Cold Water Cemetery

Oldest  Protestant Cemetery West of the Mississippi

Located off Old Halls Ferry, Florissant, Mo.

The Cold Water Creek Cemetery is located at the site of a former Methodist Church that was erected in 1808. The church building was made in the shape of a cross with eight corners. It was established when Missouri was still a territory and dominated by a French Catholic population. John Patterson, Sr., a Revolutionary war veteran from North Carolina settled in this area in 1797. Patterson donated the land for the church and cemetery. The Church later switched from Methodist denomination to being Baptist and renamed "Salem Baptist". Salem Baptist is now located a few miles away, and the cemetery now is owned by the Missouri State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. To get to the cemetery, take New Halls Ferry north from Highway 67. Turn right on Vaile Ave. after about 1/2 mile, take right onto Old Halls Ferry Rd. Proceed for nearly 1/2 miles, turning left on gravel road marked, "Cold Water Creek Cemetery".

Original site of Cold Water Church, now Salem Baptist Church, on property owned by John Patterson and donated by the Patterson family. Established 1809. Monument dedicated May 15, 1999.





"Rev. John Clark, First Methodist Church in Missouri. Rev. John Clark, buried nearby, held the first protestant service in Missouri in 1798.  In 1805 he organized in this vicinity the first Methodist "class" in Mo., which was the beginning of the Coldwater circuit from which Methodism spread westward. (This memorial erected in 1969 by the Historical Societies of the Missouri East and Missouri West Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church.








Grave of Revolutionary War veteran, John Patterson, Sr. Born Oct 15, 1760, Bucks County, PA (note: other sources give birth Oct 10, 1760) d. 31 Jan. 1839. He moved to Orange Co., NC as a boy. Lived in the  Hillsborough district at the time of the Revolution. Served in a "Capt. Christmas' Co.", Col. William O'Neil's Regiment of North Carolina Militia. Before coming to Missouri, resided in the Ninety Six District of Pendleton County in western South Carolina

 More on Patterson's military record and  family history at:





Keziah Horneday Patterson, wife of John Patterson, Sr. 1764-1809. This is the oldest grave known at Cold Water Cemetery. Keziah was the daughter of John and Christian Horneday. She was born at Cane Creek, Orange Co., NC.

Following Keziah's death, John Patterson married  Sarah Hubbard (b.12 Jan 1766 in Henry County, VA, died on 7 Jul 1832), daughter of Eusebius Hubbard (see photo of grave below) and Amy Durrett. 


Eusebius Hubbard, b. April 1744 Caroline Co., Virginia, d.  7 March 1818. Hubbard is also believed to have been a Revolutionary war veteran, unit unknown. Eusebius married 1st to Amy Durrett  Married 2nd to Elizabeth Whiteside (d. 1829)

Broken marker of World War I soldier, Pvt. James M. Patterson, 12th Machine Gun Battalion, 4th Division. b. 18 Sep 1895, d. 24 Feb, 1919. Son of John and Lula Patterson.

Sidney Rebecca Wynne, born  Dec  1813, died 2 Jan 1896. (I am interested in this grave since my Williams line goes back to  the Wynne family of  North Carolina and Virginia. See my page on Lt. Col. Henry Dixon, married Martha Frances Wynne. If anyone knows more about this individual or any other Wynne's buried at Cold Water cemetery, please email Scott Williams at )




Other Graves: Many gravestones are difficult or impossible to read due to weathering. Because of limited time it was not possible to make a complete listing. I attempted to record the oldest stones as well as newer ones that belonged to soldiers.  There were many newer graves of the 1900s that I bypassed to save time. This should only be considered a sampling of early graves at Cold Water cemetery. Lastly, I apologize for any errors that certainly exist.

