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Pollard Cemetery Scott County Missouri

SUBMITTED BY: Bob Reese, Poster-#-151-
Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes
Pollard Cemetery Years of Operation: 1883 - 1978
Pollard Cemetery is located East of Benton 4.5 miles on Highway 77.
You then turn left 1/10 mile on gravel road and then turn at first right county road, travel .8 mile to the cemetery.

TAYLOR, Nancy Anna Keesee
~~b: abt 1867~~d: 1 June 1890
TAYLOR, Richard A.
~~b: 1870~~d: 7 Nov 1916
SUBMITTED BY: Bob Reese, Poster-#-151-
~~b: 20 Oct 1843~~d: 15 Feb 1890)
TAYLOR, Mary Margaret McKinney
~~b: 1847~~d: 19 Mar 1895)
SUBMITTED BY: Bob Reese, Poster-#-151-
TAYLOR, Charles I.
~~b: Mar. 15, 1880 ~~d: Feb. 17, 1920
TAYLOR, Andrew J.
~~b: 1880~~d: 1962
TAYLOR, Effie L. wife
~~b: 1885~~d: 1953
TAYLOR, Emily Katherine
~~b: 1840~~d: 1921
TAYLOR, John Thomas
~~b: Dec. 27, 1867 ~~d: May 20, 1943
TAYLOR, Ruth Clara
~~b: 1908~~d: 1981
TAYLOR, Robert L.
~~b: Nov. 3, 1879 ~~d: Jun. 2, 1928
TAYLOR, Martha A. wife
~~b: Jan. 21, 1881 ~~d: Oct. 24, 1961

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