ZR-1 "Shenandoah" Zeppelin, U.S. Navy (over St. Louis)

Navy Zeppelin, ZR-1 "Shenandoah" as it appeared over St. Louis during the 2 Oct 1923 International Show and Races. The Shenandoah was ripped in two by a storm over Marrietta, OH, killing 14 of its crew including the Commanding Officer, Cdr. Zachary Landsdowne. It operated on six 300 hp Packard engines up to 60 mph. Gas: Helium. Length: 680 ft.; Diameter 79 ft.; It had a crew of 43. Zeppelin's were phased out of U.S. service by 1937. Photo contributed by Terry Harmon of Granite City, Ill.  [Enlargement]

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