John Barleycorn Good-Bye

Words and Music by John Stark.

St. Louis, MO: Stark Music Co.
MIDI file courtesy of  Benjamin Tubb

Oh John Barleycorn we’ll have to let you go. 
You’ve made us many a merry time but also many a woe. 
You’ve populated many jails and grave yards owe you much. 
You’ve swiped the price of children's bread 
And lied to beat the Dutch.

CHORUS [sung after each verse]
No more will “Cholly” straggle home from two oclock to four 
And fumble ’round an hour to find the key hole in the door. 
No more he’ll sit and nod and blink­­ stupidity profound 
And swear he’ll jump right in that bed 
The next time it comes ’round.

Oh John for bloody brawls you're famous far and wide.
You change good Doctor Jeckel to the villain Mister Hyde.
You’ve separated man and wife, raised many a family storm.
You’ve tacked a big bay window John
On many a perfect form.

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Jan 22, 2002 by Scott K. Williams, Florissant, Mo.