Rev. John Clark
b. 29 Nov 1758 North Britain, near Inverness
d. 15 Nov 1833

John H. Patterson
Husband of Susan J. Patterson
b. 12 Jun 1815
d. 9 May 1880

William Patterson
husband of Martha J. Patterson nee Hyatt
b. 3 Mar 1817
d. 4 Aug 1874

Henri Chomeau
b. __ 1798
d. 1 Jan 1879

Adele Chomeau
b. 7 April 1808
d. 11 Mar 1876

Clement Brown
b. 19 Dec 1793
d. 21 Apr 1861

wife of W.W. Williams
b. 26 Sep 1775
d. 26 Sep 1856

wife of Dr. B. E. Bland
b. ??
d. 6 Aug 1855

Edward Hall
b. 25 May 1803 Monroe Co., VA
d. 7 Jan 1866

Mary Jane Hall
25 Nov 1815
12 Apr, 1850

James Thompson
b. 23 Dec 1843 Glasgow, Scotland
d. 21 Sept. 1916

Margaret E. Thompson (nee Carrico)
b. 2 July 1849
d. 2 Mar 1922

William James
b. 25 May 1803
d. 31 Mar 1875

Priscilla Jane
wife of Benjamin C. Wilson
b. 20 May 1815

Alice E. McBride

George Henderson
d. 10 Mar 1859, age 70 years, 1 month, 29 days
Wife, Mary E.  d. 24 Feb 180_ , 28 years, 10 months, 13 days

Thos. H. & ____ Maddox
d. 19 June 1812

Sanders R. Patterson
b. 21 Jan 1825
d. 18 Dec 1906
and his wife Priscilla A. Patterson
b. 4 June 1832
d. 7 Jan 1903

Mary Patterson
wife of Sanders Patterson
b. 20 May 1794
d. 2 Jan 1870

Lucy Patterson
b. May 1818(?)
d. ____1879

John Patterson
b. 4 Oct 1833 ?
Age 137 (?) years

Richard Land Douglass

Maria Blacklock Douglass

Henri Chomeau
His wife Virena Blacklock

Nicholas Blacklock Douglass
and his wife Margaret Rebecca Patterson

Sally Patterson [note: nee Sarah Hubbard]
b. 12 Jan 1766 
d. 7 July 1832

Aunt Sallie
Wife of Jos. Patterson
b. 19 Dec 1820
d. 1 May 1901

Joseph Patterson
b. 29 July 1872

Wayne M. McDonald
U.S. Marine Corps
b. 28 Oct 1936
d. 20 Sept 1990

Elizabeth, nee Niehaus, wife of August Kopadt
b. 27 Aug 1855
d. 24 Aug 1913

George W. Carrico

Elizabeth Brown Carrico

Wm J. Brown

Mary E. Brown

Veneta H. wife of Silas Carrico
b. 22 May 1854
d. 4 Oct 1895

Silas D. Carrico
b. 19 June 1852
d. 27 Feb 1910

Robert J. Smiley

Bessie J. Smiley

Amos P. Dale
b. 27 Oct 1836
d. 8 May 1894

Susan James
b. 11 Jan 1781
d. Jun 5, 1855

Keziah James
(not readable)

Cumberland James
b. Jan 4 1770
d. 11 Nov 1845

Rufus C. Blackburn
b. 27 Feb 1845  d. 27 Nov 1898
and Elizabeth E. his wife
b. 20 May 1844

Lucy Hubbard
wife of  Elisha Patterson
b. 13 Mar 1790
d. 3 Nov 1876

Mary Harris
wife of Simpson Harris
d. 16 Feb 1881, age 74 years, 10 months

Stanton Hume
s/o Jno. and Anna Hume
b. 12 May 1799
d. 19 Feb 1850

John M. Hume
s/o Stanton and Sarah A. Hume
b. 18 Feb 1830
d. 19 Aug 1847

Sarah A. Hume
wife of Stanton Hume
b. 22 Jan 1804
d. 23 July 1888

Joseph L. Hyatt
Elizabeth Hyatt
Martha Hyatt

James B. Hume
b. 31 Mar 1828
d. 7 Sept 1901
and his wife Keziah Hume
b. 16 June 1828
d. 7 Apr 1907

Cornelia Myers

Lewis __  Babbis

John W. Babbis
b. 11 Feb 1836
d. 25 Oct 1873

Samuel Myers
Gertrude Myers

Elisha __  Harris
d. 15 Mar 1883, 51 years of his age.

James Hugh Jones
s/o John E. and Lucy Jones

Edward E. Koeneman
b. 22 Nov 1913
d. 4 Jun 1975

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