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  • Melvin Russell Wright,
    This ia a mystery photo that I found in my grandfather's (Melvin Russell Wright, born Springfield, MO) photo box. I would love to post it on your website and see what happens. It is of a baby in a carriage and the photo has "Eversole" printed in ink on the front frame. The photo was taken at St. Louis-Hyatt Photo Supply Co., 807 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. I think the photo is of my 2nd great-grandmother, Laura Eversole Hughes, who was born in St. Louis. She moved with her family (Cyrus & Sarah Eversole) to Commerce, Scott Co, Missouri. Her husband, and my 2nd great-grandfather, was Wiley A. Hughes, a Probate Judge in Scott Co. I think he died in the Benton area.

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Photo Gallery #-004-

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