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The Perry County, Missouri
Genealogy-Only Discussion List Rules

    The purpose of this list to to provide an arena for the discussion of the genealogy and history of the Perry County area. You are invited to subscribe to the list, and post your questions about your ancestors who lived in the area or about research in this area. If you have access to any county resources, you are encouraged to offer your help to others. It is hoped that this list will be of value to its subscribers in the enrichment of their knowledge of their ancestors and how they lived.

"The Rules" for this list:
    1. The Golden Rule: "Do for others what you would like them to do for you."
    2. Absolutely no flames or nastiness will be tolerated.
    3. Do not attach long files or GEDCOMS to the list.
      They make people's ISPs go nuts and are not appreciated.
    4. ONLY GENEALOGY or HISTORY posts are acceptable. These posts should have some reasonable connection to Perry Co., Missouri and/or its immediate neighbors.
    5. Please do NOT quote an entire message. If you want to quote, cut and paste the relevant portion.
    6. Please bookmark this page, and save the Welcome Message that you will get when you subscribe.
    7. Please sign your name when sending messages to the list. We are a friendly group!

subscribing/unsubscribing to the Perry County Discussion list:


Subscribe to the list by sending an email message to
that contains the word
in the body of the message and
Nothing in the Subject:, and lower case subscribe in the message body.
Turn off signature files, etc.


Unsubscribe by sending a message to
that contains the word
in the body of the message and
Nothing in the Subject:, and lower case unsubscribe in the message body.
Turn off signature files, etc.


To post to MOPERRY-L, send a message to


Should you have any problems with subbing, or unsubbing, please let me know.
Don E. Wright , listowner


For questions about this list, contact the list
administrator at MOPERRY-admin@rootsweb .com.


Other Mail Lists

Information on the many other mail lists for genealogy may be found at
John Fuller's Genealogical Resources on the Internet,
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  • This list will be monitored and maintained by me, to assist you in discovering
    your roots. Please do not send questions about your ancestors to me. I have my
    hands full with coordinating the Perry County MoGenWeb & MO-AHGP site
    and am not available to answer any queries.

    Don E. Wright
    Perry Co MoGenWeb
    Perry Co MO-AHGP
    County Coordinator
Thank you for your understanding.

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