37th Engineers, U.S. Expeditionary Force

Missouri WWI Soldiers Listed Aboard the Troopship R.M.S. Mauretania

     The superliner R.M.S. Mauretania (pictured above) was the sister ship of the R.M.S. Lusitania. Unlike her sister, was equipped with a more advanced propeller, enabling more speed to avoid German torpedos. Used as a troop transport since 1914 she served as both a troop transport and hospital ship. In 1915 she was attacked by a German submarine but managed to out manuever the torpedoes.  During her history as a troop transport she carried British, Canadian and American troops during World War I.


Embarked: June 29, 1918 (8:45 A.M. to 2:27 P.M.)

Departed: Pier No. 54, New York Harbor, N.Y. on June 30, 1918 (10:40 A.M.)

Destination: England.  Troops Carried: 5,082 (867 belonging to 37th Engineers)

[Compiled from records of the National Arhives: Record Group 92, Troop Manifest for the USAT Mauretania (JUN 30, 1918), Box 495, 370/70/0303]

Names listed in the order they appear on the ship's manifest. Elements of the 37th Engineers carried aboard this ship were: Regimental Hdqrs; 2nd Battalion Hdqrs; Medical Detachment; Company D; Company E; Company F.

Others listed aboard this ship were: 19 Casuals (misc. military personnel) ; 314 Casual Detachment of the 90th Division (elements of the 315th, 343rd, 344th, 357th, 358th, 359th, 360th Infantry); Base Hospital Unit No. 28 [Kansas City, Mo.] Army Nurse Corps; Camp Cody Auto. Replacement Draft Infantry; Camp Johnson Auto. Repl. Draft Q.M.C.; Kelly Field Auto. Repl. Draft Signal Corps;; Replacements for Construction Companies Signal Corps., 54th Engineers; Aero Squadron 184; Aero Squadron 226.

Note: The following is a listing of Missouri soldiers ONLY (those that listed an emergency contact within the State of Missouri.) that belonged to the 37th Engineers.

Regimental Headquarters:

Cook, Robert A        Pvt 1st Class        Emergency Contact: Mr. James H. Cook (Father) Richwoods, Mo.

Sharp, Addison B.     Pvt                       Emergency Contact: Mrs. M.T. Sharp (Mother) 3204 South Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

2nd Battalion Headquarters:

Woltering, Leo J.          MSTR ENG        Emergency Contact: Mrs. Catherine Woltering (Mother) 4435 Tennessee Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Gibson, Thomas H.        CPL                    Emergency Contact: Mrs. J. B. Gibson (Mother) 5800 Clemens Ave., Apt. F, St. Louis, Mo.

Cummings, Harry G.        Pvt.                    Emergency Contact:  Patrick J. Cummings (Father) 5191 Vonversen Ave, St. Louis, Mo.

Company D:

Golladay, Lawrence R.   Pvt                       Emergency Contact: Maurice L. Golladay (Father) Holden, Mo.

Hooker, Vern F.                 Pvt.                      Emergency Contact: Frank R. Hooker (Father) Pullman Co., St. Joseph, Mo.

Schonhoff, Bernard J.          Pvt.                       Emergency Contact:  Joseph Schonhoff (Father) 1420 Madison St. St. Louis, Mo.

Berg, Otto V.                       Pvt.                      Emergency Contact: Mrs. Anna Holmgren (Sister) 3507 Chippewa St., St. Louis, Mo.

Purtle, Cecil H.                     Pvt.                      Emergency Contact:  James Purtle (Father) 1525 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Keysor, Harold C.                Corp                    Emergency Contact: W.W. Keysor (Father) 121 N. Fillmore Ave., Kirkwood, Mo.

Chayka, John                        Pvt.                      Emergency Contact:  Mrs. Lulu E. Chayka (Wife) 4222 Flora St., Kansas City, Mo.

Schneider, Theodore L.         Pvt.                      Emergency Contact: : Theodore Schneider (Father) 4725 Hanover Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Fritzlen, David                        Pvt.                      Emergency Contact: Thomas Fritzlen (Father) Liberty, Mo.

Williams, James O.                 Pvt.                       Emergency Contact:  Mrs. Lily Williams (Wife) 3735 Lucky St., St. Louis, Mo.

Roesler, Oscar                        Pvt.                       Emergency Contact: Mr. George Roesler (Brother) 7710 Riely Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Watts, Geo. L.                        Pvt.                       Emergency Contact: Ruth E. Watts (Wife) 4715 A. Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Cannon, Cecil C.                     Pvt.                        Emergency Contact: Mrs. Margaret Cannon (Mother) Foley, Mo.

Burnside, Norval                      Pvt.                        Emergency Contact: Mrs. Madaline Kohl (Sister-In-Law) 7125 Horan Ave, St. Louis, Mo.

Wyatt, William L.                     Pvt.                        Emergency Contact:  Mrs. Lilly E. Wyatt (Mother) 2902 La Fayette St., St. Joseph, Mo.

Ginther, William S.                    Pvt.                        Emergency Contact: Mrs. Minnie W. Ginther (Mother) 3223 A. Vista Ave., St. Louis, Mo.  NOTE: This soldier's name crossed out. Transferred to 458th Engineer Motor Truck Service. Was not aboard this transport.

