Scott County,  Missouri

Land Records


Section 2, T29N, R13E – Scott County, Missouri

Researched and Drawn by Gordon Neil Jones (February 2000)

  1. David Daniel #19654 6-10-1856, 160 of 200 Acres.

  2. James F. Wylie #4506 11-14-1837, 80 Acres.
  3. Felix G. Allen $19195, 6-16-1856, 80 Acres.

  4. David Daniel #17194 1-3-1856, 80 Acres.

  5. Felix G. Allen #13110 4-15-1853, 80 Acres.

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NOTE: David Daniel and James F. Wylie owned lands in the NW & NE quadrants respectively, and it is unclear whether or not the said lands are correctly platted as shown above. Gray areas indicate lands in which no patent is recorded for said lands under1820 Land Patent Rights. These lands may have been occupied under earlier Spanish Land Grants or Homestead Claims, etc.

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