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  • This photo is of Simion Tucker & Edna Tucker Marriage

    This picture is of SimonTucker's (born July 3, 1886, died February 23, 1952) marriage to Edna Geile (born December 18,1904, died May 27, 1988). He is in the front on the right, she on the left.

    Edna was also married to Arthur Tucker, Simon's brother. He was born on January 27, 1894 and died on February 25, 1971.

    Edna, Simon and Arthur are buried at St. Rose of Lima Cemetery in Silver lake.

    The Brides Maid and the Best Man in the picture are my Grandparents, Inez Josephine(Whistler) French, born July 24, 1905, died May 27, 2001, and Hubert French, born January 10. 1903, died may 3, 1995. The other person is the priest, name unknown. I do not have a date for this photo

    (Tom French )

    Photo by (Tom French ) Poster #-20-

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