Airports, Airfields and Balloon Ascension Grounds of St. Louis


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The St. Louis Mounted Police Station in Forest Park. Built in 1919, this building once served as a hanger for the City's first commercial airport. Its adjoining 100 acre landing field (known as "Aviation Field") served private aeroplanes as well as aircraft of the U.S. Aerial Mail Service. Forest Park has been the site for Aeronautical activity since 1907, and that tradition continues today with the yearly balloon races. For more on St. Louis' famous aircraft history, see James J. Horgan's book, "City of Flight: The History of Aviation in St. Louis"; Patrice Press, St. Louis, Mo;1990. For historical images of early aeronautical balloons in St. Louis, see the following images:  [Balloon at Highland's Amusement Park]  and other unidentified St. Louis locations: [Image 1]  [Image 2]  [Image 3] . From glass plate photography by J. R. Eike dating from 1914-1917. Eike's work is presented on this website as part of the Thomas Kempland Collection.

Airports, Airstrips, and Aeronautical Balloon Ascension Sites (St. Louis City/County)

Lambert Field as it appeared in 1930. Universal became American Airlines. The distant most hangers belonged to Robertson Aviation, and is the company where Charles Lindbergh was employed while carrying air mail. From print obtained from Dick Gariepy,

Missouri Air National Guard Facilities at Lambert Field, circa 1949. Transport plane and seven B-26. [Missouri Air National Guard Photo]


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