back to live with relatives after his parents died. Seeking descendants and information on any of the above.

    NAME:Barbara Williams

    I am seeking information on William Jefferson PRESSONwho lived in New Madrid Co. c 1890. I believe he died there c 1892-1895 and is buried there. He was married to Maggie ANDERSON. Children were Arcola, Franklin, Marvin, and Carol (Carl). Maggie may have had ANDERSON relatives in the area, possibly brothers named James and Miles

    NAME:Susan Stewart

    I am looking for information on George W. STEWART b Dec 23, 1828 in OH d July 12, 1900 in New Madrid Co. He married Sarah PRICE, Jan 6, 1875 in KY, she was his second wife, as he brought three children to their marriage, Emily J. b abt 1864, MO, John M. b abt 1866, MO and Ambrose S. b abt 1870, MO. George and Sarah had the following children, Sarah Florence, b abt 1875, MO and Theodore "Allie" b Oct 4, 1877, MO. George and Sarah STEWART are buried in the Brannum Cemetery near Portageville, MO. Need George and Sarah's parents names to continue my research. Any ancestral information would be greatly appreciated on this family.


    I am seeking any information on Cinda (Lucinda) Robinson who married Charles Wilson In New Madrid on the 7th of March 1888. She died of childbirth when C.A.Wilson was born. The marriage record says she was from St Johns Township. Thank You

    NAME:Robert Taylor

    Seeking information about Andrew Jackson Taylor (b. Oct 1862, IL?), married in 1881 mary E. Russell (b. May 1864 TN?). They had at least five children: Ida M. (b. Feb 1887, IN), Samuel I. (b. Dec 1889, KY), my great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Taylor (b. Oct 1892, Pemiscot County, MO, m. Anna May Singery Jan 1916, New Madrid Co, MO), George (b. Oct 1896, AR), and Lucy (b. Apr 1900, MO). Family appears in Pemiscot County, MO census records in 1900 and 1910, and in New Madrid County, MO in 1920. Why did they settle in the bootheel? Who were the elder Andrew's parents? Any leads or advice appreciated. Contact: Robert W. Taylor, 81 N. Rainbow Dr., Columbia, MO 65201-6973

    DATE: 24/Sept/97
    NAME: Dann M Norton

    Seeking any information on the SHAFFER/SHAVER families of New Madrid County. Louis SHAFFER b. 1803 in MO? Died Oct. 1849 in Schuyler Co., IL. His wife was Catharine. His daughter Eliza was b. 1829 in New Madrid. Other children were James L. b. 1843 and Lucinda b. 1845 IL. Lucinda md. Benjamin SHAFFER/SHAVER b. 1832 MO. Eliza md. David GREEN, and their Daughter Mary Catharine md. John Martin SHAVER b. 29 Feb 1848 in New Madrid to Frank (or John) and Jane WHITE SHAVER.

    DATE: 8/Oct/97

    I'm researching my TANNER ancestors. RUCKER TANNER was born abt 1794 in New Madrid Co. Missouri to John Tanner and Sally (or Sookey) Rucker Tanner. John and Sally Tanner were both born in VA and married in Kentucky, had Rucker in Missouri so it sounds like they were on the move quite abit. Rucker Tanner married a Sarah ? abt 1823 (but I don't know where) and moved on to Hempstead Co. AR. He died in AR in 1829. Any information, help and or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Leslie (in Oregon)

    DATE: 26/Aug/97
    NAME:Mike Taylor

    My grandfather was raised around risco Mo. in New Madrid Co. His fathers name Was William Auther Taylor, and his Mothers name was Ora Taylor. William and Ora moved to, I assume, New Madrid Co. in the early 1900's. William and Ora had three sons and one daughter. They later moved to stoddard co. where william died in the late 1930's or early 1940's. I would like to find out what part of Tennessee they moved from and Ora's Maiden name. Any Info would be greatly Appreciated

    DATE: 1/Sept/97
    NAME: Sally Jo

    Looking for information on TROTTER surname in New Madrid County early 1800s. Thank you. Sally Jo

    DATE: 13/Nov/97
    NAME: Jackie Humphrey

    My ancestor David Trotter was killed by Indians in 1802 in New Madrid. David Trotter was a proven settler acc. to the Am. State papers with permission of the Spanish or French Govt then in power and his heirs and ch. rec'd land when it was finally settled with the U.S., I think abt 1812.The doc. written in French states that David Trotter came from KY and owned land in KY. Further research showed me that he was from the Fayette/Bourbon Co KY Trotter family that came from Augusta Co. VA.
    Trotter may have had a trading post, but that was not stated. I just wonder how he could sell liquor if he didnt have a store. I have the dimensions of the house and what was on the first and the second floor. He had sold liquor to Indians previously and was told by the other inhabitants not to do it again. When the Indians arrived at his house, he told them that he was not allowed to sell them liquor and they killed him. Some of the Indians were captured and one of them was shot, Tewaneye. This was done with the permission of Indian chiefs, Chief Agypousetchy and chief Kaskaloua, who took the other killers into custody to mete out their own punishment. There are other accounts of David Trotter's murder and the subsequent law that was passed because of it.

    DATE: 8/Jun/97

    I am looking for any information on a John WALLACE who lived in Parma, New Madrid County, Missouri. He had a son, James Wallace, who was born about 1915, so John would have to have been born before 1895 or so. I have no other information on John Wallace

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