Company E:

Ueberle, William F.               Pvt.                           Emergency Contact: Mrs. Catherine Ueberlie (Mother) 524 South 6th Street, St. Charles, Mo.

Thorpe, Oscar E.                     Pvt.                            Emergency Contact: Mrs. Katherine Dresser (Sister) St. Francois, Mo.

O'Leary James                         Pvt.                            Emergency Contact:  Miss Mary O'Leary (Sister) 3649 Cass Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Riess, William                           Pvt.                            Emergency Contact:  Gustave Riess (Father) 3435 Indiana Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Murphy, Leo                            Pvt.                             Emergency Contact: Mrs. Rose Mary Murphy (Wife) 3149 Brantner Place, St. Louis, Mo.

Unger, William                         Pvt.                              Emergency Contact:  E. H. Kuhlman (Brother-In-Law) 3934 North 23rd Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Brown, Joseph R.                    Pvt.                               Emergency Contact: Mrs. La Vada Brown (Wife) 2013 North 10th Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Lala, Joseph S.                        Pvt.                                Emergency Contact:  Fortunato Lala (Father) 514 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, Mo.

Shaufouraux, Armand H.         Pvt.                                Emergency Contact: Miss Elsie Schmitt (Friend) 2008a Obear Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Huber, John H.                        Pvt.                                Emergency Contact:  Michael Huber (Father) 2519 St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Birsinger, Louis  S. (?)              Pvt.                                Emergency Contact:  Joseph Birsinger (Father) 827 South 11th Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Burke, Robert M.                    Pvt.                                  Emergency Contact: Mrs. Anne M. Burke (Mother) 3632 Garfield Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Letter, John M.                        Pvt.                                  Emergency Contact: Albert F. Letter  (Father) 3664 Liermann Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Kaiser, Edward                        Pvt.                                  Emergency Contact: Miss Carrie Kaiser (Sister) 2615 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, Mo.

Crump, Lindell L.                      Pvt.                                  Emergency Contact: Luther Crump (Father) Centralia, Mo.

Proemsey, Henry H.                  Pvt.                                  Emergency Contact: Mrs. Lissie Proemsey (Mother) 3135 Cherry Street, Maplewood, Mo.

Currie, Robert                            Pvt.                                  Emergency Contact: Mrs. Amanda Currie (Wife) 5201 Jennings Rd., St. Louis, Mo.

Dillow, Ross                               Pvt.                                   Emergency Contact:  Mrs. Annie Dillow (Wife) 3447 South 2nd Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Marty, Alfred                              Pvt.                                   Emergency Contact: Mrs. Margaret Marty (Mother) 8243 Idaho Ave, St. Louis, Mo.

Zeigler, Fred                               Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Levi Zeigler (Father) Oronogo, Mo.

Ferguson, Edward L.                   Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Mrs. Elmira Ferguson (Mother) 2650a Caroline Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Becker, Albert J.                         Pvt.                                      Emergency Contact:  Mrs. Mary Becker (Mother) 3428 Texas Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Audsley, Edward O.                    Cook                                    Emergency Contact: William S. Audsley (Father) 408 South White Street, Kansas City, Mo.

Organ, John W.                            Pvt.                                     Emergency Contact: Harry Organ (Father) 6162 1/2 Etzel Ave, St. Louis, Mo.

Curran, John J.                             Pvt.                                       Emergency Contact: John J. Curran, Sr. (Father) 595 Evans Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Murphy, John D.                           Pvt.                                      Emergency Contact:  Dennis Murphy (Father) 4043 North Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Mitchell, John W.                           Pvt.                                      Emergency Contact:  John M. Mitchell (Father)  3402 Eads Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Paulus, Henry                                Pvt.                                        Emergency Contact: Mrs. Grace Paulus (Mother) 3735 Iowa Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Skelcher, William T.                       Pvt.                                        Emergency Contact: Harry Skelcher (Father) 6121 West Park Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Willis, Ferguson E.                         Pvt.                                         Emergency Contact: Miss Mollie Willis (Sister) 4295 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Broeker, William J.                         Pvt.                                       Emergency Contact: Mrs. Minnie Broeker (Mother) 4212A Holly Ave. St. Louis, Mo.

Meng, Winfred D.                          Pvt.                                      Emergency Contact: Mrs. Martha A. Meng (Mother) 3 Willis Ave., Columbia, Mo.

Lawson, Alfred E.                          Pvt.                                   Emergency Contact: Mrs. Louisa K. Lawson (Mother) 3518 Bellefontaine, Kansas City, Mo.

Company F:

Moriarty, Thomas W.                    Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Mr. Thomas Moriarty (Father) 6318 Etzel Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Reutner, Emil A.                            Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Mrs. Amelia Reutner (Mother) 1523 Whittier St., St. Louis, Mo.

Anthony, William J.                        Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact:  Mrs. Minnie Anthony (Mother) 2218 Vickson St., St. Louis, Mo.

Milz, Ray G.                                  Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Mrs. Anna Milz (Mother) 1419 Cutter Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Held, Joseph W.                            Pvt.                                     Emergency Contact: Mrs. Alverda Held (Mother) 341 North St., Sikeston, Mo.

Bayha, Wilson V.                            Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Mrs. Nellie B. Bayha (Mother) 4310 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Kraeuchi, Leo C.                            Pvt.                                    Emergency Contact: Edgar Kraeuchi (Brother) 4625 Newberry Terrace, St. Louis, Mo.

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