Bridgeton Memorial Park Cemetery


This pioneer cemetery is located on Long Road, just south of Cypress/Natural Bridge Rd. This is in the St. Louis Airport expansion buyout buffer zone. Monument reads, "We honor the people buried here. They were part of this nation's adventure and their vision lighted the path we follow today." Although this is located across the road from St. Mary's Catholic Church (that appears abandoned), most of the names of those buried here appear to be Protestant Anglo-Saxon or Scots-Irish extraction. The monument lists the following surnames: Adams, Alexander, Allen, Bassett, Berry, Bivens, Black, Carter, Cheeks, Clanton, Dickson, Duglas, Edwards, Galliger, Grannison, Hall, Heggerty, Heidorn, Hodge, Horn, Jackson, Johnson, Knight, Lewis, Lint, McClure, Moore, Mumps, Phillips, Pruitt, Pueror, Riddle, Robertson, Rush, Scott, Smith, Stanton, Stevenson, Steward, Stocker, Taylor, Thompson, Tucker, VanSray, Wadlington, Walker, White, Wilson, Woodson, Woolfolk, Wright, and Young. For a listing of individuals, including first names see enlargement of monument: 208 K



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