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Sikeston City Cemetery
Scott County [Missouri]
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Subject: Cemetery name & Scott, County
In letter: ROGERS, John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
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Sikeston City Cemetery

Sikeston City Cemetery
Scott County Missouri

SUBMITTED BY: Brenda Hebert Poster-#-109-
Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

Edmondson, Alice]
~~b: Feb. 19, 1865 ~~~d: June 29, 1950
Edmondson, Clara
~~b: ???? ~~~d: ????
Edmondson, Johna
~~b: Jan. 21, 1839 ~~~d: Aug. 19, 1903
Edmondson, John
~~b: ???? ~~~d: ????
Edmondson, Louie
~~b: 1862 ~~~d: 1902
Edmondson, Nellie
~~b: Aug. 29, 1889 ~~~d: July 6, 1890
Edmondson, Samuel
~~b:Nov. 10, 1881 ~~~d: Sept. 2, 1881
[Edmondson, Sophia
~~b: 1867 ~~~d: 1947
City Cemetery of Sikeston
Years of Operation: 184? to Present
NOTE:Located on S. Kingshighway, about 2 blocks south of Malone Street, Sikeston, MO in Richland Township.
It is across Murry Street from Birch Tree Mall.
Total 2,290+ Graves
Submitted by Brenda Hebert Poster-#-109-
Marshalls in City Cemetery of Sikeston
Submitted by Jane Fitzpatrick Poster-#-132-
Marshall, Bernita L.
~~b: 12-24-1943 ~~d: 5-12-1975
(Mother of Ray Marshall, III)
Marshall, Carl R.
Brother to Geo. W. Marshall
~~b: 2-21-1907 ~~d: 9-21-1963
Marshall, Claude William
~~b: 4-8-1882 ~~d: 1-9-1920
Marshall, Fannie G.
~~b: 10-1-1884 ~~d: 1-14-1944
Marshall, Cyrus E.
~~b: 1884-1952
Marshall, Carrie A.
~~b: 1884~~d: 1957
Marshall, Dorothy L.
~~b: 4-3-1933 ~~d: 10-25-1965
Marshall, Floyd D.
~~b: 1894~~d: 1920
Marshall, George W.
~~b: 10-27-1881 ~~d: 7-20-1902
Marshall, Hettie V.
~~b: 2-7-1880 ~~d: 9-1-1943
Marshall, James, Jr.
~~b: 3-18-1909 d~~d: 10-15-1989
(I added this one from gravestone)
Marshall, James
~~b: 11-29-1855 ~~d: 5-15-1937
(on one side)
Marshall, Alice B.
~~b: 8-12-1878 ~~d: 11-8-1968
(2nd wife) on other side
Marshall, Mollie
(same side as Alice, 1st wife)
~~b: 11-3-1857~~d: 4-11-1902
Marshall, John E.
~~b: 3-21-1855 ~~d: 3-15-1917
Marshall, John William
~~b: 1864~~d: 1956
Marshall, Aspiza, Permilia
~~b: 1867~~d: 1956
Marshall, Joseph C.
~~b: 3-27-1882 ~~d: 1-28-1968
Marshall, Lynne Marshall
~~b: 1-30-1883 ~~d: 9-15-1903
Marshall, Mayme A.
~~b: 4-5-1885 ~~d: 10-5-1971
Marshall, Mary Elizabeth
~~b: 1858~~d: 1941
Marshall, Mary L.
~~b: 1-27-1857 ~~d: 2-25-1937
Marshall, Judith L.
~~b: 7-27-1938 ~~d: (no date)
Marshall, Thomas A., Sr.
~~b: 6-10-1930 ~~d: (no date)
Marshall, Phyllis A.
~~b: 1-29-1931 ~~d: 6-16-1980
3 on stone
Marshall, Ray, III
~~b: 10-26-1964 ~~d: 4-10-1979
Marshall, Ray, Sr.
~~b: 1-4-1907 ~~d: 10-8-1970
Marshall, Ronnie
~~b: 1-20-1905 ~~d: 12-25-1907
Marshall, Samuel Austin
~~b: 4-26-1973 ~~d: 9-10-1976
(Son of John & Barbara)
Marshall, Thomas A., Jr.
~~b: 11-18-1951 ~~d: 5-3-1958
(Marshall) Submitted by Jane Fitzpatrick Poster-#-132-
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