Pioneer Aviators of St. Louis


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Pioneer Pilots of Universal-American Airlines. Center Photo: Left to Right: Phil R. Love, Charles Lindbergh, T.P. Nelson. Photo upper left: _____ Westover; Photo lower left: Walter Halgren; Photo upper right: Bobby Jewell; Photo lower right: Clyde Holbrook  (Holbrook was killed in a Condor crash in 1933). This photo was contributed by Dick Gariepy, whose father, Armand "Gary" J. Gariepy, worked for Universal/American Airlines. (Information about Holbrook comes from Holbrook's grandson, Steve Murdoch.)

1923 photo of Maj. Albert Bond Lambert lowering the cornerstone of Lambert Field. Pilot at left is Maj. William Robertson, 1st Commander of the 110th Observation Squadron, Missouri Air National Guard. 

Albert Bond Lambert Biography


Bobbie Jewell, "one of the midwest's famous air mail pilots" flying a Wright Pitcairn PA5 biplane over St. Louis County (Robertson, Mo.) in the 1930's. From print owned by author, obtained from Dick Gariepy, whose father was employed at Universal/American Airlines and was a good friend of Jewell. Portrait at left contributed by Dick Gariepy of Barre, Mass (formerly of St. Louis).







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